Thirty-three NOMINEES announced for the 2017 INDEPENDENT STAR TREK FAN FILM AWARDS

It’s award season here in Hollywood–the Golden Globes, the People’s Choice, and the Oscars (to name just a few)–to honor the best movies and performances and cinematic achievements of the past year.  But what about Star Trek fan fan films???

As it turns out, we have our own annual awards, too…or at least we have for the past three years.

The first INDEPENDENT STAR TREK FAN FILM AWARDS were handed out at the 2015 TREKLANTA convention (in Atlanta…in case you weren’t sure) for Star Trek fan films released in calendar year 2014.  Thirteen fan films entered, and awards were given out in nine categories.

The following year, seventeen different fan films entered and the categories were expanded to thirteen.  Judges for the two previous years have included such notables as Diana Dru Botsford, Peter David, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Michael DeMeritt, Ken Feinberg, Matthew M. Foster, Andrew Greenberg, David Orange, Emmett Plant, Susan Sackett, and Rick Sternbach.  This year’s judges will be revealed after ballots are collected in March (we don’t want the judges getting badgered to vote this way or that).  And the winners will be announced live at Treklanta on April 30.

The categories this year will be:

  • Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form (>30 min.)
  • Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form (<30 min.)
  • Best Original Story/Screenplay
  • Best Director
  • Best Lead Actor/Actress
  • Best Supporting Actor/Actress
  • Best Guest Actor/Actress
  • Best Costuming
  • Best Hairstyling & Makeup
  • Best Original Music
  • Best Sound Design, Editing & Mixing
  • Best Special & Visual Effects.

And the nominees are:

The 2017 Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards Nominees
Series Name & Web Site Link Episode Title & Online Video Link
Needs of the Many “Needs of the Many”
Star Trek: New Voyages “The Holiest Thing”
Star Trek: Horizon “Star Trek: Horizon”
Starship Deimos “The Lucky One”
Starship Farragut “The Crossing”
Red Shirt “Red Shirt”
Battlecruiser Kupok “Sanctuary”
Star Trek: Natures Hunger “The Darkside of Starfleet Justice”
Star Trek: Intrepid “Nemo Me Impune Lacessit”
Starship Tristan “Relics and Regrets”
Project: Potemkin “The Last Child”
Starship Deimos “Aftermath”
Project: Potemkin “The Talinar Incident”
Project: Potemkin “The Hunt”
Star Trek Continues “Come Not Between the Dragons”
Project: Potemkin “Inquiry”
Star Trek: Revenge “Star Trek: Revenge”
Starship Tristan “The Chronicles of Lanclos”
Project: Potemkin “All in a Day’s Work”
Assignment: Earth “Boredom”
Star Trek Continues “Embracing the Winds”
Starship Tristan “The Greater Good”
Project: Potemkin “Destinies”
Trek Isolation “Out of the Fire”
The Federation Files “His Name Is Mudd”
Starship Tristan “Be Careful What You Wish For”
Star Trek: Raven “Voyager Continues”
Project: Potemkin “Room Service”
USS Danubia “Force Contact”
Dreadnought Dominion “Chain of Command”
Starship Deimos “Pas de Trois”
Starship Valiant “Crosses to Bear”
Star Trek: Dark Armada “Out of Time”

For more information about the rules and requirements, and to see a listing of previous years’ winners, click here.