TERRY McINTOSH should be ashamed! (editorial)

I’m kinda sick to my stomach right now—so disgusted that I am quite literally nauseous—and I really don’t know how to deal with it other than blogging to try to clear this out of my head.

You guys might remember a few weeks ago when TERRY McINTOSH, the former marketing director for Axanar Productions, released an old version of the original full script for the AXANAR movie.  Even though he had signed a non-disclosure agreement (N.D.A.), promising to keep all Axanar-related materials private and confidential, he decided he was pissed off enough at ALEC PETERS that he no longer gave a shat about signed agreements or breaking promises.  The script, Terry believed, was so bad that releasing it would embarrass Alec, who had called it the best Star Trek script ever (or something like that).

In the end, it was mostly a tempest in a teapot.  I’ve now read the old script, and it wasn’t all that bad.  And now that I’ve read the two new 15-minute segments script, the outdated version of the full script doesn’t really ruin much of anything.  A lot has changed (obviously).

Anyway, y’know when Khan says, “I’ve hurt you…and I intend to go right on hurting you.”  Well, that seems to be Terry when it comes to Alec Peters.  Terry will chase Alec round the moons of Nibia and round the Antares Maelstrom and round Perdition’s flames before Terry gives him up!

But all kidding aside, Terry really doesn’t know when to stop, and now he’s carrying the vendetta to a very dark and troubling place.  But I don’t simply mean troubling to me.  Any reasonable Trekkie or Trekker should feel very concerned, as well…

“For my next trick…!”

So yeah, Terry isn’t finished sharing all his “goodies” yet.  Y’see, Terry also has copies of the all of the unused footage of the outtakes from the filming of Prelude to Axanar.  And despite Alec’s ultimately decent performance as Garth (at least I thought it was decent considering he isn’t an actor), apparently getting to decent was not easy.  According to Terry, Alec had a lot of “cringe-worthy” bloopers during filming.  And Terry thinks it’ll be quite embarrassing to Alec if the world sees Alec at his line-mangling worst.

(Pardon the potty language, folks.  I needed to do a screen cap.)

Now, personally, I’m happy that Alec had so many bad takes, as it showed how hard he was willing to work to get to the good ones that were finally used in the final fan film.  Remember that, although Alec took acting lessons from Richard Hatch and Howard Fine (one of the top three acting coaches in LA who also coaches Chris Pine and Bradley Cooper) for a couple of years, Alec himself was never a trained actor.  He went to law school.  So what other actors can do with relative ease, Alec had to push himself to get even close to.

So yeah, if I do ever see Alec’s bloopers, the worse it looks and the more flubs I see, the more impressed I will be that Alec had the courage and tenacity to push through the bad performances—no matter how long it took—and dig down deep until he got it right…rather than giving up and settling for something less.

But that’s just me.  I’m sure the detractors will host viewing parties and pass the popcorn and laugh themselves silly.  Have fun, kids.

Anyway, Terry seems to have felt that showing ONLY Alec’s outtakes wouldn’t make for a popular enough video.  Sure, a few hundred detractors would view it, maybe some Axanar fans, but hardly enough to REALLY embarrass Alec, thought Terry.

So Terry got the idea to include bloopers from ALL the actors who appeared in Prelude: Gary Graham, JG Hertzler, Kate Vernon, Tony Todd, and the late Richard Hatch…along with Alec.  Surely THAT would bring in massive numbers of views to the video.  And the more views, the more embarrassment, right?  (Well, unless people think the way I do.)

Terry was positively giddy about this plan as he shared his intentions with a cheering throng of eager detractors.  The fact that Terry didn’t actually own or have rights to the footage in question, the fact that he’d signed an N.D.A., and the fact that he didn’t have permission from the actors to post their bloopers…well, that didn’t seem to be a concern.

Of course, it actually is a concern.  As ROBERT MEYER BURNETT told me last weekend, “When we did the bloopers for the Next Generation Special Addition blu-ray, we had to get sign-offs from every TNG actor who appeared in any clip…and that took months!  And not everyone approved every blooper.”  Beyond issues directly with Alec and Axanar Productions from the N.D.A., there are also potential issues with the Screen Actors Guild.  If you look at page 8 of the latest SAG agreement with television and motion picture producers, you’ll find this snippet:

Consent for the following uses must be obtained separately from the performer’s employment contract:

(ii) for the reuse of a “blooper” excerpt which was not included in the theatrical or television motion picture as originally exhibited; except that consent for use of deleted or alternative scenes that cannot be characterized as a “blooper” may be obtained at the time of employment…

Now, does that apply to Terry (who simply worked on the SAG-signatory project) or only to Axanar Productions?  Who cares?  The point is that you’re not supposed to use a SAG actor’s bloopers without his or her permission.  No need for any further argument or debate.

Since many of Terry’s posts were appearing on Carlos Pedraza’s Axamonitor Facebook group, and since Terry has pretty much blocked Alec, Alec reached out to Carlos Pedraza with a pretty stern warning to pass along to Terry:

Release of actors images without their approval is a violation of THEIR rights and I have reported this to each actor’s agent as well as SAG’s legal division. Violating actor’s rights is not to be taken lightly, something any real producer knows. Terry can deal with the legal implications from the actors. I suggest you pass that on to him. I don’t need to claim moral high ground, I will let everyone know that Terry has violated every actor’s rights and that the agents for those actors can proceed against Terry and you.

You can probably guess how that went over.  Alec, of course, was simply making sure that Carlos (and through him, Terry) was aware that Alec would be contacting all of the actors and and their representatives to inform them of the situation.

Terry, for his part, was not deterred.  I don’t know if the phrase “calling Alec’s bluff” is appropriate, as it wasn’t really a bluff, but Terry decided to reach out to the other actors directly and ask for their permission to use their bloopers.

Of course, Terry didn’t present all of the facts to the actors.  He left out anything about proceeding without the consent of Alec Peters or Axanar Productions or violating a non-disclosure agreement.  And naturally, he left out the part about his true intention to publicly humiliate Alec Peters.  Instead, Terry’s message to the actors looked quite “innocent”:

Hey, I’m so terribly sorry to bother you with this, but there seems to be some controversy brewing regarding my creating a fun and light-hearted “blooper reel” from Prelude to Axanar shoot and releasing it in a tasteful manner to the Axanar donors as a bit of recompense for how things have turned out for them.

Would you have any objection to several extremely short takes with the possibility of a funny flub being released publicly?

“Fun and light-hearted…” huh?

Fun maybe for Terry and the detractors, but I don’t believe there is any “light” left in Terry’s dark heart.  But again, that’s just me opining.  Your mileage (or kilometerage) may vary.

Anyway, Terry got his answers from a few of the actors within the next day or two.  (Obviously, Richard Hatch could not respond, and Terry had not bothered reaching out to Richard’s estate.)

Kate (“Sonya Alexander”) Vernon said okay.

Gary (“Ambassador Soval”) Graham, on the other hand, responded with a please don’t:

Terry — for reasons of my own, I REALLY wish that you didn’t. The Axanar thing has inadvertently put a pall on my relationship with Star Trek… and I’m still hunkering down from it. With that 4-minute scene that was released, I had become somewhat of the poster boy for fan-film litigation and I want to stay well clear of it now. It takes years to assemble and a credible acting career… and it can all go away overnight. Please don’t use any footage of me. Thanks for understanding, Matt. Cheers. – G

(Apparently, Terry is also known as “Matt”…or else that was a typo.)

JG (“Sam Travis”) Hertzler also was a no:

Terry, as you say I am running for Congress. With all the chaos surrounding Axanar…my feeling is that I should be left out of a blooper reel….for an abundance of reasons. Not the least being the advice of my attorney/campaign manager who is standing with me at Kinkos right now. Hope you can work around me on this! I did have great time working with you on Axanar. Jgh

So there you go, right?  Asked and answered.  And according to Alec, Tony Todd’s agent and Richard Hatch’s estate will be contacting Terry shortly, as well, to indicate their refusal.  If true, then it’ll be just be the Kate ‘n’ Alec blooper reel.

Not so fast.  This is where I went from mildly amused by the whole mishegoss to being sick to my stomach and wanting to throw up.

First I saw Terry post this:

“The talent’s wishes are not binding…”???  Are you frickin’ kidding me???  Leaving aside the legal questions entirely, you’re a goddam Star Trek FAN, Terry!!!  These are actors who brought life to characters whom we all LOVE!!!  How can you pause for even a nanosecond…let alone suggest that their wishes “are not binding”?

Screw “binding,” you [INSERT REALLY ANGRY INSULT HERE]!  How about just showing some frickin’ common courtesy?  You’ll “CHOOSE” to respect Gary Graham’s wishes???  How unbelievably magnanimous of you, your lordship!

Oh, almost forgot…there’s more!  The following was posted by Terry after he received his response from JG Hertzler and Carlos Pedraza had posted an update on the Axamonitor blog site:

Wait a moment while I run to the bathroom…


Okay, so this time Terry DIDN’T agree to the actor’s request????  But his lordship MAY (may!!!) honor his request???

What the F-ing F-ing F-ing F-ing fudge??????

Again, as a Star Trek fan, I just—excuse me again…


I’m back.  And just in time to see Terry’s latest post from this morning:

How can anyone NOT feel disgusted right now?

Okay, let’s step back from all the legal questions.  Let’s step back from the fact that we are all (maybe except for Terry) Star Trek fans who respect and admire these actors for all they have done and given us, all the conventions where they appear, all the time they spend at their tables endlessly chatting with fans about this and that.  How about just honoring the fact that these are PEOPLE…people to whom Terry reached out with a straightforward question and who responded politely in kind?

Terry, if you’re not going to honor their wishes because they are “not binding” and you can do whatever you want…THEN WHY FRICKIN’ ASK THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE???

These days, there’s a lot of Star Trek fans complaining about the behavior of other Star Trek fans.  And so far, we’ve kept it mostly among ourselves.

But this isn’t just fan-to-fan.  This is straight-up disrespect for the ACTORS!  And both Gary and JG are GOOD PEOPLE.  JG is even running for Congress, so his wishes should be taken VERY seriously.

It doesn’t matter if Terry ultimately says, “Hey, I said I’m not going to include their bloopers,” because that’s NOT the point.  OF COURSE, YOU’RE NOT GOING TO INCLUDE THEIR FOOTAGE, TERRY.  As a fan, that goes without saying.

But the fact that you would, even for a nanosecond, consider NOT honoring their wishes…

Dude, you are making us all look bad!

As a Trekkie, I am truly ashamed for Terry because, in all honesty, it doesn’t seem like he’s even capable of being ashamed for himself.  Is there anyone out there who can explain this to him?  Or do we just flush?

96 thoughts on “TERRY McINTOSH should be ashamed! (editorial)”

  1. So just so I have this straight…

    Terry releasing a blooper reel ( something that should have been an Axanar perk) without permission = Bad with a helping of righteous indignation.

    Alec raising over a million dollars to make a film, then getting sued by the studios and ultimately not making that film = ok and he’s actually a hero.

    Frankly Alec has done more to embarrass the Trek fans than Terry has.

    For the record, I’m sort of on the fence with this one. Yep, I’d like to see ALL of the bloopers on the one hand but on the other doing it without their permission doesn’t sit too well with me (Alec doesn’t count, he’s not a professional actor). At the end of the day he makes his own choices, but is he an embarrassment? Not really.

    1. Wow, even Sandy Greenberg is “on the fence”???? That speaks volumes, let me tellya!

      (BTW, Sandy, sorry about the “Tales of Axanar” Youtube channel thing. Win some, lose some.)

      Anyway, the fact is that Alec hasn’t embarrassed Star Trek fans. He just hasn’t. You can accuse him of all sorts of things (and God knows you have!), but embarrassing the fans just doesn’t hold water. Even JJ Abrams and Justin Lin stood behind Alec. And no one ever thought Alec was a typical Star Trek fan. He wasn’t a representative of “all of fandom”; he was a very entrepreneurial fan film producer who managed to raise over a million dollars.

      But Terry, hey, as you said, even you’re on the fence with this one. That means normal, rational people are going to see this for what it really is. And since the actors don’t really know Terry from a hole in the wall–unlike Alec, who was larger than life–Terry really does have the potential to make us all look bad.

      1. “(BTW, Sandy, sorry about the “Tales of Axanar” Youtube channel thing. Win some, lose some.)”

        I have no idea what you’re talking about.

        So you don’t think that as a fan, Alec getting sued by the owners of the franchise he loves isn’t embarrassing? Really?

        1. “So you don’t think that as a fan, Alec getting sued by the owners of the franchise he loves isn’t embarrassing? Really?”

          For fans in general? No, not really. It was kind of embarrassing for the studios, as JJ Abrams’ and Justin Lin’s public comments were made during a huge studio Star Trek event. That was embarrassing for the studios…not for the fans. As a fan, I felt a surge of pride when I heard their comments.

          1. To me it caused more backlash against the studios than Alec Peters. And while I’m sure Sandy “doesn’t know anything about it” can’t say anyone will really miss the the channel. No apologies necessary from me on that.

          2. Anyone who thinks I was embarrassed by getting sued doesn’t know me (or is an obxoxuous troll like Sandy).

            I got huge cred in Hollywood because of that lawsuit. Just this past weekend Colin Cunningham (Stargate, Falling Skies) was telling me how great that was that I stood up to CBS.

            But you keep saying what fits your little mind Sandy. Let me know when you actually create something worthwhile.

          3. Oh Alec, your reading comprehension sucks. Jonny is claiming that Trek FANS should be embarrassed by Terry’s antics and I suggested that Trek FANS should be more embarrassed by yours.

            You have far too much ego to be embarrassed. I actually find it sad that you’re holding up the lawsuit like a badge of honour like it was a great thing. How empty your life must be. As for creating things myself, I do so all the time. I just don’t feel a need to make a big public deal about it.

            P.S. I like your new word “obxoxuous”.

          4. “Huge cred” in Hollywood? Really? I’m pretty sure you only get “cred” if you produce something. You don’t get “cred” for blowing investors money or getting sued by two major studios. Or, if you do, it’s not good “cred”. Do you really think mismanaging the funds and getting sued will get you work in Hollywood?

            BTW, if you’re going to name drop someone it’d probably carry more weight if they didn’t need to be Googled to figure out who they were.

          5. “I’m pretty sure you only get “cred” if you produce something.”

            How quickly they all seem to forget “Prelude to Axanar”…the inconvenient truth of the detractor tribe.

          6. I haven’t forgotten Prelude Jonny, but it was a 20 minute film made three years ago. It’s old news and Hollywood has a short memory. So his Hollywood career consists of that and being sued by two major studios. Yep, he’s going far!

          7. Well, that’s farther than than most of us ever get in Hollywood. I’ve lives here for a quarter century, and I haven’t done nearly as much in the industry. I’m assuming you haven’t either. 🙂

          8. I have no interest or desire to accomplish anything in Hollywood Jonny. This isn’t a pissing match. I have worked in the real world long enough though to know that if you burn bridges like that you gain entirely the wrong sort of “cred”. The little guys like B list actors may think it’s sort of cool, but the people who do the hiring certainly won’t.

        2. It made the studios look bad and greatly embarrassed them – or should have. It did not embarrass Star Trek fans.

          1. Exactly. The Axa-haters have to twist everything to suit their studio aligned agenda, no matter what that is. They will continue to try top plant the “It’s all Alecs fault” idea in any little dropping they can find. Your assessment is exactly correct, it made the studios look just like what they are: arrogant manipulators who will tell the fans what they will watch, how they will watch it and when they will watch it. It also turned off so many that Disco is bound to be the bomb it appears to be, just for coming out of such nasty people. Based on all the drama Terry is trying to create, and the places he now proudly inhabits, and the comments he makes, it is extremely hard not to think he was a CBS plant from the get go, to ensure that this whole thing blew up, so CBS could maintain a clear distance and say “we didin’t do anything but protect out IP”. To much made up stuff, too many nasty things said with no facts or basis, have been generated for this not to be a valid idea. If it can ever be proved, I would hope all the donors could find a lawyer and sue CBS for fraud.

        3. Why should Alex getting sued by the studios who own the franchise cause embarrassment? He worked for the studios previously and told them when he worked there about other people doing similar things and told that it was okay, he then reached out to the studios over Axanar, briefing them about his intentions and got nothing back. So why should Alec feel embarrassed for doing the decent thing with respect to the studios who own the rights to Star Trek? And even now the studios allow Alec to continue making Axanar, so no problem.

          Conversely, from what I read here, the total opposite happens with Terry, instead of writing to the people with whom he should seek permission as a matter of course, he only does so at the 11th hour when it gets pointed out to him by Alec via Carlos that he should… then when they say “no”, Terry says he will go ahead with it in full knowledge that they forbid it, unlike Alec who went ahead with making Axanar pretty confident that the license holders of Star Trek were fine with it.

          Do I miss anything here Sandy from this side-by-side analogy?

        4. Alec just had 15,000 fans and their accomplishments with their careers in donating of $1.4mil+ from their incomes for his Hollywood cred. I wouldn’t go judging others and their accomplishments too quickly.

    2. Ah, the broken record and the money again.

      Vintage Greenberg.

      Like I said, five years from now you’ll still be finding anyplace you can to say the same things yet again…and again…and again. Of course you can’t see the sad depth that Terry has sunk to, because it’s like looking in a mirror.

      It’s not up to Terry to release any kind of blooper reel for “Prelude To Axanar,” promised perk or not. He is not part of the production company. He does not represent the production company. His possession of footage created by the production company is questionable at best.

      “I’ve found that the ones complaining have either made a small donation (as measured by the entire scale of possible donation levels) or haven’t donated at all. Don’t get me wrong, because we’re extremely grateful for every cent that someone chooses to donate, but a donation doesn’t entitle someone to be an asshat, which is why I’m happy to call people out publicly for their asshatery. It usually shuts them down.” – Terry McIntosh, commenting about the hater community while he was still with Axanar Productions.

    3. I agree. It’s bloopers, for crying out loud. If the JJ films can produce gag reels, surely a fan film like Axanar shouldn’t be up in arms about their bloopers being shown. Hell, the TNG blu-rays featured a minute of Michael Dorn’s bloopers of him saying ‘$hit!’. Seriously, get over yourselves. It’s a blooper reel.

    4. Way to try and justify Terry’s BS there Mr. Greenburg (or is it Mr. Sock Puppet?)! It is not Terry’s job to deliver perks anymore. It is not Terry’s job to make a perk with the stolen property in his possession. The idea that Terry’s motivations behind doing this are altruistic in nature is pure unadulterated crap. Terry appears to be misrepresenting himself and the intention of his “blooper reel” when contacting the actors in question. So, yeah, it’s bad, and there doesn’t need to be any kind of comparison to Alec to show it. Terry’s malfeasance stands out pretty well on its own. You’d see that if you weren’t so enamored of the things he tells you.

    5. Your moral compass need to be re-calibrated. The material is stolen and is being put out there without the consent of those in it i.e. using their performances for a personal attack. You Anti=Axanar zealots have parroted the line that Axanar was bad for fandom and yet you are an apologist for a thief/ SMDJH intentionally setting out to

    6. Sandy Greenbelt, you have the emotional maturity of a five year old but surely even your bizarre obsession can see that Terry is the bad guy here.

  2. I am an Axanar donor (multiple times) and I take issue with Mr. McIntosh statement (sic)” releasing it(Axana Bloopers) in a tasteful manner to the Axanar donors as a bit of recompense for how things have turned out for them”.
    I have asked no recompense for my donations to that project from Mr. McIntosh or Axanar for that matter. I take offense that Mr. McIntosh would use me and other donors for ill intended attempts at revenge. How it “turned out” was determined by the Court and when Alec delivers on the final two segments, that will be all the recompense I need.

    1. Terry is saying that he’s simply delivering what Alec promised and failed to deliver…the bloopers.

      Funny thing about that: Alec doesn’t remember asking Terry to do that task. Maybe Terry would also like to sew all the uniforms and deliver those perks to the donors.

    2. As another donor: Yes you are right on target, and exactly the way I see it as well. Everything was peachy until Terry screwed the pooch and CBS locked the project up long enough to burn all the fuel, and then so very graciously, appear to compromise. I believe this will come back to haunt them, just as it did Paramount.

  3. Good Lord, these people will be sitting around a card table in a retirement home one day still working themselves up into a frenzy over the same nonsense, clinging to the hope that repeating conspiracies long enough will make them true. It must be exhausting to delight in being so utterly miserable.

        1. Talk about feeling sick to your stomach. An actor paying for their SAG membership with donated funds is beyond disgusting.

          1. Is that the new “rumor du jour,” kids? Geez, you guys are are a trip.

            For anyone out there who isn’t brainwashed, I’ve just checked the full financials with a search for the words “SAG” “Screen Actors” “Guild” “Membership” “Dues” “Annual” and “Fee”.



          2. What was the $3,099 for “Union Dues” then? It was in the Axanar annual report…Also, you can go to the SAG website and see that:

            “All new members pay a one-time-only initiation fee, plus the first semiannual dues at the time of joining. The national initiation fee rate is currently $3000.00”

          3. So I stand corrected about Gary Graham. Apparently, he did leave SAG. Of course, SAG membership has nothing to do this, as I said this isn’t a legal matter. It’s one of respect, professional courtesy, and having a moral compass. Terry very likely won’t get sued because, frankly, he isn’t worth the hassle. He’s a small man with big delusions of his own importance. I know I’m not that important. Terry has very different ideas about himself. Apparently, he’s so important that he can ignore the wishes of a candidate for the House of Representations of the United States of America. So whether Gary is SAG or not is irrelevant.

            As for Alec, I just PM’d him to ask about the SAG dues from the Annual Report. His response: “Repaid by me” Since the line item was NOT anywhere in the 2,800-item spreadsheet of donor-paid expenses, I’d say that confirms his response.

            So one for two, Sandy. That’s better than you usually do, so congratulations. Wait here while I get you a cookie from the kitchen…

          4. Doesn’t matter Jonny.

            AT THE TIME he felt it was acceptable to pay the fees with donor funds. Wrongdoing isn’t erased just because you make amends later. The fact that he claims to have paid it back (with no proof of course) shows he is ADMITTING that he did use donor funds to pay it.

          5. Not entirely. Alec had already put tens of thousands of his own dollars into the production by that point. Thanks to the lack of a proper accountant (to be fair, it seemed like an unnecessary expense at the time), Alec’s dollars and the donor dollars were merged, and it’s hard to say what Alec paid for himself versus what the donors paid for. That sorting didn’t happen until the following summer when an accountant was finally brought in to catalog and identify every expense into proper payments–this was from donor funds, this was from Alec Peters’ personal funds, etc.

            But really, Sandy, this argument is getting really old and exhausting to have to continually re-explain and re-litigate. So I’m declaring a moratorium on the subject here on Fan Film Factor. Feel free to resurrect the dinosaurs elsewhere, but I just don’t want to have to explain the same things to you detractors over and over and over again anymore. This topic is closed, kids.

        2. You know Sandy, most people who say things have either a fact to support it, or a clear line of logic to prove it possible. You are one of the few people, except some noted politicians, who can have neither, and prove that theory is as concrete as gravity.

  4. Jonathan, Macintosh is really pushing his luck!!! I just hope that if he does what he’s threatening to do, he gets slapped with karma upside the head. The decision to do bloopers is NOT Macintosh’s, it would be Alec’s and he would get the necessary permissions first. I hope tha Alec has let the actors kow what is happening, so that they can take the necessary action to protect themselves. Obviously Alec has already let them know before Macintosh sent his mealy mouthed letter to them . I think I’m just as ready to throw up as well. Sorry about the mess. Have a mop handy? ;>)

  5. The “ALEC PETERS PUSHED ME TO IT” argument holds absolutely zero water now. The case(and main part of the battle) is OVER. The opponents need to DEAL WITH THAT FACT. The inherent smugness of Terry’s posts(“I sure don’t NEED to obey their wishes, but I’ll do so anyway ’cause I’m feeling so MAGNANIMOUS”) is just infantile. The fact that he would pull this “maybe I will, maybe I won’t” crap is just idiotic and pointless. It shows someone who seems to feel that those pesky laws sure don’t apply to HIM(Ironic, since that seems to be the main gripe he has against Alec) marks him as a person who can’t be trusted and who may actually have EARNED any negative back-blast he’s gotten from his association with Axanar.

    This is something he’s doing not because he must, but because he feels like it. This is the real face of Terry McIntosh, folks.

    1. Actually, Terry feels very powerless in his life at the moment. There’s been a lot of bad stuff health-wise that’s happened to both him and people he’s close to lately. He needed to give up working primarily from home to get a job where he has real bosses, so he’s not even in control of his own schedule anymore. He used to set his own hours; now he’s punching a clock for overlords. His life is not what it used to be.

      This isn’t meant to excuse what he is doing at the moment so much as explain it. Right now, Terry feels like he doesn’t control very much that happens to him, and that’s certainly frustrating. (We’ve all probably felt it in our own lives at times.) But this whole Alec/Axanar/blooper thing…that makes Terry feel VERY in control. It sooths him like a pacifier, energizes him, distracts him and takes away some of the pain from the rest of his life. At least with these bloopers, Terry DOESN’T have a boss telling him what to do–not the actors, not Alec, no one but Terry. It’s not a disease that has its own agenda, it’s TERRY’S agenda. And he’s reveling in the rush and escape from reality.

      Many of us deal with our feelings of powerlessness in different ways. Some ways are healthy. Some ways are self-destructive. And some ways are destructive to others. Obviously, Terry’s way is NOT the first option.

      1. Jonathan, His psyche sounds like someone very famous for his name. They may very well have similar problems. They seem to act the same way by throwing people under the bus. I’ll give 3 guesses where this other guy lives. One hint: It ain’LA!!!!

          1. Jonathan. You’re actually going to give sally that one? She used Breitbart of all things as a source. Breitbart! Br-ei-t-freaking-nazi-bart! The fact-free site! You can’t accept any evidence from a source like that!

          2. Well, it turns out that yes, Gary did resign from SAG, and he also didn’t. It seems to be a long story. The final conclusion, however, is that yes, the SAG rules on bloopers applied to Gary.

  6. I’m no legal expert, less so when it comes to American law, but, that said, I know in EVERY place that I’ve worked the business OWNS all things that an employee does when using (and perhaps this is the sticky part) materials/equipment that belong to the business. It is murkier when you do work related to the work you are paid for; but do so on your own equipment/time, the work is only “tangentially aligned” with your job, and was not a request of the employer.

    As I mention, the sticky part in this instance is what equipment was used and how Terry’s work for Axanar is viewed. Can his volunteering for the production still be viewed in such a manner that all works that he did that related to Axanar are the property of Axanar/Alec? If so, then Terry has stepped into another litigation option for Alec/Axanar — theft of property.

    That aside, I don’t understand what advantage Terry feels putting any bloopers “out there.” Perhaps the detractors are so deeply infused with hate that they fail to understand that EVERY show/movie/filmed project will have bloopers and Axanar is, obviously not going to be any different. So, big deal… Axanar has bloopers! And, in those bloopers is/are sections that show Alec working on providing the best possible performance, and not always “hitting the mark.”

    If bloopers were to surface — and perhaps they already have — of other fan-based productions (of any fandom; be that Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc.) that include non-actors [or at least those that do not make a living as actors], the probability that these bloopers would include several takes of this/these individuals is high. And, further, would show that they are not professional actors. [P.S.: Isn’t that what CBS/Paramount want in the case of Star Trek?].

    I don’t expect professional actors to get it right the first time around for everything they do. Sometimes they will, but many times they will not. If they got it right all the time there would be no such thing as ‘blooper reel(s)’ to start with! What I do expect is that the actor — professional or otherwise — will make their best effort to get it right (per direction of the Director) sooner rather later [for the sake of the production, sooner is obviously better], and that their performance is the best that they can deliver. An audience has a right to expect that.

    Now, in the case of a non-professional, more leeway in “best performance possible” is going to be something that should be expected. However, that of a professional the audience should, rightfully, expect a higher level of performance. Thus, it is also very likely that the number of retakes that a professional needs versus a non-professional should be less — it is their craft after all. Therefore, the reverse should also hold true: the number of retakes that an audience should expect, and allow for, in the case of a non-professional should be higher than that for a professional. So, Terry plans on demonstrating what any reasonable individual should expect… Reasonable people will see these bloopers in that light; unreasonable people will, obviously, not.

    In summary, the person who should be embarrassed is Terry for stirring pot and trying to raise a bunch of sh!t. And, I cannot fathom why he feels this need. He should have moved on beyond this as he has in many other aspects of his life.

    I can understand hating someone, I cannot claim not to, but I don’t understand taking this hatred public in the manner that he has. To do so only reflects poorly on him.

    1. Rick – Terry’s main motivations are for one, to hopefully “embarrass” Alec Peters for his own personal satisfaction, and two, because he is obsessed with trying to force Alec to sue him. He has publicly dared Alec to do it, because he has this belief being sued by Alec will gain him access to some kind of hidden inner Axanar secrets in the discovery phase.

      1. Y’know, I’d heard that rumor that Terry actually WANTS Alec to sue him, but I just can’t believe even Terry could be that idiotic. A lawsuit is $10K-$20K per month to litigate. And if Terry’s the defendant, good luck finding a pro bono lawyer to defend being an asshole and violating an NDA. So why invite an expensive lawsuit that, at best, ends with no monetary award for Terry (if Alec sues him, Terry gets nothing if he wins and it costs him money if he loses) and just costs tens of thousands of dollars?

        Seriously, I just can’t except that anyone could be so stupid. I think this is just an urbane myth.

        1. Jonathan, falling asleep at the computer again. TSK!! TSK!!! LOL!!!!! The word you want is accept, NOT except!!!! ;>)

        2. Sorry but what you describe, Jonathan, sounded a lot like CBS to me…”Why invite an expensive lawsuit that ends with no monetary award” It does seem like he really may work for them, he appears to have attened theirr customer service program….

          1. Actually I’m comparing Terry to #45 POTUS. Didn’t realize you were THAT tired!!! ;>) Hope that clears things up. Should have guessed you were THAT tired. I’ve had days like that too. ;>)

  7. Jonathan, I’m with you on this. In each and every point. That bastard makes me want to throw up big time.

  8. Terry’s attitude with this is beyond disgusting. And that is the best possible way I could put it without personally attacking the man.

  9. It takes a special kind of asshole to ask permission to do a thing only to then say, one you’re politely told “no”, that you don’t need permission and do it anyway.

  10. That’s awesome. I love blooper reels they make me laugh. I teckon my favorite is that one offCable Guy. I’m looking froward to the Axaner one with Girth an the guys.
    Did you know they maked Scary movie with the blooper reel from Scream? Me neither but yep, it says so on imdeebee

  11. I recently had a situation where someone I know, Stole Credit for my work, on a couple of Christmas songs. It’s an awful feeling, that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

    Everyone out there on the other side of the fence (Not just Terry) should, do the honorable thing. Respect the wishes of the Actors and Actresses involved. That includes Alec Peters. And especially the estate of Richard Hatch.

    Jonathan you can edit this next part out if you want…

    What Jonathan, is dancing around with the channel thing. Is that some coward hiding behind a computer voice. Created a channel and used many of our comments and likenesses without permission. And while I suppose I should be honored to be included as one of those they perceive as some sort of threat. Or Hey I know, maybe I am a part of the vast Axanar inner super conspiracy circle(tm) !!

    The simple fact of the matter is that the place for debate. is in the forum where the comments were posted. I can’t speak for others but I don’t start or participate in arguments. In places like CBS PvA or Axamonitor. And I don’t seek out confrontation with anyone on the other side of the fence, in the few places where I do post comments. And even that has dropped off considerably as I have other more constructive uses for my time.

    Considering the lawsuit is over I am trying to get back to being a fan film fan, and a Star Trek, It makes me sad to say…

    But things. like this make it tough, and it’s hard, very hard, to have respect for those who want to continue an argument that’s been settled to the satisfaction of everyone who was actually involved.

    1. I didn’t say that Sandy was behind the Tales of Axanar YouTube channel. That would have required a YouTube account trace done by a friend within the company itself. And really, who has a friend like that? 🙂

      1. I didn’t say he was responsible either. I said it was a cowardly way to post their disagreement with our opinions.

        I was actually hoping you’d say The first Rule of The Axanar inner super conspiracy circle(tm) !!
        Is don’t say anything about The Axanar inner super conspiracy circle(tm) !!

    1. Warning on the language. Deep shat is okay…as is sh*t. I’ve got a 6-year-old named Jayden who is now reading at a third grade level…occasionally over my shoulder!

  12. Terry has clearly become obsessed. I am blown away by the flippant arrogance he displays regarding hurting innocent people in pursuit of whatever pain he wants to cause Alec. I hope everyone involved pursues immediate and severe legal action. I know some of the actors may be hesitant to pursue legal action and to them I will say this … if you don’t, Terry and his ilk will never, ever stop. They all need to learn a very expensive lesson. Don’t just flush – incinerate the contents of the entire septic tank. Such people are sewage.

  13. Honestly, I believe Alec/Axanar should pretty much step back from this and let the actors file their own lawsuits against Terry. The paperwork (SAG Agreement, and social media records/images) is on their side. Ultimately it is their craft and careers he is toying with so they have the most to lose and should loose their cannons first.
    I also do not believe the careers of any of those actors will be hurt much by mere blooper reels regardless of the origins. Kate, J.G., and Gary are all solid performers and as far as I know not known to be difficult to work with, so a minor blooper reel is not likely to spoil things overmuch.

    As for Herr McIntosh, I almost feel sorry for him. Almost. His own actions have already destroyed any credibility he had and will likely destroy the rest of his career as well. Those actions will also damage the credibility of any who choose to associate with him.

    I say we sit back and watch as his life goes down like the Bismark, amidst enemy fire and angry seas.

    1. Actually, his life pretty much sucks at the moment for reasons I won’t share. That’s not meant to demean him but rather to try to curtail those who are wishing him ill right now. I don’t wish Terry any ill anything. I simply wish he’d grow up…even a little.

  14. If I had recorded and then released what Gary Graham said to me about the studios suing Axanar, he wouldn’t be working for them for a long time. I did not record it and I would not release it under any circumstances anyway because, having met him at the most recent Treklanta (which also had J.G. there, who also was dissatisfied with the studios over Axanar but not quite as direct), I can’t help but love the guy. Anyone who read his article about why he left SAG would also realize that he still pays almost the exact amount of dues as a non-member in order to work union jobs, but gets no voting rights or anything else other than health insurance; and he’s still covered under SAG rules on union jobs, which would appear to include Axanar. So SAG might get pissy with Terry, who, by stating he might do it anyway even though now he knows he does NOT have permission, has probably provided enough evidence for a summary judgment. Moreover, since such a dispute would be between Terry and the union and NOT involve Axanar or Alec (who has made a real attempt at protecting the rights of those same actors), any attempt to involve Axanar would likely be blocked by the judge.

    1. As I’ve said elsewhere, though, this isn’t about lawsuits. It’s about common courtesy and decency. No one should have to legally threaten a Star Trek fan to respect the wishes of a Trek actor. It should be a no-brainer.

  15. On a forum I’ve frequented for the past 15 years, there was once a debate on Intellectual Property Rights, and how it relates to fan works vs IP ownership.

    For decades, fans of Star Trek have operated under the code of “if you make something Star Trek, you are not allowed to profit from it”. This has been the unwritten code for all things Trek, whether it be gaming, movies, tv-shows or stories. Most likely, this code was also one of the primary violations in the whole CBS/Paramount vs Axanar lawsuit.

    In the forum debate (for context, a modding forum for a popular Star Trek game), the two arguments were this:

    – Modders who create their own unique artwork and designs, that are related to but not copies of existing IP designs (Century Class vs Galaxy Class for example…), tend to request that people ask their permission before using their artwork in ways unintended from the modder in question (such as porting the ship models from one game to another, or modifying it’s textures etc)

    on the flip side, the argument was

    – People can choose to do whatever they like with modders creative artworks, since modders don’t have a right to those designs anyways (since it’s “inspired by” the Star Trek IP).

    As a rule of thumb, one would assume people should extend the courtesy of asking permission before using someone else’s work, or as the case of this article, their likenesses and performances.

  16. It’s behavior like this that makes all fan films look like a bunch of amateurs, especially if this is coming from the crew of the fan film that was suppose to take fan films from amateur to professional. Why would serious actors choose to work with fan films again if this is how their treated. On another note what state is JG running in I’d love to donate if possible.

    1. New York-23…my old Ithaca stomping grounds. I’ve been trying to get an interview with J.G., as I’m a bit of a political junkie and am prepared to ask him some hard-hitting policy and strategy questions and not just say, “So what made a Klingon want to run for Kongress?” 🙂

      1. Hehe, ya i was a poli-sci major for a year, got kinda sick of the state of things and moved to something more honest. But it left me with an appreciation for campaigning. In fact i have but haven’t gotten around to reading, “Take Back Your Government” by Robert Heinlein. I just love how politically involved his writing is and how involved he was in real life. Someone I can really admire, so I hope to see the same in JG. Can he translate those leadership skills he portrays on screen to the real world? I sure hope so.

  17. Quite frankly I dont want hear anything about Axanar (good or bad) untill they’ve released the film or at least brought out some new footage. Ok Terry is sticking his nose where it’s not longer wanted, but I only hear what he’s up to via the Axanar pages & this web site… so if you stopped talking about him, he wouldn’t have an audience. This whole thing has been going in circles for farr too long.
    FYI, A friend of mine recently produced a live acton 90 mins sci-fi film, which was made from start to finish in under six months (admittedly with a much smaller budget) . This included a large cast of pro actors, full sets, cgi and rewriting the script 4 times, so it can be done well and done quicker.

    1. “so if you stopped talking about him, he wouldn’t have an audience.”

      I hadn’t talked about Terry at all for a year and a half. Then he leaked the script and now this. Then, AFTER that, I talked about him. Trust me, Luke, Terry has an audience–it’s the detractors, and they urge him on. It gives him a rush of power and a feeling of relevance (or is that vice-versa?). He was announcing his plans for these bloopers long before I ever covered him on Fan Film Factor, Luke.

      Sometimes it’s not enough to simply let the rats run around the house all night. Eventually, you need to turn on a light to see what you’re dealing with.

    2. Yeah and we did Prelude start to finish in four months, working full time on it. No one is working full time now, and we also had to move our studio, and myself, and work on a new business I am building. Yeah those pesky life things. So your analogy is comparing apples to oranges.

      We are working part time and we have a lot to do including raising the money to make Axanar.

      So what is your friends film so we can go see it?

  18. Most everything that I might have written has been written but there’s one additional point – the rehearsal process. I’m an amateur actor who enjoys taking classes but would never pass as a professional even by a blindfolded deaf drunken monkey during a total eclipse.

    But I do know a bit about the process of rehearsal. Even talented people I work with have to work at a part or a poem to master it. The first run-thrus are typically pretty ragged and often that ragged edge persists until very late in the process. If someone thinks that putting rehearsals on youtube says anything, they need to be hit by a 2×4 clue bat a dozen times. It proves nothing.

    Blooper reels are something different with lots of humor at classic miscues, forgotten lines and so forth. We laugh with the actors not at them. We can even respect them more allowing us see and enjoy their normal human mess-ups.

    So no matter what others may choose to call what they’ve done, I won’t call it a “blooper reel” but rather something I won’t write to avoid upsetting tender eyes.

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