STAR TREK CONTINUES revises the RELEASE DATES for its final two episodes!

Later on today, STAR TREK CONTINUES will debut its ninth full episode, “What Ships Are For” (with special guest stars John de Lancie and Anne Lockhart!) in front of a fan audience at the Florida Supercon in Ft. Lauderdale.  The rest of the world will get to see the episode tomorrow!  (Indiegogo donors—like me—got a special advanced screening link yesterday, so I’ve already seen it.  And it was really good, folks.  Definitely worth your time to check it out when it’s released…especially the second half.  No spoilers, but I cried a little at the end.  Very powerful performance by John de Lancie.)

Early last month, STC announced the release schedule of their final three episodes, with special previews of each episode during conventions where the STC cast would be appearing.  In addition to episode XI “What Ships Are For,” the release dates for episodes X and XI were given, as well: “To Boldly Go (Part One)” would premiere at Salt Lake City Comic Con the weekend of September 21-23 and “To Boldly Go (Part Two)” would premiere two weeks later at New York City Comicon the weekend of October 5-8.

But that was before CBS announced the premiere date of Star Trek: Discovery was going to be September 24.   Oh, dear.  STC‘s penultimate episode would be premiering just as the world would be focused on the first new Star Trek to hit television screens in a dozen years!  Obviously, the timing of the two releases within a day of each other would not be in the best interests of CBS or STC.

So VIC MIGNOGNA posted the following message to fans of STC:

When we scheduled the releases for our 2-part finale at Salt Lake Comic Con & New York Comic Con, the release date for Star Trek: Discovery had not yet been set.  When it was announced that it would air on Sept 24, we decided to make some adjustments to our release dates out of respect and support for CBS and ST: Discovery. We don’t want anything to detract from the excitement and anticipation of ST: Discovery!

We will now show a sneak peek of Episode X at New York Comic Con on Sunday, October 8. and will debut it publicly on October 18. Our final episode, XI, will be released publicly on November 13, with a sneak peek of the episode to be screened at an event prior (TBD). Exclusive episode posters will be given to the first 300 fans at both events!

So a bad news/good news situation for STC fans.  The bad news is that we have to a little longer for the next new episode of STC and an extra month or so for the finale.  The good news is that we don’t have to face the reality of the last-ever episode of STC until November instead of October.

11 thoughts on “STAR TREK CONTINUES revises the RELEASE DATES for its final two episodes!”

  1. I Liked the New STC epsiode, only Disappointments were
    #1 One less new episode of STC to watch.
    #2 from the Title I was hoping for a space based action episode, pushing the Enterprise to the Limit.
    (what we got was real good just different).

    1. Without giving spoilers, yes, it was different than a lot of fan films in that there this was all about a society facing a huge change…rather than a threat to the ship or crew. But so many classic Trek stories were just about that and not about space battles or alien menaces. Kudos to STC for taking that chance to do something more challenging. I think they really nailed it.

  2. REALLY looking forward to the final episodes of Continues – Too bad we can’t get more of this grand fan series, but oh well, counting my blessings… P 🙂

    1. Well, even in the best case scenario, they were only ever planning to do to additional episodes. I’m sorry we’ll never see those, but there were (will be) eleven amazing episodes that we can all enjoy…and that’s quite the blessing for fans.

  3. I know most Trek fans oppose Trump but in my opinion this episode was a direct refutation of his immigration policy’s and I wonder if he had even a little to do with the end of the episode. Would it have been the same if Trump hadn’t been elected?

    However besides that little gripe, the episode was great. Vic makes a great Kirk and actually in profile he could be William Shatner! I can’t wait for the next 3 episodes. The end of the 5 year mission!

    I hope no one gets angry at me (hopefully I gave no spoilers) and understands I’m not trying to start a political discussion. Even including what I said above the episode was EXCELLENT!

    1. At the time such episodes as “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield” and “A Private Little War” came out, the country was divided on issues like segregation and the Vietnam War. That never stopped Star Trek from letting us take a hard look at ourselves. I suspect that, were TOS being made today (and we’ll find out if Discovery does so), Star Trek would be taking a look at current issues like immigration, healthcare, and interference with democratic elections by outside powers. Already, STC took on the candidacy of Hillary Clinton in the episode “Embracing the Winds.” I’m curious to see what they have in store for their final two episodes.

  4. Once again Star Trek Continues and Vic Mignogna come through with what was promised and act professionally. Axanar and Alec Peters…well…not so much.

  5. Even though Star Trek has always done its best as a social commentary, I definitely won’t miss STC.

  6. I’m not really looking forward to the premiere of Discovery, but I am looking forward to the final episodes from Star Trek Continues. It’s been a great run.

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