AXANAR filming is now underway!

WARNING!!! If you are an AXANAR detractor, do NOT read this blog! If you have spent any or all of the past four years confidently predicting that ALEC PETERS would never get his act together enough to start making his ambitious fan film a reality, look away now. If you think that nobody will work with Alec anymore because he’s incompetent or nasty or whatever, then you really do NOT want to watch the six videos below.

If you were gullible enough to believe CARLOS PEDRAZA’s nonsense when he wrote that CBS’s lawyers “…could interfere with this weekend’s scheduled shoot for Axanar” or cheered because you naively believed that Alec Peters had received some kind of “cease and desist” letter (he didn’t), then you absolutely, positively shouldn’t expose yourself to the videos on this blog page…especially the fifth one!

Detractors, you have been warned. Look away now!

Of course, if you’re like me and have been keeping the faith, waiting patiently but eagerly for this moment since CBS and Paramount first filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Alec Peters and Axanar Productions at the very end of 2015 and then settled at the beginning of 2017, then this blog and the events of this weekend will feel like a dream come true.

And if you’re one of those people who’s been on the fence wondering why it’s taking so long to make a “simple” 30-minute Star Trek fan film when others can seemingly do it in a fraction of the time, well, the videos on this page will hopefully give you some idea of how complex and challenging this particular fan film is to produce.

For the past week, Alec has been live-casting updates from Ares Studios as the bridge set is being completed, the lights are being assembled, cameras and computer monitors adjusted, costumes fitted, and all sorts of last-minute details that show just how many moving parts are…well, moving! These live-casts have been going up primarily in the Axanar Donors Facebook group…meaning most folks out there (including the detractors!) have no clue how much has been going on and how exciting it’s all getting. You can feel the rush of energy and enthusiasm from Alec as he watches all of the hard work from his team come together.

For the next three days, the entire Axanar shoot will be live-streamed from the Axanar YouTube Channel. But if you want to see the flurry of activity leading up to the big event, I’ve collected the various video prep updates all here for you. And I even “flipped” them horizontally, since Alec’s phone always reverses everything (which drives me nuts!).

So assuming you’re not a detractor, please enjoy the following magic…

And here’s the first official video from the shoot itself…

This was lunch…

Here’s Garth and his bridge crew…

And here is the first 2-hour livestream (some really interesting stuff in here)…

And finally, here is JP POOL from Egotastic Funtime livestreaming from his camera…

9 thoughts on “AXANAR filming is now underway!”

  1. Good on him. He might have missed the mid 2019 deadline you had in December, but on track for that mid 2020 release I called.

  2. Hopefully after this weekend all that
    will be left for the detractors is to make their snide rude comments/reviews when Axanar premieres and then they can fade away into obscurity including Carlos.

  3. Good luck Alec to you and all your team and the cast it’s been a long 4 years but it has to be said your little film did more then star trek Discovery did good luck on the production and hope all goes well undisturbed from UK fan

  4. I am a retired teacher & disabled senior citizen with Parkinson’s. I am a huge TOS fan and love your productions. I would love the opportunity to be an extra. My funding is extremely limited, but I would gladly save every penny I can to be a part of the continuing adventures of the AXANAR universe. Thanks for listening.

  5. I’m watching from a somewhat unusual perch, but your actors and set look very good for a fan film. Best wishes with the filming.

    1. Well, these aren’t my actors…although some might be. If we use the same extras, we can also use the tunics they were wearing and not have to tailor anything.

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