Well, that didn’t take long!  Yesterday, I began asking members of SMALL ACCESS, who had voted to rename and re-brand our Facebook Group, whether our new name should focus on Fan Films or Star Trek: Discovery.  After all, they had both brought people to our group, but only one name could be on the sign over the front door.  (And no, I didn’t feel that “Fan Film Discovery” was a workable name…sorry, Reece.)

I’d expected to leave the poll up for a few days, but after less than 24 hours, the vote was 102-to-3 in favor of focusing on Fan Films.  I doubt another day or four would have made much of a difference.  Many comments mentioned that there was already a Discovery group, and the show would either succeed or fail without another Facebook group either supporting or resisting it.  Fan Films, however, deserved a wider following and more support.  So “Fan Film…Something” it would be!

A number of names were suggested in the comments.  Some, like “All Things Trek,” were already taken.  Others had potential, like “Fan Film Focus,” “SciFi Fan Film,” “Fan Film Trek,” “Fan Film Federation,” and “Fan Film Fans.”  A few gave me a chuckle: “Fundamentally Fantastic Fan Film Factor Forum for Freedom,” “Fan Film Funyuns,” and “Frankly Fans are Furious.”

But in the end, it was moderator Dave Heagney, Jr.’s suggestion of FAN FILM FORUM that just kinda grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.  It was clean, simple, and you know how much I love things that abbreviate down to “FFF.”

In fact, FAN FILM FORUM allowed me to do a visual tie-in to Fan Film Factor since I had many of the logo elements already set up in Photoshop…so creating a Facebook cover image for the group was relatively simple:

The visual tie-in between the Facebook group and this blog site makes sense.  Aside from the fact that the same guy (yours truly) runs them both, there’s also the fact the Fan Film Factor is currently the #1 blog site focusing on Star Trek fan films.  (This site gets more web traffic than the other two.)  So why not have a tie-in, right?

So let’s welcome FAN FILM FORUM to the world of Facebook groups.  If you never joined Small Access but you love Fan Films, then I invite you to click here and become of a part of the fun at Fan Film Forum.

9 thoughts on “SMALL ACCESS is now FAN FILM FORUM!”

  1. I just like to ask this big question about this subject here?, i want everyone to know that this is just my idea of this.

    Would you like to see a real star ship to be built on land and CBS. And Parmount can’t stop me for getting real money to build it as it will be over $ 2billion to build it. How many of you would like to help with this?. And do you think it will work and if anyone can try to build it on a computer system that you have at home or work. The star ship is the TOS star ship. It will be part of all of the star trek fan films groups to use it then?.

    1. Sorry, Kenny, but I wouldn’t give anything to such a project–too high a price tag for what is essentially a stationary amusement park ride. How about you set your sights on something a little smaller and more realistic and try to help Paul Olsen raise money for his 12-foot Enterprise model:

      If Paul can’t even get to $28,000, I doubt you’ll ever reach $2 billion, Kenny.

  2. Hm, quite fitting really – Hopefully, it’ll draw in more members – My more optimistic side says it will… P

  3. The tie-in works for me too. It’ll be a good place for posting about some of the many fan computer graphics I come across on YouTube. I’ll be sure to point them to the forum too. Might help others find us.

    1. I neither support nor oppose, Brian. I will, instead, keep an open mind to see what ultimately happens. That said, I do have some very strong feelings about the decision to put the series on All Access…and that blog will go up in a few more days.

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