The SHOWRUNNER AWARDS are not the same as TREKS IN 90 SECS…

I think I screwed up (a little).

Back in February, I announced a brand new contest for Star Trek fan filmmakers: TREKS IN 90 SECS! The idea was for filmmakers to create self-contained stories that could be told in 90 seconds or less. Those ultra-short fan films could be submitted to yours truly on or before the end of July and then be voted on by readers of my blog. The three fan films with the most votes would get the most amazing prize ever: bragging rights! (Sorry, no Vegemite. I can’t afford it.)

I was asked at one point if submissions to Treks in 90 Secs could go a little over 90 seconds, and I said okay. But I added that I would enforce a hard limit of no more than 2 minutes.

That may have been where I screwed up.

Last month when I announced that submissions were now open for the third annual Star Trek Fan Film SHOWRUNNER AWARDS, I forgot to mention that this was a completely separate competition from the Treks in 90 Secs contest. And I’ve since discovered that a few people thought they were the same contest.

Why did they think this? Well, one of the categories for the Showrunner Awards is “BEST SCENE (up to 2 minutes).” For that category, the entrant must create a separate, self-contained YouTube or Vimeo video of what they think is the best continuous sequence from their fan film. The sequence cannot be longer than two minutes.

And so, here’s a blog clarifying the differences between the two contests:


  • Open to Star Trek fan films of any length released between 1/1/19 and 12/31/23
  • Deadline to enter for this year: May 31
  • Click here to submit a fan film through an online form
  • Cost to enter: $10/entry plus $1 per additional category (23 categories total)
  • Judged by a panel of twelve fan film showrunners
  • Certificates awarded to the winners


  • Open to any Star Trek fan film with a total runtime not to exceed two minutes (preferably 90 seconds)
  • Deadline to enter for this year: July 31
  • To enter, e-mail me the link at jonathan (at ) fanfilmfactor (dot) com
  • Cost to enter: absolutely free
  • Judged by Fan Film Factor readers; votes tallied online
  • Nothing awarded to the winners except pride

Actually, now that I have a spiffy logo for Treks in 90 Secs, I might give something to the winners after all. Not sure yet, but I’ve got a few months to decide.

All right, you may all return to your regularly-scheduled lives…already in progress.

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