TREKYARDS: Mission America II – Crowd-funding now…with AWESOME PERKS!

Can you believe that TREKYARDS has been going on for nearly FIVE years??? Do you even know what Trekyards is? You don’t? Oh, man…are you missing out!

Trekyards is a Youtube channel with more than sixteen million views and 50,000 subscribers watching over two-thousand videos! STUART FOLEY (from Canada) and SAMUEL COCKINGS (from Great Britain) release new shows almost daily spotlighting the various ships and vessels from all eras of Star Trek and all genres of sci-fi…plus they do interviews and provide reviews of new episodes, old episodes, toys and collectibles…you name it, they talk about it with two different accents and often with other people from the Trek community (some of them famous)!

Of course, the vast majority of their shows are transatlantic, with the two hosts separated by space and time (well, timezones). But every so often, these two fellows meet in person. And while the universe doesn’t suddenly implode in some timey-whimey vortex of infinite impossibility, it does set one or the other (or both) back a decent amount for international air travel and lodging. In fact, the last time Stuart and Samuel got together for a Trekyards show, it was two years ago.

But over the next twelve months, Stuart and Samuel have FOUR different, special trips planned. But they need the help of supporters to make those events possible for them, and so they’ve set up an Indiegogo campaign to raise $12,000…

So where are they planning to travel to, and what will they be doing there?

The first trip is Creation’s Star Trek: Las Vegas Con (July 31-August 4). Tickets have already been purchased, but donations will help make it possible for Samuel to get to Vegas from the U.K. without going into bankruptcy. The next trip will be in September where it’s Stuart’s turn to cross the pond and attend Europe’s largest Star Trek convention: Destination Birmingham. At both locations, they will meet and talk to fans and film as much content as possible to post to YouTube.

Those two trips are pretty much paid for at this point, as their Indiegogo is already more than halfway to its goal after just a week and a half. But they’re trying to see if they can cover two additional trips in the week they have left (the campaign ends on July 23).

The third trip will be in November to Neutral Zone Studios in Kingsland, GA for one of the most thorough and exacting virtual Youtube tours of those sets that you’ve ever seen. The final trip, scheduled for 2020, is responding to a personal invitation from the creators of Star Trek Online to cover their game studio, record a virtual tour, and interview the team.

To help them raise money, Stuart and Samuel are making available some incredible perks…including exclusive CGI-generated custom posters personally autographed by a number of Trek and sci-fi celebrities. Here’s a sample of some of what’s available…

If they don’t make it all the way to $12,000 this time, the Trekyards boys will be giving away more posters’n’ perks in subsequent crowd-funders. But they’d prefer to get everything out of the way at the same time. So if you’re interested in some truly limited-edition, collector’s item, signed posters and other exclusive merchandise you might never be able to get your hands on again, here’s your chance…

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  1. I thought it was common for cons to cover most of the costs for such guests? Also, are they aware of the new TeePublic option?

  2. Jonathan, if you mean by America, that Stuart lives in NORTH America, you would be correct, however if you meant USA, then OOPS, you’re wrong!!! He actually lives in Canada, Hamiton, Ontario to be precise. So you might want to brush up a little on your geography. Just sayin. ;>).

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