ALEC PETERS answers READER questions about the AXANAR FINANCIALS!

Last month, I published a blog where I provided a copy of the AXANAR financials, along with reporting on the go-forward plans for AXANAR PRODUCTIONS and INDUSTRY STUDIOS.  Obviously, those plans have changed quite a bit over the past few weeks—as Tuesday’s blog pointed out—but the financials remain constant because they’re now a matter of public record.

In that same blog from last month, I also invited readers to submit their own questions for Alec via the comments section and received dozens of inquiries.  It was a mix of questions from supporters and detractors, some about the financials and some about other things, but I submitted every one to ALEC PETERS, requesting that he try to respond to as many participants as he could.

It’s been a busy few weeks to be certain (with the Indiegogo campaign and finding new studio space in Atlanta).  But a few days ago, Alec submitted his answers back to me.  And so, without further ado, let’s see what he had to say…

First of all, let me republish the released Axanar financials here for you all to review…

I will present the questions exactly how they were asked using the identifying names provided by the participants themselves.  The questions appear in the same order that they were posted to the original blog page.

Justin Beauvais

What sorts of things are left to be completed as far as set building and such? Are things pretty much ready to go or is there substantial work left to do? Additionally, were there any things built that now can’t be included in the filming due to the change of format from a full length movie to the CBS approved run time? If there are things built that can’t be included, are they going to be scrapped or held for future projects? Finally, are the studio assets in place or are more things required for the studio to function

ALEC – The feature film we originally wanted to make (titled AXANAR) can’t be made according to the terms of our settlement with CBS and Paramount. For that reason, most of the pre-production work that had been done up until the lawsuit can’t be used as originally called for in the initial, final draft of the script. The sets, for example, were about 80% of the way done when the lawsuit hit but have since been put away into storage – some were even disassembled – and none have been completely finished.

We are now in the process of revising the feature-length script so we can use it as the foundation for our two 15-minute episodes (which we are allowed to make) and any other pieces of the project that will help us tell the complete story. Until the revised script is complete and the scripts for the two 15-minute segments written, it’s difficult to estimate how much more pre-production work needs to be completed before we can begin rolling cameras.


The one question I do have is regarding what was labeled as a $38,000 salary in the Dec. ’15 report. Is that money accounted for here?

ALEC – The December 15th ANNUAL REPORT from 2015 mis-identified checks written to Alec Peters (me) as “salary” rather than as “reimbursement” or “re-payment” for expenses I fronted on behalf of Axanar Productions. In the financials we made public, you’ll notice that the expenses incurred (through 2016) by Axanar Productions far exceeded the money raised through crowdfunding and other fan-related sources like direct contributions and sales revenue from our donor store. That gap – the deficit between income and expenses – was funded primarily through personal investments made by me and by loans made by other individuals who have prohibited us from identifying them by name.

Amil S. Boddie-Willis

Will there be some sort of dedication and/or nod to the late Richard Hatch included in the final film? How will you adapt the story to compensate for the absence of Kharn, assuming of course (just for argument’s sake) that you don’t plan recasting?

ALEC – We will not be recasting Kharn but incorporating his death into The Four Years War documentary.


Alec, are any of the three professional actors you’re allowed to use coming back? Are you still playing Garth?

ALEC – All have expressed interest in reprising their roles, and everything depends on scheduling agents, scripts and a whole host of factors. But I speak to JG regularly, and Rob and I had lunch with Gary two weeks ago. Axanar coming out of the lawsuit as it did is a positive for the actors.

Brian II

1) What are Alec’s ability and plans to produce the 30 minute film and any other promised content (audio drama, illustrated scripts, etc) if no further funding or insignificant amounts of funding is forthcoming? What is the fall back strategy?

ALEC – We currently plan on producing two 15-minute episodes of The Four Years War documentary, using the same basic format that was so successful for us with Prelude to Axanar.  Under the terms of the settlement, we are precluded from conducting any public crowd-funding campaigns to finance those productions. Private fundraising efforts, however, are allowed…as are using funds generated through the operation of Axanar Productions as a business entity.

Other Axanar-related content and other Star Trek-related fan films that Axanar Productions may produce in the future does not have the same restrictions on public crowdfunding.

Key to all of this is breaking down the revised storyline into smaller, manageable pieces and then producing and sharing those over time with all of our fans, backers and donors. The projects we develop and present will need to be appealing to fans in order to attract the kind of financial support needed to produce them, or we won’t be able to move ahead. But that’s been the reality that fan fiction (not just films, but all forms) has always faced.

2) Since pre-production activities are back on…what is the current estimated funding requirements to produce the 30 minutes of film, extra content and delivery of rewards to backers (i.e. what is the amount that is estimated to be still be needed from the backer community that Axanar Productions and related companies will be asking for)?

ALEC – Until we finish the scripts and have those scripts budgeted, we do not know what the cost will be. We are a lot more savvy than before, and so we will be able to shoot very efficiently.  But still, the money will need to be raised.

3) Will Alec publish a breakdown of the estimated funding still required?

ALEC – Yes, in our ending request for the two 15-minute episodes, we will break the budget down specifically.

4) Since Alec has reportedly been covering the studio rental and any other costs himself…will any potential forthcoming public funding be going to Alec Peters directly to reimburse him for these (or any other) incurred costs? I mean, aside from any funding required for film and content production.

ALEC – No. The campaign we’re currently running (for Industry Studios) is a good example of how we’re planning on being more specific about the intended use of funds generated by crowdfunding campaigns.


What is next for industry studios after Axanar? Have you been approached by other fan productions?

ALEC – This question may be moot now that we’re leaving the physical entity known as Industry Studios.  As for the next Atlanta studio location, yes, we have been in contact with other fan productions about using that facility along with us.


Will, you be able to use the “Heavy Cruiser” introduced at the end Prelude in the new film? Being the same style of ship as the Enterprise, did the settlement take that off the table? I know that includes something pertaining to the settlement but it also looked like this would be a big part of the Axanar film.

ALEC – We can use the Constitution class.

Jason Moon

When the audio drama is finished, will donors get a downloadable mp3 version or anything like that?

ALEC – We have not begun any pre-production process on an audio drama, so it’s difficult to answer any questions about it at this point.

Duncan Shaw

Gripping sci-fi audio is possible, but Star Trek is best known for being presented in the visual medium. To my knowledge this has not really been done before, besides perhaps a few fan projects. What inspiration will you draw from to tell the best story possible in this format?

ALEC – It’s still too early on to get into specifics about an audio drama. We’re interested in doing one, but we still need to finish the revised story, scope out the project, pull together costs, etc. Whatever we do, we want it to be engaging and really special. When we have our plans together, we’ll share them with our fans, backers and donors to get their input.

Richard Jordan

Are you interested in recasting Hatch’s character or maybe (crosses fingers!) you have recorded material laying around?

ALEC – No and no.

Okay, Jonathan back again with a few additional words…

Although I would have preferred for Alec to answer every question that I sent him, there were three participants whose queries he took a pass on.  I realize that some detractors (well, most of them…well, probably all of them) will seize on this and complain about it.  However, Alec felt that they would do that no matter how he responded.  His feeling was that these questioners weren’t really looking for information so much as for more ammunition (my word, not his) to use against Alec in their seemingly unending quest to publicly challenge and humiliate him and his project.

And I can’t say I fault Alec for his decision to pass on answering.  I, too, have experienced the detractors hitting me hard on almost every comment I make, hoping for a “gotcha!” moment they can use to criticize me further.  It’s one of the reasons I’ve stopped saying anything to them (and always regret it the moment my resolve softens and I decide to post any response to one of them).  So while I did try a few times to convince Alec to give at least a brief response to the questions from these three individuals, in the end, I had to respect his choice to say nothing.

However, in the interest of completeness, I am going to include their questions below just so everyone can see the ones Alec decided to pass on.  And then I’ll be back afterwards with a few final comments of my own…

Jo Moine

1) What are the total dollar amounts of donor money that went into Alec’s (or Propworx’s) bank accounts before Axanar opened its own account in 2015? Have those funds been transferred to Axanar or are they still in Alec’s account?

2) Where are the funds raised outside of KS, IGG, and the Donor Store – like selling t shirts, posters, and other merch at cons?

3) What is the total amount of checks written to Alec Peters from Axanar and what were they for?

4) Did Diana Kingbury ever get paid and how much?

5) Are there any other shareholders of Axanar or Industry Studios? Who are they, what % do they own, and what did they pay/do to earn that equity?


1) You say you never took a salary from Axadonations, however in the 2015 financial statement it says differently. Why?

2) If these new figures are to be believed can you clarify in what sections the salaries/money paid to both Dianna and Robert can be found?

3) Are we ever likely to see a complete set of accounts with such things as…

Profit and loss
Bottom and top lines
Income and expenditure
Etc etc

4) Is the studio complete now with all safety aspects up to code and if not, how much is this going to cost to complete?


What was the point of paying yourself if you were going to put the money back in anyway?

Jonathan again…

Obviously, that last question purposely changes the order in which things actually happened.  Alec didn’t pay himself first and then pay back the project later.  At the time he drew the reimbursement, he had already put in tens of thousands of his own money.  So I can understand Alec’s decision not to answer a question that was phrased in such a way as to state a false supposition as established “fact.”

As for James’ final question about the studio being up to code, that’s pretty much irrelevant now, as Industry Studios will now be administered by Alec’s former landlord at the Valencia facility.

As for the rest of the questions asked by James and by Jo Moine, here’s my take on them…

Most of these questions drill down to a level of detail that fan productions with crowd-funding do not provide to their donors.  And if none of the other fan productions answer questions like this, I don’t think it’s fair that Alec and Axanar Productions be expected to.  I don’t hear these people complaining that Renegades has released no details at all of how they’ve spent their crowd-funded dollars, despite having raised nearly a million of them.  And some productions like “Captain Pike” simply take donor money and disappear completely, which Axanar never did.  And yet, I never hear any detractor bring up the nearly $100,000 that the Captain Pike donors (like me) pretty much lost completely without so much as a single set built a or 3-minute “Vulcan scene” completed.  Apparently, if a project isn’t Axanar and Alec Peters, then it just doesn’t count, I guess.

As for the questions about who got paid and how much, this is another bit of a double standard where Axanar is held to a higher level of accountability than anyone else.  I’ve never seen any fan production report individual people’s salaries.  Even Star Trek Continues, which paid out over $175,000 in salaries over three years, never provided specific amounts that were paid to any one particular person.  And I’ve never seen an Axanar detractor complain about that or demand such information from Vic Mignogna.  Nor should Vic ever be expected to provide it.  Heck, each year my family makes a donation to the Police Activities League and has done so for over a decade. But I’d never expect that organization to reveal how much any of the cops in my neighborhood are taking home in salary.

Okay, that’s enough of me standing on my soapbox.  I’d like to thank Alec Peters for taking the time to respond to the questions from Fan Film Factor readers.  I realize it took a few weeks longer than I initially expected, but Alec did have new studio space to find and sign a lease for.

Speaking of which, I’m actually hoping to have another interview with Alec as soon as I can to ask him all about this new Atlanta facility of his.  There’s a lot of things I’m really eager to know…and not because I’m just looking for a “gotcha!” but because this sounds really exciting.  So fingers crossed that I can get that next interview soon!

69 thoughts on “ALEC PETERS answers READER questions about the AXANAR FINANCIALS!”

  1. very nicely done. glad to see Alec take the time to answer questions(with all he has on his plate). as to the questions from the “detractors”, I notice Jo’s questions are worded in such a way that they can be used(if answered) as part of the so far non existent “donor lawsuit” that gets bandied about in some circles.

    since Jo wants to know what people attached to Axanar were paid…..maybe we should know how much she gets paid(i kid…i don’t care). heck, i don’t even care what my own boss makes… long as my company records my hours correctly and pays me every two weeks.

    No answer of any length or scope will ever satisfy those who now hold a grudge against Alec, they have show that time and time again, it is better to let them have their say(provided they are respectful of your rules……we know they get close to that line all the time). at some point they will find someone or something else to focus their anger on(real or manufactured), and time will move on.

    1. “at some point they will find someone or something else to focus their anger on(real or manufactured), and time will move on.”

      Yeah, that’s what I thought when the lawsuit ended! 🙂

      1. On the front or on the back, it is still “your pay”. My point is still valid, and one of the first rules you learn whether you are an employee or employer is “you don’t discuss people’s pay with those who do not need to know about it”.

        Therefore Jo, you do not need to know about it.

  2. If Alec really wanted to be transparent and had nothing to hide he would make public the 215 financial document he submitted to the court with his first deposition.

    What he released above is nothing more than a summary. There is no detail and no documentary evidence. It’s a whitewash.

  3. Hi Jonathan.

    I didnt intend to purposely change anything round. In the 2015 financial report there was a line for the $38,000 for Alec’s salary that he himself defended at the time.

    There was no income line to offset this. I’m not asking you to speak for Alec but why didn’t he put those amounts on that report?

    If he put money in beforehand he only mentioned it later on.

    1. I think Alec answered that in one of the earlier questions. My own commentary, base on statements made by Alec and Mike Bawden elsewhere, is that that 2015 annual report was put together without consulting with an accountant and is therefore not reliable as an official accounting of Axanar income and expenses. But because the flawed annual report was so potentially damaging to Alec, the detractors hold it up as some kind of perfectly-crafted document without any inaccuracies. After all, if the 2015 Annual Report was in error, then their arguments break down pretty quickly.

      But the fact is that the 2015 report was indeed flawed and inaccurate, and the most recent financials are the ones that were prepared by an accountant and reviewed by industry professionals familiar with what materials and services should and do cost.

        1. If its paying back money that he fronted then fair enough.

          I just wish he’d said it at the time because I don’t remember him saying that. Something about everyone being paid low salaries.

          I don’t tend to think there was malicious intent but it does contradict a lot of stuff that was said.

          1. I’m just using the wording of Hanlon’s Razor, not casting a general aspersion on his character. Notwithstanding that, incompetence is far better than malice, which is what you seem to prefer.

          2. Me personally? No. I’ve always believed he was incompetent rather than evil. Evil needs intelligence.

      1. Well that 2015 report was a big mistake then.

        Turning my question around why put money in at all if you are going to ultimately reimburse youself? Why not keep your owm funds seperate?

        Even if ins outweigh the outs, I can see why questions were raised.

        1. They were valid questions based on the flawed presentation in the annual report. It’s simply that subsequent explanations have been discounted, challenged, ignored, and ridiculed. The only reason for that seems to be that there’s more juicy red meat in the annual report, and the more realistic explanations of what really happened taint that meat.

          Look, I get it. The detractors want to string Alec up in the nearest tree. The report gives them an excuse. Take away the excuse, and they risk sacrificing a perfectly good hangin’.

      2. Sorry but that just doesn’t wash. Dozens and dozens of times over the year and a half after the first report came out Alec defended his 38k “salary” saying multiple times that he deserved it for working full time on Axanar and that it only worked out to minimum wage. He went on and on about this every time someone brought it up. If it truly was a reimbursement and a “mistake” why did he and his supporters defend his salary so hard? It’s only been the last 6 months of so that he’s rebranded it as a reimbursement.

        THAT is the reason why we want “to string him up from a tree” as you say below. Maybe if right from the start he said it was a mistake I might have believed him, but to defend it as salary for 18 months and then to say it’s now a reimbursement is simply dishonesty.

        1. Um, let’s cut back on the exaggeration. It hasn’t even been a year and a half since the report came out! And it’s been a long time since I’ve seen him defend that $38,000 as “salary”.

          As for the rest, I know you want malice Curly, but you’re going to have to settle for incompetence. It was stupid for Alec to characterize the money as a salary in the first place. It was stupider to continuing to defend it as such until someone (probably the accountant) said, “Hey Alec, are you giving yourself a w-4 or 1099 form? No? Then it’s not a salary, but a reimbursement!” It was stupid, stupid, stupid. It was not malicious nor nefarious.

          Finally, I think you’ve got it inverted: You don’t want to string him up because you think he’s done something bad, you want to think he’s done something bad BECAUSE you want to string him up.

          1. It was actually Mike Bawden who pointed out the fact that it couldn’t have been a salary because Alec never issued himself a tax form and owed himself for expenses anyway. That was in late 2015, I think…just before the lawsuit. The defending it as a “salary” mishegoss only went on for about 2-3 months, not a year and a half. It was never really a salary in a legal sense; it was reimbursement. So once Alec realized he didn’t have to justify it as a salary in the first place, he stopped doing so. Unfortunately, by then, the dogs were on the scent. And as you can see by Sandy’s comment, the tale’s grown taller on down the line. 🙂

          2. That’s rubbish Jon. He was defending it (as were his cronies) for a LOT longer than 2 to 3 months. I’ll get one of our archivists on the case.

          3. Not officially of course. A few people keep stashes of links and screenshots. One of them dug up this little gem from the lawsuit:

            “74. Mr. Peters used donor funds to pay himself a salary of approximately $65,000. He also used donor funds to pay actors and to rent out a studio, as well as to pay for tens of thousands of dollars of meals over the course of two years. He also used donor funds to pay for a phone for his then-girlfriend, Diana Kingsbury, and for his friend and collaborator Robert Meyer Burnett. For two years, the monthly cell phone bills for these three people were paid for by donor funds. Mr. Peters also used donor funds to pay for his gas on a weekly basis for two years, along with his then-girlfriend’s gas for that same time period, along with other incidental purchases bought at service stations. He also used donor funds to pay for servicing for his Lexus, for new tires for his Lexus, for car insurance, to pay his AAA membership, and to pay for virtually all of his car expenses in 2014 and 2015. Mr. Peters also used donor funds to travel around the country as a “producer” of Star Trek: Axanar, and to pay for his TSA pre-check, his car insurance and his health insurance.” ~ Declaration of David Grossman in Support of Motion for Summary Judgment

          4. Yeah, so it’s completely unsubstantiated by any objective source. The plaintiffs certainly weren’t ever objective; they wanted to portray Alec in as negative a light as possible. And all of these allegations are denied by Alec and have been explained as expenses paid from Alec’s funding (except for the majority of the rent, which donors knowingly contributed for him to do) and the actors’ salaries (which there was nothing wrong with in the pre-guideline days and is something that even Star Trek Continues regularly did).

            So while I’m sure you enjoy “digging this up” for some strange reason, it’s kind of like digging up the Catholic Church’s arguments against Galileo when they were trying to disprove his claim that the Earth was round. It’s you’re trying to prove that the Earth is flat, so ahead. But at this point, I think we all know better…well, all except the flat-earthers (who, apparently, are still out there and playing in the NBA…google it!). 🙂

  4. Regarding the reimbursement aspect…I think that should have been clearly stated as part of the KS and IGG campaigns that a portion of the funds were to go to the campaign leader to reimburse previous expenses.

    Most kickstarters ( i am not to into movie KS..maybe they are a different beast…I am more games and books)…all the funds go to the project. Most projects I have seen initial investment is considered a sunk cost…to be recouped with any funds left after the project is delivered…or by having a product(game,book) ready for sale on the market.

    1. That’s actually a hard statement to prove, Brian. How many other of those Kickstarter and Ingiegogo campaigns have released their financials AFTER the project has been completed? What makes you so certain that none of them have reimbursed anyone for expenses along the way?

  5. “this is another bit of a double standard where Axanar is held to a higher level of accountability than anyone else. I’ve never seen any fan production report individual people’s salaries.”

    Axanar faces a double standard because they’ve done something unique. No other fan film collected as much money and didn’t produce it’s film.

    If I go to a restuarant, and pay for a $20 burger, if they bring it out after a few minutes, I don’t care if it was $2 of meat and a $1 bun, I got what I paid for.

    If they never come out with a burger and start telling me that they need to collect some more money for tomatos and onions, I’m going to start asking where my $20 went.

    All of those other fan films, like continues, we don’t ask where they money went or who was paid because they did what they said they would. THEY MADE THEIR FILMS.

    1. The problem with what you’re saying Mario, is it ignores two facts:

      1) The lawsuit’s effect on the shooting schedule. No matter what side you come down on regarding the lawsuit, you can’t pretend that its existence didn’t have an effect on shooting the movie.

      2) You can’t really say that it “didn’t produce its film” as the hat hasn’t been thrown in on making the movie yet.

      1. “2) You can’t really say that it “didn’t produce its film” as the hat hasn’t been thrown in on making the movie yet.”

        I have consistently said that if Alec makes the movie, he’ll shut most of us up. Even with the lawsuit he’s had more time and more resources than almost another fan film out there, and he hasn’t gotten it done. And there is at least one more fundraising campaign standing between him and the finished movie. I’d love to see the finished product I just don’t have any confidence that Alec can get it done.

        PM me next year to rub my face in a completed film if you like. 🙂

      2. @hubcapdave
        2) it is true…we have yet to see what Alec can do. So we may yet see our Axanar in some form(we do know it will now be a mocumentary). However…Alex has stated above on this very blog page…it will not be made…even in its reduced form…without further funding. Of course…we know nothing about how much is needed at the moment…it could be $5,000…it could be $500,000.

        ALEC – Until we finish the scripts and have those scripts budgeted, we do not know what the cost will be. We are a lot more savvy than before, and so we will be able to shoot very efficiently. But still, the money will need to be raised.

        1. I know that. So what? I know some will think me a fool, but I am ready to contribute once Alec has the budget number.

          As for the range you suggest, it’s probably going to be on the lower 1/3 of that scale. If you want the highball side, assume the amount Alec had at the beginning of 2016 as the amount needed, as that was what he had to shoot the first 30 minutes of Axanar at the time of the lawsuit.

    1. I liked the Vulcan scene better, but both are well done. However, it’s been just as long since they raised their almost hundred thousand dollars, and there’s still no “Captain Pike” fan film. Why aren’t you up in arms about that? At least Axanar had the excuse of a year-long lawsuit and legal counsel telling them to suspend production. “Captain Pike” could have been made at any time in the last 18 months and wasn’t. So I just don’t understand the double-standard.

      1. I’ll try and explain my feelings about Captain Pike vs. Axanar. And while they might surprises us by dumping the complete film on you tube some time in the future, let’s assume that they have failed. Money ran out, can’t figure out an ending, lost interest whatever.

        It’s not an uncommon story, especially for fan films. big ideas, not enough experience. fan film failed. But they haven’t toured dozens of conventions bragging about how incredible they would be. They didn’t promise that they’d be the first professional independent fan film. They didn’t host podcast after podcast bragging about how great they would be. Axanar did. Axanar has this much attention upon it’s self because they’ve sought that attention.

        And when people look at Captain pike they see a failed film. When they look at Axanar, they see Industry Studios, The convention appearances, the donor shop, the merchandise. They see a ton of effort put into things besides the film.

        We also can’t ignore the personality issue, Alec can piss people off, Terry pissed people off, Propworx pissed people off. Their actions have earned them detractors. Captain Pike has just disappeared, they haven’t made blogs, and facebook groups, they faded away.

        Also, and here I’m really getting into what’s just my opinion, Captain Pike faded away when the guidelines hit. While yes there was an arms race between several films, Axanar was one of the biggest reasons for the guidelines.

        Axanar faces more scrutiny than Captain Pike because they have acted in a very very different manner, and while Captain Pike failed making a fan film, at least they failed making a fan film, and not a “calling card” to break into Hollywood, and not a “revolutionary studio”

        1. I didn’t write that as a huge, here’s the endless debate again, You asked where my ire for Captain pike was, and the above is more my feelings on the matter and why I feel differently about Axanar than Pike.

          1. Personally, I’m more disappointed in Pike. At least Alec put the effort into a level of communication with donors and fans all along the way…hence, the convention appearances, podcasts, blogs, social media posts, etc. Pike seemed to be mostly “phoning it in” after a while. By the time the guidelines hit, Pike had already been mostly MIA for months. And when you raise nearly a hundred thousand dollars, you owe it to your donors to have more than one update every few months.

        2. So, notwithstanding the “endless arguments” aspect of what you said, this boils down to because Captain Pike didn’t communicate as much or as well as Axanar, they somehow get a pass. At least, that’s what I’m getting out of what you just said. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t make much sense.

          Getting back into a bit of the “endless argument” stuff, if you go to Captain Pike’s website, you can tell they took a lot of cues from the design of Axanar’s website, including a “donor packages” section that is analogous to the “donor store” that you mention (and that has been derided endlessly) above.

  6. So according to the financials AP spent $659,000 on a studio that was never used to film one single frame of Axanar and he is leaving all of the improvements that the donors paid for to the landlord in exchange for breaking the lease; is that correct? How is this gross mismanagement justified? Does this seem like AP was a good steward of the donors money? I think this explains the failure of the current IGG campaign because people have lost confidence in AP.

    Also, the set construction and pre-production cost seems very high.

    1. Three things:

      1) He is getting a partial reimbursement for the improvements made to the property

      2) Stop pretending that the lawsuit didn’t happen!

      3) Since the format of Axanar has changed to the Prelude mockumentary format, most of it will now be shot on green screen, to which Alec has negotiated access to the studio for.

      OH, and can you provide a deatiled proposal of what those set construction and pre-production costs should have been?

      1. Well, since you asked:

        1.) Really? How much is this secret amount and why has it not been disclosed? Is it because this reimbursement is allowing AP out of the lease only? I don’t see the landlord giving a penny; he has no reason to so why would he? I may be wrong but I won’t believe it until I see proof; there has been to much blind belief in whatever AP says without proof for me to buy this assertion.

        2.) No one is pretending the lawsuit didn’t happen but the fact is that it is now being used as an excuse for not filming the movie. In January 2016, there was not enough money to film Axanar, the sets were not completed (and still are not) and according the sworn testimony of the Axanar production; the script wasn’t locked. In addition, the actors were not locked. So how in the world were they planning on starting filming in February 2016 regardless of the lawsuit?

        3.) Good for him; I hope that works out but if that is the case why all of this talk of moving the sets since he wont need them? It seems a waste of money to move unfinished sets across the country to a location where they won’t be needed. The cost of breaking them down, transporting them and setting them back up cannot be cost effective; especially since they won’t be used.

        Well, as a professional building contractor and as a production designer and art director, I do know what I am talking about regarding production cost. From what I have seen of the sets the numbers are absurd. In addition to the set cost; the pre-production cost is preposterous. This whole affair is a tragic travesty quite frankly.

        1. Ah,well, I will happily accept what someone on the internet told me about themselves……said every person who fell for a Nigerian 419 scam. If you really are thise things, you’ll have to show more than your word, Will

          1. I am the production designer and art director for Star Trek Continues which I have been with since before the first episode was filmed. I operate the website I was responsible for upgrading the sets we got from Farragut and building the sets and for the staying within budget for those sets & props needed for the episodes including the engine room, Auxiliary Control, various alien sets, props, etc. I am intimately familiar with the cost of pre-production, production and post-production since I was a member of the Board of Directors for STC. We could have produced 5 complete episodes including all phases (production cost, travel lodging, post, music; everything for complete episodes) for what is listed on the balance sheet for pre-production for Axanar. In my experience the pre-production figure for Axanar is very high and unheard of for a fan-film. In addition, since STC is a true non-profit, the financial information is all public record so you can verify what I am saying.

            I have spoken with Alec several times and at some point was going to help with the displays and control panels for the Aries bridge but things fell apart before anything happened.

            Check those facts on the internet until your heart is content!

          2. In all fairness to Alec on this, most of STC’s sets were already built out by the most amazing Farragut Films construction team over the years from 2008-2012 before STC filmed its first episode there. Likewise, STC has used private funding from Canadian venture capitalist (and very tall redshirt) Steven Dengler. So this really isn’t an apples-t-apples comparison.

            BTW, incredible job on all the TOS graphics you do, Will! 🙂

      2. Hey HubcapDave, did you get your Christmas list made out too, if your buying this crap then Santa and the Easter Bunny are dropping by your place every year! Come on, partial reimbursement for breaking a lease agreement, another green screen pop-up face documentary. I bet the used car dealers love see you walk in the door –

      3. How much is that partial reimbursement and what are those funds going to be used for? Or does Alec have to wait until he has totally moved out at the end of the month, and then see if he is getting his deposit back – and then at that time he will negotiate the reimbursement? Just wondering why he doesn’t have that figure now to release to the donors.

        1. Probably for the same reason you don’t get a deposit back on the day you move out of an apartment. The landlord will inspect to make sure that the move out didn’t damage anything, and then they will negotiate a figure.

          Also Alec has said any reimbursement will go towards funds needed to produce the two 15 minute parts of Axanar, whether that go towards rent, set finishing etc…..Doesn’t really matter what.

          As to the actual number, that is between Alec and the landlord, if he chooses to release the figure, then he will(publically or privately). If he chooses only to release it to donors, he will do that. If he chooses not to release it at all, and only says “we need to raise XXX, to finish filming” ….That is fine as well.

          In reality he doesn’t have to release any financials, because Axanar is not a publically traded company, and it really is no one’s business how he spend the money. If donors want to know, they can ask. If you are not now a donor, don’t plan on being a future donor, or have gotten a reimbursement on your donation……You don’t get a seat at the table so to speak.

  7. Let’s see if we can separate the bullsh*t from the sushi !
    First let’s look at the script, it’s been over three months since the lawsuit concluded and yet not only hasn’t the script been revised (basically edited down) but my guess it hasn’t even begun yet .. So how can someone who doesn’t really have a job not have the time to make a few edits and revisions in three months time – better known as “not having your eye on the prize” or “not focused on the task at hand” ! Back to the parents yelling again, “Get to work, do something” ..
    Next let’s address the salary issue, of course it was just a mistake, chalk up another for Alec ! He somehow thought his devoted fan base would look the other way while he snagged a few thousand dollars from the kitty every month, and he was even confident enough, or delusional enough, to think the backers would praise him for doing it ! Since Alec himself prepared and summitted the Financial Report it’s almost comical to hear the back peddling now, a day late and a dollar short – typical twisting the facts to cover the truth ! Alec must have forgotten his boasting that “nobody works for free”, and “this salary is below minimum wage” – another major goof up, but that’s classic Alec Peters!
    Let’s move on to the likelihood of this Axanar Lite ever seeing the light of day, afterall that’s been the “end game” … oh sorry “bad taste” I forgot the studio was the initial “end game” objective, but with that boat sunk now, we really don’t need to address that disaster! So with crowdfunding now off the table because of the settlement, or at least publicly identified as Axanar crowdfunding, then where’s the well to tap those funds? We of course have a few shell sources to work around the guidelines, but those aren’t going to generate near the thousands of dollars which were available before ! Then you have the once faithful 15,000 backers who have sunk to below 350 now, unless those backers are willing to mortgage their homes, I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in them bailing this mess out – the current indiegogo failure gives you an idea where the loyal financial backers are now !
    Who knows, maybe one day the fans of the Original episode “Whom Gods Destroy” with Garth of Izar will see a pre-sequel or sequel to that show, but it’s certainly not coming from a guy named Alec Peters !

  8. Jonathan and/or Alec. I understand that other fan films don’t release their detailed financials, but obviously as Alec and others on both sides have stated Axanar isn’t just another fan film. If the 215 page report contains nothing prejudicial wouldn’t it be far better PR to release it? I am fairly neutral on Axanar as I do not know much about it beyond some articles, blog entries here and my friend’s introduction to the situation. From my POV it seems like releasing the report would shield from many of the more extreme claims of the critics. Not releasing suggests that there is something to hide. Also if Alec was released from the lease early why would the landlord reimburse for any of the improvements? Usually leases have a penalty if you leave early not a reward or reimbursement.

    1. I can’t speak for the landlord, but I do have experience with the detractors. Pretty much anything and everything I say about Axanar and Alec Peters is grist for their rumor mill. I like to joke that anything I say can and will be used against me by the detractors in a court of public opinion. In Alec’s case, multiply that by 1,000. And this is regardless of whether or not something is directly incriminating or not. Heck, someone once stalked Alec in Las Vegas and live-tweaked him for hours commenting about his choice of shirts!

      So if Alec can be criticized for his fashion choices, imagine what the detractors will be able to dig up in 2800 spreadsheet entries. “Wait! Alec spent HOW much on toilet paper??? How much can one guy wipe his ass??? Maybe he shouldn’t eat so much sushi!” Or maybe, “Hey, that’s a LOT of nails! And I thought those sets were supposed to be sturdy! Everyone knows that if you want to build something to last, you use screws, not nails. He is so incompetent, he can’t even build sets right!”

      Oh, the places they’ll go! And to be honest, why even bother opening the floodgates? Alec has enough to deal with already. Enduring a barrage of minutiae and micro-accusations from the detractor peanut gallery is an unnecessary distraction at best. Alec gains nothing by releasing anything more specific than he already has. So frankly, I don’t blame Alec for moving on to more important matters like packing up the sets and getting Axanar finished. (And just watch the detractors jump on that last sentence. It’ll be fun to see what they say back to me.) 🙂

      1. But from what I have seen of those people’s comments the floodgates are already open. They are questioning those things anyways. Releasing the financial report won’t make it worse from those people and could potentially shut some of them up. You say the financials aren’t as important as moving the sets or finishing Axanar, but I would disagree. What happened to the money is extremely important since it was donated by fans in good faith for a product that can no longer be produced in the form they donated for and for a studio that never produced a commercial let alone a film. Showing the people who donated that their money was spent in good faith would go along way towards reassuring them that in some form Axanar will be produced. The “financial report” that was released is honestly on the vague side. For example I know from multiple people that Alec set up at several cons and took in donations at these cons, yet these donations are not mentioned at all in the report. Maybe they were lumped in with something else, but then why would online supplemental donations receive their own category, but con donations be included in one of the other categories?

      2. I’d consider myself critical of the whole Axanar story, but not a hater or detractor. I find the suggestion that releasing the financials would add fuel to the fire not really convincing. And while I agree that some people have made there mind up so much that everything could and would be used as ammunition against Axanar or Alec Peters by these same people,this not nearly outweights the right of the people that donated in good faith and now want to know how their money was spent. And while I have a certain sympathy that releasing the detailed financials would not be the step that Alec wants to take, there are a few things to consider in context. Axanar once stated it would be “the most transparent” fan film production. I think Axanar should practice what they preached, even if and especially because things went south. Secondly, while the “detractors” (sorry, but i really don’t like this term, but let’s use it here for the sake of argument) might find little details to toss at Alec and Axanar, it would have been the great chance to clear up that the money was actually spent on what Alec says it was spent on. At least people would argue about how the money was actually spent instead of wondering how it maybe was spent.

  9. True enough…it is not something I can prove about other kick starters what they actually do with their funds.

    But more than one I have been involved with (not media KS mind you) made it clear that they will happily keep any profits…but not till ALL rewards and perks have been delivered.

    And as long as the project delivered what it promised…no one that I have seen on other projects is concerned about how profitable the KS is to the creator.

    Now…this project is being held to a different standard because so far it has failed to deliver what folks have paid for. I am not arguing with reasons (cough…lawsuit…cough). But expect the scrutiny…and it will not unfortunately stop until what Axanar is still allowed to be delivered is delivered.

    And this is not the only project that has failed…I follow another large game project that also has failed to deliver (going on 4 years now). And many of the same questions are asked…there is the angry crowd that will always be angry until delivery is made.

    But…back to my starting point. It sounds like Alec and possibly some investors paid $x in seed money on the project. Alec should have either:
    a) been clear in the campaigns that this money would be reimbursed to him off the top.

    b) delivered on the axanar project, keeping it within budget and kept the proceeds.

    Eitherway…it sounds like we are back to the middle of 2015. Alec looking at the script…to do budgets…to get funding (somehow) to be able to deliver on the main axanar campaigns.

  10. There is this about blog postings in web sites such as this – many people have an overwhelming thirst for reruns. I would not be at all surprised to find that some frequent posters have made basically the same comment a dozen or more times here and who knows how many times elsewhere.

    1. Reruns indeed Jerry.

      How many more KS and Indiegogo and GoFundMe will we see before we finally see Axanar. 🙂

  11. From the Q&A:

    The one question I do have is regarding what was labeled as a $38,000 salary in the Dec. ’15 report. Is that money accounted for here?

    ALEC – The December 15th ANNUAL REPORT from 2015 mis-identified checks written to Alec Peters (me) as “salary” rather than as “reimbursement” or “re-payment” for expenses I fronted on behalf of Axanar Productions. In the financials we made public, you’ll notice that the expenses incurred (through 2016) by Axanar Productions far exceeded the money raised through crowdfunding and other fan-related sources like direct contributions and sales revenue from our donor store. That gap – the deficit between income and expenses – was funded primarily through personal investments made by me and by loans made by other individuals who have prohibited us from identifying them by name.
    Sorry, but if the above were actually the case, why didn’t Mr. peters just say so instead of stauchly defending the fact that he was paid a salary here (The link below is to a post AlecPeters made on the Axanar Kickstarter comments page:

    Axanar Productions 3-time creator on October 10

    And David, just because a project took 7 years does not mean the person worked full time. When a person works full time, it is unreasonable to expect that they work for free.

    And since Star Trek New Voyages, Star Trek Continues and Star Trek Renegades all paid people, please don’t tell me that a fan film means you don’t pay people.
    Something is Alec’s answer to Hubcap Dave just doesn’t pass the smell test. You would think Alec would have just said – “Hey we made a mistake” back then.

  12. I don’t mean to write this in a confrontational tone, but I can understand how it could come off that way. But really, this comes from the pure amount of incredulity that this situation has gotten as deep as it has. I mean, at the end of the day, this is ridiculous.

    Even before the “detractors” became more vocal, at first there were questions that were directed towards Alec. These questions and the questioners themselves were silenced. I appreciate the fact that sometimes it’s difficult to take criticism. And often, you don’t want to answer the hard questions. I totally get that. But there are a lot of hard truths in this situation:

    We all know Star Trek fans can be a difficult bunch. Just look at all the criticism leveled towards Discovery. And we barely know anything about the show! But according to some, it will suck. But, we’ve done that for decades. It’s not going to change. My point being: Alec has chosen to become a public figure within a difficult fandom. We are a questioning bunch. He should have known what he was getting into when he decided to crowdfund Axanar as opposed to self-funding, which may I remind everyone, was the original plan.

    I admit I am probably deeply into the “detractor” bunch, and I’ve probably said some things I shouldn’t have in this situation. For that I do apologize. At the same time, I think it’s unfair to lump us all in the same group. Personally, I don’t want to see the guy ruined. Also, my opinion on that has certainly changed since December 2015 when this whole thing started. Now, I’m tired of this. I just want the full truth out there for everyone to see. I also don’t want to go digging through every blog entry, article, podcast or video produced regarding Axanar to find it. There’s a term in legal discovery. It’s called “unduly burdensome.” That’s exactly what that would be. This fandom civil war has gone on far enough, and it’s all because people just started asking questions.

    And frankly if the full financials really will exonerate him, then why won’t he release them? Alec keeps claiming that the “detractors” are lying and manipulating the information to look him bad, but he and his supporters keep exacerbating the issue by engaging it. You (or Alec, I don’t know) suggest that we’ll find some little nugget to twist. Maybe. But if he wants Axanar to be the most transparent fan film, then he needs to be prepared for some questioning. That is part of the game. The point that I don’t think is realized is that while some may question what they see, others may be satisfied in their line of questioning. THAT is the bigger take away here. If I were in Alec’s shoes, and I thought the full financials would exonerate me, I’d put my big boy pants on and release them for the world to see. But I’d be prepared to answer questions politely and honestly. Because maybe I’d turn some of these people back into donors. Remember, many in this group, started out supporting Axanar.

    But let’s assume the financials won’t get released. That’s ultimately his decision. Still, I’m going to give Alec Peters the benefit of the doubt here. Alec, privately raise your money and produce your fan film. Let the work speak for itself. You’re going to either surprise the “detractors” or disappoint your supporters. I’m willing to give you that chance. Mainly because I’m tired of all of this.

    Alec says that Prelude wouldn’t be what it was despite Christian. Prove it.
    Alec says that Axanar (in whatever form) is going to be the best fan film out there. Prove it.
    That can only be done one way.

    You want to be exonerated? You want the haters to shut up? Then, Mr. Peters, you need to (within the guidelines and the bounds of whatever settlement deal you have with CBS and Paramount, of course) produce the best fan film you can. I hope, for your supporters’ sake, you are up to the challenge.

  13. Wow, step away for a while and come back to “Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead” vitriol. People seem to have forgotten Axanar was on track, had been on track, to make the movie they promised until a little bump in the rod, called a “lawsuit” was dropped on their heads, right before filming was to begin. Had that not happened (and if anyone wants to start the “they were stealing their IP” stuff, look at the timing, which would have been a year earlier had that been a REAL reason), Axanar would have been done. Instead, they burned over a year of time doing nothing, and playing legal ponzi games with lawyers. All the complaining about Alec needs to have some tempering, and consideration that had CBS WORKED IT OUT, none of this vitriol would be necessary. But then, that would mean Alec would have made a good fan film, and it would have made CBS not look good. Bottom line folks, CBS is as much, or more, a villain in this situation. Maybe Alec made some mistakes, some errors, and misjudged things, or called the lightning down from heavan with hsi statements of how good it would have been, but he was trying to deliver to the fans what they want. If the real “owners” worked half as hard to deliver that same quality and adherence to Trek as it is, and not as they want (i.e. listen to the fans), maybe there would be less angst. I have supported Axanar, and will continue, because I believe they understand what I see in Trek, if you don’t agree, then don’t support. Period.

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