Have you donated to PACIFIC 201 lately?

Last week, I told you about the new crowd-funded independent  Deep Space Nine documentary WHAT WE LEFT BEHIND, which set a goal of $150K and is about to cross the $300K threshold in less than a week…and that’s fantastic!  But there’s another VERY deserving crowd-funded fan project whose donation total isn’t climbing nearly as quickly…and that’s a shame.

PACIFIC 201 promises to be one of the most original, most intriguing, and (dare I say it?) most ENGAGING Star Trek fan films to come along in quite a while.  The first fan film (or any Star Trek film, for that matter) to cover the period smack dab in the middle between the end of Enterprise and the beginning of TOS, the time period of Pacific 201 is the turn of the 23rd century, 40 years after the founding of the United Federation of Planets.  It’s a critical period for Earth, still reeling from the horrors of the Romulan War but just beginning to emerge from fear and paranoia with a tentative first step back into the exploring of strange new worlds.

With physical sets and well-designed costumes, real actors, and some awesome visual effects, Pacific 201 looks like it could easily justify the $50K crowd-funding limit set forth the in new guidelines.  So far, their Indiegogo campaign stands at “only” $27,327.  They can raise another $23K, people…and we can all help them get there!  I just now put another $25 into the project, doubling my previous donation from last November.  Can you match me?

If everyone who reads this blog will match my $25 donation, show-runner Eric Henry will easily make his $50K goal to keep his studio open and finish production.  But hey, even $10 from each reader translate to $10K.

Click here to donate now!

And if you want to see what what you’ll be getting for your money (since perks are now a no-no), here’s their latest teaser video:

4 thoughts on “Have you donated to PACIFIC 201 lately?”

  1. I am a donor to Pacific 201, and have already received the awesome patches, as promised, in the mail! Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  2. Do you know if they’re going to be able to offer downloads of the video to donors? It seems like you can’t ask a question directly on the Indiegogo page without being a backer already.

  3. Hopefully, these people to dance on the wild side and defy authority by sneaking past some of these god awful guidelines, because this about as great a concept as Axanar – We’ll see – Fingers-crossed… P

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