Want to see WALTER KOENIG’s final curtain call for CHEKOV?

Renegades IndiegogoEven though Renegades: The Series is no longer technically a Star Trek fan film, Walter Koenig is still playing a very old Russian admiral with a thick accent and a long history of service to the Fleet.  In other words, even if they’re not calling him “Chekov,” we all know in our hearts that this will be the final time Walter plays that legendary role on film (he has said as much).

When filming wrapped last month on the Renegades 2-parter “The Requiem,” there was a magical moment when Walter Koenig walked off the set of the Icarus, the final time he would be playing Pavel Chekov (with or without the name).  The production crew all applauded, and it was captured on film.  Wanna see it?

The Renegades team has promised to share that once-in-a-lifetime video clip with fans if they help the Renegades Indiegogo campaign reach $120,000.  As I type this, they’re just over $106,000 with less than a week to go!  So if you haven’t donated yet, please hop over there and consider giving a little something.  (And if you have already given, maybe you’d like to give a bit more…hmmm?)

In the meantime, Renegades has released this awesome new teaser to get you even more excited:

7 thoughts on “Want to see WALTER KOENIG’s final curtain call for CHEKOV?”

  1. They look so sad and uncomfortable in that horrible picture. That was the best one to choose? What did the other ones look like?!?!

    1. I think they look ok, but yes this seems to be a quick snap between takes.

      Interesting line from Renegades on their Facebook page:

      “Please help Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols complete this historic final sci-fi chapter, 50 years in the making!”

      Final chapter eh?
      So still acknowledging this is Star Trek?!

      1. Technically, they don’t say “final Star Trek chapter.” Technically, they’ve both been sci-fi actors for 50 years…and this will cap off both of their sci-fi careers.

        1. ‘this historic final sci-fi chapter’; I guess it means that.

          Obviously they have to call it an ‘original series’ but as viewers we take what we see from it (i.e. Chekov, Chaoktay-minus-tattoo, Jake, Uhura etc – in fact I think for obvious reasons the only two characters who aren’t coming back definitely are Jadzia and Nog), we know of some changes already and the Archer ship design will be different, my question is will the similarities to Star Trek (as well as being a direct sequel to a Star Trek movie with references removed) hurt the film? I doubt it, as like I said Doctor Who fan filmmakers have done a similar thing. Everytime I’ve heard ‘btu it’s nto Star Trek anymore and CBS are evil etc etc. I’ve brushed it off!!

          I admit the reason I supported both episodes of STAR TREK: Renegades is to see old favourtires reprise roles so I was disappointed to hear the Trek was taken out but I don’t think I’ll ber disappointed, in fact the changes are part of the fun now I truly believe, making the product an oddity. All you can do is ignore any backstory dialogue that contradicts Trek.

          It’s a strange philosiphy and I’m obsesssed with Renegades but there you go 😀

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