WARP 66 STUDIOS expands its TOS sets…with the help of JOSH IRWIN from Avalon!

Before we get to WARP 66 STUDIOS, a quick update on the Indiegogo campaign for the third AVALON UNIVERSE fan film “Demons.” With less than 15 hours left(!!!!), they are at $6,290 from 97 backers…plus another $500 directly from a special backer. That means that the campaign has reached nearly 80% of its $8500 goal. Can they get the rest of the way before tonight’s deadline at midnight? If you haven’t donated yet and want to, here’s the link:


Okay, on to WARP 66 Studios. Named after its founders GLEN WOLF and DAN REYNOLDS (Wolf And Reynolds Productions) followed by the year of the premiere of Star Trek (1966), their TOS sets are located in northern Arkansas on property owned by Dan and other property owned by Glen. Already, they and their team have constructed a partial Constitution-class bridge and the cockpit of a shuttlecraft, both of which were used in the recent fan films THE FEDERATION FILES: “Galaxy Hopper” and and AVALON LOST.

Unlike the TOS sets at Neutral Zone Studios in Kingsland, GA, WARP 66 Studios is not necessarily open to any fan film, nor is it exclusive only to Glen and Dan’s Federation Files projects. Glen explained:

Currently, the sets are for The Federation Files and friends of the production group. Basically, if a member of our crew whats to make his/her own film, they may use our sets. We are in no way “competition” for The Neutral Zone or James Cawley’s Fan Film Academy. We are building sets for specific shoots, all of them can be considered temporary aside from the bridge.People may contact me, but due to the fluid nature of the sets, I can not promise any particular piece would be available.

This past weekend, Avalon Universe co-showrunner JOSHUA IRWIN (who also lives in Arkansas) spent a full day helping with the construction of a partial sickbay set, a briefing room, and an extended corridor that will be used as part of the USS Excalibur in the upcoming Avalon fan film “Demons.” Josh had this to say about the experience of working to help create the new sets…

It’s honestly a dream come true to spend the day building a space ship to film on. 14-year-old me would be very jealous of what 38-year-old me did today.

Remember to make a donation to Avalon’s Indiegogo before the end of today (if you haven’t already and are so included) or at least spread the link via social media. And in the meantime, enjoy these photos that Josh took over the weekend at WARP 66 Studios…

32 thoughts on “WARP 66 STUDIOS expands its TOS sets…with the help of JOSH IRWIN from Avalon!”

  1. “warp 66 studios repaints sets STOLEN from starbase studios ” should be the title of this article

    1. this is my opinion, and if it is censored we will know that fanfilmfactor has been bought out by warp 66 studios , and it will be posted EVERYWHERE i can find

      1. Scott (yes, WordPress tracks DNS i.d.’s), you need to let this go. Please. You are now speaking not only for yourself but for Ray Tesi, as well…and any controversy you stir up reflects badly on him and Neutral Zone Studios. If you can’t act like a professional and move past your anger and resentment, you will only damage your own reputation and that of Ray…and he can’t afford that. In order for Neutral Zone Studios to continue to raise funding through Patreon, there needs to be complete goodwill and a perception of camaraderie on the part of all involved. Ray is a good guy and is acting responsibly and cooperatively with the fan film community. You need to do likewise or you risk destroying everything he is trying to build and preserve.

        1. excuse me, did you just call me Scott? my name is David Cox you non fact checking hack. check next time why dont you? and i know the history of the theft as i helped build the freakin sets . as a matter of fact, if wolfs claim is true, then he OWES me for my time when i did work in arkansas on “His ‘ sets as he hasn’t any signed documents that my work was freely given. that amounts to 27 hours at 22.50 an hour. shall we use your platform to settle this and the deformation of character my character
          since you accuse me of being a fraud?

          1. My apologies, David. The rhetoric of calling Glen Wolfe a thief without any legal substantiation was something I’d heard previously from Scott Johnson on numerous occasions. I traced the DNS I.D. for the server used to submit the comment to Oklahoma City and assumed it was Scott posting under an alias. That was my error, and I sincerely apologize to both you and him for my mistaken assumption.

            I assume you will do me the same common courtesy of apologizing for calling me a “hack.” After all, such insults are never justified among civilized people…of which I assume you are one, yes?

            As for Glen Wolfe owing you money, that is between you and him. Obviously, if you and he signed a letter of engagement for your contracted labor services and agreed on the hourly wage you indicated, then by all means he should have paid you. Otherwise, it is an obvious breach of contract with unpaid wages, which is serious in any state. So my recommendation to you, before getting a lawyer, is to simply send Glen a copy of the contract you and he both signed and remind him of his financial responsibility to you. I am certain Glen will be eager to settle the matter once he receives a copy of the signed contract.

            And I’m confused on your last point: how does one’s character get deformed? Was it not formed properly to begin with? Also, as you will note from scrolling up, I never used the word “fraud” in any way, shape or form in my previous comment. Please do not lie on my blog. You shouldn’t lie in general, David, but I am particularly resistant to it on my blog.

          2. David. $22.50 for the 27 hours you worked to help build sets?! Hmm…the times I saw you “working”, you were sitting, smoking and telling stories. Oh, and if we are getting petty about volunteering, how about I send you an invoice for the 2 nights I graciously let you stay at my house, eat my food and my wife and I cleaning up after you. Oh, and when you get the invoice, look for the line where Glen needs reimbursment for the $45.00 in beer you drank all by yourself and rudely put on his tab.

        2. and by the way, it really galls me, that you, a reporter would threaten another studio by someones post. i think that studio might have a case against your slander also

          1. Slander is spoken, David. Libel is literary. The alliteration is a helpful mnemonic if you want to keep it straight in the future. πŸ™‚

            And whom and how did I threaten? Can you explain what you’re talking about? It’s not like I threatened to burn down someone’s sets if I ever found out where they’re being built…if you get my meaning there, David.

    2. Since Glen was 50% owner of the sets at Starbase Studios, are you saying that Glen stole his own property? That’s a bit of a reach.

      Look, in situations where there is joint ownership involved, any claims of “theft” have to be resolved in civil, not criminal court. If Scott Johnson and/or Glenn Miller wanted to bring a civil complaint against Glen Wolfe, I would certainly cover the matter here on Fan Film Factor. But as far as I’m concerned, all of the owners of the Starbase sets all but abandoned the property. The lease had run out (and in fact, the deadline for removal of the set pieces had even been extended by Bud Pelsor, the landlord), and no plans were made or announced to relocate the sets to a new location. There was even an auction, meaning that the landlord considered the sets abandoned property, as well. Under the circumstances, what Glen Wolfe did was not so much “theft” as “salvage.”

      That said, according to the settlement agreement that I drafted, Glen Wolfe really should pay Scott Johnson and Glenn Miller $5 each for their ownership stake in the sets. However, even that is iffy, as the property was effectively abandoned by all parties, which conceivably negates many clauses of the settlement. Again, Scott and Miller are welcome to hire a lawyer, although in the end, the tens of thousands of dollars they spend would spend on a lawsuit would very likely be resolved with the aforementioned $5 payments from Wolfe to each of them.

      1. that lieing …person wolf, Never honored any agreementsd, lied the whole time and you swallowed it whole. you have no claim to being un-biased and a fair forum . MY name is DAVID COX

        1. When did I ever say I was unbiased, David? I’m just a blogger. And few people, I’ve noticed, are ever completely unbiased. In regards to the frictions between Scott Johnson and Glen Wolfe regarding Starbase Studios, I consider that matter over. Starbase Studios is no more, despite my attempts to try to save it a year before it ultimately self-destructed. I don’t blame any of the three former owners any more than I blame the other two, but what’s done is done. Glen has moved on to build his own TOS sets. Scott had moved on to handle booking for Ray’s Neutral Zone sets. Everyone wins a little despite losing.

          Why haven’t you moved on, as well, David?

  2. Regarding “Galaxy Hopper:”

    They say that those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it, but it is much worse than that. Those who do not remember the past are at the mercy of those who do.

    –Jeff Mullen

  3. So then those are the original Starbase studio sets . Interesting I was led to believe that they were totally new sets that were being newly built . Well im sure it saved you alot of time , because i remember when we built them in OKC. And it was time consuming . Esp. The wall supports for the briefing room that I had specially made for us and hand delivered by me .
    Im a little taken aback I havent gotten an invite by yall since the majority of what what your using was designed and built by me and the others from starbase.
    Not very Fanfilm like of you.

    1. I’m not sure why people think Glen isn’t rebuilding the sets from scratch. Glen sent me the following photo of one of the wall flats showing the unfinished wood without paint…

    2. Hi John, speaking only on behalf of the Avalon Universe team here. There are some PIECES of sets that were salvaged and are being incorporated to the new sets. That in no way alters the truth and legitimacy of our statements that NEW sets are being built. We are putting in funds and manpower of our own to make that happen. Since any two things made from the same mold will be similar, I understand the easy though incorrect assumption that they are the same thing. However, new sets will include at least 1 item of construction that absolutely nobody can claim previous ownership or construction of because it is a set conceived entirely for our own film. Transparency and responsibility to our contributors is very important to Josh and I and we want nothing more than to share a sense of community. If someone wants to be a part of our film they are welcome to ask. We have invited lots of people to join us simply because they expressed interest. However, my stance as Producer is that I will not invite anyone who brings drama and ill will to my production no matter what else they have to offer or believe they have earned.

      1. At this point, Victoria, I think there’s only a small handful of people even paying attention to this tempest on a blog page.

        Look, as I said, the fate of the Starbase Sets was sealed when the deadline to remove them passed and the landlord declared them abandoned property…which he had every right to do. At that point, whatever contract the set owners had among themselves became essentially null and void, as all parties had failed to assert ownership of and take responsibility for the care and removal of the sets when the deal to store them at Dogpatch in Arkansas ended. At that point, as I’ve said elsewhere, this became a salvage operation.

        So even if Glen Wolfe used everything from Starbase Studios without doing any new construction, I don’t think there would be any legal issue. The fact that Glen and Dan and you guys are, in fact, doing NEW construction just makes your case stronger, even if you are using some pre-existing set pieces. When all is said and done, everyone accusing Glen Wolfe of “theft” (of his own property!) did little or nothing to stop those sets from winding up in a dumpster. So their arguments are moot. And although Scott Johnson tried to sell certain bridge pieces to Ray Tesi, that deal ultimately fell through, and Scott and Glenn Miller offered no other viable alternative to rescue those sets. They didn’t set up a team to disassemble what was left over. They didn’t hire movers or a truck to transport the items to a new location. And they didn’t acquire a new location to store the sets.

        Glen Wolfe, on the other hand, did all of the above…at his own expense. He is also doing the rebuild at his own expense (and Dan’s and yours from the recent crowd-funder). What it sounds like everyone else is doing is trying to enjoy the fruits of the harvest without having done any work in the fields. Sure, some folks like David Cox might have helped assemble the original sets years ago. So did Glen Wolfe. So did a number of other people. That’s a wash for everyone involved as they all worked together and all had the opportunity over the years to benefit from their labors when the sets were in OKC and later in Dogpatch. All tabs are zeroed out from that point. Where Glen Wolfe now has a viable claim to the remnants of the sets that he salvaged is that he was the only one willing to put up his own money, time, and effort to 1) pay off the landlord to get the pieces out of Dogpatch, 2) get the set pieces moved, and 3) supply new facilities to house the salvaged set pieces.

        If someone didn’t do item 1, 2, or 3 that I just listed, then they don’t have a right to complain now.

  4. Ohhhhhhh Jonathan ……….. Once more you cite items of fiction to back your propaganda. I’ll take time to remind you yet ONCE more that there was NO lease or rental agreement between the Set Owner’s Group and Bud Pelsor. Further, when asked about rent Glen Wolfe claimed not to have any information, and I have witnesses to back that up. As to Scott and myself making no attempt to save the sets, not one, but two attempts were made to rescue the bridge AFTER Wolfe pilfered the other sets. Those efforts were then thwarted by the mysterious $2000.00 back rent demanded by Mr. Pilsor. I have gone on record in your pages stating I will pay back rent and fees if such a document can be produced, and receipts for the rent Wolfe claims to have paid. I applaud your efforts in promoting the Avalon Venture, I wish you would have shown equal zeal to us. Since by contract with Starbase, our sets were open for ALL to use. Speaking of Starbase, those “fresh” builds seem all too familiar.

    1. As I understand it, one of those two attempts to rescue the sets was Scott contacting Ray Tesi about taking the bridge pieces…without first consulting with co-owner Glen Wolfe.

      Anyway, it’s all water under the bridge now. The football game is over, the players and fans have left the stadium, and you seem to be still sitting in the stands yelling at the refs (who are also gone). It’s time to move on and go home, Glenn.

    2. Glenn Miller is correct, I have no knowledge of a rent agreement. I have said so many times but it still seems to be a talking point. I did not negotiate the original agreement, but when things fell apart after the hostile take-over attempt, Mr Pelsor did request compensation. I did honor my share of his request in order to stay in the building until December 31st. As to the sets looking familiar, thanks Glenn, I am going for the 1969 TOS look. We are gearing up for Doppleganger and are premiering Equinox Effect at Treklanta, which will be the only showing this year. LLAP

      1. Glen, have you re-used any items and set pieces that were previously located in Dogpatch or Oklahoma City…or are you recreating everything entirely from scratch?

        1. I will be using my props and set decorations that have been used for my shoots at Dogpatch and yes I was able to secure some of the wall flats before the ownership change. So there are some elements from the Dogpatch build being reused.

          1. Y’see, for me, that is a good thing. I know there are people out there saying you “stole” the Starbase Studios sets (it’s hard to “steal” something that you are the 50% owner of!), but the way I see it, there were only three potential fates for those set pieces once the landlord’s deadline passed:

            1) They get separated into little mementos and sold off at auction, never to be used for fan films again.
            2) They get tossed into the dumpster, never to be used for fan films again.
            3) They get salvaged and incorporated into new sets that are used for fan films.

            Anyone accusing you of stealing and backstabbing and/or whatever is, in my mind, saying that they would have preferred options 1 or 2 where the set remnants never get used for fan films again. And for me, there’s no justification for such an outcome.

          2. Much of the additional wall flats and associated material which built all of the corridor and “T” corridor along with overhead beams, briefing room and additional walls flats to complete the sick bay and transporter room were all “NEW” material. I personally paid for a good chunk of that material hauled it, built, painted and was there for the entire construction of it. So, I can vouch for the validity of what is new and what isn’t.

  5. @Dan R Reynolds …so how many hows was i sitting, smoking , and telling stories? that is a different pay schedule. as for lodging. please submit your hotelier license and tax number for the state of arkansas and we can discuss it with proper litigation , if not, stfu . as for 50 bucks of beer, show me the itemized tab. now as for your slander of my character…”chuckles” as if anything you say matters. you have been bought and sold and have no honor.

    1. David, I already told you: slander is spoken, libel is written. You keep mixing them up.

      As for the rest, well, you’re not helping yourself, dude. You sound like an illiterate, arrogant ass. Note, I did NOT say that you are an illiterate, arrogant ass. That would be libel (not slander). Saying that you SOUND like an illiterate, arrogant ass is a subjective value judgment.

      Oh, and the proper comeback in this situation would be: “Lane, how can someone SOUND illiterate when ‘literate’ means written and NOT spoken? Don’t be so smug in your superiority because it’s obvious you’re not perfect either!”

      And there, David, I’ve saved you having to even respond with a clever zinger. You’re welcome. πŸ™‚

    2. I typically stay silent on these kinds of threads, because they are not worth responding to unless I feel I have something constructive or positive to say. But in this case, I will make an exception. I have been involved in the “Fan Film” hobby for exactly 2 years, so not very long. But I have gotten to know some amazing people…. Glen Wolfe, Michael King, Joshua Irwin, Victoria Fox, and Dan Reynolds, whom I married and many others. I have silently sat by and watched people harass, and slam both Glen and Dan.
      I personally have been witness to MANY times that Dan opened his own home for people to stay, fed them, and then Glen or Dan would treat EVERYONE to lunch and dinner (alcoholic beverages included). Graciously hosting guests and others who had the same love of Start Trek and making Fan Films, making them feel at home. Not even a thank you I might add.
      Common sense, common courtesy, and common decency really do have a lot in common and David, YOU are lacking in ALL of them.

  6. @Johnatan Lane. by your own words that you just assumed my IP address was scotts justifies the Hack accusation. you did no research, never contacted me by my email , which i had to give for every post. so yes, you are a bought out blogger HACK in my opinion

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