It’s time to enter YOUR fan film into a real FILM FESTIVAL!

There are a lot of film festivals out there, but very few of them have a category specifically for FAN FILMS where you only compete against other fan films.  That “levels the playing field”—at least a little bit—as a fair amount of independent films are made by people with more experience (and often more funding) than your typical fan film.

Last year, two film festivals stepped forward to offer categories exclusively for fan films to enter.  One was the Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest (open to English-language fan films).  That one was extra special for me personally, as the fan film I co-wrote and co-produced, Prelude to Ax’d-We-Are, actually won for best fan film!  (Somehow, we even beat out Prelude to Axanar, which we were parodying, along with a South African Blade Runner fan film with some great acting, and an all-in-French Star Wars fan film with awesome visual effects).

The other film festival with a specific “fan film” category is the the IndieBOOM! Festival, where the film that gets the most views on their website and ROKU app actually wins $500 in cash!  (Last year, among many independent films, the winner was a Star Wars fan film from Mexico!)  There is also a jury-selected film that gets a prize, and all entries with the most votes/views in their category will get a one year non-exclusive streaming contract with Brooklyn On Demand for a worldwide audience!

So get your fan films entered TODAY!


Click here to enter the Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest by August 1st (regular deadline) for $30.  Enter by September 10 for the late deadline fee of $40.  Maximum run-time: 60 minutes.  There is no restriction for what year the fan film was released or whether or not it was on YouTube.  All are welcome.

Click here to enter the IndieBOOM! Festival by August 10th for an early bird discount of $35.  Enter by September 10 for the normal $45 fee.  Maximum run-time: 40 minutes.  There is no restriction for what year the fan film was released or whether or not it was on YouTube.  All are welcome.

Good luck!!!

INDIE FILM FESTIVALS are starting to add a NEW category: FAN FILMS!

While studios like Paramount, CBS, Warner Brothers, Disney, Fox, and others try to figure out what to do about fan films, Independent Film Festivals already have a solution: CREATE SPECIAL CATEGORIES FOR THEM!

Up until recently, if you were a Star Trek fan film, your options were pretty limited when it came to entering your production into a film festival or contest.

For the last few years, the annual Treklanta convention has held the Independent Star Trek Film Awards (now called the “Bjos”). Obviously, entries are limited to only Star Trek fan films.

And then there are the independent film festivals that allow entrants from all genres and production backgrounds.  There’s a lot of these.  In fact, Prelude to Axanar won awards in 19 different film festivals, including the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, Creative Arts Film Festival, Widescreen Film & Music Video Festival, Nevada Film Festival, IndieFEST Film Awards, and California International Shorts Festival.

Star Trek Continues has also taken in its fair share of awards at the Accolade Global Film Competition, The Burbank International Film Awards, and most recently was given awards in five categories of the International Independent Film Awards.

And while some award shows, like the Geekie Awards, limit the range of entrees to specific genres like sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc., Trek fan films are still competing with “real” independent films with professional production teams and budgets that are often into the six or even seven figures.  Micro-budget Trek fan productions often face almost insurmountable competition.  And if the awards show is not limited to just sci-fi and related genres, the competition becomes even more wide ranging.

With high budgets, Hollywood actors, and professional production quality, Prelude to Axanar and Star Trek Continues were able to make their mark. against stiff competition.  But with the guidelines now limiting how much fan films can spend and who can work on them, will Star Trek fan films be able to be competitive again in film festivals?


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