Was “NIKKY SYNDER” really ANTHONY SHUH? (follow-up editorial)

Coincidences are a funny thing.  Sometimes they’re simply random occurrences of pure chance.  On the other hand, the more coincidences you pile on top of each other, the less likely the two events are totally unconnected.

That’s the situation facing us in the disturbing case of the fictitious “NIKKY SYNDER,” a fraudulent Facebook account created back in June of 2016 and used primarily for bashing ALEC PETERS and Axanar.  The fake account was updated regularly with photos lifted from the Twitter updates of a woman who was NOT Nikky Synder.  In fact, she was a young TV reporter who, at the time, worked for a local news affiliate in Peoria, IL.  The 14-month ruse ended this past Tuesday when this young woman was made aware of the fraudulent account using her face and photos and reported it to Facebook.

Before Tuesday, “NIKKY SYNDER” had posted regularly on the SMALL ACCESS Facebook group—having joined on February 7, 2017…a day before the group completed a week-long poll to determine whether ANTHONY SHUH should be expelled for belligerent and insulting behavior.  Some suspected that “Nikky” might have been an alias that Anthony Shuh used to stay in the Small Access group.

I made clear in my blog from Tuesday that I was NOT making that accusation:

It’s a horrendous feeling of being violated, made worse by the fact that you can almost never discover the identity of the perpetrator. In this case, we have a suspicion, but even then, we aren’t certain…and I want to state that up front in this blog. We can’t prove anything or even make a firm accusation. Instead, all we have is an interesting series set of coincidences, which I’ll share…along with how the impostor was finally “caught.”

I shared a couple of those coincidences (but not all of them) in my previous blog post.  But then Anthony Shuh posted the following comment onto the Fan Film Factor Facebook page, and now I need to spend yet another blog post talking about something other than fan films (don’t worry, things return to normal on Friday with a great audio interview with Vance Major!).

Here’s what Anthony Shuh wrote that prompted this follow-up blog…

Jonathan – Jonathan, what am I going to do with you!

I’m in complete shock and disbelief, to think that you’d drag my good name, which is revered through the Star Trek community, through the mud and after all the informative Axanar bullshit we’ve covered in the last several years.

For you and those other two idiots HubCap and Krapp I hope your satisfied accusing a nice and reputable guy like myself of such a deceivious act! I’m just shocked at your actions and somewhat lacking for words. I know we’ve had disagreements about the Axanar bullshit, and who could forget those heated discussions about that total idiot and amateur conman Alec Peters, but we always respected the truth which I spoke and your delusional followers received some real facts about this entire sham! But now dragging my good name through this smear campaign is just wrong and I would appreciate a sincere apology from you Jonathan, at least a three part blog (50000 words)…

And so here we are, two days later, and I feel that I very much need to respond to Anthony in a strong way.

First, I can’t apologize for accusing Anthony because, as quoted above, “We can’t prove anything or even make a firm accusation.”  I even went on to say later, “Some of the moderators still suspected that Anthony might be masquerading as Nikky, but it wasn’t a ‘thing’ and didn’t really get discussed…”

A suspicion is not an accusation, and the only thing the blog really pointed out was the interesting timing of “Nikky’s” joining of Small Access less than 24 hours before Anthony was expelled, and the fact that Anthony didn’t really seem to have a problem with it either during the poll or after when the expulsion was announced.

However, I left out one other very interesting coincidence from Tuesday’s blog (for reasons I will state in just a moment).  But because of Anthony’s comment, I feel this additional piece of information now needs to be shared.  And again, I am NOT accusing Anthony of anything…only reporting the coincidences and letting people decide for themselves because, barring any confession by the actual impostor, we’ll likely never know who was really behind it.

In the world of creating fake Facebook accounts using other people’s photos, there are two basic types of invasion of privacy:

1) Stealing the photos of a completely random stranger, and

2) Stealing the photos of someone whom they know or have personally seen or met.

In the case of the former, the odds are that the two total strangers are randomly scattered across the country—DC and San Antonio, Boston and Baton Rouge, Tulsa and Austin or Oklahoma City, Seattle and San Francisco, too—or even across the world—Honolulu, Boise, San Diego…why not outer Mongolia for that matter?

When it comes to the second kind of impersonation where the impostor chooses someone they either know directly or know of, sometimes it’s an ex-lover or jilted boy/girlfriend, sometimes it’s someone the person is afraid to meet but fantasizes about, or sometimes it might just be someone the impostor has seen in the library, supermarket, or even on a local TV station.

And that brings us to the biggest coincidence of all, and one that I purposefully did NOT mention in my previous blog out of respect for the privacy of this young woman.  Then I discovered that this person is actually a reporter has has a publicly-posted TV news reel on YouTube, which includes her actual name.  Since that video is public, I am allowed to share the following with you…

So what does all of this have to do with Anthony Shuh?

Anthony lives in the town of Morton, IL.  It’s listed on his public Facebook profile, so the information is not confidential.  Cassandra Hager was a reporter for the local Peoria, IL ABC news affiliate WHOI.  The distance between Peoria and Morton is just under 10 miles, and Anthony Shuh even works in Peoria.

I checked with the local ABC affiliate WHOI yesterday and confirmed that, up until June of last year, their signal was carried on Channel 19 in the Morton, IL market (now it’s Channel 25).  It’s quite possible that Anthony might have seen Cassandra at least once or twice on TV.  Maybe she even knows him personally or used to get coffee at the same Starbucks.  Obviously, that’s pure conjecture on my part and certainly not an accusation of anything.  It’s simply an observation that, out of all the places in the whole great big wide world for these two people to live and work, they are only 10 miles away from each other.

Quite the coincidence!

Now, I am STILL not accusing Anthony Shuh of being “Nikky Synder” and illegally (and creepily!) using the photos of this woman to update a fake Facebook account for 14 months while writing anti-Axanar and anti-Alec Peters rants.

I am simply pointing out that the odds of these two people living/working less than 10 miles apart—in a world with a circumference of 25,000 miles!—is a VERY big coincidence.  And it comes on top of the coincidence that the person who stole Cassandra’s photos and posted them to a fake Facebook account signed up for Small Access a day before Anthony Shuh (who lives 10 miles from Cassandra) was expelled from the group.  Even the fact that Anthony Shuh was a Facebook friend of “Nikky Synder’s” Facebook account for a few weeks until “Nikky” made her friends list private is a simple coincidence…nothing more than that.

So I am not at all accusing Anthony of being this sick, demented, perverted bottom-feeding sociopath who would cyber-stalk an unsuspecting young woman working hard to make a name for herself in a very competitive industry.

In fact, I would hope that Anthony would join me and most of the rest of us (minus a few failing detractors) in denouncing this unknown, putrid lowlife scumbag coward and hoping that he spends his nights awake and worried that Cassandra might someday find out who this person really is and do a news exposé about her experience.  Man, that could ruin this person’s livelihood, marriage, even cost them friends and result in a court-issued restraining order.

I would hope Anthony Shuh might lend his voice to the chorus in praying for some kind of social or divine justice to find its way to this impostor who stalked and stole the face of someone who (coincidentally) lives and works so close to where he is.

Totally not an accusation, just some interesting coincidences.

Come back Friday when Fan Film Factor once again features…fan films!  (‘Cause I really want to be done with this “Nikky Synder” loser.)

81 thoughts on “Was “NIKKY SYNDER” really ANTHONY SHUH? (follow-up editorial)”

  1. It is amazing the lengths people will go to, just to be able to bash someone who just tried to make something people were willing to pay for, support, encourage and wait in anticipation. Then the boom drops, the other shoe comes in, and those same people have to put up with false fronts, vague accusations, and people who, for some odd reason, are totally absorbed with ruining not only the dream, but anything associated with it. It just makes one wonder how much of the whole story was really about Alec and Axanar, or something bigger, that was masqueraded to be “offended people”. The level of vitriol, the total ignorance of other people who did the exact same thing, but did not garner the support Axanar did, all adds up to something else. It also sounds like it was executed exactly as today’s politics are, smoke and mirrors, and vague accusations and hot button one or two word statements usually tied to “He did” or “He is”. Once the 2 segments are released, I hope they are so good, as to put to bed all these people who seemingly are so wealthy, they can spend their lives chasing one topic. or they quit drawing their paychecks…whatever the case….

    1. The release of the 2-part Axanar sequel will not quiet the detractors. Even if it’s the best Star Trek ever, the detractors will say, “Yeah, but it could have been finished two years ago if it weren’t for Alec Peters’ mismanagement!” or “See? Alec didn’t need to spend $7.9 billion dollars to do this!” (The number seems to keep climbing.) They’ll always find something to complain about because it beats the alternative of either a) admitting they were simply wrong, or 2) acknowledging that no one except them really gives a shat.

      1. Your statement lends credence to the idea I have been forming in the last few months, where the pattern is alarmingly similar, the tactics the same. Detract, lie, obfuscate and fake names and people, for the idea you want to advance. It is so prevelent in lamestream media now you cannot even read many articles without doubting if they are real or not. The Trump saga is identical, Alec has had the exact same tools used against him, for the last 2 years. Even Orange Jumpsuit’s comment says he is either a CBS stooge, or someone with absolutely NO claim to a fact one about what happened, but he/she/it has to throw their 2 worthless cents into the mix. Yet your point also illustrates how nothing seems to ever be related to the facts, as Axanar would have been made, on schedule, except for the CBS air dropping the lawsuit bomb, and then the typical leagal system glacier pace (which was also used as a weapon), ate up all the donor funds. Yet that FACT is never acknowledged. You are correct, THEY will always find something to complain about. The fact THEY have to lie, use fake names and accounts, just puts them at the level of amateur propagandists. Either they get off on it, or they were being paid by someone to be so. Either way, it bears NO resemblance to the real situation with real fans.

      1. That was never conclusively proven. Carlos Pedraza did have access to some information that was supposed to have been under a confidentiality order–and I’m pretty sure Alec didn’t give it to him! But we don’t know who did. However, John Van Citters of CBS has been known to post on the private (secret) detractor group “Dirty Laundry.”

  2. When did fan film factor become petty Bs factor?

    Seriously, why are you blogging about something that occurred in a FB group you moderate? Why are you importing drama from an unrelated drama? Maybe it’s just for clicks….

    1. Man, sooooo many clicks! Seriously. I should blog about scandals exclusively!

      In the past three days, I’ve taken in $4.92 in Google ad commissions…it’s like it’s raining money!!!!!! 🙂

        1. Actually, Thursday’s haul was another $2.07! At this point, I’ll soon have almost enough to cover 2% of the $500 deductible for the fender bender I just had yesterday! (Don’t worry, everyone is okay.)

  3. I wish you would just leave all the drama on FB, where it belongs. Other than that I love your content.

    1. Most times I do leave it on Facebook. There is a LOT of drama on Facebook! 🙂

      That said, come back tomorrow for a great audio interview with Vance Major, the “Where’s Waldo” of Star Trek fan films!!!

  4. I will make the accusation. Anthony Shuh DID in fact use this fake account. Anyone can see that. This is no coincidence.

    Wow, and nothing about this at Axamonitor? What a shock!

    1. The views expressed by those commenting on Fan Film Factor do not necessarily reflect the views of the blogger, his employees, family members, stray cats in the neighborhood, passing bus drivers, or the larger Fan Film Factor corporation.

    2. You know when Alec uses this type of harsh wording toward me he must be having a very difficult day – and I’m loving it !! Poor bastard !

      1. Ah, so you’re choosing NOT to denounce the lowlife scumbag who stalked this woman and used her photos illegally for a fake Facebook account for 14 months. Instead, you simply gloat imagining how upset Alec must be (I’m sure he’s crying in his Kharn roast coffee right now, in fact).

        You’ve certainly got your priorities set on “backwards,” haven’t you, Anthony? Oh, well.

        1. Hey Jonathan are you really talking about priorities! You have two foolish blogs back-to-back attempting to smear my good name with this foolish and immature story you’ve weaved using this sweet young woman’s Facebook hack as your springboard – very low Jonathan even for you!
          I’m give you my take on the ignorance of all this after the overall shock wears off, they’re some wild accusations going on here!
          As far as my comment on Alec’s worthless opinion, I’ll just say he brings so much material everytime he opens his mouth and the ignorance just flows out! I’m actually not being sarcastic about Alec, I actually enjoy his stupidity!

          1. Still not willing to condemn the actions of this pathetically inept and pitifully insecure good-for-nothing creep who stalked this woman who lives just ten miles from you, Anthony? I would have thought that anyone with such a “good name” as yours would be taking a stand against something so wrong and disgusting as what this stomach-turning psychotic loser did to Cassandra…a person you’ve likely even watched on your very own television set in Morton, Illinois, Anthony.

            I am certain that whoever this oozing puss of pond scum might be–whether they are located in Florida, Maine, New Mexico, or North Dakota–looked really, really hard for a random woman somewhere on the internet (who just happened to live a sort bike ride from you) in order to join Small Access the day before you got booted, connect with your Facebook account as a friend, and then take over your role on Small Access bashing Axanar and Alec Peters the same way you are doing right now. I am certain–CERTAIN!!!–that the fame of this young female reporter from your local ABC news affiliate was known so far and wide that nearly anyone anywhere in the entire country and even the entire world would have known her name and where to look for her twitter feed. And that’s why I am going out of my way NOT to accuse you, Anthony, because obviously there no way this decaying pile of vomit could ever have been you.

            I do find it curious, however, that such a fine person as yourself with such a “good name,” a paragon so respected in the Star Trek community that it needs to actually be stated in print to remind others of its grand importance, that someone who has risen to such heights of greatness would pass on not one but TWO chances to condemn an obviously disgusting and degenerate act of depravity and indecency in favor or trying to get in yet another minor hit against a blogger and a Star Trek fan film producer.


        2. Now Jonathan how could I possibly denounce who stole this poor girls identity, there are millions and millions of people who use Facebook and anyone could be the culprit. Hell it could be you or that damn fool Alec Peters, he’s been know to argue with himself before using his fake Matt Decker account.
          As for the gloating comment, maybe it’s true that observing Alec’s hothead reaction to this and drawing false allegations toward my good character should be shocking, but I just can’t take you or any of this foolishness seriously!

          1. Another swing and a miss? That’s three stikes, dude!

            I mean, wow, Anthony. How could you NOT denounce the actions of a cyber-stalker? All it takes is to say that there is someone out there who is a rotting piece of fecal matter that even flies would regurgitate and that you hope this person is someday identified and outed for the heinous assault he has made on this young woman who—coincidentally—lives and works so close to you that you might even be able to wave to her as you cross the street.

            I mean, seriously, what are the odds that this Facebook sociopath would choose a woman who might even get her laundry done at the same place that you do? And that that this same repugnant peon would join Small Access just as you were booted out of the group, almost smiling as you left as if the expulsion wasn’t going to really affect you? Such amazing coincidences!

            Oh, and I never did ask you, Anthony, who approached whom first? Did “Nikky Synder” ask to be your Facebook friend first or did you ask “her”? I’m just curious about that…not accusing anyone of anything.

    3. You should watch yourself spreading libel Alec. And why should this be covered on AxaMonitor? It has nothing to do with you or your lack of any progress on your fan film.

      1. Actually, the fact that this is NOT on Axamonitor shows how one-sided that site is. After all, this story is certainly Axanar-related, as it involves a person infringing on someone else’s copyright in order to bash Axanar.

        If all Axamonitor covered was Alec Peters and his lack of progress, then one could argue that James Cawley’s Star Trek Film School had nothing to do with Alec Peters or Axanar either.

        Oh, why do I ever bother typing at you at all, Sandy? You make it WAY too easy!!!

        1. That shows how little you know about fan films Jonny! Alec and Axanar changed the landscape of fan productions into a more restrictive environment. Anything the studios do that appears to loosen up the new environment certainly does relate to Alec and Axanar. Have you also forgotten the connection between James and Alec? The two things are totally related.

          A random person who has created a fake Facebook account with another persons photo who happens to have made some critical posts about Axanar doesn’t really have anything to do with the film, the lawsuit, or Alec. It’s a minor sideshow not worthy of any coverage.

          1. YAY!!! You finally get why I’m so frustrated with the detractors! Oh, thank God you’ve finally acknowledged what you guys have been doing this whole time. You arrogantly try to put me down and deflect the attention to Alec (“Oh, he had fake accounts, too!”) while all the time failing to acknowledge the seriousness of what has happened to this poor woman.

            I thought you’d never understand–but you do! You do! Oh, happy day!!! My work here is done. 🙂

    4. Dude… don’t you have a movie to finish, or something? Instead of acting like Donald Trump with the constant bashing of those who you think of as “enemies”, how about you finish your movie and give the fans what you promised after taking their money (well, 1/3 of what you promised — better than nothing I guess).

  5. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

    Trolls gonna troll…and Anthony Shuh is no exception.

    Too bad…I kinda liked the guy, and I really felt sorry for him when you booted him from the group…

    …god, that was hard to type with a straight face…

    But, he revealed himself to be a troll, and in typical troll fashion, tried to defend his supreme (and laughable) “reputation” with mountains of bullshit.

    Such a shame, really…if he was half the fan he pretends to be, he could have contributed more to the positivity of the Axanar debacle, instead of being the total jackass he proved himself to be.


  6. OH i must add recording ones IP without posting a disclaimer that you are doing so is against the law and can get you sued

  7. See Jonny, this is the problem. Your little hit piece here has been picked up by your pal Alec and he’s walking particularly close to crossing the libel line in his latest “Captains Blog”:

    “Now we find out that another of Carlos group, and one of the most pathological of the haters, stole the identity of a midwest news person. You can read about it on Fan Film Factor, where Jonathan also has a follow up with information that pretty much proves that this was hater Anthony Shuh, a stalker from Illinois who rants every day about Axanar, and ironically works in security.”

    “Pretty much proves”? Ummmmm, no. Accusing someone of a crime with no evidence? Yes. Kinda hard to take the high road when you’re pulling krapp like this.

    1. I didn’t accuse anyone of anything and went out of my way not to. If Alec wants to do so, that’s his business. He’s got his own blog, so please complain over there.

      1. When he links to your blog and cites it as his source it comes back to you Jonny. Fuel for the fire.

        1. So basically you are trying, once again, to turn this all into something that Alec and Jonathan are doing wrong…huh, Sandy?

          You certainly do have your checklist, dontcha? 🙂

    2. Sandy, a couple of things:

      1) Accusations aside, saying there’s “no evidence” is untrue. There is circumstantial evidence that does point in Shuh’s direction. Sure, you may be dismissive of it, but that doesn’t obviate the fact that it exists.
      2) You keep bringing up libel, yet you show no evidence that Anthony wasn’t Nikky. I know elsewhere you’ve posted that you are going on nothing more than his assurance to you that he isn’t. That relegates your assertion of libel as nothing more than your opinion, and not a matter of fact. I suppose Anthony could sue, then Facebook could be subpoenaed for the IP address, and we’d all know for sure. But until that day, you don’t really know, you only think you know….

        1. I was going to say something similar, Jonathan. Typical comments full of bluster and insinuations. I have yet to see any substantial follow up from that group.

  8. BTW, I remember seeing lots of “Nikky Snyder (sic)” posts on the Axanar FB page, so they weren’t just limited to Small Access.

  9. Ok, we know I have my opinions that rarely agree with those here. While I agree that identity theft is serious, does everyone here really think that the guidelines, Axanar or even Alec Peters are anywhere near enough to go to the trouble of stealing a young woman’s identity? If it was stolen to make money or to blackmail someone then I’d agree but just to post against Axanar on SA? Please that is totally silly. This is a fan film site not anything particularly important but making a false identity Facebook page is quite a lot of effort, more than I think anyone would go to for posting here. Suddenly this is the “thing” that discredits all of us who see the problems with Axanar. I will present an idea…what if Nikky’s site was put up be Axanar supporters for the sole purpose of making us look bad? Does that sound silly? Yes it does but no sillier than the idea that is here.
    Also directly accusing Anthony of something without proof (not you Jonathan…you’re hiding behind I only said “what if”) is called something…ummm…oh yea slander.
    I’m not going to write more here since I already know what will happen, I’ll be ridiculed and my comments will be laughed at. That’s ok, I still like posting here.

    1. No ridicule of laughing at, Edward. But I’d just like to clarify something your wrote:

      “If it was stolen to make money or to blackmail someone then I’d agree but just to post against Axanar on SA? Please that is totally silly.”

      Are you saying that stalking an unsuspecting woman, stealing her personal photos, and then using her image to maintain a fake Facebook account for 14 months is okay (or just “totally silly”) as long as it isn’t done to make money or blackmail someone? It’s okay to do this creepy this as long as it’s all in the name of criticizing a fan film and its producer?

      If I’m misunderstanding, please feel free to correct me, Edward.

      1. But its ok for Alec and the rest to do the same with their fake accounts ? Come on Jon double standards course you’re too chicken to post anything that proves alec is in the wrong here.

        1. Wait, you think this is just about setting up fake accounts? Are you purposefully ignoring the stalking of an innocent woman for 14 months and using her personal photos without her knowledge? You must be purposefully ignoring that…no one can be that ignorant and blind.

          Nope, Sep, this was NEVER, EVER about simply having a fake Facebook account. Grow a conscience, dude!

          1. So you know for a FACT that they were “stalking” her?

            It’s not like people go out and create extremely complete accounts that no one could tell is real. Unless you have actual proof it was stalking which by definition is:

            Criminal activity consisting of the repeated following and harassing of another person.Stalking is a distinctive form of criminal activity composed of a series of actions that taken individually might constitute legal behavior. For example, sending flowers, writing love notes, and waiting for someone outside her place of work are actions that, on their own, are not criminal. When these actions are coupled with an intent to instill fear or injury, however, they may constitute a pattern of behavior that is illegal. Though anti-stalking laws are gender neutral, most stalkers are men and most victims are women.

            So we must realize that if stalking was involved it sure doesn’t fit the pattern and it’s most likely identity theft.

            Once someone from the Axanar team gtinvolve the probably thought yall were stalking her.

          2. It’s more stalking than identity theft…and ironically copyright infringement by a detractor! I find that somewhat amusing in an otherwise creepy and stomach-turning situation.

            Keep in mind that a person who is being stalked is not always aware of it. Most stalking happens without a person’s knowledge–following, taking candid photos, looking through windows. You might be confusing stalking with harassment, Charles, which this was not. But by surreptitiously monitoring her Twitter account, taking screen caps of her photos, and them posting them elsewhere without Cassandra’s knowledge or consent, that’s pretty much stalking plus infringement. It’s not identity theft because the creator of the fake Facebook account did not use her name, address, social security number, etc. to impersonate her. He (possibly she but doubtful) simply used Cassandra’s likeness–her face and personal photos–to pretend to be someone else who was not Cassandra herself.

            Thanks for giving me to opportunity to make sure everyone is clear about what happened, Charles. 🙂

      2. How was the innocent young woman stalked? Some of her pictures were used is that about it? No one bothered her, actually no one even talked to her about it until the fervour started. It doesn’t seem to me that she had any particular damages from this. It’s my understanding that as a media reporter that she has no expectation of privacy on the internet or how could you publish her Facebook page? Did you ask her for permission to post it? According to your essay you didn’t since you said it was on public display on YouTube. So then you are stalking her too?

        About what you chose to quote from what I wrote I have to ask, are you CNN with fake news? I never said “It’s okay to do this creepy this as long as it’s all in the name of criticizing a fan film and its producer?” I love how you leave out what I really said…”going to the effort to make a fake account on Facebook seems like a lot of work just to troll a small (!) site like Small Access. I spoke of the effort being too much for the end result. You changed what I said from a valid comment to a dick response.

        I would like for someone honest to contact this woman and ask HER how upset she is about all of this. It’s ok to hear what you think but I believe the main importance is what she thinks.

        Well, I tried to explain and possibly correct you but I know what I said isn’t going to mean much to you or any of the other ‘fans’ since I’m already a hater and anything I say is nonsense.

        1. Do you have any women friends in their 20s or 30s, Edward? If so, tell them this story–or simply have them read my blog, since it’ll be the most accurate–and see what they tell you.

          Oh, and I did NOT share Cassandra’s Facebook page. Her page lists her by a different last name, which I am NOT sharing. I did, however, link to her YouTube video, as it is a publicly accessible posted piece of content that includes her name and news reel and does not require her permission to link to. What I did NOT do was to use her photos in an attempt to present myself as a made-up person. The screen-caps I used were off of the false Facebook page of “Nikky Synder” and I used the minimum amount necessary (two photos). The fake page had literally dozens and dozens of stolen photos of Cassandra and her friends.

          My apologies if I misunderstood you, Edward. That’s why I asked for a clarification. And CNN does not have fake news. There really was a terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain on Thursday. If you think that was fake news, well, check out other channels–they carried the same new story.

        2. But someone *did* create a fake account on Facebook for that exact purpose, be it silly or not. That’s a fact. And if I ever have to read “fake news” or any other Trump lie again, I have to puke…

        3. I actually had some interaction with her on the Nikky page. While we didn’t go into it in great detail, she was obviously displeased with the page’s existence, and wanted it down as soon as possible.

  10. Wow….now it’s become a witch hunt.

    Great job calling out someone like that. That really falls in line with the spirit of Trek. Really fixed a serious problem there.

    How is this better than what the detractors do?

    1. Well, let’s see…

      A young woman was having her personal photos stolen and misused without her knowledge and consent for over a year, and we stopped that.

      I have no regrets, TrekTheDude.

  11. Good Lord…. what a gong show. Who gives an F? Alec needs to make the bloody 30 minute movie and be done with it, and this sort of crap will stop. The more delays, the more you have to deal with this sort of stuff. Why can’t this sort of “which hunt” energy go into making the film?

    1. I can walk and chew gum at the same time, Magic. 🙂

      Even right now, I’m putting the final touches on my audio interview with Vance Major (removing the uh’s and um’s for a smoother, faster listen). And every so often, I respond to another comment or two.

      As for Axanar, I read over Alec’s 2-part script and gave him my feedback back in June. He’s still working with Rob Burnett and Bill Hunt on the final version of both the long script and the shorter two-parter (since they need to match). I really hope they decide to use a couple of my ideas, but ultimately, it’s up to them. Alec just finished moving his life to Atlanta. If you’ve been reading the pre-prodcution updates on the Axanar website, you’ll see that lots is going on behind the scenes getting costumes ready.

      I know a lot of people are impatient (including me) but I would MUCH rather this be done right than rushed. After all, Alec only gets one shot at this!

  12. Wow, this is almost like a political movie script! The other team is fielding it’s best droll attempts to keep hitting the target and sweeping Jonathan into it, when pointing out a grievous, dishonorable, deplorable tactic of using other people as camouflage, and then have the unmitigated gall to start hammering the people pointing out how low life this tactic is, how desperate and totally nullifying to their cause it is, and we get to see the whole creature feature collection roll out from under their rocks and start trying to snipe and snark at you! The creatures are right in one thing, Alec does need to get the 2 parts we have been graciously allowed by the Q to be made (despite other fan films continuing to release longer ones), and they carefully ignore we have to raise more money now to do what we HAD the money to do, until their Masters in the CBS Continuum used the legal system to siphon it all away for nothing. So, creatures, donate largely to Axanar so we can get what we funded for, and we can all go back to bashing JJScovery…..

  13. This is one of the most pathetic fanboy fights I have ever seen. I could be talking about how this post was reactionary, but now I have the juicy comment section full of rabid “trekkies” to point out.

    The shear amount of rage this is producing is amazing. The lawsuit is over. The guidelines are being actively protested. STD is Its own glorious s-iticane, what’s left to be mad about? The fake profile was an out right brain damaged stunt. The second blog about it is petty and unessisary.

    With that said the fact that detractors are still somehow using this the bash Alec and fanfilm is the lowest I have ever seen nerds sink outside of a comedy, which this might be made into in a few years.

  14. If JVC has been known to post on a detractor site, then I would love to see some proof of that, too many people keep talking about him as if he is the Patron Saint of ST fans, and I have yet to see any miracles for the fans come from him, just a disingenuous pod cast and a lawsuit..pretty poor performance for a patron saint, IMHO…

    1. It’s been shared with Alec by at least one person who is part of the secret group “Dirty Laundry” that John Van Citters occasionally posts there. There’s nothing illegal about that; it’s simply the optics of it aren’t good for CBS. This is not because it is simply an anti-Axanar group. Obviously, the lawsuit is over, but before that, CBS was the one suing Axanar. One would expect CBS to be on the detractors’ side.

      However, the problem for CBS becomes one of potential problems if they ever decide to go to court again with Alec for whatever reason. Any post made in the secret group becomes admissible in court because of the active participation of a prominent CBS employee posting as himself and known to be a VP at CBS. If those comment from others in the group are shared in court–and some of them are beyond nasty–they could serve to create sympathy in the judge’s mind for Alec himself. And CBS doesn’t want a judge feeling sorry for Alec or thinking he’s a victim of a smear campaign either tacitly or actively endorsed/supported by CBS.

      In short, I’d advise JVC not to post in the secret group anymore, as all of his comments have been and continue to be screen-capped (I’ve see a few myself). It might already be too late to prevent any potential damage, but why risk making it worse?

  15. The ONE thing that should be brought up is the the Federal court system can (and quite often does) call in the FBI to make fake social media accounts to keep track of those they are investigating or currently have on trial. So it wouldn’t be unreasonable for them to be the one behind this.

    It’s pretty obvious that Anthony’s being targeted here. Just Like I’m banned from all pro-Axanar FB pages except small access. Because of the perception that I am a threat to the propaganda they (pro-Axanar) folks want people to believe.

    Get that figured out? I’m being respectful as I can but blatant attacks against someone with opposing view points is wrong at best.

    Have a Good day.

      1. Jon. Why do you bother answering Sandy and Anthony? They’re clearly trolls. Responding to them adds fuel to the fire. Ban them and just get on with your reporting.

        1. Well, it is possible to walk and chew gum at the same time, but I get your point, Keshav. Sandy and Anthony are a bit of a time-suck without much payoff. It’s not like there’s any real hope for either of them. So it’s probably time to go back to not approving their comments unless they can be civil. Civility is always welcome here. Lies and accusations…not so much.

          And to be honest, Jayden just started first grade, and I do a lot of volunteering at his school. I could use the extra time. 🙂

  16. Congratulations on the 1st grade Jonathan, my grandson starts 1st grade next week. See, there is more to life than Fanfilms and/or Axanar. It always pays to be calm and collected when you argue so not to seem like a fool. I hope I come across as respectful (most of the time!)

    1. Note that your comments are always approved for posting, Edward. Although we don’t always agree, we can do so without malice. That is, unfortunately, not true for certain others.

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