New teaser for THE ROMULAN WAR: “Nightingale”!

Back in June of 2018, show-runner MARK NACCARATO managed to crowd-fund more than $11.6K for an ambitious new fan production titled THE ROMULAN WAR. Set during that critical interstellar conflict that resulted in the founding of the United Federation of Planets, this exciting project will feature the same “mock” documentary format as PRELUDE TO AXANAR with a number of trained actors and some incredible VFX by fandom’s #1 CGI hit Brit, SAMUEL COCKINGS.

The Romulan War has had some unfortunate and unavoidable delays during post production, including the passing of a close family member of Mark Naccarato’s last year. But in the meantime, Mark has released a wonderful series of enhanced audio dramas focusing on compelling “War Stories” from various participants in the war—from admirals to MACO grunts to civilian freighter pilots to the inventor of the Warp 7 engine. Each vignette features an audio monologue augmented by a series of graphics and animations…and each is 100% MUST SEE viewing. You can watch all of the “War Stories” vignettes here.

Mark has also released a series of short teasers and trailers over the past two years, and last week, he posted his latest offering: a teaser clip entitled simply “Nightingale.” The VFX by Sam Cockings are, as usual, pulse-pounding and breathtaking—as is the music. And amazingly, this teaser tells a full story in less than 35 seconds (well under the 15 minutes allowed by the guidelines!). Take a look…

For those wanting a little more background to the story of this ill-fated vessel , Mark also posted this…

The Tale of the Nightingale

DATELINE: May, 2156 – After a brutal nuclear attack on the Centauri colonies which killed over 450,000 civilians, the medical ship Nightingale mounted a rescue operation to evacuate the survivors of Alpha III.

A refitted transport left over from the Cochrane Expedition seventy years earlier, Nightingale was old, slow, and unarmed. Escorted by two Intrepid-class light cruisers, the medical ship managed to take on approximately 5,500 sick and wounded refugees when long-range sensors detected enemy movement. Nightingale and her escorts left the system, bound for Tau Ceti, with two Romulan Raptor-class heavy cruisers in pursuit.

The Romulans chased the Earth convoy for nearly two days when the escort ships decided to break formation and try to cover Nightingale’s escape. The escort ships, Republic and Sirius, were not heard from again. When Nightingale began braking maneuvers to hide inside a gas cloud, the Romulan cruisers caught them.

Subcommander Chulak, who led the Romulan assault, reported in his log that “those who are not healthy enough to serve the Empire don’t deserve to live. They should be thanking us for the mercy we’ve shown them.”

This clip from The Romulan War: A Star Trek Fan Production features the voice of L. Honey Hereth, visual effects from Samuel Cockings, and an original music piece by Nashville composer Mark Allen.

I asked Mark when he expects we will finally see his full, completed fan film. Here’s what he said…

My best guess is that we can release Part One in May. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

One thing that’s been a curve ball is that the person we were looking at for our custom LCARS graphics had a scheduling issue. LCARS is scattered throughout the film as the framing device, and it’s the last big project that needed to get done (so if you know anyone with some mad LCARS/animation skills and is easy to work with, send them my way asap!)

Meanwhile, Adam is cranking out the film score for Part 1, and frankly, he’s waiting on me to get back to him with notes. My post-production editor Denise is delivering shots on schedule, even though I am a demanding S.O.B. and drive her crazy! Once all of Denise’s shots come in, then it’s color grading, adding in Adam’s score, locking the end credits, and then a final audio mix-down.

We should be able to hit it by May, but when my crew/team members all have real jobs and are practically volunteering… well, it takes however long it takes.

Anyway, it’s going to look great for the budget (just like my last film did), and I think hardcore Trekkers are going to dig it. Hopefully we can get folks to look at all the other stuff we’ve released, too, to fill in the gaps like “Preamble to War” and the enhanced audio “War Stories series.” And our comics. And the pages on our website about different starships, planets, etc during the war.

Stay tuned for more clips and webisodes, and don’t forget to follow our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages! And yes, we are still accepting donations for the project on Indiegogo!

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  1. I really am looking forward to this. I have donated a lot of money into fan films (a lot of money to me is not much to others), but this and Axanar are the ones I have dedicated the most time and money to.

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