Last month, I presented an interview with uber-AXANAR fan TREY McELWAIN, who was planning to release a 4-page (including cover) Axanar comic book.  The cover itself was already completed, and Trey told me that his artist (and personal friend) DANIEL FU was working feverishly on the artwork.

Apparently, “feverishly” was indeed the adverb to use, as it is less than a month later and the comic book is now finished!  It debuted earlier today in various places on the Internet (it’s a free comic, after all), and I’ve been allowed to feature it here on Fan Film Factor, as well.

Trey greatly enjoyed the creative process, and he told me that he’d really like to produce more comic stories and adaptations of Axanar:

I am not sure what the future holds for “Trey’s AxaComics.” My hope, my dream, is to continue on, and get the Parts 1 and 2 out.

“Trial By Fire,” which I’ve just released, would actually be Part 3, with the Ares going up against the D6.  Parts 1 and 2 are going to cover the Klingon Invasion, and the construction of the Ares.

And then when we all get to see Episodes 4 and 5 from Alec, I’d like to follow suit and continue on with the adaptation process! One thing is for sure though, this entire experience has been a blast, and I am thrilled to share it with everyone!

I’ve included lower-resolution images of the pages below.  But if you’d like to see the artwork in beautiful higher resolution, feel free to download and view this Axanar Comic PDF file.

Otherwise, take a look right here…

17 thoughts on “AXANAR Comic Book NOW AVAILABLE!”

  1. Haven’t been a big comic reader since the 50’s and 60’s (grin), however this was fun. Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t been part of the fan film world until about 2 years ago on discovering Kickstarter, ST Continues and Axanar. The long lawsuit process & your fascinating analysis, and then your Fan Film Factor sharing of all the many Trek fan films – and now comic books –
    has been so much fun. I truly thank you for so much entertaining information.

  2. Love the comic but I don’t understand why all 3 federation ships are the same, or what makes the Ares “new” and tougher than the other two.
    From “Prelude…” I thought the other ships were different types.

    1. I don’t think this was a direct adaptation of Prelude itself. I saw it happening a few weeks/months later after the Ares fleet entered service. But we can ask Trey.

      1. Please do, as I was thinking the same.

        Also, while this is truly great stuff, would the other “episodes” be longer than 4 pages? If the two-parter that Alec does would be parts 4 and 5, then the others should also be at about 15 min length, shouldn’t they? I can’t see that with this comic, this seems more like a teaser (which totally did it’s job BTW ;-))

        1. The challenge is that Daniel Fu can’t afford to work for free…and creating pages of comic book artwork takes a lot of time. I’m sure Trey would love to make a 20- or 50-page Axanar comic book. But that’s just not financially viable.

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