FUNNY video: “Star Trek: Wrath of Corn”

Every so often, a local theater will host a marathon of Star Trek movies.  Usually, there isn’t much fanfare beyond a few posters in the lobby and maybe a mention in the theater’s upcoming calendar.  But not in Harrisburg, PA!  The Midtown Cinema decided to go all-in and create their own special trailer for their upcomingStar Trek movie marathon (which took place a few months ago back in April).  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Star Trek: The Wrath of Corn

They also made three other very creative trailers that you might want to check out:

Star Trek: TOS Movie Marathon – THE MOTION PICTURE,

Star Trek: The Voyage Home, and

Star Trek: The Undiscovered Candy.

6 thoughts on “FUNNY video: “Star Trek: Wrath of Corn””

  1. Ok, those are cute! If I still lived in Philly, I just might make the drive to Harrisburg for one of their marathons based on these!

  2. I just love people with a great sense of humor. Thanks for the jump to laugh factor 1 from smiling impulse.

  3. Looks like a fun place to work.. and visit. I wonder if that M logo is normally on their shirts.

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