DON’T PANIC!!! – NEW VOYAGES and AXANAR websites both go offline temporarily

NV and Axanar

Yesterday, fan rumors began furiously flying when two separate fan series websites were suddenly unavailable at the same time!  Was this some new offensive by CBS and Paramount to shut down all fan films???

Stand down from red alert, folks.  It turns out that nothing so earth-shattering happened.  In the case of Axanar‘s website, the glitch appears to have been just that, and the site is back up and running normally.

In the case of Star Trek: New Voyages, the disappearance of their main U.S. website was explained on their international Facebook page:

Our American website is currently offline for construction of an entirely new and improved web presence. We are not sure how long this will take. There was recently technical problems that caused the entire website to go offline and be replaced by a simple WordPress page. Although the website did come back again, it was decided to make significant changes to the site which is now offline again.

The good news is that our International Website is staying online and will serve as official website during the rebuild process.

We thank you for your patience.