Do you have a few extra minutes…maybe an hour or two?  Would you mind doing a little typing in the service of Star Trek fan films?  If so, then the blog site STAR TREK REVIEWED needs YOUR help!

I can honestly say that Fan Film Factor would likely not exist were it not for Star Trek Reviewed.  Started back in 2009 by uber-fan BARBARA READER, her humble website quick grew to enormous proportions, containing resources and information about nearly EVERY Star Trek fan film.  In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever found a Trek film that wasn’t already somewhere on Barbara’s site.  You think I’ve covered a lot of Trek fan films here?  I’m just peanuts compared to an outfit like Star Trek Reviewed!

I don’t look at STR as a competitor, though…not in the least!  Like firefighters and police officers, there’s similarities but a lot of significant differences in what we do.  While both blogs include lists of fan films and tell you where you can view them, STR provides links to articles and interviews and reviews about each production and/or series…and groups those fan films into categories by Trek “era” and production type (live action, animated, machinima, etc.).  STR also includes Trek audio productions, plus comics and games created by fans.  (I don’t have enough time to include those here.)

What Fan Film Factor does that STR doesn’t is provide the “deep dives” into each production…histories and interviews (both text and audio), closer looks at the producers and their projects, and don’t forget editorials.  In many ways, the two sites complement each other perfectly to provide a wonderfully full coverage of fan films.

Last year, after doing all the work to maintain and update STR by her lonesome for nearly seven years, Barbara grew her team to five individuals from all across the planet—keeping fans apprised of the latest fan project releases.  (How DO they do it!?!?)  And now they’re looking for a little more help…possibly from YOU!

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