DREADNOUGHT DOMINION’s “The More Things Change” is their best fan film yet! (video interview with GARY DAVIS, RANDY WRENN, and VICTORIA AVALON)

The folks at DREADNOUGHT DOMINION are still going strong after more than eight years making fan films. They’ve given us long episodes, short vignettes, whimsical stories, serious plots, action, adventure, emotional drama…all delivered with that most important of ingredients: a deep love of Star Trek.

Although I didn’t have a chance to cover the May 1, 2021 release of “The Passenger with Baggage,” their tenth fan film (not counting the three crossover/alternate universe episodes: CHAIN OF COMMAND, COMMAND AND CONQUER, and the more recent CALM, COOL, AND COLLECTED), I did discuss “Passenger” briefly in a November video interview with FRANK PARKER, JR., the original show-runner of Dreadnought Dominion.

The last time I covered this fan series was over the summer when they were successfully crowd-funding an Indiegogo campaign that raised $6,250 by offering—among other exciting perks—personalized Star Trek action figures in the likenesses of donors. Seriously, you can read about it here!

That campaign funded a number of things, including the CGI for their next release, which came out on November 6 and was titled “The More Things Change.” I always get excited when a new Dominion episode comes out, not just because I love that starship design and they use the gorgeous TOS sets at NEUTRAL ZONE STUDIOS in Kingsland, GA, but because they have fun, interesting characters, great stories, and honestly, you never know what you’re going to get with these guys!

That was particularly true with their eleventh episode, which gave us a really engaging story with good acting along with great VFX and a solid selection of TOS background music that made it feel very much like a classic Star Trek episode. Yeah, Dominion is still noticeably a fan production, but at its heart, it’s Star Trek to me. And honestly, I thought this was their best episode yet! Take a look and see if you agree…

One of the things that I find to be most enjoyable about this series is that actors who aren’t the captain or first officer get their chances to shine in episodes that feature their character. This was one such episode, as VICTORIA AVALON, who plays Dr. Farrell, was given many dramatic scenes with generous amounts of dialog allowing her to really perform and stand out.

And speaking of Victoria, I’ve long admired her efforts in a number of different Star Trek fan series, including STARSHIP FARRAGUT (where she started her fan film career) and STARSHIP DEIMOS from POTEMKIN PICTURES (where she writes many of the episodes and stars as Captain Gabriel). Indeed, I’d been wanting to interview her for quite a while…and with this release from Dominion featuring Dr. Farrell is such a prominent role, I had the perfect opportunity.

I also invited sh0w-runners GARY DAVIS and RANDY WRENN to join in on the Zoom chat, as they are both also essential to the series. So sit back and enjoy as we get to know these three prominent fan filmmakers a bit better…

3 thoughts on “DREADNOUGHT DOMINION’s “The More Things Change” is their best fan film yet! (video interview with GARY DAVIS, RANDY WRENN, and VICTORIA AVALON)”

  1. Well done Gary and to the rest of the DREADNOUGHT DOMINION team, a good episode. I particularly like the irony of having your wife play the Communications Officer — shedding light on those that are hearing impaired. Thanks for the fun ride! Many adventures await CAPT Brousseau and the Dreadnought crew.

  2. This is appreciated!

    I watched Leviathan and then spotted her in Homecoming too, so interesting to learn a bit more. I’m afraid it was that, slightly suspect, accent in the former that made her stand out (it’s a highly watchable film though, I enjoyed it). And I don’t want to criticise, Kudos for giving it go (and, gee, gosh darn it, I’m sure my American accent can meander geographically at a speed rivaling warp drive 🙂 ).

    I’ll have to watch more of this and find some time for the fan film. I always enjoy Dreadnought Dominion. It’s just my opinion, but for me, there is something about it that makes it the most quintessential of fan film series. Maybe it’s just that it’s easy to sense that they’re having fun doing it.

    Anyway, thanks for putting this up.

    1. Dominion has always had heart, and that is the “special” ingredient that makes a Star Trek fan feel quintessential.

      As for accents, I can’t pull off a believable British accent from any part of the U.K. to save my life. But my son’s best friend, who came from London, has a British mum who does the most incredible American accent! She puts Benedict Cumberbach to shame, it’s so authentic! How do they DO that???? 😉

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