4th and 5th GRADERS meet the EASTER BUNNY at STARBASE STUDIOS! (audio interview with KEVIN CROXTON)

Easter came early to STARBASE STUDIOS on a cold day in January.  That’s when Emmy-winning musician and Parkview Elementary School teacher KEVIN CROXTON brought 33 students from his Music Club to shoot a Star Trek fan film.

The previous summer, Kevin had agreed to compose and record music for GLEN WOLFE’s and DAN REYNOLD’s fan production “Walking Bear, Running Wolf” (part of their FEDERATION FILES anthology fan series).  In exchange, Kevin was invited to bring his 4th and 5th grade students to the Starbase Studios TOS sets in Marble Falls, Arkansas (about three hours from Parkview Elementary) to spend a day there filming.

The finished product was released a couple of weeks ago and is already up to an impressive 3,200 views.  I consider this a MUST SEE Trek fan film not simply because the kids are adorable but because it really is a remarkably well-produced fan film!  It’s well-lit with lots of interesting camera angles, the sound levels are perfect, the music is great (the kids even get to sing!), there’s amazing make-up on Spock and the Klingons (plus really nice TOS Klingon uniforms), and all of the children do a spectacular job.

But don’t just take my word for it, have a look…

I reached out to Kevin for an interview, and we had a wonderful chat.  Toward the end, he told me that a photographer named BRENDA YELVINGTON had taken hundreds of behind-the-scenes photos, and offered to let me use them for the interview.

Normally, I just do my audio interviews as MP3 files with no visual elements.  But this time, I was able to do something a little extra special and turn the interview into a full YouTube video.  But before anyone says, “That looked really great, Jonathan, you should do it more often…” it only works when you’ve got hundreds of photos and I have a lot of extra time!

Anyway, now that you’ve watched this wonderful little fan film, please enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at group of kids and adults who made it possible…

6 thoughts on “4th and 5th GRADERS meet the EASTER BUNNY at STARBASE STUDIOS! (audio interview with KEVIN CROXTON)”

  1. My daughter is in this film and I’m so impressed!!! All of the kids did such a great job!!! Mr. Croxton is an amazing teacher we diffentely need more teachers like him. He put in so much of is own time to these kids!!

  2. I just have one critique… No I don’t. It was awesome! Can they do at least one more of those “can’t call it an episode” things?

    1. Maybe someday. If you listen to the interview, Kevin said that each year’s music video project is a different theme. We might have to wait a bit until Star Trek cycles around again.

  3. Thanks for bringing this video to our attention. Those kids are unbelievable; the acting, both vocally and visually, is better than seen from quite a few adult performers in ST fan films. Sure, they were coached, but that diminishes their achievement not one iota! Adult performers get coached/directed also (and have their “adult experience and knowledge” to help as well).

    Supported by excellent cinematography, editing, lighting, ………. I could go on, this film is an absolute treat and a credit to all involved! (Great interview vid as well).

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