FUNNY video: “All About That Borg”

As fan-made Star Trek parody music videos go, this one is right up there with some of the best.  RANDY TURNBOW from Maricopa, Arizona has some amazing costumes from various sci-fi and related franchises, and he’s not afraid to wear them…in front of green screens!  Most of his parodies over the past three years have been Star WARS (including a MUST SEE Frozen/Star Wars parody that is NOT a version of “Let It Go”).  But today, let’s take a look at his one (so far) Star TREK music video, a very well produced and hilarious parody of “All About that Bass” by Meghan Trainor…

4 thoughts on “FUNNY video: “All About That Borg””

  1. Good effort! But shouldn’t it be “The borg ARE in our space”? Or can you actually say “IS” for a collective? 😉

  2. Fun. And I loved the surprise flash at the one point that I won’t reveal because it would give away the surprise. But if you’re paying careful attention, see if you agree with me.

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