As AXANAR rises, DETRACTORS hit a new low! (editorial)

I’m sure that Alanis Morissette would appreciate the irony.  After years of accusing ALEC PETERS of lying (and a host of other evil deeds), one prominent detractor actually lied about flying to Georgia and attending Axacon this past weekend.

SHAWN P. O’HALLORAN is one of the three admins for the Axamonitor Facebook group, one of the main hang-outs for Axanar detracting.  If you’re not familiar with just how negative they can go, while I’m loathe to send anyone there, take a look at how they reacted to photos of the bridge that they all said would never be completed.  Sour grapes have seldom been so sour.

But the detractors hit a new low when Shawn O’Halloran PRETENDED to go to Axacon and then lied about what he saw and did there (since he wasn’t actually there).  How do we know he wasn’t actually there, and how did he try to make us think he was?  Sit back, my friends, and watch how the hoax unfolded…

As you might remember, Alec Peters made it known that Axanar detractors would NOT be welcome at Axacon.  The event was intended to celebrate Axanar and be enjoyed by those who shared a love and support for the project.  There’s no reason to play host to those who spend way too much of  their time and energy trying to belittle, bemoan, besmirch, and bedevil the efforts of those involved in Axanar.  As the comments I linked to above demonstrate, the detractors just can’t allow Axanar fans to feel excited or proud without trying to find something discouraging and nasty to say.  So sorry, Shawn, but you wouldn’t be invited to the party.

Shawn took that as a dare and decided to surprise everyone by buying a plane ticket from Las Vegas (where he lives) to Atlanta, and posting this “update” to the Axamonitor Facebook group on Friday morning…

This raised a few eyebrows, to be sure.  “Is Shawn really coming to Axacon???”  “Does he think he’ll be let in?”  “Is it possible to fake a status update like that on Facebook?”  (Yes.)

The best comment, though, came from Alec’s girlfriend CRYSSTAL HUBBARD…

Shawn has said on Facebook that he’s got two mortgages.  So he says to his wife, “Honey, I’m gonna spend a thousand dollars of our money on plane fare, car rental,  and hotel rooms stalking another man for three days while you stay home and take care of our three kids…alone.  Okay?”  Yeah, uh-huh.  Right.

Shawn’s hoax was confirmed a couple of hours later when he posted the following update, allegedly from the Federal Coffee House, which Crysstal is a part-owner of…

Such class!  Shawn is a special kind of special.

Crysstal called up Sophia, who was working the counter, texted her a photo of Shawn, and asked if he’d just been in the shop.  Nope.  So at this point, it was just a fun waiting game for us to see how far Shawn would take this little ruse.

Apparently, he took it all the way to Woodstock, GA—about an hour’s drive away (at that time of the day)…

Notice from the time stamp that Shawn made the hour-long trip (with some heavy traffic, no less) AND managed to have a full conversation with Tonya in less than 48 minutes.  Must have done a slingshot around the sun on the way.

These periodic travel updates would have been amusing if they weren’t so filled with venom and vitriol against Alec and Axanar (which Shawn is now calling “Assanar”—any wonder why he wasn’t invited to join in the fun?).

The next “stop” for Shawn was a nearby Wendy’s which Alec had apparently complained about on Yelp.  Obviously, yet another chance to bash Alec—and why not get in a dig about the Axanar patches while you’re at it, Shawn…?

Of course, Shawn couldn’t keep this deception going and actually claim to have shown up at OWC Studios for the set tour, right?  After all, there would be countless photos and videos proving he wasn’t there.  So Shawn later posted that he had not been able to find OWC Studios, and threw in a couple of conspiracy theories because the detractors love meat that is red and juicy (even if it’s rotten)…

After reading that, the words “Yeah, Shawn, whatever…” go through one’s mind along with the sudden realization that “Shawn” rhymes with “yawn.”  But moving on…

Later, “back at the hotel” where Axacon and SphinxCon were being held, Shawn posted this photo of the bar area (proving he was there?)…

As you can see from the comments, the detractor peanut gallery was buying the story hook, line, and sinker.  Those of us born with more than half a brain, however, might have noticed that Shawn wasn’t taking any selfies.  It’s not like he doesn’t know how…

Shawn P. O’Halloran took no selfies “in Atlanta.”

Or maybe he could have just asked CARLOS PEDRAZA to take a photo of him.  After all, Carlos was there at the hotel (yeah, folks, he ended up coming and not wasting his plane ticket after all).  Carlos hung around the whole weekend, and was even invited by Alec to attend the final Axacon panel.  Want proof?  Unlike Shawn, I got a photo of me with Carlos…

Me and Carlos take a break from the battle (he’s not a bad guy in person!).

While I don’t know for certain, I suspect Shawn got his photos of the hotel from Carlos.  But if Shawn had actually been there, I’m pretty sure he and Carlos would have gotten together.  It wasn’t that big of an hotel, after all, they both have cell phones and are Facebook friends, and poor Carlos was eating dinner all alone on Saturday night in the hotel restaurant.  Were Shawn there, I’m sure that Carlos would have welcomed the company of a fellow Axamonitor Facebook admin.  As it was, we almost invited Carlos to come to the Axanar dinner with the group on Saturday night, but with the bad blood between Carlos and author DAVID GERROLD (I am really not sure what that’s all about), Alec felt it better to not create an awkward situation for the guests.  So Carlos missed this…

…and probably would have been quite happy to share a meal with Shawn (if Shawn had actually been there).

I even chatted with Carlos about Shawn’s elaborate hoax later on Saturday night at the bar.  (Yes, Carlos and I can talk civilly with each other.  He’s actually quite charming and very intelligent.  It’s his magical poison keyboard that I’ve got a problem with.)

Anyway, I said to Carlos, “What’s the deal with Shawn and this whole fake trip to Atlanta?”  Carlos didn’t try to convince me that, no, Shawn was actually here.  He’s too smart to think I’m that dumb.  (And anyway, Carlos knew that, had he tried to convince me this wasn’t a hoax, I’d have called him on it and suggested that Shawn join us all at the bar—STEVEN JEPSON and LEE QUESSENBERRY were with me during the chat.  Heck, we’d even buy Shawn a drink!)  So yeah, best not to try to hide the obvious.

Instead, Carlos answered that Shawn is just trying to bait Alec, and Alec should simply ignore him…and so should I.  It’s not worth the effort to give Shawn the satisfaction of confronting him.

“But really, dude,” I said, “this is just begging for a blog!  I mean, ‘Prominent detractor lies about coming to Axacon!’ is such an obvious headline.  Why give me an easy lay-up like this?”  Carlos didn’t have an answer.

Shawn even posted this ridiculous comment after I (and dozens of others) had published photos of the USS Ares bridge set…

Why would Shawn say that none of the 40″ TV monitors were used when hundreds of photos like this one existed…?

The answer can be found on that Axamonitor Facebook link I included at the beginning of this blog.  Look at those photos in the posted comment.  The camera wasn’t able to grab the monitor displays from the angles and distance it was shooting from, and so they appeared black.  Obviously, other photos uploaded later by others (like me) didn’t have that problem.

“So, Carlos, why let a post like that stay up unchallenged when it’s obviously been proven to be false?” I asked him, referring to Shawn’s claim about the monitors not being used.  “It’s just making you all look bad.”

“It’s not making me look bad.” Carlos replied.  “I didn’t write it.”

I sat with that answer for quite a while.  Do the actions of one detractor reflect badly on all detractors?  It’s an interesting question to ponder.  After all, Carlos is correct that he didn’t actually write the comment.  But he didn’t correct it either.  I’m constantly correcting people!  Yeah, it’s usually the detractors, but just last week, I corrected a person who posted a comment suggesting that James Cawley built his upstate New York TOS sets with fan donations.  That’s not true.

I just hate disinformation and deception.  I hate it from detractors, and I hate it from any Trek fan.  I hate it from Republicans and I hate it from Democrats.  If the truth isn’t strong enough to prove your point and you must obfuscate and deceive in order to “win” your argument, maybe—just maybe—you might not be right in the first place?  Hmmm…

Which brings us back to Shawn and his comment.  Not one detractor challenged him publicly on the claim that the 40″ TVs weren’t being used.  And it’s not like Shawn is just some low-level detractor foot soldier.  He’s one of three admins of the Axamonitor Facebook group…a group born from a blog of the same name written and maintained by Carlos himself, who is also the main admin of the group.  So maybe Shawn’s comment and elaborate hoax doesn’t make ALL detractors look bad, but it certainly reflects badly on Carlos, don’t you think?

I suspect Carlos realized this, as a few hours after our conversation at the bar, Shawn posted this little “retraction” (which, as you can see, was more of a detraction)…

Of course, at no point did Shawn ever admit that he wasn’t in Atlanta this past weekend, that it was all a hoax, and apologize for trying to deceive everyone.  Nor is he likely to.  I’m sure he’ll shake his fist and swear up and down that, yes, he did go to Atlanta and that the person at the counter at the Federal Coffee House lied about not seeing him there….and that the traffic wasn’t that bad and he made really good time on the way to that waffle restaurant…and that he and Carlos were both just so busy that they never got together for dinner…and on and on.

Either that, or he’ll say, “Of course I didn’t go to Atlanta, Slow Lane!  Why would I pay money to watch a group of nerdy losers spending 3 days congratulating each other for throwing away their money on an incompetent asshole who [insert endless stream of accusations here]?  No one really believed I ever went to Atlanta!  It was obviously a joke, and yet you wasted a whole blog obsessing over it!”

Yeah, sure it was always a joke, Shawn.  Sure, it was…

Either way, Shawn loses this round big time—not just because he tried to fool everyone (or prank everyone, depending on which excuse he goes with) but because he felt he needed to do this whole Kabuki dance in the first place.  It means he’s losing.  He’s got a weak hand, and he’s running out of chips.

Axanar is rising…like a phoenix from the ashes.  And the more we go high, the lower the detractors seem to be sinking, and the more of them are just giving up or leaving the group in disgust.

Everything that Alec and his team accomplish proves the detractors to be more and more wrong.  The bridge set they promised would never be completed is pretty much done (and now they’re changing the argument to “well, it took too long!”).  The actors whom they said would never work with Alec Peters again are back, signed, and ready to film in the next few months.  The director they said Alec would never find after ROB BURNETT left is ready and eager to start shooting.   The donors and supporters whom the detractors promised would desert the sinking ship are still here and starting to feel that familiar electricity and excitement all over again.  Already, after just three days, my first Axacon blog (with photos of the bridge set) has already been viewed nearly 4,000 times!  And almost all of the two dozen comments are positive (except a couple from detractors, of course).

The Axanar mini-convention they swore would never happen just wrapped up and was a huge success.  I’ll be posting some blog coverage of the event over the next few days, and you’ll all see what a great time it was. Sure, only a few dozen people were there, but it was all filmed for those Axanar supporters who couldn’t make it.  So eventually, the “attendance” at Axacon will swell into the thousands as folks watch those videos and experience the fun for themselves.

It’s said, “When they go low, we go high.”  Well, Axanar went really high this past weekend, and Shawn O’Halloran went really low.  They haven’t got much else left beyond their tired old accusations (Shawn yawn), insults, conspiracy theories, and predictions of failure that are falling one after the other like dominoes.

In the end, Shawn’s and the detractors’ comments are best summed up by William Shakespeare:

…it is a tale.  Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury.  Signifying nothing.


63 thoughts on “As AXANAR rises, DETRACTORS hit a new low! (editorial)”

    1. Oh, I’m sure they’ll be a bunch when I wake up, but I need to go grocery shopping in the morning after I drop Jayden off at school. We’re almost out of milk!

    1. Thank you, Robert. To be honest, the ugliness is actually quite localized. It’s just so darn loud, it feels like it’s everywhere. Trust me: it isn’t. That fact was brought home to me this past weekend. Just ask Carlos. He was invited in to the final Axacon panel of the weekend, and no one booed or confronted him. He was made to feel totally welcome. I even joked with him as I headed off to the airport, holding out my hand to shake his, “I will see you back on the battlefield.” We both laughed.

  1. In the midst of great feuds, small details can get lost, but I noticed on Axamonitor that the bridge set received a compliment or two (well, I agreed with one of the compliments because the set indeed looks well done to me) But from my perch, I’m impressed and pleased that Mr Pedraza and yourself had an amicable meeting in Atlanta (wow! you guys shook hands and even took a pic!). I’m tempted to email this to the UN (!)

    1. I actually wasn’t surprised to find a few positive comments. Even Gabe Koerner ate a little crow in a private message to Alec Peters (too little, too late, methinks!). The problem with detracting is that sometimes you just can’t do it with a straight face. That bridge was indeed awesome. Axacon happened, went without a hitch (except for the wrong NCC number on the lanyards for the badges!), and was a huge success by all accounts. Obviously, most detractors can still find something to gripe about, but a few of them are gracious enough to tip their hats and give credit where it is due.

  2. Mr Lane I accuse you of being an optimist which is also pretty much the definition of a Star Trek fan, after all they was Gene Roddenberry’s message really that in the future things would more or less work out. The problem is that we are not there yet, the internet has proven that. So many people are petty, mean, vindictive and stupid lets not forget that. Maybe because their lives lack meaning or they don’t have the mental capacity. In this I don’t just mean Star Trek but across the whole spectrum and in a lot of cases this can even include some well educated people. So what to do with them? Attempt to change their minds? educate them? Ignore them? Well problems with each approach, mainly as so many people find it difficult to actually think or reevaluate their beliefs in the light of further evidence or you know facts.

    As a realist the best you can do is not let those people affect or is it effect? even infect? your life. It is not necessary or even desirable that everyone like or agree with your world view and although you can educate the ignorant if they are amenable, the quote “You can’t fix stupid” applies.

    So in this context what good are these people doing for Star Trek and Anaxnar in particular? Well it seems very little In the beginning perhaps they raised some very valid concerns there was after all a large amount of money unaccounted for and no movie, some of it was even theirs. However in the midst of a serious court case Mr Peters found the time as indeed he should to actually account for the money. Yet this did not satisfy the majority or at least a very vocal minority, I refer you to my earlier paragraph regarding facts being ineffectually in changing people’s beliefs.

    So if we now apply the same test it appears that these people actually serve no purpose. No matter how much time energy or reams of facts you can present them with, how many logical flaws you find in their arguments as they say “Haters gonna Hate”.

    The best you can do since you cannot raise them up is to not let them drag you down and not waste a thought on them.

    I sincerely hope that Mr Peters just gets on with what I hope is a joyous though no doubt fraught process and gets Axanar to our screens in whatever form he is allowed. I have no doubt it will be excellent, which is sadly I think the real reason behind the whole court case and perhaps he can take the whole thing as a very weird compliment from the studios. Though I could hazard a guess a complement he could of done without.

  3. Slam Dunk! Well written and actually the antics of said detractor made me laugh. Can’t help think that Carlos may already be wishing he was on the other side of things. He might be giving some serious thought about jumping ship. Who knows. Sometimes your biggest Challenger’s become your best of allies.

    Well written I say again. I look forward to to seeing what comes next!

    1. Someone asked me at Axacon, after seeing Carlos and me shake hands, “Can you imagine how much Carlos could accomplish if he decided to actually HELP Axanar get made instead of putting all his energy into the opposite? He could become the hero of this project.”

      Yeah, maybe. You’re asking Carlos to do something that’s extremely difficult: change his mind. We’ll see what happens.

  4. I love how Shawn (and Greenberg, via a PM to myself) still really believe Alec bought the Ender’s Game costumes with Axanar money. These guys are hilarious in their naivety.
    Alec bought those costumes with his own money. He is a collector of such things. What he does with his own money is his business. And should he decide to sell those costumes…. that again is his own business.

    Great article Jonathan, onward and upward!

    1. Shawn and Sandy are liars. They make shit up with zero evidence and then claim it as if they know what they are talking about.

      The Enders Game costumes were to be used in the Starfleet HQ scene. They were costumes to be used in the production. Since when is that a problem, whoevers money I used? I DONATED a lot of costumes to be used in the production and charged ZERO in rental fees. How much do you think that Chang costume would have cost if a collector would actually let you use it? $ 1000 a day easy, plus insurance, plus shipping.

      We bought a ton of Enders Game stuff for the production at the official Ender’s Game auction. ALL the consoles for Starfleet HQ were from there and look AMAZING. We bought stuff from various auctions to be used in the production including DaVinci’s Demons, which is where we got a great costume for the Federation President Rob loved. THAT IS HOW FILM MAKING WORKS.

      The beauty of buying stuff from other productions is that you get stuff that costs thousands of dollars for hundreds of dollars. You get production values that you could never afford by buying production-used. And that happens because I am very well versed in the industry. I know the sources and the auctions.

      Shawn and Sandy don’t know shit about the industry so they could never do what I do.


      1. The Pegasus sets for RDM’s Galactica came from an aborted Lost in Space and were later used in Stargate Atlantis.

        Stargate Atlantis used a set from Blade III a number of times as part of the City.

        Costumes from Starship Troopers were used in Firefly.

        I don’t think I need to go on, productions borrow, rent and buy props, costumes and set pieces from other productions all the time.

        All you need is a passing interest in TV and movies to know that.

        My favourite prop reuse was the Giga Meter from Ghostbusters 2 being used in the Enterprise search in The Undiscovered Country. Couple of second scene but brings two of my favourite franchises together.

    2. Cognitive dissonance at its finest.

      “Our big load of set decoration that we bought from the Ender’s Game Auction arrived. Rob Burnett is happy as can be, as the consoles and chairs are perfect for what we are doing. We literally couldn’t afford to make these for the price we paid for it all. We got plenty of chairs for the bridge. Bigger chairs, seen above, for the Klingon ships, and some amazing consoles.”

      1. Since Alec already explained, I won’t bother adding to the chorus of “You have no idea what you’re talking about, Sandy.” I’ve gotta get back to blogging Day Two before I have to pick up Jayden. 🙂

    3. It was the chairs he got from that Auction, I remember Alec discussing it on the Facebook Group.

      At the time as I asked him if they were branded as they are also the same chairs Marvel used on the SHIELD Helicarrier but alas they weren’t.

      Maybe that’s where the misconception came from? The old “the best falsehoods are ones with a dash of truth” being he bought “something” from the auction for Axanar and some jumped to completely the wrong conclusions?

  5. Jonathan, it was great to meet you this past Friday, I am sorry I couldn’t stay(I even commented to Carlos I wish I could have met him). Here is a link to my post on that I just posted(yep, you and fan film factor get a mention and link). Can’t wait to get together once again in the near future.

  6. I was at Axacon Saturday afternoon and sat in on as many panels as I could. I especially enjoyed your panel on fan films. What I came away with was that there ought to be room in fan filmdom for everyone to express their passion for Trek in the way that best suits them and their situation. I happen to like Alex’s approach with Axanar. It doesn’t mean other fan film efforts are better or worse they’re just different. I’m looking forward to the next Axacon and hope I can participate more and help make it more even more successful than it was this year.

  7. I think you just spent more time thinking and writing about Shawn’s joke than he put into it. So… mission accomplished?

    Seriously, is this any different than Alec feeding Carlos fake information about the location of the Georgia studio? Well, maybe, because one is a practical joke designed to get your knickers in a twist, and the other was misinformation designed to discredit the person writing about it.

    1. Ah, “what aboutism”! (That didn’t take long.)

      The translation of Chris’ comment, for those whom don’t speak “what aboutish,” is:

      “Man, I’ve really got no way to defend what Shawn just did. I’ve really got nothing. Think, Chris, think! Oh, wait…didn’t Alec once play a joke on Carlos at one point? What about that? Yeah! Maybe if I turn this around to show that Alec did something bad, it’ll distract Jonathan from everything he just said about Shawn. Okay, let’s see if that approach works.”

      No, Chris, it doesn’t. Sorry.

      1. That’s amusing coming from a guy who just wrote a lenghthy blog post which can be summed up as, “The Haters say that Alec Peters lies, BUT WHAT ABOUT SHAWN?”

      2. In other words, yes it was exactly the same kind of motivation, yes it was equally stupid, and no this kind of thing shouldn’t become the norm.

        For what it’s worth, I agree wholeheartedly! 🙂

  8. It should be noted we knew Shawn was lying from the moment he claimed he was at the coffee shop, as the staff had his photo and was warned. Though honestly, we figured even he wasn’t a big enough ass to leave his family to stalk us and actually risk a confrontation with my security. Shawn has avoided all confrontation with me in person, despite lying about it being otherwise.

  9. As someone who WAS there, the picture of the bar was definately bogus for that time frame, provably a stock photo from the hotel marketing site. The bar was never that empty and not one Manicorian Navy uniform in the shot. I don’t think there was a single minute that weekend you could have found that.

  10. Funny thing – when I go somewhere, I take pictures. LOTS of pictures! I don’t post just one with a comment and move on, I group pictures together by relevance. That way, no one can reasonably comment “pics or it didn’t happen”.

  11. They can go frak themselves, and frak themselves HARD. I had a great time. A much better time than even at cons 10 times its size. It was the furthest from home I had ever travelled, and was worth every minute and every dollar

        1. Back in early 2000, I attended a lecture at Cal Tech featuring a scientist who had set out to prove that the universe is flat (in a relativistic sense). In order to collect the necessary data, they needed to float weather balloons around the circumference of the earth, and the only place to do that and get something that’s even close to a circle is along the coastline of Antarctica. And then he showed us some photos and said, “They say that no one ever goes to Antarctica just once. Now I understand why.” And when I saw his photos (before he started talking all of the boring science), I thought to myself: Hmmmm, I guess I should get my first trip out of the way now why I’m still young and working freelance.

          Ten months later, I was sharing a cabin on the Maria Yermolova out of Ushuaia at the tip of Argentina. Two and a half days later (after sailing the Drake Passage where 20-foot waves are considered calm seas), we arrived at the tip of the white continent for what became one of the most amazing weeks of my life. I swam in the Antarctic Ocean (for about 7 seconds); walked around inside of a submerged volcano; saw whales breaching, seals the size of sofas, and literally hundreds of thousands of penguins at once (it looked like someone had spilled salt and pepper as far as the eye could see!). I floated underneath an iceberg arch that was so pure that the ice had a purple sheen. I saw the midnight sun and read a book in my cabin at 2am without any lights on. I was handed a present from Santa Claus on Christmas Eve barely 1,300 miles from the South Pole. I met amazing people: teachers, a couple who had been to all 50 states and all 10 Canadian provinces, a blind Muslim who had made the Hajj, a ships’ cook who had lived in (not used visited) 68 different countries (and made the most amazing soups), and a guide who told me his favorite tour ever was a trip by kayak through Vietnam. I toasted with water collected from a melted piece of an iceberg, learned how to say “you’re welcome” in Japanese, drank gin and tonics below decks with the crew, was bullied for my laundry by a Russian housekeeper, and taught by the universe that letting go of a need for something is the best way to ultimately get it.

          It was an amazing trip. Here are some of the best photos…

          (Yep, that’s a giant ice penis–I couldn’t resit taking the photo. And those black specks on the bottom right are penguins!)

  12. I try to stay away from the detractors and their nonsense. I feel the same as you do, Jonathan about the lying and constant bad attitudes. Have your opinion, share it with others, but don’t lie to me to try and change my mind.

    I’m waiting ever so patiently for Axanar. Although it’s not going to be the full feature film I wanted it to be, I’m certain it’ll be worth the wait. I’m very excited to see the bridge sets up and running!

  13. Well Damn…never thought I’d see you and Carlos in the same picture together. And he even attended a panel…pretty cool.

    1. Carlos isn’t a bad guy. And I don’t think he believes that of me, either. He seemed a little shy and reserved in person (unlike me; I’m the opposite), but then again, he was Carlos Pedraza at Axacon…which would be like the CEO of Exxon-Mobil walking through the annual meeting of the Natural Resources Defense Council. So perhaps Carlos was just playing it low-key. But he was certainly welcome at the panel. We joked a little, but not at his expense. I even asked, as one of the audience Axanar trivia questions for the panelists, “When was the first-ever blog for Axamonitor published…month and year?” Everyone was stumped (so I won a Devil Dog), and we asked Carlos for the answer…which was February 2016. “I’m not really sure that was an AXANAR trivia question, though, Jonathan,” said Alec with a smile. “Oh,” I answered, “I just wanted to follow up with the question ‘When was the first-ever Fan Film Factor blog published?’ Answer: JANUARY 2016. Yep, I got there first.” Everyone laughed, including Carlos. He even won a Drake’s cake prize, too. (There’s wan’t any pie.) We all had a lot of fun.

  14. Actually I didn’t know it was a ruse. So thanks for going to your default Peters and shouting “liar”.

    Personally I think it was a wrong move on his part. We try to keep to the facts as we see them (and obviously you all disagree) but this shenanigan makes him (and by extension the rest of us) look bad.

    1. Wow. I wasn’t expecting that. While the other detractors are all jumping up to give Shawn high-fives and Shawn is taking his online bow, you’re stepping up to make the right call.

      I’m very proud of you, Sandy. I mean that.

    2. “Personally I think it was a wrong move on his part. We try to keep to the facts as we see them (and obviously you all disagree) but this shenanigan makes him (and by extension the rest of us) look bad.”

      Actually, facts are facts Sandy. You and Shawn and others just like lying about us a lot. Those are not facts. There is only one truth and we have proof and you have nothing but lies.

      And I got news for you, your unhealthy obsession with me and Axanar is what makes you all look bad. You guys don’t get it. People, many of who post here, think you are all nuts.

      Read above Drdinnermint wrote:

      “Theses detractors obsession is unhealthy. It’s genuinely starting to feel like mental illness”

      Go away. For your own good.


      1. “Go away. For your own good.”

        I think the detractors have moved so far into darkness that the word “good” no longer applies to any part of them. None of them can point to what they have written and posted and say with any kind of believability, “See what I wrote? I am a good person.” They’re not. They’ve lost this war.

  15. Well, what a strange behavior of Carlos’.
    One could think of a dual personality trouble, but I would preume the poison keyboard will prevail at the end.
    In fact I mostly presume Carlos and you Jonathan are just surfing the same wave as influencers and finally do the same job, just from opposite sides. Looks like politics having a severe debate on TV then having jokes off camera (but sometimpes cameras are still running and we can see they are more colleagues than ennemies). Maybe it is finally a way to find a new job as community manager ?

    Finally, the readers job is to sort out what is interesting for them, and sometimes a little help is appreciated to spot hoaxes. The funny thing is that the benefit of your help is more for the detractors because fans wouldn’t read crap on Axamonitor… 😉
    Be the detractors realizing there are being manipulated from the beginning.
    What will happen when Axanar will be released ? FFF will go on with other projects while Axamonitor will have no more subject to exist. No future for detractors !

  16. That’s a REALLY long post for someone you claim of “accusing” Alec of things. for years. Why even post this?

    I mean, whoopee, someone lied about going to Axacon.. It’s not as bad as all the lies Alec has told the last few years.

    I’m sure the dozen of you there would have liked more seating taken up anyway.

    Me thinks that Shawn gets in your head a bit there, Lane.

    1. Shawn gave me a gift. I didn’t waste it.

      Axanar got more traction and momentum out of this post than the Saturday one…nearly 2,000 views in one day! In baseball, this is known as an unforced error.

      While Shawn is busy congratulating himself for a hoax well executed, even some detractors are calling him out for damaging their reputations:

      And if even some detractors realize how much this hurts their cause, think of how it’s playing with the two thousand folks who haven’t drunk the Carlos Kool-Aid.

      1. Shawn doesn’t need to “give you a gift”. You spend too much time on “detractors” and spreading misinformation in ridiculously long blog posts about nothing; just like this post is about nothing. You like hearing yourself speak.

        If you think this got Axanar “traction” just because 2K hits, then you’re kidding yourself. You wrote a clickbait headline about a person. People clicked. That’s it.

        The real truths about Alec are already out there, and will continue to be spread around so that he can’t con people again.

  17. Hey, I can finally see the comments lol(private joke, with Jonathan, you had to be there), I am actually not surprised at Sandy’s comment. Having talked with him privately, outside of Axanar related things, he doesnt seem like a bad guy(for an English bloke).

    Yep the other side has their issues with Alec, and they have gone WAY OVERBOARD in a lot of their behavior, but some do recognize that Shawn’s “little scheme” blew up in their face, and accomplished nothing.

    While he takes his “victory lap” over in their Facebook group, and get his head patted like a good doggie, or a 3 year old who used the potty for the first time, Axanar plugs along with a new spirit of positive momentum, and a clear picture of the next 6 months. The finish line is in sight, and it looks glorious.

  18. “You’re asking Carlos to do something that’s extremely difficult: change his mind. We’ll see what happens.”

    It’s extremely difficult for most if not all of us to change a deeply held point-of-view. Confirmation bias is a human disease. Almost everyone who has been married for a long time knows how true that is.

    But I do give +1 to those who can “agree to disagree” and be friendly.

    I do hope that when it’s all over and what can be done with the Axanar project has been done, he and others can say something like “I’ve not changed my mind about X and Y, but the result was great”

  19. Go run for office. Volunteer at the local animal shelter or food bank. Don’t dedicate your life to following Alec Peters…he is more obsessed with him than the people who attended Axacon.

    1. You should see all of Yawn O’Halloran’s posts on Facebook today!

      Hey, this doesn’t bother me at all.
      No, really, it doesn’t bother me.
      Did I mention it doesn’t bother me?
      et, me tell you again, just so I’m clear: it doesn’t bother me.
      Because it doesn’t.
      It really doesn’t.
      I’ll post again just so you KNOW that this still isn’t bothering me.
      It’s really not.
      You all get that, right?
      Let me post one more time because I want there to be no doubt in anyone’s mind that I am NOT bothered by this.
      Totally not bothered.
      You saw that I’m not bothered, right?
      Oh, this next post will PROVE I’m not bothered.
      Yeah, that should do it.
      Well, maybe just one more post, just in case Lane thinks I’m still bothered…

      I almost feel bad for him, trying to prove to himself and others over and over and over and over and over and over again that he didn’t screw up big time. Each time I read another of his posts, I realize how much my blog is tearing him up inside, and he just can’t seem to let it go and move on. As I said, I almost feel sorry for Yawn.


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