Trek short film CHANCE ENCOUNTER hits its Kickstarter goal!

Chance EncounterThe planned Star Trek short film, CHANCE ENCOUNTER, launched a Kickstarter 30 days ago with a humble goal of just £1,700 (about $2,500).  Fan Film Factor is happy to announce that the production hit its goal and exceeded it slightly by about £187 (or $235)…meaning they get to keep the money they’ve raised through their Kickstarter campaign.  Show-runner Gary O’Brien has thanked all of his backers and reports that his team is ready to get underway with this production.

CHANCE ENCOUNTER – A Star Trek short film begins crowd-funding campaign (ENDS JUNE 1, 2016)

Chance EncounterNot all fan Trek Kickstarters are trying to raise tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars!  For two British filmmakers with eight independent short films already under their belts, £1,700 (about $2,500) will do quite nicely, thank you.

Director Gary O’Brien and writer Paul Laight aren’t trying to make the next great Star Trek fan film epic.  Instead, they have a simple, character-driven story requiring only five actors (who will be paid professionals, not yet cast) and the construction of a single partial shuttlepod set. The rest of the script will be filmed outdoors in a natural setting.

To help these folks out with a quid, a fiver, a tenner, or just a few good ol’ American bucks, visit the website below: