NINER FANS release an UNOFFICIAL TRAILER for imagined DS9 SEASON 4 Blu-Ray!

Back in late 2015, two hard-core Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fans, DAVID FRANK and CHRISTIAN LERCH, created a unique fan film.  They imagined what a teaser/trailer for an High Definition DS9 Blu-ray collection might look like.  It had been a year since the completion of the seven-season Blu-Ray releases of Star Trek: The Next Generation in December of 2014, and like many “Niner” fans, they hoped that CBS would give the same treatment to DS9.

Talented motion designers, David and Christian used their skills to create a minute-long teaser/trailer using nothing but CGI graphics of the station consoles coming to life, with a majestic DS9 musical soundtrack.  They described the sequence:

It features the Cardassian Space Station shortly before the pilot of DS9. The Cardassians just left after over 50 years of occupation, and the Bajorans are about to take over the Station. The Station kind of senses the imminent arrival of the Bajoran military forces and “wakes up.”

It ended with the words: “BRING IT TO BLU-RAY”

A few months later in March of 2016, David and Christian released a new minute-long trailer for a hypothetical DS9 Season 2 HD Blu-Ray…again ending with the words “BRING IT TO BLU-RAY.”  But this time they added voice-over clips from the episodes “The Circle” and “In the Hands of the Prophets” to their CGI and haunting music track…resulting in a dramatic and chilling finished piece.

In July, the Season 3 teaser/trailer was released…this time with CGI space battle footage featuring Romulans, Cardassians, Jem’Hadar, and the USS Defiant (with ship models provided by the one-and-only TOBIAS RICHTER)—and voice-over clips from “Improbable Cause” and “The Die Is Cast.”  Man, if you don’t get goosebumps from seeing this one and immediately rush out to rewatch that season of DS9, you might want to turn in your geek membership card!

Those three teaser/trailers were released within about eight months of each other, but it’s now been just over a year since their last endeavor.  (Keep in mind that David and Christian do this in their spare time for no money.)

But the wait for the Season 4 teaser/trailer is over.  It was released last week and looks AMAZING!  Now nearly two and a half minutes long, the final message has changed to “BRING IT TO HIGH DEFINITION.”  Amen to that!

If you want to see the teaser/trailers for the previous three seasons, here they are…



16 thoughts on “NINER FANS release an UNOFFICIAL TRAILER for imagined DS9 SEASON 4 Blu-Ray!”

  1. Oooo, somebody’s got some TALENT!! All four trailers were absolutely AMAZING, no question!!… P 🙂

  2. I watch selected episodes on H&I but watching the new trailer made me want to watch that season beginning to end. Well done.

  3. Deep Space Nine is smack dab in the Dominion War right now on the Hero’s and Icons TV network. Mostly broadcast, but available on other venues depending on State and locality. Visit the website for complete listing. All five Series air sequential episodes 6 nights a week, in order of Production. Also meaning Enterprise airs latest in the lineup. As TOS is first at 8pm. I’m amazed at what I missed, and it forgot over the years, even having watched reruns for decades too.

    1. Jayden and I watch half a Trek episode each night…although he’s only seen TOS so far. We’re nearly finished with our second run-though (now that he’s old enough to appreciate them more). Tonight, Jayden finally met Surak, and we watched 35 minutes of “The Savage Curtain” as I exercised. Once done, we move on to the animateds (his favorite), then we do the movies 1-6 (with “Space Seed” re-watched before STII:TWOK). After that…TNG!!! It’s really fun sharing these episodes with him for the first time.

        1. I should actually have said about 2/3. I do a little over a half hour of cardio after Jayden finishes dinner and before he goes upstairs to shower. So this past evening we watched “The Savage Curtain” until the commercial break where Surak yells “Help me, Spock!” Jayden almost always says, “Don’t stop it!!!” 🙂

  4. These are amazing! This is the kind of thing Star Trek should be doing with new content.

  5. I think this as well as productions as Horizon, Axanar, STC, prove definitely that the best Star Trek talent and ideas, the best production values and fidelity lies within the fans and not the studios…

    If they were minimally smart they will go to the teams making all of this wonders and say ‘how much you need to make it?’ and reap on the benefits …

      1. Jonathan, I think is easier to make that move than spending 10’s of millions on high budget flops that alienate the fan base and fail to make new ones -because the reboots are missing the sense of awe and the spark that made the original series and its spinoff’s able to captivate audiences

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