Would the real McCoy please sit down?


Hey there, folks.  I’m in Las Vegas this week (though there won’t be a lot of long Fan Film Factor posts).  But I had to share this photo from Day One of the 50th anniversary Creation con.  I’d only just met these two fun strangers (who had only met each other a few hours earlier) and I offered to take their photo together in the faux-to (photo) bridge are in Quark’s Bar.  They were nice enough to stay up there long enough so I could sneak in for a photo op of my own.  This McCoy is uncanny in his similarity to the late, great De Kelley.  His name is Frank Jenks and you can find him on Facebook.

Other photos from day one appear below…

Star Trek and I both turn 50 (well, I’m still 49 until January 17)!
Better dead than red!


Resistance is…hey, that’s an awesome FAN FILM FACTOR T-shirt!
The Gorn who stole Christmas
Staying across the highway at the Bellagio…great view of the Rio with the zoom lens and a tripod…