TERRY McINTOSH is officially warned by actor TONY TODD not to use his AXANAR blooper footage!

After yesterday’s blog about the troubling behavior of TERRY McINTOSH, I’d really hoped to get back to fan films today.  Yeah, I thought I was out, but Terry pulled me back in.  However, this WILL be my last Terry McIntosh blog for the foreseeable future.  I don’t want to keep giving him all this attention, even if it is completely negative.  But I felt it was necessary to follow-up on yesterday’s blog because of something that happened later on last evening.

Quick recap: Terry McIntosh, who worked with Axanar Productions for years before flying off in a huff has all the footage from Prelude to Axanar…including outtakes.  Even though Terry signed a non-disclosure agreement agreeing to keep all Axanar-related materials confidential, he already leaked an early version of the full Axanar script, and now he’s announced plans to release a Prelude to Axanar blooper reel…even though he doesn’t own the footage or have permission to do so.

Terry’s stated intention is to use the blooper reel to embarrass Alec Peters, who apparently worked through numerous bad takes to get his performance as Garth to a point where it would be strong enough to feature in the fan film alongside the professional actors (who obviously didn’t flub their lines as much as Alec did…since he’s not a trained actor).

Terry contacted the other actors (with the exception of the late Richard Hatch and his estate) to ask “permission” to use their blooper footage (failing to mention that he was no longer with Axanar Productions and was doing this “rogue” in an attempt to embarrass Alec Peters).  Although Kate Vernon said okay, Gary Graham and J.G. Hertzler said no.

Then Terry said this:

In other words, Terry asked for permission, was not given that permission, and is now considering ignoring this actor’s wishes and using the footage anyway.

What I wrote in yesterday’s blog was NOT pretty.  But at least, I thought, this can’t get any worse.  There’s no way for Terry to possibly sink any lower.

Man, was I wrong…

I was told yesterday that the actors involved in this sudden controversy were not at all happy that Terry represented himself as being authorized to release an Axanar blooper reel, even though their responses to Terry were polite and pleasant.  However, after being informed that Tony Todd’s agent/manager was planning to send Terry a sternly-worded e-mail warning, I was asked to please not mention that on Fan Film Factor…and I complied.

So why am I mentioning it now?  Because it’s now public thanks to the following almost unbelievably obnoxious post by Terry McIntosh himself last evening…

Yesterday, a few detractors were trying to actually DEFEND Terry and his actions.  Today, I can’t see how anyone in their right mind could make a defense of this kind of behavior.

And in case anyone was wondering, no, Terry’s response was NOT the correct one.  The correct response would have been:

Dear Mr. Goldberg,

Please accept my apologies and rest assured that I will honor Mr. Todd’s wishes in this matter.  I am a big fan of his work and greatly enjoyed my interactions with him on Prelude to Axanar.  It was not my intention to cause conflict or unease for you, Mr. Todd, and/or Tony Todd Productions, Inc.

The judges would also have accepted any reasonable variation on the above paragraph that included humility and respect.  However, “I’ll defer to the advice of my counsel on this matter before commenting further…” is nowhere near the proper response unless you’re spoiling for a legal fight.  And “what is the direct contact information for Tony Todd’s legal representation so that they may confer and then translate the scope of your contact in to terms that someone like myself could understand?” is just plain obnoxious.

There was, of course, nothing unclear or ambiguous in what Tony’s agent sent to Terry:

I would caution you not to release any material containing my client’s image, likeness or voice as we have no agreement for same and it would there for irreparably cause damage to Tony Todd and Tony Todd Productions, Inc.

I really don’t think someone has to be a licensed attorney to figure out that this means, “No, don’t do it, man.”

If you release any media, photo, voice, etc. without our express written authorization we will immediately seek legal remedy.

Again, that doesn’t really sound ambiguous or like the start of a legal negotiation.

And it should be noted that when Terry asks for the contact information for Tony Todd’s attorney, what he is really asking is for Tony Todd to pay $500/hour (or thereabouts) for his lawyer to explain to this arrogant and presumptuous little Trekkie fan that “no” means “no.”  Agents and managers work much more cheaply, so I suspect Terry will not be supplied with the contact information for Tony Todd’s attorney unless Terry first offers to reimburse Tony for any accrued legal expenses for his lawyer to tell this little prick to f-off.

I ranted enough yesterday, and Terry’s posted comment speaks for itself.  Even some of the detractors have now tried to talk reason with Terry after his Facebook post yesterday:

That last two lines in the above screen cap actually say it all.

The Axanar detractors like to crucify Alec Peters for any number of things, but one of their favorites is for bringing down the wrath of CBS and Paramount in the form of a lawsuit.  But Alec never actually tried to get sued.  (That’s just stupid.)  In fact, he met with CBS executives on four different occasions looking for guidance so he would NOT be sued.  He never said “bring it on” and lawyered up with intellectual property or entertainment attorneys in anticipation of a court battle.  No, the only time Alec Peters finally sought out legal representation was AFTER he was served with a lawsuit.

Terry, on the other hand…

For some reason I simply cannot comprehend, he seems to be spoiling for a courtroom battle.  He’s like a Klingon with a lawyer on retainer.  At first, it seemed like Terry was simply targeting Alec and trying to goad him into suing Terry…something Alec has told me is a waste of his time, money, and effort.

But now Terry is poking the bear of the actors themselves.  I don’t know why.  Is he that angry at the world (this is now way beyond just being pissed off at Alec Peters)?  Is he just off his meds?  Is he “breaking bad”?  Or is this the Trekkie equivalent of “death by cop” where you turn yourself into some kind of fan pariah and get voted off the starship?  I really have no idea.

But I do know one thing.  Even though Terry is specifically humiliating himself in front of these actors, he is leaving a bad taste in their collective mouths when it comes to dealing with fan films.  Alec did not do that.  Even after Prelude to Axanar, actors like Gary Graham appeared in other fan productions.  J.G. Hertzler and Kate Vernon are reportedly still looking forward to appearing in the two-part Axanar sequel films.  And it’s possible that one day—especially if CBS and Paramount ever come to their senses about guideline #5—Trek alumni might be allowed back into fan films.

But if Terry keeps pulling this shat, if he keeps turning petty feuds and meaningless vendettas into something that becomes an aggravation to these actors (or in the case of J.G. Hertzler, distracts them from a run for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives), how many actors will want to bother with fan films at all in the future…even if they’re once again allowed to?

Yesterday, the best defense the detractors came up with for Terry was to say that Alec Peters, whom they believe brought ruin to all fan films, was still worse. That argument is gonna be a tough sell today. It now looks as though Terry McIntosh is trying to claim that mantle of infamy all for himself.

40 thoughts on “TERRY McINTOSH is officially warned by actor TONY TODD not to use his AXANAR blooper footage!”

  1. God, Terry’s got brass balls if he thinks he can get away with this garbage.

    It’s got to be dark and smelly in there, what his head shoved up his…well…you know…

    The man’s looking for a court fight? He’s gonna get it…and he IS going to lose, and lose big.


    1. Actually, the rumor is that Terry’s looking for a court battle to “trap” Alec because it’ll force Alec to reveal certain Axanar “secrets” during discovery. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Lines of questioning during discovery have to be relevant to the complaint itself. If Terry “leaks” the script or the bloopers, only questions relating to the N.D.A. and ownership of the footage and script would be allowed. I’m surprised Terry’s “lawyer” didn’t already tell him that. As for getting sued by the talent, that certainly wouldn’t include any questions relating to the Axanar financials…especially since the footage predates all but the first Kickstarter.

      1. Jonthan, I’m wondering if Terry is going for a scorched earth policy. If he can’t get Alec to do what he wants him to do, (whatever specifically that is) he is going to “poison the well” and make it difficult, if not impossible, for ANYBODY to do fan films with volunteer professionals because they would be afraid of losing their livelyhood. He would be doing the EXACT SAME THING THAT HE ACCUSED ALEC OF: RUINING FAN FILMS!!!!!

      2. I was going to ask if Tony could some kind of legal action against this clown, but that was before I read through the article, so never-mind – Wow, what a fool this Terry character is… *smh* / :/

      3. Distraction, distraction… who gives a crap about bloopers? How about Alec Peters concentrate on getting those two 15 minute fan films made that he promised. At this point, I would be happy to see just one 15 minute Axanar fan film get made.

        1. And hey, how about Pacific 201! Captain Pike! Farragut’s final episode “The Homecoming!” I donated to all of those, too. It’s been years!!!

          What Terry is doing has nothing to do with Alec getting the two Axanar segments done. You realize that, of course. Who would possibly think the two are connected in any way?

    2. No he doesn’t have have brass balls, he’s one little petty nerd, trying to play big game, but failing miserably. Won’t be long before we see him in court with his tail between his legs saying “I’m sorry”.

      1. That thinking might be a little wishful, Sidnx. I doubt Terry will ever say “I’m sorry.” He’s convinced of his own righteousness to the point of obsession. Such people aren’t typically able to view their actions from an objective standpoint.

  2. A shame Alec Peters could not live up to the hero that he played in Prelude to Axanar. If he had been a better “Captain” in real life, and treated people who volunteered their time to work on his film with more respect, he probably wouldn’t be in this sort of mess right now.

    1. Ah, you’ve been listening to the rumor mill. Good for you, Suboor!

      Most of the people associated with Prelude to Axanar are still on the project. This includes Rob Burnett, Tobias Richter, Alex Bornstein, all of the actors except Tony Todd (Richard Hatch was one of Alec’s staunchest supporters prior to Richard’s untimely passing)…the list goes on to include costumers, set builders, prop masters, lighting people, and even folks who came on later like Mike Bawden and Dean Newberry.

      The fact is that Terry was the one who let Alec down, not vice-versa. Terry let me down, as well, in a very similar way. He promised something that he failed to deliver on and, in my case, went radio silent for weeks at a time. Terry might try to defend himself by saying that my project had scope creep, but that actually isn’t the whole story. My project was for a client who owns a children’s gymnastics facility with classes running from 9:30-6:00 each day. During the summer months, the class schedule changes to allow for a day camp. As part of Terry’s service contract, he was paid an annual retainer fee to make certain periodic updates to the website, like switching the schedule graphic from the spring to the summer classes. I even provided him with the graphic files for the switch. I didn’t have access to the back-end to make the changes myself, so I sent the file to Terry in early June of 2015. I have the chain of e-mails and PM messages to him. Here’s one from June 23, four weeks after sending him the summer schedule graphic to post:

      Terry, have I done something to piss you off? The silence is killing me.

      And worst of all, I’m looking like a total train wreck in front of Dan each week when he asks me about the website and I have nothing to tell him. I know you’ve been going through hell, and I’m certain that I’m not the only website on your backlog pile waiting for its turn to be done. I’m asking only for an update–a returned call, e-mail, or IM–so I know what I should do next and what I should tell Dan.

      Please, Terry, I don’t know what else to do here.

      – Jonathan

      Terry’s response was:

      If he’s not wanting to wait any longer then I can drop a check in the mail for his deposit, and burn a CD with the work that I’ve done to date that he can give to someone else to continue with.

      Unfortunately, I didn’t have another developer (although that’s when I started looking). I told Terry that I understood that he was very busy at the moment (working on Ares Digital, in fact…along with some other stuff), and that any more major work to my client’s website might need to be on a lower priority. I got that. But please, at least take the time to swap the schedule graphic to summer, as the new class schedule was in effect and people were calling in confused about the new class times.

      Terry did not change the graphic, despite a couple of brief Facebook PMs saying things like “OK, jumping on the freeway and heading home from the folks house. Be back on the internet in an hour or so, depending on traffic and how quickly I can run an errand.”

      A few weeks later, I sent this follow-up e-mail:

      Now that Ares Digital is up, can you please take five minutes to upload the attached graphic to the schedule page of Dan’s website.

      If you can no longer help us, then please give me the FTP login and password so I can try to find someone else to help.

      – Jonathan

      By August 12, the summer was nearly over, and I was hoping to get a jump on the fall schedule. Desperate for some kind of response, I sent Terry this message via Facebook:

      Terry, I just e-mailed you Dan’s fall schedule jpg. Please please PLEASE post it to his live site.

      I’ve tried to be as patient and understanding as I can manage to be, but at this point, your lack of commitment to this project is significantly hurting Dan’s business. Please do not let us down on this one small task. Five minutes of your time uploading this one graphic could mean thousands of dollars in revenue for Dan.

      After ten days of no response, I finally sent Terry this message via both e-mail and Facebook:

      You’re officially OFF the project, Terry. We’ve transferred the website to another server and websmaster. Dan will contact you about the refund you offered.

      – Jonathan

      And if you’re curious, here was Terry’s answer about the refund:

      Thank you, Jonathan. I will create an invoice for the hours put in to the project and send over a .zip file with the work. Or, I can complete the project tomorrow if you’d like, since I’ll be free of family responsibilities later today (at least for a few days).

      So apparently, the offer to refund the deposit included deducting his hours. Fine. I covered his invoice and sent my client $450 from my own pocket. I wasn’t going to ask my client to pay this guy who didn’t even have five minutes to upload a single graphic image. As for Terry’s offer to finish the project “tomorrow”…really???? It’s been THAT close to done for the entire summer and Terry never bothered to complete it? WTF???

      Obviously, by this point, I no longer trusted Terry’s offers or promises, and I told him so:

      I’m sorry to have to say this, Terry, but you’ve lost my trust. Saying that you can “complete the project tomorrow” leaves me very dubious. I know it’s not your fault that your father got sick or that Ares Digital sucked your time and energy like a black hole. But in the past few weeks, you haven’t even taken a minute to send me a frickin’ IM. That’s beyond rude, Terry, it’s unprofessional. And I tried every way of getting your attention–e-mail, voice-mail, IM, and even commenting on your posts.

      You ended up being a bigger flake than the guy in Texas that made me ask you for help in the first place. And it wasn’t that you had zero time to respond to me, ’cause I read your FB postings. Any one of those could have been a quick IM or e-mail back to me saying that you’d be free on August 23 (or whenever) to devote your time to finishing.

      Anyway, that was just my experience with Terry. I can’t imagine the frustration that Alec was going through. I had just one client who owned a children’s gym. Alec had thousands of donors waiting for their perks. It can’t have been easy.

      Now, did my experience with Terry sour me on him as a professional resource? Yes. But you’ll notice that it’s been over two years since I had those issues with Terry, and I’ve never told this story publicly before now. The reason is simple: what’s done is done. I didn’t lose my client, and his website looks awesome today, most of his classes have waiting lists, and our new websmaster in Australia posts any updates I give him usually in just a few minutes. And the new guys is only charging $200/year for the retainer service (extra when we have new site build-outs).

      I’d moved on. No need to get into the mud with Terry, right? But then this posted comment made me realize that many people might think Terry’s “falling out” with Axanar was all Alec’s fault. And while I don’t know all of the details of their “break-up,” I thought it was time to at last share my experience publicly to show what a professional interaction with Terry McIntosh looked like from another client’s perspective.

    2. Let me get this straight, Suboor…

      Terry failed to deliver a finished product he agreed to complete in a timely manner, and was let go/he walked away (whichever)…and it’s Alec’s fault?


      1. I don’t think Suboor was just referring to Terry. There have been many others who said they were treated poorly by Alec Peters during the making of Prelude. Its all out there on social media. Many people who did work on Prelude to Axanar (director, FX matte painter, Actors, etc) did leave the project, and as we now know, many of the professional actors are not coming back, for various reasons. The only actor who hasn’t spoken up is Kate, but I would be shocked if she comes back.

        1. Wow, SO much misinformation! I almost hesitate to post this at all. Pretty much all wrong except for the director leaving. Most of the folks associated with Axanar stayed on the project, and the actors are committed to reading the script and discussing scheduling and participation–which is typical at this point in a production. No one except Tony Todd indicated that they were a definite no. Already working on the new production are Tobias Richter, Alex Bornstein, and Robert Meyer Burnett. Others, like Dean Newbury came on after Prelude and are sticking with Alec. And of course, I’m sticking with Alec. 🙂

          He’s actually a pretty nice guy…unless you attack him on social media. But hey, that’s true of a lot of us!

    3. Being that almost every above the line and creative person involved in Axanar is still working with us, I think I do very well with my team thank you. Terry was unable and unwilling to do the workhe agreed to. This had nothing to do with how he was treated by me, which was VERY well I might add.

      Jonathan’s reply backs me up here and you can ask anyone who knows the situation with Terry on the Axanar tea and EVERYONE will back me up. Diana, Rob, Lee, Bill, it goes on and on.

      Terry failed to do what he said he would do. He also has proven by his actions, to be a person with no honor or shame, whose word means nothing.

      Facts are facts.

      1. Here are some Facts: people who decided not to work on “Axanar” after dealing with Alec Peters on Prelude to Axanar:

        Terry McIntosh, Tony Todd, Christian Gossett, Tommy Kraft, Nicholas Cooper, Lucas Cantor, Shasta Kinney, Jared Jordan, T.K. Shom, Tristan Bernard, Neal Fischer, Ryan Tusk, Arnold Montey, Alex Maziekien, Carter Smith, Trent Smith, Jhennifer Webberley, Chris Friends, Christine Oeurn, Thomas Loeder, James Cawley, Frank Zanca, Allan Apone, Paul Elliot, Ali Ries, Tommy Woodard, Brad Look.

        Did I miss anyone, Captain?

        Alec, instead of always putting the blame on others, maybe it’s time to take a good look in the mirror. You will get further in life if you can be honest with yourself, and start accepting the fact that you are not perfect. You have made mistakes, and some of those mistakes have been costly ones. Instead of constantly throwing shade at those who disagree with you, maybe take a moment and ask yourself why so many people find it hard to work with you. Ask yourself what you can do to become a better team leader. If you continue on this course, Axanar will never get finished. You are failing the people who supported you, both financially and behind the scenes.

        1. No time to fact-check all those names on your list, Magic Man, but one name did jump out at me: James Cawley. After Prelude, James was planning to let Alec film all of Axanar on his upstate New York sets and then, after the decision was made to film Axanar in Los Angeles, James still allowed Alec to use the New Voyages sets to film his “Heroes” vignette. So at least one name on your list in incorrect. There might be others.

          As for admitting mistakes, Alec did so right here on Fan Film Factor when he said that, if he knew then what he knows now, he would never have rented warehouse space and turned it into a studio. He would have filmed on James Cawley’s sets. That sounds like admitting a mistake to me. 🙂

          As for people finding it hard to work with Alec, that’s unfortunately true for a lot of people in Hollywood. Just ask Frank Darabont: http://www.tvguide.com/news/the-walking-dead-why-frank-darabont-was-fired/?rss=breakingnews&partnerid=yahoo&FTAG=YHF09b6e7d&yptr=yahoo&ref=yfp

          And many people reported that Gene Roddenberry himself could be a bit of a schmuck…and look what he created.

          Make no mistake, Alec Peters definitely has an abrasive side—I’ve been on the receiving end of it a few times myself. But I still believe in the man and in the dream. So do a lot of other people. I know this loyalty and admiration confuses, confounds, and frustrates a lot of detractors whose job of detracting would be so much easier if everyone simply piled on the Alec-bashing train and didn’t stand up in support of him. It can’t be easy having so many people not agreeing with you. And Terry, of course, just makes all the detractors look even worse…as though you’re just carrying on some obsessive and meaningless childish vendetta against one guy when you should just move on with your lives.

          I wonder if detractors such as yourself might ever be willing to take your own advice when it comes to Alec Peters:

          – Maybe it’s time to take a good look in the mirror. .
          – Start accepting the fact that you are not perfect. You have made mistakes.
          – Instead of constantly throwing shade at those who disagree with you, maybe take a moment and ask yourself why so many people find it hard to agree with you.

          Maybe you could practice what you preach a little bit more. Berating Alec at this point accomplishes…what exactly?

          1. In actuality, a lot of people agree with me. Many people who have supported Axanar have left the project (fans and crew alike) because of all the drama. I’m not a perfect person (who is?), but I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong. I have yet to ever see Alec Peters publicly apologize to anyone that he hurt through his actions.

            As far Cawley, Alec burned his bridge with him after Heroes — that is true. Throwing people under the bus who helped you make your film and calling them amateurs is never wise, especially when they have a large body of film work under their belt and you are just getting started.

    4. Suboor: You have no idea what you are talking about. I AM a volunteer for Axanar and Alec has always been the perfect gentleman. He expects the best of the best from us all, but never order or demands, he always asks and will always make time to hear your concerns or input. Terry was PERFECTLY happy until he suddenly decided that he no longer wanted to be a volunteer but a paid crew member. And he wanted an unreasonably high price for doing frankly f**k all for 10 months. Check your facts Suboor. Don’t listen to the detractors, who as this article demonstrates just want to see Alec burn and will do and say ANYTHING to make that happen.

      1. One of the detractors, Erick Pierce, posted this message on the FFF Facebook page yesterday:

        Ill have you know not all of us haters support this he is making our community look bad to.

        It’s a good point. It’s not simply that Terry is making fans and fan films look bad to the actors, he’s making the DETRACTORS LOOK BAD! And the fact that so many detractors were/are urging him on and trying to defend him just adds to the perception from the outside that, yes, the detractors are the bad guys. They try to stand on high moral ground in accusing Alec Peters of all manner of crimes and sins. And yet, when the moment came to stand up to one of their own when he was asking/begging for a legal fight not just from Alec but from the actors by doing something that was unarguably wrong, disrespectful, unprofessional, and–yes–illegal, they stood behind him and cheered him on.

        It was funny, but when I said Terry should be “ashamed,” one of the detractors posted a meme of the “walk of shame” from Game of Thrones followed by a shot of Cersei Lannister smirking after she had destroyed the Sept temple and slaughtered thousands of innocent people (including the King of High Garden and the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms) just to defeat her enemies. The detractor’s comment, “So how did that Walk of Shame work out for you?” So Terry is Cersei Lannister…a cold-hearted, scheming opportunist with no moral compass who is not afraid to destroy lives for personal gain?

        The detractors came out of this so incredibly damaged, and yet they live in such an echo chamber that most of them don’t even realize it. Alec mainly took the high road on this one. He warned Carlos privately in that e-mail, but for the most part, he hasn’t been ranting or raving about this. I have, of course, but I’m just really pissed off that any fan could be so purposefully and arrogantly tone deaf to the clearly-stated wishes of the actors. But Alec, he came out of this incident so much stronger in the eyes of the rest of the fan community than Terry did. Rather than hurting Alec, Terry actually HELPED him. That’s gotta be the biggest embarrassment of all for the detractors and Terry…much bigger than a few bloopers. 🙂

  3. Is there any chance that Herr. McIntosh is related to Cersei Lannister? Because he is throwing one hail of a birch fit.
    Perhaps he would like a safe space and a puppy because Alec hurt his feelings. (too far? Frak it, I already went there so I am leaving it. 🙂 )

  4. Lady Natasha Letitia Sarah Jane Wellesley Obstromsky Ponsonsky Smythe Smythe Smythe Smythe Smythe says:

    Firstly, TERRY is no way like a KLINGON….he is more like a Romulan.
    Klingons have honor…Terry is showing he has none that is clear to see.

    This is nothing but anger and hatred and will not end well for him.

    Just the bitter ramblings of someone who thinks he has Pipebombs yet just holds a turd.
    sad sad little man *SIGH*

      1. Ah yes…. when all else fails, criticize someone for their looks.

        And yes, he is wearing Klingon makeup. Sheesh.

  5. Is running for the US House of Representatives as Mark Twain showing a serious bid for office? I’d say it’s a publicity stunt.

    As for the situation with Terry, it’s interesting to watch but not particularly important. I think your last two blog posts are just fanning the flames of something silly and really unimportant. If what Terry does angers the actors, let them respond as they feel is appropriate, just as CBS/P did against Axanar. In this case the owned IP is the actors themselves and we should let them respond as they deem necessary (I don’t want to argue Axanar v IP rights…I know we feel differently about this!)

    PS. How is your son? You haven’t talked about you guy’s activities lately.

    1. I’m generally leaving Jayden off the blog site for the most part these days. He’s doing great, though. He has my sense of humor. We were playing Mousetrap last night, and his mouse had landed on a space right behind mine. Jayden’s comment, “I’m right on your tail, Daddy…literally!” I’m raising a punster…I couldn’t be more proud! 🙂

  6. Dear GODS this guy is seriously cruising for a bruising in a big way. Both Terry and Carlos need a huge clue-by-redwood up side the brain case. It’s really the idiots like them who give fans and fandom a bad name. The pair of them come off as childish, uneducated brats with very bad manners and attitude. Their poor behavior speaks volumes about their gross lack of integrity and honor.

  7. From where I sit, it seems to me that Terry’s goal is to insure no further Axanar projects are completed. It is entirely possible that the actors involved will change their minds about working further because the project is too much trouble.

  8. Just when I think I’ve heard Terry say the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, HE KEEPS TALKING.

    His dismissive, and frankly imperious, tone concerning the legalities and the rights of the actors involved in this presents him as a more destructive force than Alec can ever be. He has admitted IN LEGAL COURT DOCUMENTS that he did indeed sign an NDA(although he dismissed it as “weak-ass”) that he seems to show no restraint or remorse in flagrantly violating. While I don’t think that he’s done anything prosecution-worthy yet, if this becomes a court case the court and the press will show his frankly bizarre and inexplicable nonchalance premeditating this ill-advised course of action.

    His intentions, as they seem at present, make it look like he just wants to make as much of a mess as possible while he can and damn the wreckage that results.

    (Sigh) Whatever.

  9. Some people can only learn the hard way that it’s not a good idea to “poke the bear”

    1. Probably not. Terry backed down and is now going to release an Alec-only blooper reel. And Alec isn’t going to bother suing over it. He actually doesn’t even care, as it’ll show how hard he was willing to work to put in a good performance for Prelude. Rather than embarrassing him, it’ll she his tenacity and commitment to the finished project.

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