Funny Video: STAR TREK: DISCOVERY in the 32nd Century

As we get ready for the premiere of the third season of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, we know that our zany crew of jumpsuit-wearing, mushroom-minded, and potty-mouthed misfits are about to take a time-jump journey into the far, far future. Granted, this is not the first time a sci-fi TV series has employed this concept. Heck, it feels like just yesterday that Captain William “Buck” Rogers was himself an astronaut flung out of time. So why not just mash-up the two series into a new opening credits sequence that is 900 SHADES OF AWESOME…

6 thoughts on “Funny Video: STAR TREK: DISCOVERY in the 32nd Century”

  1. The only thing that could’ve made that better, is if the rings were all from the Duscovery saucer section!

  2. If I didn’t already know std was complete shit this would make me watch it. That was hilarious.

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