FUNNY video: Star Trek Fandom Forecast

KATIE ANNE NICOLAOU is a weather forecaster on KMEG Weekday Morning News in Sioux City, IA. She’s cute, perky, and does a really good presentation of the weather (which is MUCH harder than you think, folks!) Recently, just for fun, she began doing short videos of weather forecasts for various franchises that she’s a fan of…including Pokemon, Ducktails, Survivor, Star Wars, and Star Trek. You can watch all of her releases via this playlist, but I found the Star Trek one (presented by Katie wearing a blue TNG-era tunic) to be particularly entertaining. And it just goes to show that fans can be anyone, anywhere, doing anything. Go, Katie…!

4 thoughts on “FUNNY video: Star Trek Fandom Forecast”

  1. Loved it! Well done Katie.

    Back in the days of the Scottish Star Trek conventions, there was an artist who’d show up and draw caricatures while you waited.
    I can never remember his name (David something, I think), but he was from London. He’d drive up to Glasgow the day before the con, sleep in his car that night, set up his table and sketchbook as the dealers room opened, and by lunchtime he’d have made enough money to pay for his hotel room for the rest of the weekend.

    Anyway, one of his pre-drawn sketches was “Weatherman Worf”, which depicted Worf in a nice suit standing in front of a weather map, with the caption “In conclusion, today is a good day to die.”

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