Funny video: QUARANTINED

Never let a pandemic ruin an opportunity to take a pot-shot at STAR TREK: DISCOVERY…or so it seems for SCOTT BAKER, a writer, director, and Steadicam operator from Los Angeles. His independent film, 5th Passenger, featured Star Trek alumni TIM RUSS, MARINA SIRTIS, ARMIN SHIMERMAN, MANU INTIRAYMI, HANA HATAE, and DOUG JONES. In his spare time, Scott is also a decent cartoonist, and his first Trek-themed parody short from 2016, CEASE AND DESIST, lampooned the just-announced CBS fan film guidelines. Nearly four years later—with the help of fan film actors RYAN T. HUSK and RICO E. ANDERSON, along with MALÍSSA LONGO (widow of the recently passed and sorely missed ARON “Nog” EISENBERG)—Scott sets his parody sights on both the global quarantine and the most controversial canon changes in Discovery, with hilarious results…

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  1. If this goes on long enough, we should have an award for the best fan fiction created during the lockdown.

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