PACIFIC 201 releases NEW TEASER CLIP and needs $1,000 FAST!

The long-awaited fan film PACIFIC 201 has nearly completed principle photography, but there have been some unexpected delays and challenges that have pushed things back and strained the project’ available funding.  Now on the cusp of finishing the filming of all the scripted scenes, the production is faced with the cost of moving their sets out of the warehouse that was being leased and into a new facility.  Moving will require $1,000…and the funds are needed quickly.

Pacific 201 still has an active Indiegogo page up, with $30,685 as I type this.  If you can spare anything—even just a little—it’ll make a BIG difference…


With physical sets and well-designed costumes, profession actors, and some awesome visual effects, Pacific 201 will be the first fan film (or any Star Trek film, for that matter) to cover the period smack dab in between the end of the Enterprise NX-01 era and the beginning of the Enterprise NCC-1701 era.

The time of Pacific 201 is the turn of the 23rd century, 40 years after the founding of the United Federation of Planets.  It’s a critical period for Earth, still reeling from the horrors of the Romulan War but just beginning to emerge from fear and paranoia with a tentative first step back into the exploring of strange new worlds.

To encourage donations, writer/director ERIC HENRY has released this new 3-minute vignette filmed on the bridge set of the Pacific NCC-201.  Enjoy…and PLEASE DONATE!

10 thoughts on “PACIFIC 201 releases NEW TEASER CLIP and needs $1,000 FAST!”

  1. Thank you, Jonathan, I have been a strong supporter of both Axanar and PAC021, I was surprised to see this article as I did not get anything from them themselves.However, Eric Henry has produced probably one of the best filmed, quality “Show that shall not be named” fan films yet. I hate to say it but his production value is topping even Axanar, which hopefully Alec will be able to get Erics assistance on, his Pacific is so real looking, and so detailed, everytime I see it I cannot believe it is not real. It would make such an awesome series.

    1. Well, remember that Prelude to Axanar had no sets! Neither did the Vulcan scene. Eric has built some amazing sets. I’m not sure I’m crazy about the unsteady-cam footage at the beginning of the teaser, but it’s a unique and creative choice for a fan film, and certainly a valid one. (I’m just one guy–what do I know, right?) But yes, what I’ve seen so far has been awesome!

      And it looks like we’ve had at least $100 in donations since this blog posted. 10% of the way there! Thank you to whoever donated…and for the rest of you, an extra $10 or $20 might not seem like much, but it can all add up.

      1. Yes, Jonathan, to all your points, and it was my poor self who tipped them 10 squared, to answer the call for help, Eric makes a compelling case to help show them the support a fan should offer (as they can, of course) in return for the fine work they have created. That is a key piece of the Fan Film world, if we are going to ask for it, we need to want to support it. It is really a symbiotic relationship. The New Rules of Acquisition take that away from us, and the added insult of creating a condition where a huge sum of fan donated money was basically “burned in a barrel” is one reason I think there are some who now have a valid dislike for a specific television company and some of their more strident supporters who helped support that. I really hope Pac201 is able to work around all that and not end up treated as badly, it is such a great example of the art of film making and original story telling.

  2. While I will admit that, judging from this clip, it looks like the film could use a little more polishing, I am STILL very much looking forward to seeing the finished product… P 🙂

  3. Thanks for watching out for them Jonathan. I just wish their Facebook page was tended, I am thinking Eric does it, and he is too busy, but that would have been a good place to start this. Great job at keeping it going!

      1. You are correct, sir, they did post it on Aug 1, it just did not seem to come out as a “battlestations” level need. Anyways, great job scaring up support for them, they are the poster gang for “shoestring production”! But what a string they have.

  4. Thanks for posting about this project. EC Henry has been doing some interesting video’s on YouTube under his name. He does talks on a wide range of Star Trek related subjects, like recently, about how small the planet is in one Voyager intro scene. It’s rather funny actually.

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