RENEGADES posts an awesome (but now unusable) VFX sequence!

renegades-new-logoWhen STAR TREK: RENEGADES became RENEGADES: THE SERIES, all overt or even quasi-overt references to Star Trek had to be surgically amputated.  This included this like changing the character of Chekov to simply “The Admiral” and “Tuvok” to “Kovok,” calling it the “Confederation of Planets,” ditching comm badges from the uniforms (“We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!”), making sure that Aron Eisenberg’s alien make-up looked nothing like a Ferengi, and a host of other tweaks.

Unfortunately, those tweaks also impacted the visual effects, some of which had already been completed and delivered.  Y’see, no Star Trek means no recognizable space vessels either…including Romulan warbirds.  And that meant that a gorgeous 10-second space battle sequence rendered out by AtomicBrain SFX would never be seen by fans.  Or would it…?

Renegades just posted on YouTube this short tracking shot for everyone to enjoy.  We might not ever see it in a fan film (it would have been glorious…), but we can at least see it here:


3 thoughts on “RENEGADES posts an awesome (but now unusable) VFX sequence!”

  1. Yes, I still love Star Trek with all my heart. But I also
    firmly believe that projects like Renegades is the future of Science Fiction along with Nobility, Blade of Honor and other independent productions. I for one, am excited.

  2. They filmed for ‘Legends Day’ as a Star Trek movie with Walter Koenig as Admiral Pavel Chekov & Nichelle Nichols as Admiral Nyota Uhura in what was promoted as ‘THE FINAL TOS SCENE EVER’ with Tim Russ as Tuvok and Cirroc Lofton as Jake Sisko; after the guidelines were released they quickly altered the script and removed all Trek refs – in the space of 3 days!! The campaign video hilariously shows combadges and Vulcan ears censored!!

    While the scenes will appear in an altered form in the finished product I hope the originals will be released afterwards, I have pestered Ryan, Sky and the crew for this!!

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