STAR TREK: HORIZON (interview with TOMMY KRAFT), part 2

Cover 2Last time: we got our first look at the newest Star Trek fan film to take the online world by storm, Star Trek: Horizon. Since it debuted online seven days ago, it’s logged well over 300,000 views on YouTube! If you haven’t watched it yet, click that link in the opening sentence and do it. Do it NOW!!! (Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice saying that.)

Seriously, though, this fan film is amazing, made even more so by the simple fact that it was filmed almost entirely in a basement against a green screen! It features trained actors, cutting edge quality visual effects, and an original composed musical score. Add to that a compelling story, engaging characters, solid directing, and top-notch editing…and you’ve got a MUST SEE fan film that both dazzles and delights. Continue reading “STAR TREK: HORIZON (interview with TOMMY KRAFT), part 2”