Time to give VANCE MAJOR a little money for CONSTAR CONTINUES (he only needs $700)!

We love VANCE MAJOR. How could we not? Whether you watch and enjoy his nearly 70 fan films, avoid them completely, or simply chuckle at the cord in the doorway and/or grumble when the sound of the blowing wind drowns out a line of dialog…you can’t deny that Vance is the beating heart of Star Trek fan films.

Sure, Vance isn’t producing snazzy, Hollywood-quality fan films with Oscar-caliber acting, cdazzling VFX, meticulously-tailored costumes, and pitch-perfect sound. But what his is doing is so much more important: he is having FUN—and he’s inviting us all to come along on his amazing…trek.

Last month, I published a blog featuring an audio interview with Vance, celebrating the release of 51(!!!) brand new fan films from THE CONSTAR CHRONICLES—ready for binge-watching over the holidays—plus another 18 special edition re-releases of fan films from Vance’s MINARD saga. And even with all of that, he’s still not done! Vance is planning to produce even more fan films!! In fact, in just a few more months, Vance will be shooting ALEC PETERS himself as Garth at Ares Studios in Georgia.

Vance has always been known as a man who can do a LOT with very, very little. I’ve joked in the past that he funds his film projects with the loose change he finds in the cushions of his sofa. And for the most part, that’s true. But costumes and props are the exception to keeping things ultra-cheap. Sure, you don’t have to buy the custom-made $500 screen-perfect versions that Anovos offers, but even an inexpensive Halloween costume can run $25-50. And keep in mind that Vance needs to have a variety of different sizes, as Star Trek fans cover a wide spectrum of body types. And Vance opens up his roles to many, many fans (even me!).

Vance has crowd-funded costumes/uniforms before, and he doesn’t ask for much. For his current GoFundMe crowd-funder, he’s only looking for $1,175…and he’s already got $475 of it (including $40 from yours truly). So if you have a few bucks left over after the holidays, please consider clicking below to donate to a very worthy and dedicated fan filmmaker…


10 thoughts on “Time to give VANCE MAJOR a little money for CONSTAR CONTINUES (he only needs $700)!”

  1. Yay! More Victoria Fox and Joshua Irwin! 🙂

    I wish I had some spare cash to donate but unfortunately not 🙁

      1. Yes, absolutely squeedledoodle I do! 😀 How could I not want more from the amazingly talented directors of Ghost Ship (and the following two Avalon Universe films)?

        I don’t suppose you have a story hidden away in there connecting Fox and Irwin with Axanar in some way? I love to see this happy Star Trek fanfilm community working and collaborating together on projects such as this, so happy-ifying to see 🙂 (and yes, that exists as a word, at least somewhere in the space-time multiverse it does). Seeing this picture, this partnering it just felt like yes, true Star Trek spirit in action, working together, all part of one big happy family when it all comes down to it :).

        Okay, I shall stay tuned to these frequencies, keeping this channel open for exciting news! Yay! 🙂

        Five card stud, nothing wild, and the sky’s the limit!

          1. Oooh I did not know that, squeeeeee, I feel so excited, I can’t wait to see it. I feel my heart racing faster just thinking of a Fox and Irwin directed Axanar spin-off!!! 😀 😀 😀

            I knew of Interlude and I knew it was your fan-film, but apart from that I think I have been trying to stay clear of reading about meta-fan films regarding Axanar until Axanar itself comes out. (Does that work calling it a meta-fan-film?) It feels a bit weird with a fan-film coming out before the film itself, weird in a good way because it just speaks to the awesomeness of Axanar that it already has a fan spin-off already in the making, but for now I want to keep my excitedness for the Axanar universe confined to Axanar, I feel that otherwise it will thin the awesomeness factor of Axanar out for me while Axanar still remains an abstract concept in my mind. Once Axanar has come out and thus shifted from abstract to real, then I can allow my joy to branch out to Axanar fan-films like Interlude; I hope that makes sense :).

  2. You mean drunk? At least that was my impression from what I saw.

    Hopefully things will begin to make sense again in four weeks after Iowa, fingers crossed.

      1. Hehe, I thought a mild one wouldn’t hurt given your awesome interview with J.G., plus I thought you were making a political reference with “nothing making sense these days” and referencing Joaquin Phoenix’s semi-political speech.

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