AXANAR detractor/stalker crosses a line …again

I want you to imagine having a stalker…the kind of stalker who watches your every move in an effort to ruin your life…who goes through your personal and business records looking for ways to hurt you and your closest friends both professionally and personally. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator, this stalker will not stop. Day after day, month after month, year after year…he just keeps coming.

This stalker is also a moron, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

Last week, I reported on a possible hacking attempt into ALEC PETERS’ YouTube account and suggested that the prime suspect(s) was/were one or more of the AXANAR detractors who are laser-focused on sabotaging Alec and the Axanar fan project.

Man, did the detractors jump down my throat on that one…

  • “You have no proof!”
  • “Where’s your smoking gun, Slow Lane?”
  • “You owe us an apology!” (Wait, after you guys have called me every name in the book for nearly three years, I owe you an apology???)

Anyway, this time I not only have a smoking gun, I’ve got the full confession, courtesy of Alec’s stalker extraordinaire, SHAWN P. O’HALLORAN (the aforementioned moron…and I’m not using “moron” in a pejorative name-calling way; as you’ll discover shortly, he is truly lacking in intelligence in his chosen profession).

Okay, obviously we need a little background information first…

Back in September, Alec Peters was served with a lawsuit (yep, another one), this time from HeroProp, LLP and a woman named Tiana Armstrong. There’s no need to analyze the lawsuit in depth this time because this one is pretty simple.

Alec was involved in a business deal with Tiana whereby he offered to put her into contact with the owner of the model of the USS Enterprise-E from Star Trek: First Contact. Tiana had a buyer interested in purchasing the item. If Alec could help broker the deal, she would give him 1/3 of the profit.

Alec felt he had held up his end of the bargain but was never paid. Tiana felt that he’d failed to deliver, and she had to use other means to contact the owner and convince him to sell. Alec’s lawyer issued a demand letter, which is a necessary pre-cursor before suing for unpaid fees (something Alec intended to do).

Before Alec could file a lawsuit, however, Tiana and her company, HeroProp, LLP, sued Alec first. For money? No. He didn’t owe them anything. But they did want the judge to make what is known as a declaratory ruling. In short, Tiana wanted the judge to agree that Alec dropped the ball and wasn’t owed anything…and to state that as an official legal ruling. If that happened, Alec wouldn’t be able to successfully sue Tiana for his portion of the profit.

Alec has since filed a counter-claim, and the matter is working its way through the courts in Nevada, currently in the discovery phase.

Do you know who else lives in Nevada? Yep, the stalker-moron, Shawn.

Now, most of us—and indeed, even most of the Axanar detractors—would probably just stay out of any legal matter involving Alec Peters. We might watch from the sidelines, that’s fine. But why would we ever insert ourselves into someone else’s lawsuit…especially in an attempt to sabotage one of the parties? I mean, isn’t that crossing a huge red line? Isn’t that going beyond obsession into social dysfunction?

As I said, most of us.

Apparently, Shawn used to be a paralegal. And since Shawn’s the name, and stalking is the game, Shawn naturally pulled from Georgia public records any and all information he could on Alec, his businesses, and the purchase of his house in Lawrenceville, GA.


Yep, this is some serious stalkin’ here, folks! Shawn did a deep dive to discover that Alec had transferred ownership of his new home from himself to one of his companies. This isn’t unusual. Many people of means do the same thing for tax reasons (having an LLC own the property allows its value to depreciate over time and lessens the taxes paid when selling for a profit years later). In fact, Alec did it years earlier when he transferred ownership of his previous house in southern California to one of his companies.

For Shawn, however, he smelled blood in the water and a chance to do some serious legal mischief. On January 8, 2019, Shawn posted this to the Axamonitor Facebook group

As you may recall, during my virtual tour of Axacon, I mentioned that the address given for OWC Studios (now Ares Studios) was coincidentally the same address given for Ares Investments, LLC, a company that coincidentally has Sheldon Friedman (Alec Peters’ longtime Atlanta area attorney) as the registered agent, because, duh... it’s one of Alec’s MANY shell companies.

As you may have guessed, there was a reason I brought it up.
Since, it’s all a matter of public record, now, I’ll explain.
In late October, I was doing some deep research on the fee-based Georgia Superior Courts website and I inadvertently came across, not one, but TWO records of sale for Alec’s new house in Lawrenceville.

Crazy as it sounds, Alec sold his house about two weeks after he was served with the lawsuit by Hero Prop/Tiana Armstrong to Ares Investments, LLC for the whopping price of...



That’s right, $0.

Folks, selling/transferring your assets under these circumstances is illegal when you are being sued.

It’s called fraudulent conveyance/transfer.

It’s not a criminal matter but it is prohibited by statute in every state.

Since Peters was sued in Nevada District Court, I’ve provided the relevant statute accordingly.

Shawn then quoted the statue, which you’re welcome to read here, before finishing up with…

Of course, this information was forwarded to the interested parties/attorneys at the time it was discovered and despite how Alec and Precious Lane will try to spin it, it is most definitely illegal.

This is the ethical Alec Peters at work.

I wonder what other assets were sold to Ares Investments, LLC for $0. 🤔

Below are the documents from the GASC (with the address redacted by me because I don’t dox people) and you can confirm who the “new owner” is with the Gwinnett County Assessor’s Office website.

Oh, and BTW, Alec, since I know you’re reading this, research is just one of the many skills that even a FORMER paralegal (you know, that profession that you belittled the other day) excels at. Who knows what else I’ll find... or have found already.

Okay, first things first. Let me explain why Shawn is a moron. After all, this sounds really smart, right? Well, not if you’re a former paralegal, went to law school, are married to a lawyer, or have half a brain.

While the statute says that you can’t transfer or hide assets if you’re being sued for MONEY, Alec is NOT being sued for money. So, Mr. FORMER Paralegal, the statute doesn’t apply. Alec is being sued for declaratory relief. The worst that happens is the judge hands him a piece of paper saying, “Sorry, you can’t sue this woman.” Also, the fact that Alec did the same transfer of ownership with his previous home (NOT while being sued) suggests that there is no nefarious attempt to hide assets going on.

So yeah, unquestionably a moron…at least in a legal sense.

But let’s pause for just a moment and reflect upon what Shawn did.

There is so much hatred and malevolence for Alec Peters, that Shawn was willing to pay money to research and rummage through both Alec’s business and personal records, fishing for some kind of dirt. Again, imagine if you had a stalker doing that to your finances? Scary right? Wouldn’t you be pissed? I’d be furious!

But Shawn didn’t stop there. He took what he found and directly contacted the party suing Alec. I mean, seriously…has it come to this for the Axanar detractors? Are they this desperate for a “win”? And ask yourself: at this point, what could possibly be next???

And lest you think it’s just one rotten apple, just read down the 100-plus comments and replies under Shawn’s post. Dozens of other detractors are actually cheering Shawn on! They are arrogantly gleeful and sadistic at the thought of bringing hurt and ruin to one guy over…what?…a Star Trek fan film!!!

Oh, sure, the detractors will post that it wasn’t just a fan film and start listing the standard litany of accusations and complaints about everything from sushi to tires to ruining fan films forever.

But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: isn’t it time for Captain Ahab to just let the whale go?

I’m sure some of my readers will ask why I’m wasting time on the detractors yet again? Honestly, folks, I wish I didn’t have to keep doing this. Obviously, Shawn likes the attention, and I seriously considered not writing this blog for that very reason. Why give him the satisfaction?

But the fact is, I’m not really writing this blog for the detractors or to change their minds. This blog (and others like it) serves two purposes:

1) It cements for the Axanar faithful the reasons WHY we are faithful and stand behind Alec. Axanar supporters are truly GOOD people. Detractors are not. You can see it in toxic behavior like this.

2) These blogs also speak to those “on the fence.” People hear ridiculously negative things (mainly from the detractors) about Alec and Axanar…and sometimes they even believe it. But a blog like this shines a light on those who speak the words of venom and vitriol. Shawn and others illustrate to the fence-sitters just how low and unworthy of trust most of the detractors are. None seems willing to take a stand against the stalking and sabotage, harassment and abuse. Instead, they pat themselves on the back for it.

These despicable actions by Shawn and others cross so far over the lines of decency and acceptability that they make the choice to support Alec Peters essentially into a no-brainer. All I need to do is just let people know.

And so I blog.

86 thoughts on “AXANAR detractor/stalker crosses a line …again”

  1. There is a new species of homo moronicus on the planet. They think they are educated, but do not think, they think they are smart, but seem to know nothing, but they DO know how to harass, make up stories, bend facts, and if, needed, create facts, about whatever crusade they embark on. The whole anti Axanar thing is going to be a case study in psychological dysfunction in someones future dissertation, because the lengths some of these people go to to chase one person who tried to do one thing exceedingly well, engendered a whole new level of vitriolic response mechanisms. Everyone associated with Axanar has always been upfront, open and honest, to the extent I can see. Every Anti Axanar agent has been dishonest, manipulative, vile and willing to make up whatever they didn’t have, if it served their purpose. Their single focus on destroying Alec is now legend, and you would wonder “why”? With all the other possible targets in the country right now, why one guy still trying to keep his word, and the people around him? Good grief, they need to go and find something else to exercise their psycho fetishes on. People live their lives, have legal issues, use the courts to resolve them, every day. I do not recall an “Alec Article” where he lambasted this woman for her “criminal behavior” or anything else, until you wrote this blog, one had no idea it was going on, and rightly so. It is between 2 people having a disagreement over a business dealing, and is being rightly addressed in the courts (much as the courts are never a good place to be, nowadays). A small group of noisy immature people who have no better things to do than obsess over one person. Gee, go over to Star Citizen if you need drama in your life, they have a game that was crowd funded and is like 3 years behind schedule, at least there are some facts to play with in that scenario. Leave Alec alone.

    1. If you put an Axanar supporter and an Axanar detractor next to each other in front of a giant LED display showing each of their many postings on Facebook, which person would YOU want to be friends with? I know my answer. 🙂

  2. Hell, I’m not a lawyer nor paralegal, and even I know the difference between a suit for declaratory judgment (It’s in the name people!) and a suit seeking redress.

  3. I don’t know much about the Axanar fan film, but to me anything star trek related is a very good thing and should be encouraged. This so called paralegal must really be desperate for attention. Sad. So sad

  4. Shawn, and those like him, are mentally and emotionally stunted quasi-adults with mishapen psyches, delusions of grandeure and a false sense of security

  5. Illegal? Not only is it not illegal, it’s highly common. It’s not even illegal when being sued for money, since the transaction can be reversed. Indeed, that’s why a lis penden is filed before suing for money, because it puts buyers on notice that the property is subject to a lawsuit. One of my jobs involves preparing legal documents, and the number of customers who see something like that and think they have a smoking gun and then argue with me is legion. They really want X, and don’t want to hear that they have not in fact found the magic word that will make the court bow before them and give them what they want.

    1. “Which of course annuals your entire defence of what Peters has done.”

      Yeesh! Isn’t English your first language, Sandy? Of course, today, it’s not just your spelling that’s wrong. Shall we begin to “school” you…

      Attorney fees are seldom awarded in declaratory cases, Sandy. And even if they are, the responsibility of collecting them falls to the law firm, not the plaintiff or defendant (whoever is awarded the fees, if that does indeed happen). If you check out the Nevada statue, it doesn’t specifically mention that a person is not allowed to transfer property…only that it can go to determine INTENT to defraud. In the case of Alec transferring ownership of his home to “hide” assets, the value of the home is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The cost of attorneys fees in a minor declaration case is barely in the tens of thousands. So Alec would hardly need to transfer ownership of his entire house to cover any potential verdict award against him for attorneys fees. So “intent to defraud” would not be seriously considered if the law firm later complained about not getting paid.

      Also, since Alec had transferred ownership of his previous house years before this lawsuit was ever filed, this shows a pattern of business behavior, which also argues against intent to defraud in this particular situation.

      And finally, quite often, if a person transfers or sells property used as a collateral or guarantee for a debt within two years of that debt being collected, that guaranteed property can be “clawed back” and liquidated to relieve the obligation—even if someone else owns it. So transferring property into an LLC as a form of “protection” may not work. The courts would likewise take that into consideration when determining “intent to defraud,” and it would argue against it.

      I’d also like to suggest you read the previous comment, as that person is NOT a moron…unlike some people I’ve dealt with today.

      Anyway, consider yourself schooled, Sandy. This WILL be on next week’s test. 🙂

      1. LOL well at least Axamonitor’s other attention seeker showed up to make a try. All that’s left is Carlos

      2. That was an awful lot of words to not say that you got it wrong again. First, it wasn’t a hacker that got the Axanar YouTube account suspended and then you can’t be bothered to read the ammended complaint to see that Peters is actually being sued for a minimum $15k. That’s a minimum for this type of case, it could be much higher.

  6. There three more line items that Alec is being sued for which includes money. Maybe not a good idea to share this with people beyond Axamonitor? More people read your blog than are in that group.

      1. I thought Joe had a change of heart about what the Axamonitor crowd was doing or did he pull a Matt Miller?

          1. Whoa whoa whoa. My only concern…and I’ve said it many times…was for the sci-fi model community. I stand by everything I said.

            I love Prelude…everything about it. I stood up for Jon when they called him names multiple times and battled against Sandy Greenberg for garage kitters rights.

            When Axanar came out…that was Trek.

            Like I said before…the detractors are the people who fell in love with Axanar and feel jipped.

          2. You know I visit Axamonitor from time to time and read your comments, right?

            Anyway, you left the Axamonitor FB group out of a moral frustration and disgust…and now you’re back with them. I’ll leave the judgment to others.

        1. Mike thought Alec told me the depreciation thing, but I actually just looked it up on the Internet. Another reason I found for transferring property to an LLC was to avoid probate, but I just grabbed one to keep the blog shorter (yes, I actually try to do that…even it it seems like I don’t). But Alec didn’t tell me why he did the transfer. I asked, and he said I didn’t need to publish his private information on my blog. And he’s right.

          Also, I did misreport the location of the other house Alec transferred. It wasn’t his Valencia, CA house after the CBS lawsuit (that place he rented). It was his Florida house back in 2013 (long before the CBS lawsuit). Either way, it’s a pattern of business practice for Alec (2013 and 2018), and so it argues against his doing the transfer simply to defraud the court for $15,000 that he might never even need to pay.

          1. I left them out of a moral disgust yes. But when RMB went live with his casts….the guy who directed the scene…goes against the other side. That’s a line in the sand.

  7. If only Shawn would put this much effort into something positive. It is like they still can’t understand that apart from their tiny band of vocal “rabble rousers”, the “fight”over Axanar is finished.

    While CBS won the “strategic” battle by changing the format of Axanar “the movie”, Alec Peters won the tactical battle because his settlement(which the detractors misrepresent) is still able to make his films, WITH the majority of the Cast intact(RIP Mr. HATCH). HE HAS FINISHED(95%) the bridge set, he has productions booking to use it. He has School kids using it.

    Axanar moves forward, while they(detractors) stay stuck in January 2017.

      1. My friend…does that not negate your entire premise about Shawn’s knowledge of happenings?

        I come to your blog for fan films. Not to read about legal issues…I’d rather hear about RMB’s videos and posts of the released Axanar footage.

        1. I’ve been advised not to comment on the Rob situation for legal reasons.

          As for Shawn’s knowledge of happenings, look for a follow-up blog in a few hours where I correct the record. But Shawn is still a moron. That hasn’t changed. 🙂

        1. I’ve just looked up at my list of comments to approve on this page, and the next FIVE (including this one) are all from you, Matthew. No one else does that. Weird.

          1. I keep forgetting that approvals are needed. That’s on me, and one I’m happy to say ‘sorry mate’ for.

  8. Also…based on the platform I read your blog on the top post changes from device to device.

    On my phone Constat shows up first. Laptop it’s a different blog post. Only way to see this one is a direct link.

  9. Perhaps I’m wrong but I’ve not seen an appearance of Godwin’s law yet. For those who might not know, Godwin’s law states that sooner or later a reference to Nazis will appear in an online controversy.

    As to Alec’s supposed misdeeds, if I lined up my stupid mistakes in one column and his in another, I have no idea which would be longer. Nor do I care to obsess about it. I’m focused on the “beam” in my eye rather than on the alleged “mote” in his.

    My focus here is on hoping the two-part Axanar story is at least as good as Prelude is.

    1. Alec’s ‘supposed misdeeds’ include profiting off Star Trek IP, filing a company he managed for bankruptcy to then have the debts wiped clean before operating under that same business a few years later.

      Another puzzling ‘misdeed’ includes spinning off a production company solely for a fan film… while another is, presumably, running dry of funds after the princpial sponsor – OWC – declined to continue their arrangement with Alec, and no one has filled the void.

      1. It’s like there is a chorus standing on the side of the stage singing about the current scene and conflict in order to keep the audience involved. Thanks, Matt. 🙂

        1. If he proffited off of Trek IP don’t you aupppse he would be living large? He isn’t. Alec is a legal hawk and damnit if i wish I had his skills.

  10. I was visiting Vegas last year and had been trying to ‘bury the hatchet’ with the haters and since Shawn is the ‘head cheerleader’ I thought meeting for a coffee or beer at a lace of his choosing would be a good idea. Not only did he come up with excuse after excuse – and I’m sure the recent suicide of his father-in-law is traumatic and valid – yet he kept up his tracking and tormenting of Alec and other Axanar fans while he could have been tamping down the rhetoric.

    Then he and the rest of the ‘haters’ attacked me as a stalker and that no one owed me a meeting. “Well no kidding, Sherlock. I never claimed that they did.”

    Then the keyboard warrior himself blocked me. But, that just proves what I’ve said for a while…

    They are all a bunch of azzhats and bullies. Screw them all – LONG LIVE AXANAR!!

  11. It seems to me that the “bad party in question” is really pushing to see if someone will try to slap a Defamation of Character lawsuit upon said bad party. And yet, said bad party could possibly face cyber stalking/bullying crimes as well, despite his “digging” into public records. The mere fact of his passing along unsubstantiated allegations using those public records should at least provide cause for said bad apple to go before a tribunal to answer for said bad apple’s misleadings…

  12. Accessing PUBLIC RECORDS is NOT stalking! You are accusing someone of committing a crime falsely. You should be sued!

    1. That is really funny, Ruthy. Stalking is defined as:

      “…unwanted or repeated surveillance by an individual or group towards another person. Stalking behaviors are interrelated to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them.”

      Consider yourself schooled. 🙂

    2. Ah, Ruthy, Ruthy, Ruthy… It appears you only read the comments, NOT the actual article. The bad party already ADMITTED to gathering the records and turning them over in hopes of – well… one has an idea, be it unsubstantiated or not. Since it is well documented what this person has been doing for the past what – FOUR+ years now, I think it could easily fall under stalking or cyber bullying statutes. But it is true what has been said further down the comment list – the Internet makes it quite difficult to follow through with such legal recourse.
      I personally think highly of Alec and his team for going forward with what the Courts and guidelines allow. Despite adversity -“Good” will – in the end – triumph…

  13. Keep up the good work…! Taking a stand can get ugly and messy… but somebody’s got to do it…!

  14. I think it is a testament to Alec’s character and maturity that he doesn’t sue or perhaps even file criminal charges against the aforementioned moron. Yes, I said criminal charges. I believe nearly all states have statues against stalking. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. Yes, they do. Unfortunately, stalking is not pursued or prosecuted with much vigor when dealing with morons on Facebook because there are just too many of them. Alec says that he’d really rather focus on Axanar right now, but civil actions haven’t been completely taken off the table.

  15. I am not obsessive either way but imo Alex did fanfic films a disservive by trying to make it a for-profit venture.
    While he wasnt getting any direct monetary benefit from Axanar he was using the money to buy hard assets that were going to be useful beyond the scope of Axanar.. For for-profit projects … So those hard assets are technically both a profit, and a profit center.

    If he had leased them, while it would probably have been more expensive , it wouldnt have constituted a profit.

    As far as this stalker.. He is seemingly over the top consumed by undue hatred. I’m surprized theres no way to get injunctive relief.

    1. Many people think “profit” and imagine Alec buying a Ferrari or a yacht. In fact, any profit would have gone immediately back into rent and operational expenses. No one was ever going to get rich from Ares Studios. Alec simply wanted to give fans on the West Coast a place like James Cawley’s sets in upstate New York or Starbase Studios in Oklahoma City where they could make (and learn to make) Star Trek fan films. The thing about those two other locations is that they either had monthly rent to pay (Cawley) that drained private bank accounts or else they relied on the kindness of a landlord offering free rent (Starbase Studios until the free ride ended in 2016). Alec wanted to create a quality fan film studio that could generate enough revenue to keep itself afloat indefinitely without driving any one person into bankruptcy.

      As for the Axa-stalkers, they just seem to be morally bankrupt.

      1. I suppose you do have bigger fish to fry now with both Mike Bawden and Alec questioning your leaps in logic..

        and now your claiming to not have known the other half of the lawsuit… come on Johnathan… you’ve persecuted people for less.

      2. oh Jon, dont you have bigger dish to fry with both Mike Bawden and Alec questioning your leaps in logic?

  16. What kills me the most is that this has absolutely NOTHING to do with Axanar or fan films so why do they actually feel they have any need to be involved? Are their lives that devoid of anything meaningful. Volunteer to help the homeless, Shawn. Drive seniors to the grocery store. Help pick up litter along the highway. Donate time to your local animal shelter (not legal services, make it something helpful). But in the words of William Shatner “GET A LIFE!”

  17. The Axahater reaction to the hacking thing reminds me of detractor reaction to Babylon 5 when (I think it was the opening of the fifth season)an episode had the statement “Faith Manages” opening it, as a slight crack at the haters of the show. Their response was similar to “Why so HARSH, man?!” to which JMS responded something like “compared to some of the things that the detractor camp has said about me and B5, this is nothing.”

    Big mouths with thin skins.

  18. Iam no Gene Roddenberry fanboy and think the best star trek is exactly when they break his rules and make gray characters and look at the dark side of the federation. (as in parts of DS9)

    But really, if one is a fan of star trek one should really have some respect for the ideals that created the federation and the ideals starfleet officers live by.

    This behavior it pretty far from the ideals…

  19. Is Shawn at risk of contempt of court for inferring with a court case through use of harassment, stalking, slander, and possibly manufacturing of evidence.

    1. No, because he’s not interfering with the case itself. At most, he created an extra e-mail and PDF for the law firm to stick into HeroProp, LLC’s file…maybe three or five minutes of hassle. Obviously, there’s nothing about Alec’s transfer of ownership that impacts this case in any way. It’s not like it’s a smoking gun or anything. It’s more like telling the plaintiff’s lawyers that Alec likes anchovies and pineapple on his pizza (which probably isn’t even true). It’s certainly interesting information, but it doesn’t help them prove damages or failure to provide contracted services.

  20. i think you’ve got bigger problems now anyway, with both Mike Bawden and Alec questioning your leaps in logic.

  21. soooo: Shawn has been formally upgraded from detractor to stalker after this most-recent blog? A “jumping of the shark” so to speak?

  22. I’ve watched watched Axanar from the start, having seen this project stay true to TOS. Was there any final word on the “robing donations from the fans,” or “The creator scammed the fans?”. I’ve seen the two new updates in2019 and I’m thrilled. Having tried over and over to give STD a chance, it’s just a failure to me. How vehimently angry, the STD fans are to Axanar astounds me.

    1. Nobody was robbed. The donated Axanar funds were used toward the creation of a studio, sets, costumes, equipment, and other resources intended for pre-production, production, and even post-production. Unfortunately, the lawsuit stopped production for a year and rent/utilities/insurance/etc. still had to be paid. That ate up the remainder of the fans’ donations before production could be restarted.

  23. I am amazed at the level of vitriol these actions represent. Obviously a lot of time to try and do harm. Frankly there will always be people who exude negative waves. I like to ignore them and not give them a stage and a spotlight. I suggest Alec do the same. Some are simply jealous and seek to harm as they are inadequate and incapable of heading a project that Axanar represents. Move on Alec, ignore detractors, unfortunately they will continue to be.

  24. Keep up the good work (so to speak) Jonathan. 🙂

    As for those of you (and you know who you are) who continue pestering him for just writing a blog…go find more productive things to do. As others here have suggested.

    There’s enough idiocy in the world without contributing to it, and actions speak louder than words. Something for constant pests to remember the next time they decide to be a nuisance. (again, you know who you are)

  25. I think you can tell who is new to the fan scene, and who is not, but how seriously they take these fan film spats, and how much they considers this something new. The simple fact is that fans coming together to make fan films have found themselves squabbling, in legal trouble, and creating drama pretty much from the beginning. Star Trek, Star Wars, My Little Pony, Lord of the Rings, Blake’s 7, Doctor Who. Prick a franchise. There’s been fan work done. There’s been squabbles on the team, some of them bitter, some of they nasty. Someone says someone else is a fraud. Yawn. Yawn. Yawn. All of this has happened before, all of this will happen again. And I get why it feels important to those directly involved in the production, but why anyone else is investing their time and energy into this is beyond me.

    Alec Peters is either going to make a damn fine film and be vindicated, or he’s going to make a Z-grade piece of garbage and fail spectacularly. Either way, some people will be happy, some people will be sad, and the majority of people will just roll their eyes and wait for this to happen all over again.

  26. Gene Roddenberry had a specific vision when he created Star Trek. A enlightened humanity out amongst the stars. Yes, there was conflict but there was also progress. Yes there was war but the stories told, reflected the heroism and events Gene Roddenberry knew of from history and his own experiences during WW2. Prelude to Axanar was and is something special. It was pure Trek to anyone I know who has seen it. Seeing the hate that seems to be apparent, to me, goes against everything that Star Trek represents. I don’t know all the ins and outs but this hate is as ugly as ugly can be. It is not what Star Trek is about either, in fandom or its ideals or what its hopes are. All the enemies featured in Star Trek pale in comparison to the hate that has been shown out here in the real world. Watch ‘Let that be your last battlefield’ to see how pointless this hate is. I know the episode is about race hatred but it is also about hate. I don’t believe my xomments will change anything but haters must be challenged at every turn.
    To the makers and fans of Axanar, keep the faith in Star Trek and its vision. I look forward to sering Axanar come fruition and realise the promise that was shown so well in Prelude to Axanar. Llap

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