FUNNY video: “Night of the Living Trekkies”

Back in September of 2010, author KEVIN DAVID ANDERSON saw his novel NIGHT OF THE LIVING TREKKIES (still available in hardcover, paperback, kindle, and audio format) published by Quirk Books.  A brilliant  mash-up of a Star Trek convention and zombie movies, the book was filled with hilarious and clever jokes and references that Trek fans would get in a nanosecond (including giving all of the chapters TOS episode titles).  And to help market the book, a 3-minute trailer was created that, as far as I’m concerned, is one of the top MUST SEE funny fan film shorts ever!  See if you agree…

6 thoughts on “FUNNY video: “Night of the Living Trekkies””

  1. Live Long and Prosper on Brains Brains Brains. AARRGGHHH. I can’t wait until the sequel “Revenge of the Zombie Borg”. Followed by the climactic conclusion “Species 8472 vs the Zombie Borg Horde”.

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