New video added to FUNNY STUFF: “IT Guy’s Log”

Here’s a brilliant and hysterical fan-made short created with just a green screen, one TNG uniform, a digital background, two VFX shots from TNG, a bunch of voice-overs, and one very relatable guy from the IT department on board the Enterprise-D.  Long live IT Guy!

3 thoughts on “New video added to FUNNY STUFF: “IT Guy’s Log””

  1. That short video is entirely too realistic but it left out a couple of complaints that IT people have received “My printer is out of ink. I need it fixed now”. And “there’s glare on my monitor, come and move it.” Of such people is the sobriquet “luser” fashioned.

  2. LOL This was great! Not too different from today’s IT calls, but with the Trek twist. This is how to do a fun fan film with a limited budget, etc. We’re obviously still concerned about the limitations of the guidelines, but a bunch more vignettes like this would be absolutely fine.

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