It’s been quite a while since fans and donors got an update from STAR TREK CONTINUES.  Despite many, many new posts (sometimes more than one a day!) on their Facebook page, there has been precious little news on the plans for Star Trek Continues now that the fan film guidelines are in place.  After all, with guidelines saying that a Star Trek fan film can’t contain the words “Star Trek” in the title, must be less than 15 minutes in length and a maximum of a 2-parter (for 30 minutes total), and cannot be a continuing series, it seemed like Star Trek Continues couldn’t…well…continue without running afoul of multiple guidelines.

As I reported here last August, STC writer/director/co-producer JAMES KERWIN had told me at Creation’s 50th Anniversary Star Trek convention in Las Vegas that what CBS and Paramount have said is if you follow all of these guidelines, then they will not sue you.  But they do NOT say that if you don’t follow these guidelines, then they will sue you.  There is a big distinction there.

James also told me during our talk that STC wanted to spend the remainder of their crowd-funding resources to film their final four episodes to wrap up the series. They hoped that their good relationship with CBS might result in the studio allowing the fan series to complete its run.  The plan for STC had always been to do a limited number of episodes (originally planned for 12 or 13–now the total will be 11)…as star and show-runner VIC MIGNOGNA himself said that he won’t be able to play a 37-year-old Captain Kirk forever.  (The Internet reports Vic’s current age as 54.)

But since last August, updates have been scarce from STC…until now, that is.  They just published a MAJOR announcement confirming their intention to release the last four episodes of the series (already filmed and in post-production) and providing a premiere date for their eighth episode, “Still Treads the Shadow.”

Here’s the full update…

The announcement you’ve all been waiting for!

 At the beginning of 2016, STAR TREK CONTINUES ran a successful fundraising campaign to produce the final episodes of our fan series. As promised, we’ve spent your hard-earned donations to our non-profit production company exactly as we said we would and have been working around-the-clock to finish our final four episodes as quickly as possible.
Episodes 9, 10, and 11 are still in post-production and will be released throughout the year as they are completed. Episode 8 — “Still Treads the Shadow” — guest-stars Rekha Sharma (“Battlestar Galactica”) and will premiere at Fan Expo Dallas on Saturday, April 1.
We have even more amazing guest stars in these last episodes, culminating in a thrilling series finale by acclaimed science fiction author Robert J. Sawyer.
We want to thank each of you for your patience while we’ve been busy, and also for your support and encouragement throughout our run. It is our sincere pleasure to be bringing a conclusion to our beloved original series of STAR TREK at long last.
Live Long and Prosper.

64 thoughts on “STAR TREK CONTINUES announces PREMIERE DATE and TITLE for their EIGHTH episode!”

  1. Complete Garbage. Axanar gets suited without as much as an C&D. All fan films producers get completely ruined by CBS guidelines, yet Vic will be allowed to complete THREE hour episodes? I can understand if one show was in post-production, but three? Seriously?

    1. I’m not sure I would be complaining about this, Charles. After all, whatever we might think about Axanar, we fans are pretty much united in feeling the guidelines are too restrictive. The only difference is how “too restrictive” we think they are. I’ve found few people who say that 15-minutes is the perfect length. 🙂

      So anyway, if the studios are making an exception for STC, and they’re also making an exception for Axanar (use of Star Trek veteran actors), then maybe the guidelines aren’t the insurmountable “wall” many fans think they are. Any precedent-setting flexibility is very encouraging…at least in my opinion.

    2. I second what Charles just said. All the more reason why Alec should have been slapped with a C and D order, and NOT be allowed to continue filming Axanar. Alec’s illegal acts have caused great damage to the morale and reputations of both Star Trek and Star Trek fandom, itself. Alec SHOULD BE shunned, banned, and censured from Star Trek and anything related to Star Trek, indefinitely!

      Alec Peters and Axanar will CERTAINLY go down in history as the killers of Star Trek fan films!

      1. What “illegal act” are you referring to, Aaron? Was there a conviction for something while I was in the bathroom?

        And in order to be the “killers of Star Trek fan films,” there needs to be a dead body. Habeas corpus, dude! Stay tuned…because later on this week I ask the question: Are Star Trek Fan Films Actually Dead???

        1. I think you mean “no corpus delicti”. I’m not a lawyer, but I have seen every Perry Mason episode ever made.

    3. It’s a real kick in the head isn’t it Chuckles! You see, in the real world it’s sometimes unfair, while some follow the common sense rules and therefore are allowed a little more tolerance, then you have those complete idiots who are so delusional that they can’t follow the simplest of instructions and are therefore reprimanded for their stupidity!
      In this case your mentioned, you have Star Trek Continues who has used the donor funds responsibly and has actual produce what their supporters have backed, then you have Axanar who has been run by the most incompetent fan film organizer ever assembled, over a million dollars of fan money exhausted, an albatross warehouse that continues to drain money (money which no longer exists) and production no closer to beginning than two years ago !
      And you think it’s unfair that Star Trek Continues is allowed to release it’s episides, really Chuckles, you should be more concerned about the poor donors who just got screwed over with Axanar …

  2. Good for Vic and the gang. They have always delivered the goods. Also, all these episodes were announced before the Axanar lawsuit, so no reason for them to be punished. Can’t wait to see these episodes 🙂

    1. I can see the Renegades folks being the most pissed, to be honest. Not only had “The Requiem” been announced prior to the guidelines being announced, but Walter and Nichelle were already in costume and about to film their scenes when the guidelines were posted online for the first time. If only Renegades had known a deal like this was possible. But alas…

      Anyway, my fingers are crossed that this works out for STC.

      1. Perhaps other fan productions can make a similar deal with CBS, huh Jon?… *wishful-thinking*

          1. lol Right – Well then, at this point, I guess all we can do is just look forward to a better future for all aspects of Star Trek, fan films included… *hopeful* / P 🙂

  3. I, for one, look forward very much so to the release of their final editions of the series, Star Trek Continues. It has been the benchmark for Star Trek fan films since their inception, and their fans across the globe have marveled at what they’ve been able to accomplish under the direction of Vic Mignogna. Vic has done an incredible job with the series, and should be commended for his vision, tenacity, and his connection to and with the fans of Star Trek Continues. LLAP, y’all!

    1. Although my prime directive on this site is “Rule #1: There is no such thing as a bad Star Trek fan film; and Rule #2: If you see a bad Star Trek fan film, refer to Rule #1,” there are few fan films that I can sit through twice or more times. But I’ve seen all STC episodes at least twice and some significantly more times. I never get tired of them. Their quality and professionalism is, indeed, a high watermark for all fan films to strive for…even if they don’t get 45 minutes to do it like STC has.

  4. Chuckles… NEWS FLASH,

    STC already had the funds ready BEFORE the lawsuit to make their last three episodes. CBS stated several months ago that they would allow fan film productions that had already funded their episodes to complete their productions. Some of which were already in production when CBS filed the lawsuit. STC under that stipulation is exempt from guidelines. After episode 11 Vic is calling it quits. At least Vic is an honest fan film maker. QUIT COMPLAINING!

    1. Actually, John Van Citters never said “funded.” He said “in production.” However, I can see how CBS would equate the funding to being in production.

      But I still feel so bad for Renegades. If they’d only known!

    2. Well Rand,

      Since Jonathan has allowed you little childish insults on my name and calling anyone a dishonest film maker, perhaps Jonathan will allow me to call you out for your cowardance in blocking me and others on facebook who counterpoint your every rant and lie, and point out that you are the only person from either side of the coin, who became a traitor and backstabber. For no other reason than you crave attention.

      1. Chuckles,
        Jonathan has never let me get away with anything. I’ve gotten that same warnings he gave you. He has also refused to approve comments I’ve made when I have blatantly broken his rules. If I want Jonathan to approve my comments I leave out the personal attacks from now on. You ought to do the same.

        As far as my comments on FB groups I am entitled my opinion whether or not you agree. Yes I do stand by my opinions but they have no bearing here on Jonathan article or its topic. Blocking you on FB was a wise decision because I no longer have to deal with your personal attacks, character assassinations all because you do not want to deal with proven facts.

        At least, yes I am going to give Jonathan some credit. He can be irritating as hell being condescending but at least he doesn’t resort to personal attacks, insults and character assassination, He is not afraid to discuss facts even if he doesn’t agree with you. There are times he is irritating as hell but he is in no way like you and your behavior on FB.

        Yes Jonathan, that is a compliment.

        1. Also this Chucky, you don’t have civil discussions on FB with anyone you go straight to insults and calling everyone that disagrees with you a liar even when they provide proof to back up their claim you refuse to accept it. Calling me a coward, spread false rumors and lies about me here and on FB all because I left and I joined the Dark Side. If you don’t like me using your name to insult you in memes or in general comments then stop being an agitator, spreading false rumor, making up lies about me and instigating people like Steven Mayhew to insulting me and I will stop. Until that happens everything is fair game.

          IF you want some respect….. show some.

          1. Um, guys?

            If you’re going to utilize Fan Film Factor’s comments section in place of Facebook to confront each other, would you mind maybe clicking on an ad or two along the right side while you’re at it? I can use the pennies. 🙂

    3. Funny, I don’t see where Jonathan is complaining at all about STC making the final 4 episodes. It’s be strange for him to do so, too, because he donated to their last crowdfunding effort.

      As for what Van Citters said, he was pretty clear in that podcast that he was talking about episodes in post-production being grandfathered in, and that shows currently in production would “have to make some changes” based upon the guidelines.

      By the way, where did you get the idea that STC had the money to finish 4 episodes (not 3) before the lawsuit hit? Their final crowdfunding campaign took place last March, which was over two months AFTER the lawsuit was started.

      Really, Rand, you should get the actual facts together before you INDIGNANTLY RANT at JONATHAN!

      1. A Rand rant? I like it!

        STC took in $200K and budgeted $50K per episode. Obviously, folks are getting paid, since all sets are built, most costumes already exist, and they have all the cameras and sound and lighting equipment on hand (or if they rent it, it ain’t gonna come to $50K for a couple of weeks of filming). So that $50K was budgeted carefully to cover the costs of producing four episodes. Rather than forcing STC to give all that money back (which would probably cost more in payment processing fees and be a logistical nightmare), CBS decided to allow for the path of less resistance…reportedly. And I don’t blame them. They already had so much negative publicity from the Axanar lawsuit. And while I doubt Vic would actually lawyer up, forcing the production to return the money to donors would create expenses that could be seen as financially damaging…and CBS and Paramount could potentially be held liable for those damages (without the recourse of counter-suing for copyright infringement because of statements made by John Van Citters allowing previously-produced fan films to remain online with impunity).

        And hey, I don’t begrudge STC paying folks. When you do something of that quality (or Axanar’s or Renegades’ or Horizons’ or New Voyages’ quality), people are just putting in WAY too many hours to work completely for free…unless they’re all part of the 0.1%.

        And yeah, it’s going to be hard to fan films to achieve that quality now if they don’t pay people. On the other hand, there’s no guideline that says, “If you pay people, you have to SAY that you pay people.” It’s all on the honor system. Just a thought, folks… 🙂

      2. Dave, I didn’t rant Johnathan about STC , A rant would have been a long wall of text longer than your 4 lines making sure to insult me in the last sentence. AND I have my facts straight.

        “CBS stated several months ago that they would allow fan film productions that had already funded their episodes to complete their productions.”

        Dave, you do not always have to be a condescending fraker when you reply to comments here.

        1. “CBS stated several months ago that they would allow fan film productions that had already funded their episodes to complete their productions.”

          Rand, I just re-listened to the entire John Van Citters podcast (yes, all 75 minutes of it), and I couldn’t find any mention of what you just said anywhere. If that’s the source of your claim, can you please provide a time-code so I can double-check? And if instead you’re citing a different announcement from CBS or one of their representatives in either a press release or printed/video/audio interview, can you please provide a link to that?

          I’m not trying to be arrogant or snarky about this. I really do try to keep on top of any official statement(s) from CBS and Paramount regarding fan films. But the Internet is a big place. If you’ve seen, heard, or read something from CBS that I haven’t, it’s important that I find out…and not just as it pertains to STC at the moment. If CBS or one of their representatives actually said what you say they said, then that’s a pretty huge thing in regards to STC, Renegades, Captain Pike, and especially Pacific 201…since the latter wouldn’t need to limit its running time either considering it was crowd-funded prior to the guidelines, as well.

          Assuming you have a legitimate source, Rand, this could be HUGE and save a very deserving fan film that I think we’re all really eager to see!

          1. I just went and checked out the transcript for that podcast. JVC doesn’t even really come out and say shows in post-production are grandfathered in. The closest he comes to saying that is when he discusses the question the guy who has that fan film shot in the 80s with Takei had about his project. JVC said he’d still be able to remaster and post-produce that effort. And from there, came the assumption that shows in post- were grandfathered in.

          2. Yeah. There seems to be a bit of “group-think” happening among fans that, so far, CBS isn’t working too hard to correct. Until they do, an assumption is as good as a fact…until it isn’t. As long as no one wakes the giant, assume all you want. On the other hand, that’s kinda how we got to the point of the lawsuit and the guidelines in the first place!

        2. I listened to that podcast rather closely when it cam out. The only thing “grandfathered in” were episodes that were in post-production. Not funded, not “in production”, but post-production. I don’t know where you’re getting that episodes that were funded were exempt, but it wasn’t that podcast.

          And finally, Rand, don’t pretend that any animosity or antipathy I display towards you exists in a vacuum. I’ve tried dealing with you reasonably, and my efforts resulted in you blocking me elsewhere and telling me to “f*&k off!” So, I’m done being nice with you.

          1. Dave, Harassing me over the Retro Active Donors list. Fact is this the entire donor roster that was in fact deleted and not by Terry but rebuilt by Bill Watters from Wayback Machine ARCHIVES. Yeah that’s right!!!!

            You were so adamant to prove me wrong but I spoke to Bill via FB messenger and he even said the list used to be there but had no way to restore it but he would try. To date it still not restored but at this point I don’t give a frak about it anymore so I do not blame Bill Watters, at least he tried. Get over it.

            Telling you to Frak OFF was the right thing to do and I would do it again under the same circumstances.

          2. Rand, I don’t see how that could be possible. All I can tell you is that your name, and the names you gave to me that you got from Terry were on the roster, just not in a separate list. And it was that way in the Internet archives. And when you realized this, that’s when you started backing away from it and telling me to f@&k off. I don’t care what Bill may have told you, from my perspective, yoy made a big stink about something, and told me to pound salt when I took evidence you supplied me with and showed you that the names were never deleted.

  5. Ya I’d have to agree with their assessment that the guidelines are just that guidelines, not a guarantee of anything either way. CBS will retain the right to be as mercurial as they please with their copyright. And I don’t like to see anyone on Axanar’s side bemoaning STC’s continuation, we should be looking to them to help break the siege not acting like spoiled children complaining that your older brother gets to stay up later than you. I understand that emotions might be high but we really should try to lead by example and not sling any more mud than has already been slung.

  6. I for one am looking forward to seeing Renegades in its new form. I am also excited to know I will get to see STC finish out. Now as a fan of the entire cast and crew of Star Trek Continues AND original science fiction, I would LOVE to see Vic and Co. take on a new original project. I would definitely donate and watch!

  7. Doesn’t Renegades want to continue making new episodes? If so, then they would have had to go non-Trek in their third episode anyway, so better to do it now and start growing their own brand and fans sooner rather than later.

    1. Considering how many last second changes had to be made on the actual first day of filming(!!!)–including the final performances of Walter Koenig as Chekov and Nichelle Nichols as Uhura–I suspect that the Renegades producers would have preferred to do the change-over starting on the episode AFTER “The Requiem.” Just my opinion…

  8. I think they did know and chose to avoid the complication. One could also say that they made and “Executive Decision”

    As far as Continues goes.. They have chosen to roll the dice. Based on previous inaction by CBS, that may be a pretty safe bet. But, CBS did I believe say that it was a case by case basis. So I suppose in the end each production will have to make their own decision.

  9. Jonathan, Most of the scenes for the final episodes had already been shot before the lawsuit so I think that indeed counts as “in production”.

    1. That’s not what James Kerwin told me in Las Vegas last summer. He said that actual production had not yet begun on the final four episodes but would soon. However, I have now been told by a person working on the project that they discussed with CBS the fact that the four episodes were fully funded prior to the guideline announcement, and so they were obligated to deliver those…and apparently CBS was all right with that logic. But because only four episodes were funded, not six, the series would need to end its run with episode 11 and not episode 13. Still, a pretty good deal! I wouldn’t complain. 🙂

      1. If that’s the case, I’m glad CBS is letting them slide on the last four. They really did put STC in an awkward position by releasing the guidelines a few months after their fundraising efforts.

        What I find interesting is the contrast between this and New Voyages position that the guidelines somehow prevent them from releasing Torment Of Destiny, or any of the other episodes stuck in post-production hell.

        1. I’m hoping that, in honor of Richard Hatch’s passing and the gift to us that was his life, that James Cawley will allow at least “Torment of Destiny” to be edited to completion. I know someone who actually wants to do the editing, has the equipment, as is quite experienced (and no, his initials are not RMB). But I staying out of it personally. If there’s something to announce, though, I’ll be sure to let you all know.

  10. It’s been no secret to many that I do not care much for Star Trek Continues. As I have said over the past few years, STC has been nothing more than Vic Mignogna’s spiteful and vindictive form of vengeance against James Cawley and the now-defunct Star Trek – New Voyages/Phase II series. Despite the falling out I had with Cawley, Patty Wright, and David Gerrold, I still believe that STC is a rip-off of ST-NV/P2. Vic – along with Alec Peters, John Kelly, and even David Gerrold at one point, tried and failed to seize creative control of NV/P2, and as a result were shown the door. Unfortunately, this would lead Vic to seeking a petty vendetta by creating STC, itself.

    While I will admit that the production values(SFX, sets, and costuming)are top notch, the writing of the episodes have been nothing but crude and boorish. They all seem like high school play performances instead of quality Star Trek drama.

    Honestly, if Vic had set STC between the events of TMP and TWOK, maybe I would have cut him some slack. While he is not quite as bad as Alec is in terms of production business, Vic’s methods DO NOT make Vic a saint, either. His involvement in the incident with the Starship Ajax sets being hijacked five years past(an incident which implicated the involvement of some Farragut Films personnel and surprisingly Alec Peters)and his unauthorized release of the NV/P2 episode Kitumba being a part of those methods are examples of such immoral acts.

    I don’t blame CBS/Paramount for enforcing those guidelines. While it is unfortunate that some honest and decent ST fan film productions were ceased, there were some that were getting out of control in their production and needed to have the clamps put down on them.

    Along with Farragut, Axanar, and to some extent Ajax, STC is among those that need to be discontinued indefinitely.

    This entire and distasteful affair with Axanar should be a reminder to those who push the boundaries and cross the line when working in another creators ‘Sandbox’. If you can’t play nice and abide by the rules in the artistic ‘Sandbox’, then you need to have your toys taken away from you, until you can learn to follow the rules and be respectful.

    If Vic wants to end STC on a good note with the remaining episodes, he should come up with better writing and focus more on what made Star Trek so special, instead of focusing on his ego when it comes to playing Captain James T. Kirk. Let alone who plays a better Jim Kirk.

    1. Personally, Polaris, I think STC has some of the best writing in fan films. I still cry at the end of “The White Iris,” and I was blown away by how well “Embracing the Winds” caught the tempest of the 2016 presidential election through the metaphorically “safe” view screen of science fiction…in the best traditions of Star Trek.

  11. I’ve just read through these posts/comments and I am stunned and saddened at all the bickering – at times, intense – negativism, and conflict. Surely all participants have the same ultimate views, to maintain and extend the Star Trek domain. The various approachs to this strengthen the path to that goal. Forgive me being naive, but why can’t people be constructive and supportive in comments, and avoid personal attacks. So much time is wasted on vitriol (some of it seem to reveal jealousy); this energy would achieve so much more if it was diverted into positive channels.

    To read so much of this almost makes me want to turn away from any support of fan funded films. Please people, get your various acts together and drop the egos!
    (Oh Jonathon: with all your spare time, could you put spell-checks on these things??)

    1. “(Oh Jonathon: with all your spare time, could you put spell-checks on these things??)”

      Well, the first spell-check I’d have to catch is that “Jonathan” is not spelled “Jonathon.” 🙂

      And I don’t usually spend time spell checking others. It’s time-consuming enough just spell-checking myself! I write a 2,000-word blog…who proof-reads it? Moi, that’s who!

      As for the bickering, it seems to happen everywhere these days. My wife is in a FB group where everyone was commenting about Randall’s nervous breakdown two weeks ago on “This Is Us,” and one woman commented, “Randall just needs to man up and grow a pair!” You think Axanar is controversial??? You should have seen the fur flying after that Randall comment! 🙂

      Anyway, I try to keep things polite and civil on this blog site with a couple of simple rules: no profanity and no name-calling insults. It kinda works. But “kinda” is better than “not at all.”

    2. Unfortunately, with all the negativity that has been happening in Star Trek fandom during the past five years, positive channels have been hard to come by. And as a result, you have people who have egos fly out of control, break the law, commit immoral and illegal acts, be rude and disrespectful to other fans, act toxic, there by taking the fun out of Star Trek fandom for everyone.

      Something that the following individuals SHOULD be well acquainted with, since they instigate such bad behavior: Alec Peters, Vic Mignogna, Chuck Huber, John Broughton, Michael Bednar, Scott Johnson, J.C. England, Richard Wells, John Hughes, Dennis R. Bailey, James Vergon, Patty Wright, David Gerrold, Bonnie Malmat and the Trek BBS staff, Aldo Rodriguez, and various others, just to name a few.

      It amazes me how Star Trek fandom has lasted this long with such stupidity and out of control egotism. Let alone out of control fan politics and liberalism.

      Honestly, Gene Roddenberry would have been very saddened by this foolish and ignorant BS!

      1. “Honestly, Gene Roddenberry would have been very saddened by this foolish and ignorant BS!”

        Charles, I hate to tell you this, but Gene Roddenberry himself had an IMMENSE ego. Yeah, I know we all love and idolize him, but the guy could be a tyrant to work for and abrasive to work with. Star Trek II:TWOK Producer Harve Bennett once said:

        I did not like Gene Roddenberry, he did not like me … I found him to be egocentric and difficult to work with. That does not diminish his contribution, his genius and that special ability that Gene had which I would call promotional genius. He knew how to take things and make them instantaneously important.

        Gene’s egotism was also pretty well documented in William Shatner’s documentary “Chaos on the Bridge”:

        All of this is to say that your list, Charles, of some of the “big egos” in fan films is also the list of some of the most successful fan filmmakers. And I dare say that Gene Roddenberry himself was as successful as he ultimately was because of that same big ego and confrontational attitude. Maybe that’s part of what it takes…who knows?

  12. Oh, Jonathan, the request for a spell-check facility (a tongue-in-cheek suggestion) was for me, I mis-type so frequently. But so also do some others.

    As for STC, I agree, it has some of the best acting and writing to be found in all the ST fan films, although there are others just as good.

    1. Personally, I think “Prelude to Axanar” had the best acting of any fan film so far, but that’s certainly not a fair comparison, as five of the six faces in front of the camera were professional SAG actors with extensive sci-fi and Star Trek experience. But I think STC consistently comes pretty darn close to that bar. And since I can’t act myself out of a paper bag, personally, I don’t think I have a right to criticize anyone else’s acting.

  13. Charles,
    Thank you for reading my comment. A pity you didn’t absorb my message. As Jonathan said, “… and the band plays on!”

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