Prolific AXANAR DETRACTOR revealed to be a FAKE IDENTITY!

Who is NIKKY SYNDER and why was she so antagonistic toward ALEC PETERS and AXANAR?  The world may never know because, it seems, Nikky Synder never actually existed!

You can see Nikky Synder’s Facebook profile on the left, and she looks normal enough—a reporter, assistant floor director, and EV editor at ABC Channel 7 News in Chicago.  Young, attractive, and apparently a big fan of Star Trek and fan films…and a prolific detractor of Axanar and Alec Peters.  Over the past six months, Nikky was very active on the SMALL ACCESS Facebook group, quick to jump into any conversation dealing with Axanar or Alec until such threads were stopped or shut down.

But yesterday, it was discovered that Nikky Synder was, in fact, an impostor—a “dualler” as they are called—a fake Facebook account using the photo(s) of someone else.  A careless mistake made by the impostor was noticed, and within a few hours, the person whose image had been illegally stolen was tracked down and contacted.  Minutes later, she reported the fraudulent account to Facebook, and it was deactivated soon after.

For anyone who thinks this was a “minor prank” and barely worthy of a blog, feel free to stop reading.  For me, however, it’s perverted and disgusting because it wasn’t just one photo of this woman being used but rather dozens and dozens!  In fact, the fake account has existed for over a year and has been updated almost weekly by the impostor with photos of this woman and her friends taken from her Twitter feed!  The impostor even amassed a fair amount of Facebook friends for this fake account using this woman’s image to attract strangers.  And then, perhaps worst of all, the impostor spewed out angry and vitriolic rants via Facebook posts about a Star Trek fan film and its producer…and who knows if this woman even ever watched Star Trek???

I’ve known people who have been victims of identity theft.  It’s a horrendous feeling of being violated, made worse by the fact that you can almost never discover the identity of the perpetrator.  In this case, we have a suspicion, but even then, we aren’t certain…and I want to state that up front in this blog.  We can’t prove anything or even make a firm accusation.  Instead, all we have is an interesting series set of coincidences, which I’ll share…along with how the impostor was finally “caught.”

Nikky Synder’s Facebook account first showed up as a member of the CBS/Paramount v Axanar Facebook group last summer.  She only posted about 40 total comments between June and October and then stopped completely…and never returned to either that group or the more recent Axamonitor Facebook group.

It’s been suggested that this was a way to create a “presence” and “paper trail” for the fake account that would establish it as existing as far back as June 2016.  If needed later—and it was—the account would be ready to use and not look as though it had only just been created.

Jump ahead three and a half months.  Nikky Synder was silent throughout the most controversial period of the Axanar lawsuit when the judge ruled fair use as an invalid defense, then the talk of an appeal, and of course the final settlement of the case.

Instead, Nikky didn’t show up again until February 7, 2017.  And this time, it was NOT in any of the detractor groups but rather on Small Access.  February 7 was also an interesting day because it was one day before the group expelled its first (and so far only) member.

ANTHONY SHUH had been belligerent and insulting to the members of Small Access for many months.  Usually, our moderators do a really good job of keeping things mostly pleasant and jovial in the group, but Anthony refused to play nice.  It got to the point where I felt it was time to ask the group if we should ban him (I didn’t want to do it arbitrarily or unilaterally).  So I put up a poll for a week, and on the next-to-last day (February 7), it was already about 95% in favor of expulsion.  Things weren’t looking good for Anthony.

And that’s the day Nikki Synder joined.

The following day, Anthony Shuh was banned, and he didn’t seem all that upset by the decision.

I was 99.999999999999% sure Nikky was Shuh,” Small Access moderator DAVE HEAGNEY, JR. told me yesterday.

COLIN KRAPP, another Small Access moderator, added, “I first suspected Nikky was a fraud when I checked the website for the Chicago ABC affiliate and there was no such person listed as being part of the staff.  I found it odd that she posted like a hater and behaved unlike someone who was supposedly a TV personality.”

Of course, all of this was purely circumstantial evidence.  Even the fact that Nikky lives in Chicago, IL while Anthony lives in nearby Morton, IL (about ten miles from Peoria) wasn’t enough to justify keeping this Nikky person from joining Small Access.  We aren’t that paranoid of a group.  And although Nikky could get pretty snippy and snarky at times, she didn’t merit the disciplinary action that Anthony Shuh had required.

Some of the moderators still suspected that Anthony might be masquerading as Nikky, but it wasn’t a “thing” and didn’t really get discussed…until yesterday.

Colin told me yesterday afternoon, “I hadn’t looked at Nikky’s profile in a while, but saw she’d posted at SA this morning.  Went to look at the profile and was…’Holy crap, are you kidding me?'”

This is what he saw…

Notice on the top of the image is a search box and a name.  (I blurred out the last name to ensure this woman’s privacy.)  That search box was part of the Facebook photo update on “Nikky’s” account!  Could the impostor really have been THAT stupid as to leave the name of the real person on the photo they were using to update the fake account????

Apparently so!

Colin started to look up this Cassandra person with some help from others.  It turns out that yes, she had worked in the TV news industry, which explained some of the TV studio photos used on the fake account.  Again, I won’t identify which news affiliate or where, but it wasn’t Chicago.

The moderators and I discussed what to do and decided the best solution was to simply find a way to contact Cassandra and let her know what was happening.  It took a little while to track her down, but once we did, we let her know what was going on.

Shortly thereafter, this message was posted under the above Facebook photo update for “Nikky”…

Minutes later, the account was deactivated.  All of “Nikky Synder’s” posts dating back to last June are now gone from Small Access and other Facebook groups.  It’s not known whether the imposter closed down the account in a panic or if Facebook did the honors themselves.

Either way—and especially when it comes to the illegal impersonation of an unsuspecting woman on the Internet—it’s nice to see the good guys (and gal!) win.

93 thoughts on “Prolific AXANAR DETRACTOR revealed to be a FAKE IDENTITY!”

  1. Wait, isn’t this a blog about fan films?

    I’ve seen some petty self serving posts from you in the past but this takes the cake. I bet you’re all crowing how clever you are and proud that you’re the Internet police. Cue virtual fist bump! It’s nice to see that while the US is descending into anarchy you lot are tracking down fake Facebook profiles. Sad.

    1. I am so glad this was the first comment! (Thanks for not letting me down, Sandy.) 🙂

      Y’see, this is kinda like Donald Trump and Charlottesville. The correct answer should have been: “White supremacists are bad. They represent the worst of America.” Simple as that. This whole, “There are two sides…there were bad people in both groups…” that’s NOT the correct answer.

      In the case of this fake account, there really is only one correct answer: “The person who did this is bad. He represents the worst of Star Trek fans.” Or some variation on that theme. Any attempt to deflect the failure to state that by trying to say, “Hey, look–this person is bad, too…” says more about the poster (in this case Sandy) than about the person they are criticizing.

      Sandy is trying to distract from the fact that it was so important for someone to bash Alec and Axanar that they invaded the privacy of a young woman, used her image without her permission to create a Facebook account with this woman’s face, and even updated it regularly with images taken from this woman’s Twitter feed for the next 14 months! Sandy’s way of avoiding saying anything negative about this detractor was, instead, to attack me.

      That is TRULY sad. In fact, it’s pretty cowardly and pathetic to say NOTHING negative about the impostor and instead criticize ME for calling this person out. Sandy, I’m just curious how do you feel about setting up fake Facebook accounts using other people’s images? Is that something you’re okay with? If so, why do you think it’s okay?

      Anyway, the attempt to deflect the disgust and outrage from the impostor onto a new target, well, that’s something I’ll simply call “Detractor Fail #1.” (Let’s see how many more detractor fails we wind up with.)

      1. Hahaha! You’re comparing my comment to Charlottesville? Are you kidding me???

        Someone creating a fake Facebook profile using someone else’s picture does not cause outrage in me. Nazis walking the streets of America and killing other Americans does. You need to gain some perspective. These two things can’t be farther apart. Your sense of self importance is laughable.

        Yes, who ever did this was wrong. No question. You accusing a particular person of it without any evidence was also wrong. I did not say anything about the perpetrator of this because I don’t know who they are or if they read your blog.

        What I do find sad is that nothing was done or said when three people donated to the Industry Studios fundraiser in my, Shawn’s, and Carlos’s name and left comments. And why after we contact Peters nothing was done. Isn’t that impersonation too? I guess he was fine with that as long as their money was green.

        1. People can certainly have the same name—there are multiple Jonathan Lanes even in Los Angeles. But to people having the same face (and not being twins), well, people say I look like Patton Oswalt, but I wouldn’t go posting his photos on a fake Facebook account.

          Look, Sandy, this was on a level with stalking. Nobody defends a stalker. Nobody says, “Hey, he might be a stalker but this other person over there stared at her butt.” There’s no moral equivalency. This person didn’t just say, “Hey, my name is Carlos Pedraza.” They spent a year taking photos from a young woman’s Twitter feed and posting them into regular updates on a fake Facebook account. That’s beyond creepy.

          As for Anthony Shuh, I certainly didn’t accuse him of anything. I just stated an interesting coincidence. If you took that as as accusation, is there something you wanted to share with the entire class, Mr. Greenberg?

          1. Ummmmm, no. Anthony has said it wasn’t him and that’s good enough for me. Don’t be obtuse Jonny, by posting this “coincidence” you are accusing him, as are others on your FB page.

            I’m not defending whoever did this. My problem is that you are accusing someone with no evidence and you and your mates are using this to tar all of the “detractors” with the same brush.


        2. He compared your comment to Trump’s comments on Charlottesville.


    2. So Sandy, you are not at all offended that someone’s identity was stolen and used by someone to – and here’s the tie in to fan films you overlooked – bash Axanar? Sad.

    3. Yes, Sandy, this IS a blog about fan films, and sadly, Jonathan also has to cover the low life losers who spend all their time attacking one of those fan films.

      Get a life.

  2. This is the modus operandi of the detractor. They accuse Alec of fraud with no evidence, in actual fact there is plenty evidence to the contrary but they ignore it as it does not fit their version of the truth (alternate facts!). However, they have absolutely no qualms about committing fraud and identity theft to further their agenda. They attempt to justify it as a means to an end, but it cannot be justified. By using fraud, they invalidate their argument. Not that it had any validity in the first place.

    1. In addition to above: Many of the dectractors have admitted openly to having a dozen or more fake profiles which they use to snoop on Alec in groups they are not welcome under their own name. The fake profiles are also used to bolster their numbers in an attempt to seem like their efforts have a larger following.

        1. Pretty sure I have some screen caps lying around. I will be in contact. This is no rumour. In fact, it was just confirmed again in the comments thread of your share of this article in the SA FB group.

    2. I don’t claim that this impostor represents all detractors…only one. Of course, if the detractors (like Sandy just did), don’t denounce these fraudulent and personally invasive actions and simply try to deflect the “ire of the masses” elsewhere–to me or Alec or whomever–well, that says a lot about the detractors. We’ll see what happens. Maybe they’ll surprise me/us. I’m sorry to say that Sandy Greenberg’s comments didn’t surprise me at all (they seldom do).

  3. Your definition of ‘prolific’ is interesting. I’ve been labeled a Hater and Detractor for a long time (earned my Banned By Alec badges on both Facebook and Twitter, thank you) and this is the first time I’ve heard of Nikky. Maybe it’s because I choose not to hang out in the Church of Axanar groups that I haven’t seen her, but she’s certainly not been much of a presence in the groups that Monitor all thing Axanar.

    Also, is this part 1 of a series of 6? We’ve come to expect that. Please don’t disappoint.

    1. Feel free to screen cap this and post it over on the detractor groups, Chris…’cause I really don’t understand this new line of “Lane insult”–making fun of the multi-part blog.

      Maybe you guys just don’t think through the insults all that much before adopting them, but it sounds like the criticism is simply that Jonathan is very thorough and spends a lot of time and effort researching and preparing his blog articles and interviews. And that doesn’t really seem to fit in with the idea of an “insult.” Maybe I’m missing something?

      If the idea is to suggest that I write too much, well, I didn’t realize there was any limit on blog length. As I said, I’m thorough. The various fan films deserve coverage as complete as I can provide…at least in my opinion. That said, most of my blogs are one-part news items of about 400 words. Some go 800-2,000 words. If they get longer, I divide them up into two or three parts (like I did for the complete history of Star Trek Continues or Starship Farragut–each 3 parts).

      Recently, I wrote a 5-part blog covering the 11-year history of Star Trek: Renegades. Was that too long? It depends on whom you ask! Writer/Producer Sky Conway appreciated it so much that he tracked down my phone number and called me to say “thank you.” Part 5 of that blog series, which was about 2,000 words and came out 5 days ago, has been viewed 1,289 times so far (I don’t have the time to track down total reads on the previous parts, but they’re pretty close to the same amount). So I don’t think other people are complaining about the blog length, Chris.

      Anyway, it you folks want to keep harping on the multi-part blogs, go right ahead. On this end of the Internet, I’m probably not receiving the “insults” the way you want me to. To me, they’re just acknowledging how hard I’m working to keep this blog thorough and the time and effort I put into making it a unique and valued resource for the fan film community. So by all means, please continue with the multi-part “insults.” I really like this particular approach….bravo! 🙂

      1. “Since brevity is the soul of wit, and tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes, I will be brief…”

        — Polonius, Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2

        Jon, you answered my two sentences with five whole paragraphs. I rest my case.

        Also, in true Alec-fan fashion you completely ignored the main body of my argument and instead deflected by concentrating your response and ire on my little joke. Way to go.

    2. So nothing about how this woman’s identity was wrongly stolen and nothing about a potential stalker? Really? That should be offensive no matter which side you are on.

  4. It boggles the mind the hatred that continues to be spewed this day against Axanar/Peters. It’s over; move on with your life. And if you don’t have a life, hatred of Axanar is a very poor substitute.

  5. If there was ever any doubt that Small Access has it’s share of trolls…you now have proof.

    Two (confirmed) trolls down…how many more to go?


  6. Lane you must feel important WOW FAKE ACCOUNT ON THE FACEBOOKS!! can we expect a 20 part blog from this one? How about all those fake accounts that are on your side? What ever happened to Charles brillo and who names their kid Recee ?
    And let us not forget the our wonderful faker Jen desalle what ever name she uses now days. Niki was never in the Axanar groups maybe CBS and Paramount but that was it But come on this stupid shit is worthy of a blog post are you that bored? Come on man you are better than this this just gets you laughed at.

    1. Come on, yet another one who completely ignores that someone stole someone else’s identity for malicious use?

      1. Not entirely unexpected, though. The detractors spend so much time in the same echo chamber that the illness is starting to spread through the population.

    2. I’m still around, Mr. “TheSep”, who cowardly hides his identity. I took great pleasure in showing detractor the limits of their arguments and intelligence for 14 months. But you see, unlike you detractors who continue to hold on to the last inch of a burned out candle…the lawsuit is over, the fight for me is over, and I have returned to my own projects and life.

      I knew this Nikki fake all too well dwelling inside the hate groups, but in hater fashion, you lie to create your own reality that she didn’t. I was one of the first to become suspicious and tried to contact “her” almost a year ago. I didn’t follow up. Gladly, Colin and Dave continued to investigate.

      As I said, my fight is over. I didn’t leave in a huff, or turn on Alec or Axanar. I am still on their side. I have remained in the background, but when I see my name being called out by a coward about my son’s name, who hides behind a fake account, I have to call him out.

      If you have any doubt I exist, feel free to come to Orlando anytime and I will meet you. As has always been my standard offer. If not, feel free to call upon me at Creation Las Vegas in 2018. I will gladly discuss with you about the naming of my son. I doubt you’ll come anywhere near me.

  7. Wow! We’ve certainly heard a lot about fake accounts since last November and the role they played on the national scene. It’s amazing to me that anyone bothered to do that to interact about Star Trek. To me that speaks of a person who needs some mental adjustments. It’s bad enough that we can’t trust Internet sources for so many other things because of the proliferation of “fake news”, but this …ugh! Almost makes one long for the days when all we had to worry about was emails from Nigerian princes offering to make us a lot of money.

    It does make me feel a bit better about what I felt was Facebook’s strong arm tactics a few months back. In the early days of using FB, I didn’t understand how one could select different people to receive ones posts. My husband and I have friends who fit in three different categories and I didn’t want to send the same kind of posts to everyone. So I set up 3 different FB accounts. One of them I labeled with both my husband’s and my nicknames, so friends from that group would know that messages would be from both of us. (He’s semi-computer illiterate and I have to do any emails he wants to send, much less anything more “complicated” like FB.) So after going along fine for about a year, FB contacted me about my FB “name” not fitting their rules. When I explained the situation, thinking I’d an “Oh, OK” kind of response, they instead said a definite “NO, that FB wasn’t to be used that way.” I was pretty miffed at the time, but now I’m feeling that maybe they had a point. There’s way too much “fake” stuff out there and I appreciate FB doing what they can to limit the damages.

    So sorry Small Access was harassed this way. Some people! Argh!

  8. To coin a phrase…


    I trust you offered Cassandra an invitation to join our little group, if she is so inclined. Maybe offer her a free 1 month membership.

    Seriously. Good detective work Jon.

    1. I wasn’t the one to contact her, and to be honest, I don’t think she’d much appreciate being inundated with e-mails or tweets from Trekkies. Best not to pester her.

  9. Congrats, Jonathan. I’m glad the good guys won for once. This type of thing sucks big time!!!

  10. OK so you found a fake account and now you’re using it essentially to attack everyone that was on the side of CBS during the lawsuit.

    Instead of making a big deal about this and using Colin and Hubcap (which are both nice guys for the most part) so you can brag about being the biggest bully in the school. You should dealt with it like any other group on Facebook does and leave it at that.

    Clearly you can’t see why your blog approach is the wrong way to handle things.


    1. Update – We were at Legoland until 8pm and then went for dinner. Afterwards, I was too exhausted to blog or reply to to the many, many passionate comments. This morning, we’re packing up the room and headed back for L.A. Once I’m home–and after Jayden’s karate class–I’ll try to tackle all the posts. Thanks for your patience.

      1. For someone who hates people bringing their family, you post pictures of them pretty regularly. Maybe if you really didn’t want them to be a subject of discussion you shouldn’t bring them into it. Just a friendly suggestion….

        1. “Regularly,” huh? Wanna define that, Sandy? And who are you to tell me what I can and cannot include on MY blog? No, I don’t want anyone to use or mention my family to make some kind of insult or hit. Would you feel differently about your family? That doesn’t mean people can’t talk about them at all…me included. Just be nice about it!

  11. Its the truth or not of the business facts about Axanar which matter. Those come from many many independent sources.

    Attacking straw men won’t repay the donors or untell the deceptions.

    Claiming “good guy” status by doing anything other than refunding the MILLION DOLLARS disappeared over and above any conceivable costs is nonsense.

    The donors are the victims of a ponzi scheme to build a private for-profit studio atop an ever-expanding fan film campaign. Admit it.

      1. It’s not a fail because you call it one, Jon. So far everything you’ve called a fail has been a valid point.

        Jonathan Lane Blog Fail #278. Because I said so. See how that works?

          1. Condon and facts don’t meet up too often. My shootdown of his BS description of the state of the sets and their progress illustrated that nicely.

  12. Wow, this is a pretty sick thing to do – Seriously, what is WRONG with people today? So much violence and just plain all-around negativity going around in the world – Enough is enough, GOD!!!… *smh* / :/

  13. That’s a felony, is it not? If it ain’t, it should be! Creepy and stalker-y as hell too. Extra charges, I figure.

    1. Not a felony, but certainly high on the creep-o-meter! At best, you’ve got copyright infringement (ironic, isn’t it?). But sadly, not a felony or even a misdemeanor.

  14. That’s okay – Alec Peters is a fake Star Trek fan film producer.

    I mean who gets over 1.4 million dollars – and after 3 YEARS has produced NOTHING?

    Alec Peters, that’s who.

    1. Actually $ 1.4M produced Prelude to Axanar, The Vulcan Scene, and a film studio. Pre-production produced a finished script, sets, costumes, props and art.

      Any other facts you want to ignore?


  15. Kudos to Colin and everyone involved in exposing this fraud. With all the wonderful and positive things that can be accomplished or at least attempted, it’s sad that someone acts this way. What a waste of time and energy. Sigh.

  16. Doesn’t seem different to me than when Alec Peters posted under Loken AND Red Omega (and then talked about himself as if he were a different person), among others, which got him tossed from TrekBBS for having multiple accounts. Also, this minutia is really kinda boring.

    1. Detractor Fail #6! (Note the “Well, Alec did it, too” without acknowledging the invasion of privacy of an innocent and unsuspecting woman that this impostor perpetrated over a 14-month period.)

      The detractors are in rare failure form today! 🙂

      1. I am not a detractor. Enjoyed Prelude and look forward to Axanar even if it’s going to be 2 15 min parts. And I really liked Prelude’s documentary style and look forward to more of that. I wish they had time/ability to do all 5 parts of that. Pleas don’t assume I dislike Alec or Axanar just because I see this as a who-shot-john.

        1. No worries. I write what I write. Other people can read, not read, and think what they want to. When all is said and done, I only have a thousand or so readers on a decent day, so it’s not like I’m tweeting from the Oval Office. 🙂

          1. Did you want one? My definition of “Detractor Fail” was the ignoring or minimizing of the severity the act of stalking an innocent woman for over a year and continually stealing and re-using her personal photos to create a fake Facebook account for the sole purpose of bashing Axanar and Alec Peters.

            When you said, “Doesn’t seem different to me…” that implied that you were drawing a moral equivalence between stalking and using someone else’s photos without their permission versus simply taking on a fake name. To me, there’s no comparison and no question which is a thousand times worse.

            So if you see no difference between the two, Randy, then even if you say you’re not a detractor, your comment still qualifies as a “Detractor Fail”…at least to me.

  17. This is fraud and identity theft. And Let’s be clear that ALL the detractors in Carlos’ secret Facebook group, especially Carlos himself, are accessories to these crimes.

    1. Well, I wouldn’t say “all” because we haven’t really heard from all of them. However, the six who commented so far were all Detractor Fails because they tried to ignore or minimize the invasion of privacy that was perpetrated on this innocent woman and instead deflect their attack onto something else (usually you or me). That’s not being an accessory so much as just being, well, more concerned about making a quick hit than caring about someone who might be angry, scared, or even traumatized right now. As I said, these responses say so much more about the detractors who are posting the comments than they do about you or me…and what they say is pretty sad and kinda disgusting.

      The important think here is that the good guys won. That much is beyond question. The detractors don’t seem to be happy about that…possibly because the bad guy was on their team. That doesn’t mean they’re ALL bad guys, though…at least not when it comes to committing fraud and invasion of someone’s privacy.

    2. Wrong Alec. No one knows who did this. None of us knew it was a fake profile. Stop deflecting from your inadequacies.

      How about you taking the money from three people donating to the Industry Studios fundraiser in mine, Carlos’s, and Shawn’s name? Isn’t that similar?

      1. Nope. Not similar at all. Nobody stalked you and Carlos and Shawn for 14 months taking your photos and using them to create and maintain a fake Facebook account. If you think there’s some kind of equivalency there, well, I’m sure there are some “fine people” who might believe you. The rest of us, well, it’s just another Detractor Fail to toss onto the pile.

        1. I see you didn’t call out your mate for calling it “identity theft” like you did to someone else below.

          I’m also impressed that Alec answered that without even moving his lips.

          1. Actually I’m on holiday in Turkey so my morning around the pool is wonderful.

      2. If “nobody knew who did this”, then why are you calling Alec’s accusations libel? Have you been shown proof that Anthony Shuh was not Nikky? Also, there’s a second component to libel, wherein the false statement is damaging to the person’s reputation. Most common reaction I’ve seen outside your group is,”Yeah, that figures.”

  18. Ya it’s not uncommon in our day and age of misinformation, sadly a free internet means buyer beware of any information being peddled therein. Aside from the usual snake oil, there’s apparently quite the underground economy for fake experts, scientists, doctors and the like to post their “expert” opinions on varying hot button subjects. Normally I would say congrats to you and Alec for reaching such a level of “infamy” as to warrant such an act, but this simply sounds like the acts of a rather sad and deranged individual rather than an effort of misinformation.

  19. Greenburg, Condon and Bax, oh my! At least Carlos managed a token condemnation of using fake profiles when he commented on SA. You guys blew right past that to get your hate-on with Jonathan.

    1. This technically isn’t identity theft as commonly referred to in the law. The impostor is not using her name or address or bank account or social security number. Only her photos…and that’s copyright infringement, not identity theft.

  20. The reactions from the detractors are predictable and in my opinion well-rehearsed. It’s almost as if they knew about it and are deliberately posting their hate in an attempt to deflect the focus of the comments away from the main topic. Their “he did it too” rhetoric is childish at best.

    1. They do sound eerily similar, don’t they? Perhaps our mystery identity thief has stolen more than one identity? Or maybe it’s two or three Axanar detractors who really could not care less who they violate as long as they get their message of hate out.

  21. Ultimately, Anthony Shuh, Sandy Greenberg et al will accept any behavior that attacks Axanar. There are no limits. It is all rationalized by their twisted minds.

    And why? One must ask why they spend all this time attacking Axanar.

    From them, you will get another rationalization. But any psychiatrist would have a field day.

    1. As a psychology major myself with a focus on social psychology, I find the “group think” of the detractors to be quite fascinating…repugnant as all get out, but fascinating! 🙂

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