With well over A HUNDRED Star Trek fan film releases (you can access them all from here), the one thing you can count on from POTEMKIN PICTURES is variety. Over nearly a decade and a half(!), their offerings have run the gamut from action and adventure to comedy, tragedy, romance, space battle, mystery, intense drama, and even a few dabs of horror. The latest production to come from the STARSHIP WEBSTER Creative Group, based in Lexington Kentucky, certainly falls into that latter category with one of the creepiest fan films I have seen in a very long time!

That eeriness of the episode came across to the viewer thanks, in part, to the excellent direction by CHELSEY L. BOSTON and showrunner RANDY LANDERS, as well as a complex and disorienting script written by BOBBY NASH. But the lion’s share of the work conveying the intensity of an invasive mindscape that this film depicts came from the two leading actors, YLONDA SCROGGINS PERKINS as Science Officer Katz and JORDAN CONSALVI as Vos. Take a look for yourself…

As these actors are relative newcomers to the fan film community, I thought it might be fun to get to know the two Kentuckians together in a single interview. So I asked them both the same set of questions…

JONATHAN – Before we get to Starship Webster‘s latest episode, can you tell us a little about yourselves?

YLONDA – First of all, I wanted to say thank you for interviewing us. I am married with three phenomenal boys. I work at a hospital in the Emergency Department as an Access Associate responsible for alerting physicians and trauma nurses of incoming stroke and trauma patients, as well as many other clerical duties needed in assisting with patient care…which can be tough at times when patients don’t make it but rewarding seeing patients thrive and get to go home.

JORDAN – Well, I currently work in retail part-time…although not a whole lot. I have a brother and sister, and I currently have a girlfriend who is trying to be a model. No kids yet.

JONATHAN – Is there anything truly unique and/or unexpected about yourself that you think people would be interested to know?

Ylonda Scroggins-Perkins

YLONDA – I think of myself as just someone you would want to know. I’m very much a rooting-for-you type of person, and I’m amazed at myself at how much I’m always in my head imagining myself on a set of a popular show…acting it out even. There’s only one me; that’s unique enough.

JORDAN – I’ve always had stories in my head for most of my life, and I used to project them while writing fan fiction until one day I thought about being a filmmaker. But due to the complications in my everyday life, I focused on everyday jobs until the past year when I’ve been attending on roles and connecting with other actors, directors, writers, and everything in this genre. This has been going on for almost a year now, and I would say that I’m on the right path in my life.

JONATHAN – How did each of you find out about and get involved with Potemkin Pictures?

YLONDA – A friend of mine (JANICE KURTZ), who I worked with on background projects like the TV show Relative Justice seasons 1 and 2 and other projects, told me about the Star Trek episodes she does and thought I’d be a great fit. She reached out to Randy Landers about me last July. From there, Randy asked if I would be interested in joining the cast of Starship Webster. Its been an absolute joy working with this cast and creating Lt. Celesta Mei Katz…a joy and a privilege.

Jordan Consalvi

JORDAN – I got involved when I found out Randy was looking for zombies because I just happened to notice the post from his Facebook page. I had friended him on his profile about a year ago when I fired up my account, and I also just happened to scroll past the Potemkin Pictures Facebook page and accepted it because I thought everything about it sounded cool. So I messaged Randy directly asking if I could be a part of it. And he said yeah, and I started working with him from then to now. Then Randy reached out to me asking if I was interested in this role of Vos. He sent me a draft of the script to read over. The script and the character both interested me, and I said yes.

JONATHAN – Were either or both of you familiar with Star Trek and/or Star Trek fan films before getting involved? If so, did you have a favorite Star Trek series and or fan film when you came in?

YLONDA – I am definitely familiar with the original Star Trek. When I was a child, my siblings and I would watch it with my dad. All the episodes were amazing and wild through my child eyes, but I must say Spock and his ears kept me watching. I loved James Kirk. I wasn’t familiar with fan films before Janice shared with me about Randy and Potemkin Pictures.

JORDAN – Yes I am very familiar with Star Trek. I was somewhat familiar with Star Trek fan films, I just didn’t know that much about the fan film genre until now. So if you ask for a particular favorite, I honestly can’t say because I like all of them. But I do have a soft spot for my role as Vos, so this film comes close to my favorite.

JONATHAN – Was the experience of shooting and being a part of this production anything like you expected?

YLONDA – The experience was more than I expected—our costumes and our set, which is amazing by the way! The first time walking on set is amazing. Our Director Randy gives great directions and feedback. The goal is to make great episodes but have fun with it, as well. All the cast to me are very talented and work to bring their characters to life. The scripts we are given are always interesting, and it’s amazing to witness it all being edited into an actual episode!

JORDAN – Yes, the experience of shooting and being part of this production is exactly what I expected. In fact, it was better, which is why I love doing it. It makes me feel like I’m right at home where I belong.

JONATHAN – Do you have any prior training or experience acting?

YLONDA – I did a lot of background work on some fantastic projects. I was blessed to be a featured extra in a BET film called The Cook Off, directed by ROBIN GIVENS last April. Before that, I was a featured gallery member in the TV court show Relative Justice and had many other opportunities. Most recently, I was a featured extra in the upcoming movie Hollywood Adjacent. I moved into speaking roles last year. I auditioned for a movie Not your Romeo and Juliette, a student film at Asbury College in Wilmore, KY. I landed the role as the Librarian. You can find it on Vudu and Amazon. My training comes from many acting classes I’ve taken over the years, and a lot in Louisville, KY. This is all a dream come true; I love acting, and I wont stop until I land even bigger projects!

JORDAN – I’m self-taught, but I’ve been getting better on every set. So no, I never took any lessons, but apparently, I just had the gift.

JONATHAN – So how did each of you prepare for portraying your character in this latest Webster fan film?

YLONDA – I prepared by reading the script several times to get the lines down. Then I become Celesta. She is soft-spoken and approachable but very serious about her job as a science officer. She takes no stuff from viruses using her as a host or any other intruders. She doesn’t like anyone questioning her plans or how she plans to execute them on a mission. Her goal is to always save the civilizations she encounters.

JORDAN – Preparing, I just recited the lines in my head while watching a bunch of iconic horror films including Martin’s Day and Stephen King’s It while watching a few horror films with WILLEM DAFOE. I studied on what could do to make such a character really creepy.

JONATHAN – Will you two be sticking with the production for more films in the future? If so, do you have anything in the works or in production?

YLONDA – Yes, I’m enjoying it and plan to continue with the production. I’m going to keep auditioning and keep putting myself out there until I land a dream role in the business. I do have a project coming up called The Underground in Louisville, KY that will shoot next spring.

JORDAN – I do plan on sticking with the production for more films in the future, and I do have a few films in the works…none of them Star Trek-related, but that doesn’t mean I won’t make one in the future, cuz I’ve always been good at telling stories. In fact, I used to write fan fiction when I was younger, but I grew out of it to focus on everyday life up until the past year.

JONATHAN – Jordan, do you think you might want to write a script to Starship Webster or one of the other Potemkin groups? I know than Randy is always looking to give aspiring writers a chance to spread their wings.

JORDAN – Maybe. Right now, I have no idea what to write, but I could possibly write a fan film in the future. I just don’t know yet when or what the story will be. But I could definitely write a story for Randy because I did grow up as a sci-fi nerd. LOL.

JONATHAN – Well, I appreciate you two taking the time to let us get to know you a little better! It’s good to hear that you’ll be continuing on with more Potemkin fan films, and I look forward to see more from you folks in the future!

YLONDA and JORDAN – Thanks, Jonathan!

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