Funny video: Star Trek Technobabble

I suppose it was inevitable that Star Trek fan films would work their way to TikTok, and geek / nerd / English major / singer / songwriter / poet / genius ELLE CORDOVA has been using the new format to make some AMAZING short videos. In fact, I just spent an hour watching everything on this playlist and more by this unbelievably talented and gifted young woman. So start your journey with the video below and then follow Elle down the rabbit hole…

7 thoughts on “Funny video: Star Trek Technobabble”

  1. That was awesome! Maybe she could do one with a Scottish accent? Although, that might be less understandable?
    She only has 4 vids showing in YouTube.
    Maybe she’s posting the Tic Tok vids on Twitter/X? I’m not likely to download Tic Tok just for one channel. She does have some other interesting stuff on X @ellerhymes. Nice find Jonathan!

  2. Ok, still only 4 videos, less than 2 minutes each, but, 18 shorts, which are less than a minute. Some of the shorts I found on her X account as well as YT, but, are shorts really videos?? I tend to frown on those, since I have an attention span longer than a Gerble. She’s definitely got talent though. The 71 Syfy movie titles rhyming, was a masterpiece!

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