PACIFIC 201 excites fans with a NEW TEASER and a REQUEST FOR DONATIONS!

pacific-201Fans have been waiting  for PACIFIC 201 with an eagerness and anticipation that has only been matched a few times in fan film history. Renegades, Horizon, and Axanar (to name a small few) were also sensations long before they had very much to actually show on YouTube.  And when they finally released full trailers, well, fans went wild.

Now it’s  Pacific 201‘s turn to dazzle and excite!

For the last year or so, fans have been teased with a glimpse of what Pacific 201 will be.  The year is 2200, forty years after the Romulan War, and Earth is still hesitant to trust the galaxy.  The desire to explore space faded during the first few years of the NX program, helped along by the Xindi and Romulans, and was replaced with fear and trepidation about seeking out new life and new civilizations.  But now Earth is just beginning to shake off its post-traumatic paranoia, and the starship Pacific NCC-201 is the first vessel in decades to head out with scientists aboard alongside Starfleet military.  Can humanity conquer its fears and truly embrace its destiny among the stars?

Pacific 201 raised $26,000 during a Kickstarter back in 2015.  And then it raised another $26,000 in an Indiegogo campaign from early this past summer.  That campaign had a goal of only $20,000, and having topped the goal, it is still active as an “in demand” status…meaning Pacific 201 can continue to collect donations.

This fan production was originally set to film in a warehouse facility being donated to them for free.  But sadly, that offer is no longer available.  They’ve acquired use of a new facility, but it will now cost them to film there.  So Pacific 201 is endeavoring to raise additional funds through their Indiegogo page.  Trust me, you’re gonna want to go there and make a donation after you watch their new teaser video below…

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  1. Just chipped in my $5.00 to help Pacific 201 out! (My spouse quite enjoyed the teaser clip of a Starfleet officer being interviewed by an “ambush journalist”!)

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