ALEC PETERS discusses the new ATLANTA location for AXANAR! (interview)

Yesterday, I was told by several folks to look at this posting from CARLOS PEDRAZA’s blog site. In it, he had had the “scoop” on where the new AXANAR PRODUCTIONS studio would be located, how big it was, the amenities it offered and didn’t offer, and even photos of the outside and inside.

There was only one problem: that WASN’T the new studio.  It wasn’t the right building; it wasn’t even the right city!  Carlos listed the new location as Gainesville, GA: “…about 55 miles northeast of Atlanta, actually a bit closer to the South Carolina border than to Georgia’s capital.”

Now, I’m not sure where Carlos got his information from, but for the last two weeks, I’ve been preparing an interview with ALEC PETERS about the new Atlanta facility, and I already had a whole bunch of information and photos…and they didn’t match what Carlos had posted at all.  This seemed, to me at least, both curious and a bit troubling.  One of us had the wrong information…and I really hoped it wasn’t me!

So I contacted Alec.  I asked him if he’d made any last-minute changes to the location of the space that he’d be leasing.  He said no, he was still leasing the same place—the lease was signed, sealed, and delivered—and no, it was not the same one that Carlos was reporting on

Then I asked Alec if he would mind moving up our interview so I could get the correct information disseminated before people started thinking that Axanar was moving into some dumpy building in an economically depressed town more than an hour away from Atlanta.

DON’T BE FOOLED!!! This building shown on the Axanonitor blog site is NOT the building that Axanar Productions will be moving to. The correct image is the red brick building featured at the top of this web page.

Originally, I was planning to publish my interview with Alec sometime next week when the moving trucks are supposed to arrive.  But I heard that Alec has a whole slew of local volunteers lined up to help unload the trucks and unpack things, and to be honest, I was worried that some of the volunteers might get confused and think they’d accidentally shown up at the wrong building…as the one in Carlos’ photo isn’t even the right color!

Anyway, Alec agreed to expedite his answers to my interview questions, and I just received them. So here is the CORRECT information about the new facility in Atlanta…

JONATHAN – Tell us a little about this new studio. Where is it exactly?  How big is it? Does it have air-conditioning? Is it sound-proofed?

The city of Lawrenceville, GA is the second oldest city in Metro Atlanta and has a population of just over 30,000 citizens…with a youthful median age of 32 (from their Facebook page).

ALEC – The new studio is in Lawrenceville, Georgia, which is 30 miles (about 45 minutes with traffic) from downtown Atlanta.  It’s about 20 minutes from 285, the big perimeter road in Atlanta.  Lawrenceville is a beautiful little town that reminds me of the town square in Back to the Future! But it is also a couple minutes from all the shopping you could ever want, and Discover Mills Mall is just 10 minutes away.

The studio is 6,000 square feet and fully air conditioned! And while not soundproofed, it is insulated, which actually serves as soundproofing. Also, once you start working inside of sets, soundproofing isn’t very important, as the walls of the sets serve to baffle the sound.

JONATHAN – What was the final tally of the survey of Indiegogo voters? How many of the 310 donors asked for a refund, and how much total of that $22,000 did you have to refund?

ALEC -Of the 310 donors, 139 responded to our survey.  Out of those, we only had five people request a refund, which totaled less than $200 for the five donors together.  By far, the majority said that they were fine with whatever we decided to do.  89 said they trusted us to make the right decision if we wanted to move to a new studio, and 11 said they didn’t care as long as they got their perks.  34 (less than a quarter of respondents) said they preferred us putting the sets into storage rather than setting up a new studio.

JONATHAN – How long of a lease have you just signed…and what will the rent and utilities be?

ALEC – I signed a 3-year lease. The financials are private since donors aren’t paying for the lease, and I personally guaranteed it. But it is a fraction of the L.A. Industry Studios space.

JONATHAN – Will Axanar now be filmed in Georgia? Or will some of it still be shot in Industry Studios in Valencia?

ALEC – We’re not currently planning on using the sets for the two 15-minute Axanar segments. Don’t get me wrong, we’d love to, but the plan right now is to shoot the segments in Los Angeles. It really comes down to how much we’ll be able to raise through our private fundraising efforts. We would love to have flashback scenes onto the bridge of the USS Ares.

JONATHAN – If you use the Valencia location, do you have to pay for the time you will be using it?

ALEC – Our agreement with the landlord in Valencia allows us access to the soundstage at an incredibly reasonable rate.

JONATHAN – How much of the $22,000 from the Indiegogo campaign will you have left after fees and perk fulfillment?

ALEC – Well, fees are 10% and Perks won’t be much. So we should have close to $19,000 I hope.

JONATHAN – What will that money be used for? And how much is this move across country costing just for the trucks and labor?

ALEC – The money we raised will go to pay for the move and setting up our operation in our new location. The three tractor trailers alone cost $12,000.

JONATHAN – Where will the money to pay the rent on the new facility be coming from?

ALEC – Well, we won’t be asking donors to cover our ongoing expenses. We’ve made some pretty significant operational changes, and I feel confident we’ll be able to generate enough cash flow to keep the doors open, the lights on, and the cameras rolling well into the future.

JONATHAN – So what are the plans for this new studio? You mentioned that you’ve been in contact with some other productions in the Atlanta area…which one(s)?

ALEC – We don’t want to get too far out ahead of ourselves, Jonathan. We have some projects in development of our own, and we are talking with some producers who are interested in working with us. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop when any of those projects hit a significant milestone.

JONATHAN – Is it true that you’ve found nearly two dozen local Axanar fans in the Atlanta area who have already volunteered to help you unload the trucks and set up the new studio when you arrive next week?

ALEC – Actually, that is an amazing story. Here in L.A., it is really hard to get volunteers. L.A. is very spread out, and people have so many options on what to do. We have about four volunteers at any one time. But in Atlanta, we expect to have over 20 fans help move in based on all the responses we have gotten! It really is amazing the love for what we do.

JONATHAN – Can I finally show those photos you sent me of the new facility?  (I’ve been holding them back—at Alec’s request—for nearly two weeks!)

ALEC -Please do!

JONATHAN – Okay, folks, here’s what the new Lawrenceville facility REALLY looks like (the business offices and the sound stage area)…

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    1. “Alec Peters sent this email, that had the “Wrong Address”…”

      You forgot the rest. Let me fix it for you…

      “Alec Peters sent this email, that had the ‘wrong address’ to a guy who lied about his intentions in order to glean the correct address from him.”

      There, that’s better!

        1. Maybe we should put “facts” in charge of Axanar instead of Alec Peters. He certainly seems to be unable to accomplish anything (unless you count separating people from their money).

      1. Yup, Peters really showed Carlos… He leaked incorrect information to multiple people and it made it’s way back to Carlos…

        Too bad that the meat and potatoes of Carlos’ story was still True…

        1.5 Million dollars was dumped into a facility that Peters and Axanar has to abandon, because lets face it #lackof planning….

        Axanar now has to start from scratch on the other side of the nation, with another 3 year lease on a warehouse, that isn’t a sound stage…

        Good job.. you got Carlos to publish an incorrect address, that he retracted once it was made clear was incorrect..

        But, I will say, Hubcap.. your name suits you….

        1. I know, since I once owned a hubcap store.

          Tell me Orange Jumper, how does one plan for a lawsuit being filed just as you’re about to go into production? Tell me that, please…..

  1. May the fleas of a thousand camels and the sounds of humiliating laughter follow Mr. Pedraza for all eternity! Lol … I think someone with a great sense of humor pulled an awesome scam on him. Personally, I think he deserves all the humiliation he will get from this. Thanks Jonathan and thanks Alec, for the update.

  2. Well, to Team Axanar, great job and keep up the good work.

    I’m sure Carlos will post an eloquently worded retraction of his story and update his followers with all the proper information. Just deleting it or making changes without acknowledging his mistake would be a pretty dishonest thing to do. On top of that he might want to take a look at his fact checking procedures. After all, if you want to fancy yourself a journalist you should really start with posting things that you’ve verified are true.

    Keep the good news flowing Jonathan. Good interview.

    1. Justin what is team Axanar ? Are you now referring to Alec Peters as a team ? The hilarious comedy of Axanar with its smoke and mirror deception and empty promises will definitely go into the books as one of the biggest Bull*hit scams ever in fan film ! Something you should be proud to be involved in Justin, keep it going as long as you can and all the mature adults will just set back and enjoy the clown show !

  3. Is it terrible of me to smile at the fact that Pedraza just publicly screwed up big time, for all to see? He thought he had stolen the wind out of Alec’s sails with his “scoop”, when in fact he got it completely wrong.

    It will be interesting to see how he spins this one into some sort of hollow victory for himself.
    Or will he admit he was wrong, like a real journalist would? He does, after all, claim to be a journalist.

    1. More importantly: Who cares? The fact of the matter is the traveling scam artist has burned through his good will in Los Angeles and is being run out on a rail to the east coast where he can hoodwink a new set of people – until they catch wise as well.

      “Also, once you start working inside of sets, soundproofing isn’t very important, as the walls of the sets serve to baffle the sound.”

      So, why did you spend so much money in Valencia sound proofing the warehouse? ($12,000 on doors alone)

      “We’re not currently planning on using the sets for the two 15-minute Axanar segments. Don’t get me wrong, we’d love to, but the plan right now is to shoot the segments in Los Angeles.”

      So, why did you bother spending so much money building sets if it could have been accomplished in other ways?

      Unbelievable people still buy into this.

      1. Unbelieveable how many facts you had to overlook to express your dismay. If you’d been paying ANY attention whatsoever, then you’d know that the format of the movie has changed to a Prelude-style mock documentary. All the sets were built prior to the lawsuit, when it was still planned as a feature film.

        Try to keep up please…..

        1. I thought about pointing out all the errors and false statements that Harry Mudd In Your Eye made in his post, but I really, REALLY had to go pee.

  4. nice looking space. And i introduced Alec to a friend of mine with a film studio in atlanta so he can get help if he needs it

    1. Hey Jon, after you introduce your friend to Alec, he wouldn’t be your friend anymore !
      Your kind of a slow catch Jon, but that’s one Hell of a way to treat a friend !

  5. Very Strange.

    Even though Carlos is not a fan of Axanar, he usually checks his sources.

    Did someone feed him the wrong information?

    1. That seems to be the case and would explain why Carlos got it so wrong. What it doesn’t explain is why Carlos was so quick to publish the (mis)information rather than checking to verify its accuracy. I’ve been out most of this afternoon, so I’m only just now catching up. And I’ve got something already scheduled for Friday. So expect a follow-up from me on Saturday.

      1. Seems like unnecessary point scoring to me. I get that he feels attacked but…

        An elaborate sting?

        What is this, the 7th grade?

        1. There seems to have been an effort to discredit Carlos’ reporting for the past few months. Every time someone would say Carlos printed wrong, or incorrect information, they were challenged to present an example, and none have been provided.

          I suspect that having a detractor contact Peters about potentially helping with the move, provided them an opportunity to provide Carlos, incorrect information about the location of (is it back to Industry Studios, even though Danny was keeping that name?) so that he would run a story with the wrong address, and it can be proven Carlos ran false information.

          What did Carlos do? He owned up to the mistake, and accepted responsibility for it. He explained how it happened, but even kept his source secret, when it seems that they may have burned him.

          Whatever, Alec Peters blew through 1.5 million bucks, and has some wooden structures that according to this interview, won’t even be used to make Axanar Lite…

  6. Personally I think this is all BS Jonny. You see, Alec is the one who said it was the location in Gainesville:

    Why would Alec send out the wrong information to the volunteers? I don’t think he would. What this looks like to me is that for some reason (maybe someone leased it first, Alec’s bad credit, someone told the landlord about Alec breaking his last lease) Alec lost the first location and went with his second choice. Now I’m sure you’ll tell me I’m wrong, but it’s either that or Alec lied to all the volunteers.

    Which is it?

    1. Curly Boy, are you really so dense that the possibility that Alec made Brian for what he was: A detractor trying to glean the address of the new location under false pretenses? It’s not all that hard to figure out, considering he hosts that stupid Prelude Redux edit over at youtube!

      Under the same circumstances, I’d lie to the jackass as well! Also, I’d make a fake email to send, because sending a bogus address to the legit volunteers would be the stupidest thing E-VAR! I mean, really, THAT part has to be the most hilarious thing you guys have spun out of this, except for when Justin Burton managed to convince himself that Carlos was actually right about the Gainesville location. That one made me lol for real!

      1. “…except for when Justin Burton managed to convince himself that Carlos was actually right about the Gainesville location. That one made me lol for real!”

        Wait…that really happened??? Even after Carlos posted his correction–or before?

      2. Hubcap that ignores the fact that someone else gave Carlos the information before he confirmed it with Brian. That suggest that the bad addreas to Brian was more than just giving bad information to one person. He either gave bad information to more than one person or to everyone. That suggests either incompetence or a deliberate trap for Carlos. If Carlos is a nobody as Alec claims why bother with a trap?

        1. I don’t ignore it, I just go with the more accurate fact that Carlos SAYS someone else gave him that information before he confirmed it with Brian. Until he names his source, and I can verify for myself, his explanation is self-serving.

          1. I have to side with Carlos on keeping his source unnamed. During the lawsuit, I consulted three “legal eagles” who asked me not to identify them by name…and I didn’t. Carlos should be afforded the same respect in protecting the identity of his source(s).

  7. Interesting column. I checked out the “Aximonitor” group on Facebook and found a lot or whining that Mr. Peters evidently used this situation to root out a mole or two. Who can blame him? These “Aximonitor” people sound unhinged. I hope Mr. Peters has an excellent alarm system on that building in Georgia.

    1. When installing an alarm system you have to determine whether the contents of the building warrant the investment of protecting it, in this case with partial completed sets – NO !

  8. Axamonitor’s incorrect article has humorously been updated:

    CORRECTION Axanar surrogate, Jonathan Lane, published an interview with Peters on April 27 in which he revealed Axanar’s new facility is actually in Lawrenceville, Ga., about 30 miles north of Atlanta. AxaMonitor‘s initial report was in error, based on sources controlled by Peters who deliberately supplied false information. This is a developing story, and this article will be updated accordingly.

      1. Jonathan, you have always been a surrogate for Alec. You are the Breitbart to his Trump. You are an apologist, you accept what he says at face value, and ignore facts about his misdeeds when they stare you in the face. Please don’t insult us by claiming that you are fair, balanced, or anything like that.

    1. Well, Carlos won’t divulge his primary source under any circumstances, and he used Brian Hartsfield (who contacted Alec under the guise of volunteering to help with the move on the Atlanta end) to corroborate that source. It apparently is out of the realm of possibility for Carlos that Alec made Brian for what he was: a detractor trying to glean the address of the new location under false pretenses. Were I in the same position, I’d lie to the guy, too and give him the wrong address. And, considering this is all we have to go on (unless you feel like taking Carlos’ word that his source was actually someone Alec had influence over and could get to participate in this alleged conspiracy), his explanation appears to be very self-serving.

      1. Hubcap,

        How did he use Brian Hartsfield? If that is the person (which you and I both know is incorrect)
        is verifying an address which is something normal people do every day, regardless of what he intends to do with that information is rather petty.

        Unless Alec is trying to hide some sort of illegal activity?

        Then you bring this up:

        “Alec had influence over and could get to participate in this alleged conspiracy”

        Which actually makes sense because everyone who have ever been involved and left the Axanar team has stated multiple times to multiple sources that Alec had to have complete control of every aspect of everything.

        1. “…because everyone who have ever been involved and left the Axanar team has stated multiple times to multiple sources that Alec had to have complete control of every aspect of everything.”

          Funny…that’s what they used to say about Gene Roddenberry, too. 🙂

          1. Quite true,

            Yet Gene Roddenberry felt that the studios were stealing his property from him. When the reality of the situation was that he didn’t understand that he created the property for them under contract via DesiLu Studios.

            After that point his being involved was a courtesy granted to him by the studios.

            Now let’s be honest comparing Alec to Gene is like comparing Nixon to Jesus Christ.


          2. I hope your not comparing Gene Roddenberry to Alec Peters ! That’s a complete disgrace to the Roddenberry family !

        2. Not sure what you’re getting at admiral. Hartsfield himself said over at Axamonitor that Carlos asked him to corroborate. By doing that he employed Brian for a purpose, which is as good a definition of “use” as any.

          Further, it appears Brian approached Alec under a false pretense, so the insinuation you’re trying to make is frakkin’ felgercarb!

          Whether that last bit makes sense or not (you’d have me believing Alec was running a latter-day Manson Family!), it’s immaterial as long as Carlos sits on who told him first.

          1. Dave (and Admiral), I think you’re both missing the point. Carlos has a direct line of communication to Mike Bawden (PR director for Axanar Productions). He asks Mike questions quite frequently, and Mike provides answers (and is often quoted on Axamonitor). Mike was never contacted by Carlos to confirm whether the address Carlos was provided was accurate or not. Carlos simply went to press with it. That’s just sloppy journalism…if you can even call it the “j” word at all.

      2. Hubcap would you really be treating him any better if he did reveal his source? Or instead would you “get mad” at him for throwing someone who ostensibly was helping him out under the bus. You seem to just be hunting for reasons to be mad at Carlos. He issued a retraction and owned up to the fact that he published incorrect information. Since that information wasn’t even the important part of what he published and the change in location doesn’t change whether or not everything else is valid why are you crowing about this situation like it is some huge victory for Axanar or something. People are wrong everyday. You keeping defending Alec’s “mistake” in calling his supposed reimbursement as salary yet you are ripping Carlos for a far smaller mistake.

    1. Lee, “that’s one great looking facility” ? When your desperate enough there are outhouses which are great looking facilities also !
      It’s the leadership for success which is lacking here, so it doesn’t matter where this SH*T SHOW goes – it’ll fail !

  9. Is there a part in Axamonitor where Carlos brags about his journalistic credentials?

    1. In his “I’m sorry but I’m also really, really pissed” editorial, he uses the words “journalist” and “reporter” five times…and “lie”/”lied” six times.

  10. Those are the most beautiful floors Ive seen of any warehouse. Now that you’re on the east coast and occasional have corporate training in GA, I may be able to drop in. Much success.

    1. Sounds like a great idea Oscar ! Why don’t you drop in and sweep the beautiful floors ! At least then something will be getting done with this new facility – ha …

  11. I live here in Lawrenceville and it a up and coming location. Huge new studios big ticket movies, tv series and you name it. As a original doner i wish nothing but success

    1. David, the Mojave Desert will be an up and coming location in the year 2098 which should be about the same time Axanar is completed !
      Keep those donations coming !

  12. Which is worse Jonathan reporting what several people tell you is accurate, and when Carlos learned he was mislead with false information he printed a correction and an apology. Which is exactly what he should have done, just like you did when you stated in a blog how much it would have cost Axanar to rent a studio. You acknowledged your error and printed a correction so what is the difference? Oh, you said you misunderstood the amount a friend told you and Carlos was mislead.

  13. Progress, progress, and more progress!! Good to know Axanar can still happen!!… P 🙂

    1. Progress, progress and more progress ? Let’s see, we have 1.5 million dollars squandered with nothing to show for it, a defaulted warehouse in LA with hundreds of thousands of dollars invested for a new landlord and yet again, nothing has ever been filmed there ! Then we have a new warehouse in Georgia with a three year lease and absolutely no money to maintain it, sounds a little like the LA mess doesn’t it ! Then let’s top it off with three trucks transporting partially completed sets across the country to store in this warehouse, with no possibility of them ever being used for production !
      Ya, it sounds like things are really PROGRESSING!

  14. Some questions Alec.
    Are you able to put in some additional rooms for dressing storage? Is there restroom facilities? What’s the ceiling height and is it adequate to suspend lighting sound and possible camera track?

    Where will sets be stored? As they are large even when broken down will there be adequate space left for other productions?

    Who is your logistics specialist dealing with facilities?

    1. I’m not sure I opened the floor for questions for Alec Peters, but you’re welcome to ask. However, please understand that he’s in the process of moving an entire studio 2,500 miles and might not be available to answer.

      1. You know Alec can’t answer questions right now, he’s extremely busy in Las Vegas at the gambling tables with the $21,000.00 indiegogo money !
        Let Alec work his magic again, next indiegogo coming up soon !

        1. I think you should relay this information to Carlos as soon as possible. Hurry up 🙂

  15. The sound stage area is gorgeous! My concern though is the shiny floors. Hard floors (and other surfaces) reflect sound and create really bad echoes that muck up audio recording. Ever gone into an unfurnished apartment? Even in modest carpeted rooms it echoes noticeably and would only be amplified on the recording equipment. Laying down sound dampening and soundproofing, even if it’s carpet, would be helpful in that area. But holy crap that is a beautiful location! I wish I could help them get moved in and set up in there. I’ve always been into the behind the scenes stuff in TV and movies since I was a kid, watching “Movie Magic” and such, I love that stuff! **sigh** Maybe one day I’ll be able to write a story that might be good enough that people from an indie studio would find interesting enough to want to bring it to life and let me be part of making that happen.

    1. Having stood inside that bridge, it’s raised and covers most of the flooring. As it’s own mini environment, it pretty well muffles sound. However, I don’t know whether Alec is planning to cover the hard floors in layers like he did with Industry Studios.

      1. Maybe this time Alec will cover the floors in packing foam, that’s bound to be soundproofing at its finest –

        1. You seems to be an expert of soundproofing. You soundproof your hate extremely well. ;P

  16. I’ve never seen so many people so proud of a lie or the person who told it. Especially someone who must depend on people believing him enough to give him money.

    1. Since Carlos is unwilling to divulge his source, and we are thus unable to determine the veracity of what he says about his “primary source”, all we have is Brian Hartsfield, who approached Alec under false pretenses and likely got made for it. Given that that’s all we know for fact (and a tiny bit of supposition), were I in Alec’s place, I’d give him a bogus address, too.

  17. I don’t but evidently the Axanar bunch does. Sad truly sad that the only you can make yourself look good is to make someone else look bad..

  18. I don’t understand why the location of the new studio is an issue. Why would you try to keep it a secret, why would you be so petty as to lie to anyone about its future location?

    If Carlos had called Mike Bawdwen and asked for the new location would Mike have lied, said “no comment” or simply given Carlos the trivial information? My guess would be that he would of simply provided the information.

    But why would Carlos call Mike? Two sources and an email confirmed the info (and who would ever imagine someone would lie about something as minor as this). That would be like after
    two people told you Alec wore a blue shirt today you calling a third person to triple check! Who cares!

    Did anyone really consider printing the location of the new studio a “scoop”? There is way more important information out there. The important part of Carlos’s story are still true.

    I am not an Axanar detractor. I thought Prelude was entertaing. I am an Alec Peters detractor.

    1. Hi. Maybe I can provide some insight here.

      Carlos and I did have an email correspondence about the move on April 18. At that time, a lease had not been signed although Alec was pretty excited about the opportunities. Carlos asked if the sets would be staying in Valencia and where in Atlanta the new soundstage would be located. I confirmed the fact the sets would be moving to the new studio but remained vague on the specifics of the studio – providing information that was true about each location under consideration at the time (i.e. the location wasn’t an actual soundstage but would suffice if needed right away and that the soundstage would be located in the suburban Atlanta area).

      After that, I never heard back from Carlos on anything related to the location of the studio. I was aware, however, that Carlos had taken to social media to get more information on the move and had asked people to take photographs and provide the name of the realtor.

      Once he had the incorrect address obtained through his confidential source(s), Carlos never asked me to confirm the location of the studio. If he had given me the address he ran with in his blog post, I would have told him that was not the correct address. If asked for the actual address of the studio, however, I would have refused to provide it or provided the same, vague answer I gave to Carlos weeks before about the studio’s location being in the “suburban Atlanta” area.


      A few reasons:

      1) The announcement of the opening of a new business location is usually left to the business. There may be related news or a photo opportunity to go along with the move announcement that will provide some promotional benefit to the announcement. There’s no promotional benefit to a third party “scoop” like this. Also, I have yet to understand the actual “news value” of this kind of scoop. There’s no impending deadline or competing news source (unless you count Fan Film Factor) to beat that will make a material difference in the traffic to Carlos’ website – at least not in my estimation.

      2.) Carlos had made requests of people not directly associated with the production to provide information on Axanar Production’s move including photographs of the actual move itself and, if possible, the name of the realtor. Based on the types of blog posts he writes and the obvious bias he has against Axanar Productions and Alec in particular, I think it’s reasonable to assume a call to a realtor was not going to be a straight-forward interview.

      3.) Contrary to the impression Carlos has given on more than one occasion, he and I do email each other and I do my best to provide what information I can. There is one caveat however. I’ve learned over time that any information I provide to Carlos needs to be 100% accurate because if it’s not, Carlos will find a way to turn it against Axanar Productions and Alec Peters. When it comes to all things Axanar, there’s no “benefit of the doubt” given by Carlos. I understand that. That’s his choice and I’m okay with that.

      But the as a result of past interactions with him (and the hard-learned lessons that went with them), I’ve had to work hard to keep my statements short and to the point, to provide only facts when possible and if I have to elaborate, make it clear that the additional information I provide is my opinion or my point-of-view and not necessarily that of Alec Peters or Axanar Productions.

      I get why that approach may not be satisfactory to Carlos as he continues to gin up content for his blog. But it’s an unfortunate result of the previous interactions I’ve had with him which have been cordial (even good natured), but always resulted in negative blog posts about Alec, Axanar Productions or others associated with AXANAR.

      My final comment on this post relates to the question Daniel asked above: “Why would Carlos call Mike?” Maybe a better question is: “Why wouldn’t Carlos call (or email) Mike?” If the interest is purely in the “news” of the move of a business from one location to the other, wouldn’t the person you’d call be the PR rep for the company?

      The answer is “yes.”

      Did Carlos make the call or send the email?

      The answer is “no.”

      ‘Nuff said.

  19. And a lot of Axanar supporters as well anyone who took part in the lie is as bad as those you try to belittle.

    1. I’m not belittling anyone. I’m simply saying that Carlos Pedraza, who claims to be a reporter, is failing to act like one. That’s not belittling at all; that’s straight criticism.

      1. Ad hominem attacks, the last refuge of people who have no answers.

        1. The complete lack of self-awareness that allowed you to post that is truly disturbing. Wow. Physician… heal thyself! 😉

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