ARON “NOG” EISENBERG gets choked up answering a question

04Okay, this was kinda my fault.  Back last December, Aron Eisenbeg (who played the Ferengi “Nog” on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) needed a kidney transplant.  He’d found a willing donor, but there was still a problem.  It would take both Aron and his donor about three months to fully recuperate, during which time neither of them could work.  Aron’s partner, Malissa Longo, would need to be his primary caregiver and would not be able to work herself while also taking care of Aron.  Unfortunately, these are the sorts of expenses that insurance doesn’t typically cover (lost wages), leaving all three of them in a bind.

But fans came through.  In a month-long sprint, Aron and Malissa were able to raise over $10,000 from hundreds of loving supporters (including $30 from yours truly) via a GoFundMe campaign.  The $10,000 would help Aron and his donor meet expenses for those three months.  The rest would go to charity.

Seeing Aron on stage in his “Nog” make-up (along with fellow DS9 semi-regular Max Grodénchik in his “Rom” make-up), I stood in line to ask him a question: “Aron, I just want to say that we’re all so happy the surgery went well, and you look fantastic.  How are you and your donor doing?”  My friend in the audience, David, hearing that I’d just asked a question, got out his camera phone to film the rest.  What followed was a very sincere, emotional, and beautiful moment that became of of my highlights of Day Two of the Las Vegas con…

Here are some other photo highlights from Day Two:

The auditorium where all the big name guests appear (all attendees are guaranteed a seat).


“Stella, dear…” “Harcourt! Harcourt Fenton Mudd, what have you been up to?!?”

02 15

You have to pay money for a photo op in the captain’s chair, but for the rest of the weekend, take all the photos you want of the bridge replica (as long as you don’t enter it!).

1012 11

Yes, you TOO can have a spiffy new FAN FILM FACTOR T-shirt!
It took FOREVER to get this picture!
Volunteer Doug lets fans know exactly where they are…
No, this is NOT James Cawley…
Yep, fans are cosplaying in the new Kelvin-verse uniforms, too!
By this point, my camera battery had died, and I needed to switch to iPhone for this eclectic group of costumed fans.
And here’s something you don’t usually see at a con!
The oldest and newest Trek uniforms side-by-side (I thought it was cool).