It’s a bittersweet time for followers of the groundbreaking fan series STAR TREK CONTINUES.  The “sweet” part is that we will be served with FOUR new full-length episodes from this production team in the matter of just SEVEN months!  We’ve already seen the first of these four episodes, the ambitious and poetic “Still Treads the Shadow,” released at the beginning of April.

The “bitter” lies in the fact that this is it for STC…the end of this amazing fan series.  Although they were originally planning to make 13 episodes—and instead they will now only be doing 11—the fact is that they always intended for the series to have a completion point.  Some fans have been asking them to continue (no pun intended) and not shut down, but the end story has been written and filmed and soon will be released.  The Georgia studio sits quiet and unused (or so I’ve been told).

Show-runner VIC MIGNOGNA himself said in interviews that, at his current age (he turns 55 in August), he wouldn’t be able to play a 35-year-old Jim Kirk for much longer.  So yes, folks, this is the inevitable end of the line for STC…with a return of the U.S.S. Enterprise from its historic 5-year mission.

And here’s the schedule for release dates.  The episodes will premiere at three different cons during three weekends and then be posted online a day or so later:

Episode IX, “What Ships are For” will premiere at Florida Supercon in Ft. Lauderdale the weekend of July 27-30.

Episode X, “To Boldly Go (Part One)” will premiere at Salt Lake City Comic Con the weekend of September 21-23.

Episode XI, “To Boldly Go (Part Two)” will premiere at New York City Comicon the weekend of October 5-8.

So the gap between episodes VIII and XI will end up being about three and a half months.  Then the gap between XI and X will be less than two months.  And finally, fans won’t have to wait more than two weeks for the second half of the final two-parter.  That’s quite a feast!

Although few details of the series finale have been released, we do know that the ninth episode, “What Ships are For,” was written by Kipleigh Brown, who plays Lt. Smith on the fan series.  There will also be at least three professional actor guest stars in that episode: Elizabeth Maxwell, Lex Lang, and Sandy Fox.

For a closer look at this fan series from its beginnings in 2012, check out this three-part history of Star Trek Continues.



  1. I kind a wish the last two episodes were not a two-part episode, but instead two separate episodes – I guess if they’re done well, which after what I’ve already seen of this show I know they will be, then it’s all good – Looking forward to seeing the last three episodes for the beautifully done fan-series, no question… P 🙂

  2. Watching this series, I always feel like I’m watching “lost” episodes of TOS. My mother says the same thing and she grew up watching TOS as a teenager (I grew up watching reruns of TOS along side the films as they were released). XD While I’m sad to see the series ending soon, I understand the reasons why and greatly appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in making these episodes so wonderful. 🙂

    1. We always knew STC wouldn’t last forever. But the fact that we’ll ultimately have 11 episodes (plus three shorts) is a true blessing for fans. Like the fictional Enterprise crew itself, we celebrate the successful completion of their mission.

  3. I met Vic at the last FarragutFest. I would not have guessed he was in his 50s. Sad to see it end, but all things must. Really sad that the sets are sitting unused.

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