Why are some people attacking JOSHUA IRWIN???

There are certain people in fan films that almost no one complains about. These are nice people with good hearts, dedicated fans always happy to go that extra mile—sometimes even hundreds or thousands of miles!—to help other people out.

JOSHUA IRWIN is one of these people.

He is a consummate professional, skilled at his craft of filmmaking, and never too proud to lend a hand to others. He never, ever criticizes another fan film publicly. Like me, Josh believes in encouraging others, just as he himself was encouraged when he started out. Look though Facebook and try to find an example of Josh saying anything negative about another Star Trek fan film. If you can find me something, I will personally send you $5 on Paypal. Seriously. Go look.

In addition to making his many, many AVALON fan films (he’s released FIVE this year alone!), Josh helps out on other fan productions, as well. Josh has already lent his talents to VANCE MAJOR for CONSTAR (both past and upcoming) and also to GLEN WOLFE and DAN REYNOLDS for THE FEDERATION FILES. Last month, Josh drove 11 hours each way to supervise behind-the-scenes interviews, videos, and photos for the one-day green screen shoot for the upcoming AXANAR sequels. And already scheduled for next year, Josh will be assisting SAM COCKINGS with shooting footage for one of his many TREK SHORTS fan films and helping JIM VON DOLTEREN write a script for an upcoming Star Trek fan film. And all of this while working crazy hours in the professional filmmaking industry in northwest Arkansas AND raising three great kids in partnership with his wonderful wife!

Oh, let’s not forget that Josh was my director of photography and film editor for INTERLUDE and recently spent an additional four months making tweaks for the successful launch of a new release (version 3.0) that has been met with solid praise and accolades. Let’s also not forget that Josh drove 11 hours from Arkansas to Georgia and back over the course of two days to reshoot portions of Interlude so that we could quickly replace the footage of PAUL JENKINS that he demanded be removed from the film.

In short, there’s a lot of fan film folks who love and appreciate Josh and all he does for our community. And that’s why so many of us were shocked and disgusted at what was posted this past Thursday…

And this, my friends, is how hurtful, malicious rumors are created out of thin air.

For the record, MATTHEW MILLER has never worked with Josh Irwin on any project. So it’s not entirely clear when he says, “I can’t share what I know…” exactly what it is he allegedly “knows.”

However, there are many, many people in the fan film community who DO know. And on a suggestion from one of them, the aforementioned Vance Major, I reached out to those folks who have worked and/or interacted directly with Josh Irwin to share their thoughts. SPOILER ALERT: not one of them said that Josh was “not a very nice person when you get working with him.” Just the opposite, in fact! They couldn’t write me fast enough to confirm that Matthew Miller doesn’t have a clue what Josh is like.

I myself worked directly with Josh for more than two years…and we still work together. Sure, we butted heads more than once during production and post-production on Interlude. I sometimes butted heads with my director, VICTORIA FOX, as well. Victoria also butted heads with Josh on occasion. Why? Because we were all passionate, dedicated creatives who wanted Interlude to be the best fan film possible, and when passionate people don’t agree, they occasionally butt heads. Then they cool off, come back together, work through their challenges, and move forward. And that’s what we did time and time again. Josh put more time than anyone else on my team into making Interlude incredible. I would LOVE to work with Josh again…and that’s NOT something I’d say if he was “not a very nice person.”

I’ll tell you all honestly, I was on the fence about whether to create this blog at all. Week after week, month after month, (year after year?), people tell me to just ignore the trolls. “All they want is attention, and you’ll just be giving it to them,” they say. Of course, completely ignoring them doesn’t stop them either, but it takes a LOT less time and energy!

So why put in the effort to collect all of these quotes and write this blog? BECAUSE WE IN THE STAR TREK FAN FILM COMMUNITY STAND UP FOR OUR OWN! In fact, these are the very words that Vance wrote to me that made up my mind:

They want to bash Alec. Fine. They’ve been doing that for years. Hasn’t gotten them anywhere. But this is Josh. This is a friend. This isn’t a guy who is loud and confrontational. This is someone who, if they were doing this to you, would say something. He has for me. I know you might catch some flack for publishing this blog, but it’s the right thing to do.

The right thing to do? Abso-frickin’-lutely!

The remainder of this blog is filled with heartfelt comments from people who (unlike Matt Miller and Justin Burton) know Josh well, have worked with him, talked to him, and enjoy a true personal connection with him . So I invite you all to read what the following people have to say and decide for yourself if you believe them or if you believe the guy who snickers from behind his keyboard and says, “Trust me…” followed by “I can’t share what I know…”

Merry Christmas, Josh, this is what people REALLY think of you…


Working with Joshua Michael Irwin has been nothing but amazing. He’s kind and considerate of everyone on cast and crew alike (most of us both!) and has given us all the ability to add our many varied and wonderful gifts. Our talents shine because of his direction and creative vision. Josh cares so much. He works tirelessly to edit, negotiate, and produce great works! Just this year, he and Aaron have started an amazing production company that will be bringing many firsts to Arkansas and the world! Stay tuned because it only gets better.

If you don’t know Josh or feel the need to baselessly attack this amazing human being — don’t!


I have worked on several films with Josh Irwin over the past 10 years. Josh is a true professional, a talented filmmaker who treats every member of his cast and crew with courtesy and respect. Josh always gives me, as an actor, a generous amount of creative control of my characters.

Josh is also one of my best friends in the world and has been there to support me through some very difficult times in my life. I’m fortunate to call him friend.

VANCE MAJOR, showrunner/actor/writer/producer (CONSTAR)

Josh makes films that create friendships. He is honest and hardworking. He’s trustworthy. Most importantly, his work speaks for itself. He gives a million second chances, which is a shame because he gets blindsided sometimes. Yet, still, he continues to give to the fan film community. He’s part of the “fleet” in our made-up Starfleet. As corny as that sounds, it’s true.

Vance asked me to please include this photo with the caption “We are Star Fleet.” He said Josh will get it.

He’s one of the good guys. And he’s experienced in this field. Anyone would count themselves lucky to work with him. Luckier to call him a friend.

SAMUEL COCKINGS, VFX artist/writer/actor/director/ showrunner (TEMPORAL ANOMALY, TREK SHORTS)

I’ve worked with Joshua since he came onto the fan film scene. I was probably the last person he brought onto GHOST SHIP just a week or two after he went public, and I helped him get it over the finish line. After that roller-coaster of a quick turnaround, I very quickly learned that it was a ton of fun working with Joshua. His love for Trek and filmmaking (two things I also adore) had us instantly click, and I’ve never hesitated about jumping onto another Avalon project.

He works just as hard as all of us that are the sort of fan filmmakers who wear most of the hats. He has the great ideas and puts the time and effort in to execute them. We are all really lucky to have Joshua in the fan film community, not just for Avalon but for all the good vibes he gives off to other projects. I hope he continues for years to come!


Josh’s style is no pressure…just hard work, confidence, and honest support. As an actor, you can get in your own head sometimes. But Josh does an excellent job at supporting individuals on set while staying on task.

AARON McNEAL, executive producer (AVALON UNIVERSE)

Josh is a director with energy and vision. I began working with him because his enthusiasm and work ethic in making Star Trek films showed me his dedication towards cinema was a core value to him. His level-headedness has been welcome in a business that can become chalked with high emotions quite quickly.


I have nothing but positive things to say about Josh. Josh the man accepted me as a friend…yeah, I am BLACK. But he sees me as his brother from another mother. He produces commercial quality films, I am glad to be in the Avalon Universe.


Having worked with Josh on both GHOST SHIP and DEMONS, in my estimation, he’s a fun general to have at the front! Steadfast in the vision, he’s still open to creative suggestion and, whether it be well practiced or an inherent calm to his persona, he motivates trust and camaraderie to those of us in front of or behind the camera. He guides our steps, making even the most treacherous filmic minefield a fun place to be at that moment – as we all get to play Star Trek.


I’ve met Josh in person at a fan filmmaker panel and participated with him in online panels as well. We have also chatted in real life and online. He’s come across as a very personable and pleasant guy. He’s also an AMAZING filmmaker. If folks don’t like Josh because he works with someone who other fans don’t like, then where does the line get drawn? Do we have to check in with with these people when we want to bring in somebody to make or participate in a fan film? Josh is just someone who wants to make fan films…simple as that…and GOOD ONES, TOO!


I haven’t worked on set with Josh, however, I have had many encounters with him both in Facebook chat and interacting with him on No Budget Productions – FilkFerret Productions. I can assure you, I have had nothing but positive things to say about Josh. He’s always been upfront and honest, and I get along with him well. He gives small channels like ours the time of day, and he never has to. That’s the type of guy he is.

ALEC PETERS, actor/showrunner (AXANAR)

The great thing about Josh Irwin is that he is a true Star Trek fan filmmaker. It’s his passion for Star Trek that drives him. He just wants to do great work and have fun doing it. He’s dedicated and dependable. I’ve been lucky to work with him and to have him be a part of Axanar.


I had the pleasure of working with Josh during the CONSTAR series. This was the first time I met him, and all I can say is that it was a great pleasure to work with him. Well, it was a pleasure to work with everyone! Everyone conducted themselves with integrity, honor, professionalism, and most of all, with respect. As we continued filming, we all grew to be just like a family. I am proud to be called Josh’s friend and to stand by his side.


As a fan film actor, I’ve only had the chance to work with Josh over the course of one weekend. But in that weekend, I learned a lot about him. I got to see firsthand just how strong his work ethic is, how he can take constructive criticism along with direction while still professionally offering his opinion, and his utmost respect for cast, crew, and anyone else he works with on a shoot. I have complete respect for Josh and his integrity, and I look forward to hopefully joining him on set and working with him again one day.

NICK COOK, actor/writer/director/showrunner (INTREPID)

I don’t pretend to know Josh well, but we’ve had some nice exchanges chatting about each other’s work, and I’ve found him thoughtful and generous in those chats. I’ve enjoyed his work and have appreciated the energy and enthusiasm he’s brought to the fan film community these last few years, and I look forward to whatever he produces next.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to send me their thoughts and feelings about Josh. Some wrote me back almost immediately. Some asked for a little more time or else lived on other continents and sent me something the following day after they woke up. And a few folks haven’t responded to me yet.

If you’re part of the last group or if you have something positive that you’d like to say about Joshua Irwin and I failed to reach out to you, please feel free to send me a paragraph or two and I can add it to this blog over the next day or two:

[email protected]

20 thoughts on “Why are some people attacking JOSHUA IRWIN???”

  1. Omg I must say I am deeply shocked at reading this. Having worked with Josh and corresponding with him you could not meet a nicer person. I can’t help but feel this individual whoever he is, is a troll. Let’s see the facts as to what he is talking about. I’m sure there are none. This person needs to crawl back under his rock from which he came. Josh is an outstanding individual and a credit to the Star Trek fan film community.

  2. Oh screw Justin Burton and Matt Miller. They are two of the most toxic people in Star Trek fan films. Both of them constantly spew hatred and absolute lies.

    Josh is a great guy who I have worked with. Burton and Miller sit behind their keyboards and spew bullshit.

  3. This is just downright sad… but I guess this also means Josh’s work is popular enough and he’s liked enough that he’s finally been targeted by the haters! 🙁

    …and just who the heck are Matt Miller and Justin Burton anyway? Don’t recognize the names.

    1. “…and just who the heck are Matt Miller and Justin Burton anyway? Don’t recognize the names.”

      That says a lot about their standing in the fan film community, don’t it?

  4. I know nothing about Joshua Irwin outside of what I’ve read on Facebook or seen in his fan film work. What I know so far tells me that he’s somebody I’d be more than happy to have in my corner, creatively and otherwise.

  5. Toxic people try to bring others down to their level. I have only had a glancing chat with Josh. But I found him to be clear and polite even when given criticism.

  6. Knowing what we know now, I question the judgement of anyone who chooses to work with Alec. But hey, even Paul Jenkins made that mistake. Hindsight is 20/20.

    I personally have nothing against Josh or his films. He seems like a talented guy with a creative vision who works hard and makes decent films.

    Incidentally, what I’d like to see is a split-screen side-by-side video of Interlude 2.0 and 3.0 to better appreciate the changes. Probably difficult to do since the sound won’t sync up, but maybe silent? I just think it would be interesting.

    1. Also problematic, as the dimensions of the Interlude fan film are widescreen. It’d be challenging fitting them both side-by-side without making them the size of a postage stamp.

      Many people have chosen to work with Alec over the years. Robert Meyer Burnett did dozens and dozens of podcasts praising Alec. Mike Bawden promoted Axanar for years. J.G. Hertzler still loves Alec, and Richard Hatch loved Alec until the very (untimely) end. Mark Edward Lewis, Dana Wagner, Rob Pralgo, Rob Hayes, Alex Bornstein…the list goes on and on. It’s hard to justify not trusting the judgement of so many good, talented, and successful people. Perhaps you’re questioning the judgement of the wrong people? Just sayin’…

      1. It’s telling that at least a couple of the people on your list are people who choose not to associate with Alec anymore. And I could probably give you an equally long list of people who won’t work with Alec (Christian, Dean, Curtiss, Sophia, the folks at Hansa, to start), but this isn’t a numbers game or popularity contest.

        Look, I don’t know what goes on in peoples heads. Some people might have the attitude of, “Well, he hasn’t done anything wrong by me” and leave it at that (See: Supporters of Vic Mignogna). Or they just don’t do their research and take Alec at face value (See: Paul Jenkins). I’m sure Alec can be pretty charming at first blush, and the original Axanar vision was pretty compelling.

        And I’m as guilty as the next guy of not doing my research at first. I donated three times and I have the patches to prove it. But hindsight is 20/20 and some people either haven’t gotten there yet, or don’t care to.

        1. Look, Chris, people make decisions in their lives based on their judgements of their own best interests and what their gut tells them. For some, like Christian, Dean, RMB, Paul, and others, it was to stop dealing with Alec. For others, like myself, Josh, Mark Edward Lewis, Dana Wagner, Alex Bornstein, Vance Major, Jakub Holy, and countless others, the choice was to stick with Alec.

          What disturbs me so much about the folks in the Axamonitor group is that their hatred of Alec spreads like a plague to hatred of those who choose not to hate Alec as you/they do. One of those folks tried recently on Facebook to “turn” Josh by listing all of the negative things about Alec that he could think of. There’s a certain desperation and almost evangelism in that, don’t you think? It’s like Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking on your door, only this time it’s with the “bad news” about Alec Peters and how you should turn away from him lest he damn your soul (or sue you or whatever).

          Honestly, I don’t think anyone has the right to decide for someone else that that barely know whom they should associate with (at least for adults). And as Gary Davis pointed out in his comment: where does it stop? Hate Alec. Hate Jonathan because he stands up for Alec. Hate Josh because he works with Alec. Hate Pixi because she works with Josh and, by extension, Alec. Hate Aaron because he is married to Pixi who works with Josh who works with Alec.

          Do you see how you are forming your own blacklist, much like the House Committee on un-American Activities and Joe McCarthy? You’ve reached your own conclusions about who is and is not acceptable to you. And heaven forbid a person associates with someone on your list, you apply all sorts of pressure on them to reform and disavow those deemed undesirable or guilty. It wasn’t right in the 1950s, and it’s not right now. Live your own lives. Make your own decisions. But don’t judge others for doing the same in ways that don’t reinforce what you believe.

        2. Well Chris, let’s see, Curtis, Sophia and Hansa, stole $150,000 from me (court case coming after I finish with Paul), Dean and Jarrod screwed me out of a $300,000 deal I brought THEM into (already dealt with Jarrod, Dean is next) and Robert Meyer Burnett stole about $50,000 from donors and me.

          All verified by documents and Crysstal can vouch for it. So yeah, stick up for thieves and fraudsters. THEY are people you should listen to.

  7. I was honestly shocked when Vman messaged me and said folks were bashing Josh. Seriously I haven’t worked with him much but given the chance to I would again in a heartbeat. I have nothing negative to say about any of my experience with him.

  8. Like Lezlie, I’m rather shocked to learn that anything negative has been said about Josh. I have not worked with him – I’m just a fan of his work – but I have interacted with him on Facebook a few times and he has replied to some of my comments on the Avalon films. Never once did it occur to me to think badly of him. He was kind in his replies and not condescending at all, he answered questions and explained creative decisions. and he seems to rather enjoy interacting with fans of his work.

    Kinda crappy that anyone would claim to know bad things about him but are conveniently unwilling to share what they allegedly know about him. Seems to me they’re just picking on him because he was/is willing to work with Alec Peters. I have my own thoughts and questions about Alec, but I don’t judge Josh or anyone else for choosing to work with him. Clearly Josh and Jonathan, and others, have found Alec to be a decent guy after all the Axanar BS, or they wouldn’t want to work with him or have his name attached to their own work.

      1. I think the lies about Josh just prove ONCE AGAIN, that anything coming from any of the haters is immediately assumed to be false. There isn’t one regular in that group that can be trusted to say anything truthful.

        Oh and Matt Miller brings people on his show that spew absolute bullshit (like Dean Newbury claiming I sued Tiana Armstrong…a lie) and he neither fact checks nor cares about the truth. I think that is why he videos get maybe 500 views each. People know it is bullshit propaganda.

        These guys, especially Miller, Burton, Condon and Shawn, are pathological liars.

  9. I want to thank everyone who took the time to say write these kind words. I’ve always felt it was important to give everyone I meet a chance to show me who they are. I’ve intentionally set out to befriend people who get trashed by others. In that way, I’ve gotten to know and appreciate a lot of really interesting people. In the industry I work in, I come across a lot of people that could be described as “difficult to work with”. If any of you could only meet the guy I work for during the day. Even he describes himself as crazy, and yet the guy has made millions of dollars and built a successful business. Working with eccentric people is kind of my superpower. But when you work with someone other people can’t stand. They tend to target you.

    Alec Peters… I’ve never met the guy that’s described by his critics. Sure he basically talks with no filter, but once you get past that he’s actually pretty easy to work with. All I can tell you is what I know. I’ve shot several days on set with him over the course of three years. I have never had any issues with him, and have never seen him act inappropriately. Now I’m not trying to call anyone from his past a liar. I just know what working with him is like NOW. I’ve been on a lot of film sets, and I’ve seen lots of tyrannical directors and producers. Working with Alec was a breeze. Even when I was the person being the asshole that day.

  10. When I read this – it was clearly unbelievable.

    Anyone describing Josh as a “nut job” or implying in any way that he is difficult to work with or unprofessional clearly does not know anything about Josh.

    Josh is unfailingly professional and pleasant. He is humble and open-minded. He is tolerant and patient. He knows his job and he does it well.

    He is working hard creating a labor of love and deserves the respect of his community.

    I’ve met a lot of people in my life. A few are awful. Some have rough edges. Josh is one of those super nice people who still produces quality products over and over again.

    I want to personally thank Josh for creating such enjoyable movies and add my voice of support to those above.

    Josh – you’re a great guy. Don’t let a couple of misinformed opinions get you down. Listen to the people who work with you all the time and feel the love and validation you deserve.

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