3 new parody music videos added to FUNNY STUFF: “DISCOVERY gets DIZZY!”

After the fourth episode of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY introduced the new spinny-winny “spore drive” that makes the starship whirl like a Dervish, someone decided to create a short parody music video using the chorus of the song “You Spin Me Right Round” by Dead or Alive.  Well, Jonathan decided to take it one step beyond by doing a parody music video using an ENTIRE song.  And which song, you ask?  How about the 1969 bubblegum pop hit “Dizzy” by Tommy Roe…

Earlier on, I “honed my craft” by trying to edit together a couple of other spinning songs.  Here was my first attempt using the rock classic “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” by The Beatles…

While fun (and a great song), that was a little too repetitive to really keep my interest.  So I tried again with the oh-so-perfectly titled “The Twist” by the legendary Chubby Checker…

Better, but not quite there yet.  And that’s when I remembered the song “Dizzy,” and well, you already saw the result at the top.

So forget about warp speed!  Toss out transwarp conduits and quantum drives!  We’re even leaving ludicrous speed in our dust!

Thanks to Lt. Stamets’ mushrooms, we get to moldly go where no fan has gone before!!!  Spore speed—when you absolutely, positively have to be there a second from now…

New video added to FUNNY STUFF: “Star Trek TAG TEAM”

Like wrestling?  Hate wrestling?  Either way, you’re sure to to get a laugh out of Star Trek: TAG TEAM, a short parody from the folks at Spiffy Films.  They describe themselves as “…animated parodies, with a bent towards tactical flubbery, contextual inconsistency and immersion-busting minutiae; poking holes in all the places your brain had quite happily decided to leave the heck alone, because you were trying to enjoy your popcorn, gosh dernit…”  Here’s what happened when Spiffy Films got their hands on Star Trek:

New video(s) added to FUNNY STUFF: “Make It So” and “TIE After TIE”

In late 2013, the Earth was invaded…by a song. The song would go on to win the Academy Award a few months later, but long before that, nearly every little girl on the planet (and many little boys, too) were singing it everywhere they went! And while most adults couldn’t remember the lyrics no matter how hard we tried to memorize them (frozen fractals???), we all knew the three-word name of the song from the chorus: “Let It Go!”

It took less than two months for a Star Trek parody of that infectious melody to make its appearance, compliments of a Canadian singing duo from Toronto known as Debs & Errol. Their band broke up in 2015, sadly, but not before giving the world numerous geek parody songs and music videos…most of which can be found on their YouTube channel. And of course, what better way to parody the words “Let It Go!” than with Jean-Luc Picard’s patented command catch-phrase: “Make It So!”

But aside from simply being a clever idea, the parody lyrics are amazingly fitting to the plot of the eighth Star Trek feature film First Contact, the movie clips follow those lyrics perfectly, and the singing is refreshingly on key (thank God!). Take a look:



But wait! There’s more!!!

Debs and Errol have a whole bunch of parody videos up on their YouTube channel, but my absolute FAVORITE, even more than the “Make It So!” Star Trek one, is this brilliant Star Wars parody music video, “TIE After TIE.” You’re NOT going to regret this:


New video added to FUNNY STUFF: “Star Trek Beyond Cast Dubsmash Compilation!”

Whether you loved, hated, or felt ambivalent about Star Trek Beyond, I think you’ll really enjoy this fun video compilation of the cast Dubsmashing.  And if you don’t know what it means to Dub Smash, well, watch the video and you’ll figure it out pretty fast.  Get ready to smile…