URGENT – Watch fan film BLADE OF HONOR (with Richard Hatch and Tim Russ) on AMAZON PRIME before the end of THIS SATURDAY!

Well, this is huge news!

A crowd-funded fan film, BLADE OF HONOR, has just made it to AMAZON PRIME! The totally original fan film (NOT based on Star Trek) is intended as a pilot for a sci-fi series and stars the late RICHARD HATCH (from Battlestar Galactica and Prelude to Axanar), who turns in a remarkable performance, along with TIM “Tuvok” RUSS from Voyager, ARON “Nog” EISENBERBERG from Deep Space Nine, and JAMES KYSON from Heroes.

This film contains a touching tribute to Richard Hatch at the end, as Blade of Honor was Richard’s final performance before he passed away in early 2017.

But you need to watch it TODAY (Friday) or Saturday at the latest…and tell all of your friends and family to, as well. It’s important because Amazon has a “rankings” system which rates how productions do and helps them with marketing if they do well. But that happens only in the first 48 HOURS…so don’t wait!!

IMPORTANT – You must watch it all the way through (39 minutes including extras after the closing credits) and then give it a five-star rating at the end if you want your viewing to count positively toward Amazon’s rankings.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can watch it for free. If not, you can rent it for $1.99 or buy it for $4.99…


Blade of Honor was originally crowd-funded with $92,000 raised from fans in a 2016 Kickstarter and a follow-up 2017 Indiegogo to finish post-production. In addition to the actors listed above, numerous members of the fan film community were also involved, including BRANDON STACY (Star Trek: New Voyages), JULIAJ MORIZAWA (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier), RIVKAH RAVEN WOOD (Star Trek: New Voyages/Hidden Frontier), RYAN T. HUSK (Star Trek: Horizon), and several others. Axanar Post Production Supervisor and Editor, MARK EDWARD LEWIS, directed and produced it, and many Axanar production crew were involved.

In other words, this truly is a crowd-funded fan film that’s made it to the “big time”! Please help make sure it’s not the last one by viewing it yourself all the way through before the end of Saturday and giving it a 5-star rating. Even if you just play it in the background on your computer with the sound off, it’ll still count. But do yourself a favor and watch the tribute to Richard Hatch at the end (starts at 27 minutes). There won’t be a dry eye on your face.

9 thoughts on “URGENT – Watch fan film BLADE OF HONOR (with Richard Hatch and Tim Russ) on AMAZON PRIME before the end of THIS SATURDAY!”

  1. Overall, it was a good production, with Richard Hatch doing his usual awesome job, although hard to recognize as he had lost so much weight and was much slimmer in the face. The voice though brings it home. A nice part for him. Too bad they didn’t have the resources for a full hour, as it seems like a good story, well thought out, but had a lot of elements crammed into a short frame. Awesome tribute to Richard, well deserved and so heartfelt. I have had Prime for years and this was my FIRST show I have ever watched. Fitting introduction. Review left, and it was good, as it really was a good show, for what it had to work with. I could see an Honor Harrington series made something along these lines.

    1. If you haven’t watched anything on Amazon Prime, then might I humbly suggest “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”? Seriously, it’ll grab ya in the few minute and never let go. It’s not sci-fi, but it’s hilarious! For sci-fi, check out “The Expanse,” (previously on SyFy and now continuing on Amazon. The first season is a little slow, but like “Babylon 5,” if you can get through season 1, the rewards are unbelievably awesome. And I haven’t watched “Good Omens” or “The Boys” yet, but both have gotten rave reviews.

      1. Thank you for the recommendations. Due to slow speeds and moving, I have to see what my new farm will be able to run, or go satellite. I have all 3 seasons of Expanse and am eagerly awaiting Season 4. BTW, tossed another coin at our upcoming movie…very eager to see it!!!

        1. Oh, thank you so much, Brian. We really appreciate the added donation. And tune in Monday for some big news about THOUSAND DOLLAR THURSDAY! What’s that, you ask? You’ll find out Monday! 🙂

  2. Before Prelude I only knew Richard Hatch from Battle Star. Seeing this made me love him even more. He is and always will be missed. I wish I could have met him.

    1. Alec invited me to dinner with Richard once after a convention in Long Beach, CA. Richard was so full of life and curiosity about…well…everything. We talked Klingons and Japanese culture and war, as he was trying to refine the character of Kharn, and he was picking my brain for information about which episodes to watch to get the best handle on Klingons. We also discussed spirituality, herbal medicine, Western movies, and a parade of other unrelated topics, all of which seemed to intrigue and excite him all the more. I loved every second of my time with him and just felt enjoyment in the presence of this man of light and warmth who truly did enjoy just being here on the planet surrounded by interesting people…and to Richard, everyone was interesting.

  3. Definitely four stars in my book. Blade Of Honor is DEFINITELY going to be the next brilliant and outstanding science fiction series since Babylon 5.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more from BOH. As I understand it, the series will be addressing the socio-political times that we are currently living it.

    So long Star Trek and Star Wars. There is a new space opera in town. And that spectacular space opera – with excellent acting, brilliant SFX, and outstanding production design – is going to be Blade Of Honor.

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