SPOCK’S ever-growing family!

Hey, folks.  Now that we know that Spock not only had a Vulcan half-brother (that he never talked about) but also an adopted human half-sister (that he also never talked about…the lead character of Michael Burnham from the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery), I thought I’d create a fun little revised Sarek and Amanda “family portrait”…

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  1. Jonathan
    I’m disappointed that you didn’t feel the need to respond to my question about the lack of respect by referring to Discovery as DISCO, instead of the correct DSC (or even DIS) You can hide behind the…”It’s a valid diminutive for Discovery” but we are all aware that it is used in a smart ass way much like referring to the show as STD. I realize that this is a completely different forum from where I originally talked about this but since there was no response I figured I needed to come here…of course all you need to do is forget to prove my comment, as it seems is often done. I’d also appreciate you not hiding behind the “I don’t respond to haters” line since my original comment was directed directly to you and was very respectful and presented with no angry at all. It just seems to me that you folks expect respect (don’t talk crap about Axanar) but feel that doesn’t apply to you (STD, DISCO).

    PS Who was Uhura’s sister or McCoy’s brother? Why don’t we know this after 51 years?

  2. well, ok (Maybe your right!!)….BUT exactly who said that? The article just says ‘a fun fact’…from E-TV?

    1. It didn’t say exactly who said it since the implication is that’s what they all call it (or at least most of them).

      Hey, coming up with the nickname “Disco” from “Discovery” isn’t exactly rocket surgery. I mean, yeah, I’m usually brilliant, but at least this time, it was pretty obvious! 🙂

      (Oh, and to the detractors: the “brilliant” comment was obviously said tongue-in-cheek. However, if you really feel the need to add it to the “mock Jonathan” (or Slow Lane or whatever you’re calling me this week) list, knock yourselves out. I’ve stopped visiting the detractor hang-outs almost entirely. The occasional rare trip to check on something is typically brief and still requires a few minutes in the decontamination chamber afterwards.)

  3. I’m already not excited about Spock’s “secret sister”. Why can’t this character stand on her own without being related to anyone/name dropping? There better be a very good plot reason for this character being Spock’s “secret sister”.

  4. Hi Johnathan,

    I think you and others should really check this out about just how and why Discovery looks and feels like JJ Abrams Kelvin, instead of pre- Kirk. I was blown away. You might watch the previous video on the subject by the channel too.

    1. Yeah, I watched this last night. I find the content interesting…but much of it unsourced. Without being able to go elsewhere for an objective confirmation, I tend to take a portion of the information as potentially true rather than absolutely true. It’s a well-done series of vlogs, and totally deserving of the hundreds of thousands of views (I wish I had that many readers!). I just wish there was more than just this one source for much of this inside information!

  5. I thought maybe, with all the people YOU KNOW that you could do some sleuthing? Or perhaps, contact the guy running the channel? Anyway, thanks for checking it out, must be Google helping us find the same stuff?

    1. I don’t have any contacts in the ST: Discovery production department (I used to, but he’s on Orville now). I don’t know anyone at CBS Interactive. I do have a friend who is good friends with Bryan Fuller, so I knew Bryan was fired while CBS was still suggesting it was a mutually-agreed-upon parting. I know that Fuller knew he was being forced out and refused to quit because that would mean sacrificing his payout (a contractual obligation of the studio). So he stuck it out until CBS ultimately decided to eat the payout and fire him anyway. I know that most of the stuff about the look and feel of the new series that is bothering longtime fans can be traced back to the lead production designer who would make edicts like “no cylindrical nacelles” for no other reason than he thinks they look too retro and not futuristic enough. The original costume designs were actually close enough to “The Cage” to be almost acceptable. (Imagine a cross between the Pike-era turtlenecks and a monster maroon…essentially a turtleneck with a shoulder flap; it actually looked pretty decent.) But with Fuller gone, things began diverging further and further away from what most fans would consider canon.

      But aside from that, I’ve pretty much got nothing on Discovery that isn’t in the mainstream entertainment or sci-fi media (or rumor mill). Times used to be when I was PLUGGED IN, man! But alas, those days are gone…at least for now.

  6. Hey Jonathan,

    That’s a great retconned “family picture”! It seems humor is the only way still allowed to criticize of Discovery. Because as soon as you list facts why DIS doesn’t work work you’re being attacked because “change is necessary” and other bullshit.

        1. My son is reading at a third grade level now (brag, brag) and occasionally glances over my shoulder. As such, I like to keep the language on Fan Film Factor clean and spiffy!

  7. Just curious but,

    Who is Uhura’s Sister?
    Who is Sulu’s husband? (sorry, couldn’t resist!)
    Who is Scotty’s Father?
    Who is Chekov’s Uncle?

    It’s been 51 years, why don’t were know about them?

    1. Kirk knew that Spock’s mother was a teacher and his father an ambassador (just not that Sarek and Amanda were those particular parents). One would assume Kirk would have read Spock’s record when he became first officer and seen the adopted half-sister. (It’s possible that Sybok, a half-brother from a previous marriage) might have been left off the personnel profile. One would also assume McCoy had access to that same file. Why would neither of them ever have spoken to Spock about his human half-sister and her affect on him growing up. Certainly, she could have given him a greater understanding of his human side. He certainly spoke of his human mother enough times.

  8. My question wasn’t answered…why after 51 years do we not know about anyone else’s relatives? (Beside Sulu’s daughter…must assume adopted!)

    1. There’s no reason to assume that Dimora Sulu was adopted (at least in the Prime Universe). If you look at Sulu’s reaction to Lt. Ilia in ST:TMP and his reaction to Vixis at the end of Star Trek V (as well as the mirror-Sulu’s infatuation with Uhura), Sulu was at least bi-sexual if not totally heterosexual. The Kelvin-verse Sulu might be similarly bi…or maybe just full homosexual. But Dimora existed in the Prime timeline, so it’s just as likely to assume Sulu fathered a daughter with a woman.

      As for your question “…why after 51 years do we not know about anyone else’s relatives?” What makes you say “anyone else’s”? What about these folks…

      – James Kirk’s brother George Samuel “Sam” Kirk, sister-in-law Aurelan, and three nephews (including Peter Kirk).

      – Leonard McCoy’s daughter Joanna (mentioned in the animated “The Infinite Vulcan”).

      – Scotty’s sister and his youngest child Peter Preston.

      – Jean-Luc Picard’s brother Robert, sister-in-law Marie, and nephew René…also, his mother Yvette Picard was seen in the first season of TNG.

      – William Riker’s father Kyle Riker.

      – Data’s “father” Dr. Noonian Soong and his “brother” lore.

      – Worf’s Klingon father Mogh and bother Kurn…plus Worf’s adoptive human parents Sergey and Helena Rozhenko and adopted brother Nikolai…not to mention wife K’Ehleyr and son Alexander.

      – Deanna Troi’s mother Lwaxana, human father Ian Andrew Troi, and deceased sister Kestra.

      – Beverly Crusher’s late husband (and Wesley’s father) Jack Crusher…plus Beverly’s grandmother Felisa Howard (who raised her).

      – Geordi LaForge’s mother Silva, father Edward, and sister Ariana.

      – Benjamin Sisko’s late wife Jennifer, son Jake, father Joseph, mother/prophet Sarah, half-sister Judith, and second wife Kassidy Yates.

      – Kira Nerys’ mother Kira Meru and father Kira Taban, and her bothers Kira Reon and Kira Pohl.

      – Miles O’Brien’s wife Keiko, children Molly and Kirayoshi, father Michael, and unnamed (but mentioned) two brothers.

      – Julian Bashir’s parents Richard and Amsha.

      – The Dax symbiont’s many husbands, wives, and children.

      – Ezri’s brothers Norvo and Janel.

      – Quark’s brother Rom, nephew Nog, mother Ishka (Moogie), father Keldar, grandfather Adred, uncles Frin, Gorad, and Pax, cousins Barbo, Gaila, Kono, and Stol, kinda-Klingon wife Grilka, sister-in-law Leeta, and ex-sister-in-law Prinadora.

      – Kathryn Janeway’s father Admiral Janeway.

      – Tom Paris’ father Admiral Owen Paris.

      – Chakotay’s father Kolopak and sister and cousin who lived in Ohio.

      – Tuvok’s wife T’Pel, children Sek, Asil, and two others, and granddaughter T’Meni (named after Tuvok’s mother).

      – B’Elanna Torres’ human father John Torres, her Klingon mother Miral, her uncle Carl, and her cousins Elizabeth, Dean, and Michael.

      – Harry Kim’s parents John and Mary Kim and cousin Dennis Kim.

      – Neelix’s sister Alixia.

      – Jonathan Archer’s father Henry Archer and his mother Sally.

      – T’Pol’s mother T’Les and second foremother T’Mir.

      – Trip Tucker’s sister Elizabeth and father Charles Tucker II.

      – Malcolm Reed’s father, grandfather, and great-uncle who had served in the Royal Navy, his sister Madeleine, and his uncle Archie.

      – Dr. Phlox’s, well, three wives, each with three husbands (including Phlox), resulting in a total of 720 relationships, 42 of which had romantic possibilities. There were 31 children in his extended family, and he had five children of his own: three sons and two daughters.

      – Travis Mayweather’s mother Rianna, deceased father, and his brother Paul Mayweather.

      That’s a LOT of relatives, Edward!!! 🙂

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