Funny videos: “Servin’ with Captain Lorca” and “Cardassian Space Station”

What if “Weird Al” Yankovic were a Trekkie? (Actually, he probably is!) But that’s okay, because we’ve already got a brilliant song parody writer in the form of IAN RAMSEY of the STAR REKT YouTube channel. I covered Ian’s parody music videos in a blog back in February, but the guy’s as prolific as a tribble! He’s covered everyone from Queen to Katy Perry to The Backstreet Boys to Barry Manilow and more—each parody more hilarious than the last!! And now we can add Ricky Martin and Green Day to that list with parodies of Livin’ La Vida Loca and American Idiot. Set phasers for laughter…!

2 thoughts on “Funny videos: “Servin’ with Captain Lorca” and “Cardassian Space Station””

  1. Cardassian Space Station caused me to think about recent news headlines. Sigh.

    I hope 2024 brings better news.

    1. News headlines follow a simple rule: “If it bleeds, it leads.” For some reason, people want to know about bad things in the world. We say we don’t, and many get tired of the constant stream of negativity. But still we watch and read and spend our time and thoughts on those things that make us sad and angry and frustrated. Granted, many of those things are, in fact, important. But today I went on a very nice hike and took pictures of wildflowers at sunset before spending the evening with my family…not thinking about the news or the rest of the world. Sometimes you’ve just got to get away for a bit…

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