A public APOLOGY and sincere THANK YOU to C.W. THOMPSON from myself and JOSH IRWIN…

It’s never easy to admit that you screwed up. But that happened in December, and now is the time and place to acknowledge and try to correct it.

To understand what happened, we need to leapfrog back to last October and a crisis that happened with CRISIS ON INFINITE EXCALIBURS. After working on the project for over two years and putting several thousand dollars of his own money into it (along with several thousand dollars that were crowd-funded from fan donors), AVALON UNIVERSE showrunner JOSH IRWIN was in a serious bind. A final shoot had been scheduled for the upcoming weekend with an actress who needed to travel from Oklahoma to Arkansas, and expenses for gas, food, and lodging for the weekend were promised to be covered. But a last minute unrelated emergency put Josh in a bind of quite literally being too broke to afford reimbursement for this person, nor did she have the financial means to make the trip without it.

Usually when something like this happens, I can come through with a loan or donation. I’ve never advertised this fact, as I didn’t want to become known as an ATM for fan filmmakers. Unfortunately, the Lane family had our own emergency in late September requiring unexpected and significant construction/repair costs, and my days of donating left and right to crowd-funding campaigns are done for now. So I couldn’t help Josh personally.

Over the years, CLARENCE W. THOMPSON has been a very generous donor to many fan film crowd-funders, including my own fan film INTERLUDE. Without even telling Josh I was doing so, I reached out to C.W. and asked if he could come through with a donation to help Josh. Without hesitation, C.W. offered a very nice amount that would cover the weekend expenses for this actress and allow her to make the trip. The money was Paypal’d to Josh within minutes. Josh was immensely thankful (as was I!) and promised to include C.W. in the credits as a full producer. C.W. was happy to accept the offer.

Guess what Josh totally forgot to do.

Finishing Crisis on Infinite Excaliburs drained Josh not only financially but also mentally, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. By the time of the last few weeks before the December release, Josh was essentially running the last half-mile of a full marathon, sprinting the entire way. But that’s only a reason for forgetting to include C.W. as a producer in the credits, NOT an excuse.

And why am I apologizing, too? Because Josh asked me to copy-proof his credits. He said, “I always forget someone or something!” He wanted a second pair of eyes to double-check him. And while I did catch several mistakes, I didn’t even notice the omission of C.W.’s name. And so I share a portion of the blame.

Josh and I never even realized the mistake until earlier today when C.W. posted a comment on Facebook about fan film crowd-funders in general. But in the responses, one of them being from C.W. himself, we learned that someone had neglected to acknowledge him in their credits of their fan film. C.W. wasn’t angry about it so much as hurt. It didn’t take long for Josh to have one of those “oh, $#@!” moments and realize that C.W. was talking about him!

Unfortunately, it’s too late to change the video, as it already has more than 58K views on YouTube. But it’s never too late to apologize, which Josh has done both privately and publicly on Facebook in this post that I am republishing here…

And I, too, sincerely apologize to C.W. I was tasked with reviewing the credits, I wasn’t nearly as overloaded as Josh was (beyond rushing to get the 2023 Fan Film Year in Review done), and I’d been the one who reached out to C.W. in the first place and then forgot all about him!

I am so sorry, C.W. Mistakes like this suggest that Josh and I take our donors for granted, and nothing could be farther from the truth. The bond between fan filmmakers and those who support them monetarily is special, sacred, and frankly, priceless. When someone believes in you enough to send you some of their money to help you make your dream to reality, it is truly humbling and something that should NEVER be taken for granted.

And so I join Josh in not only apologizing to C.W. but in thanking him so much for supporting the dream projects of so many of us fan filmmakers over the years. His belief in us all has made so many fan films possible that might otherwise have never been completable.

From the entire fan film community, C.W., we thank you.

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  1. Thank you, C.W. Thompson for helping ensure the absolute stellar efforts of Joshua Irwin make it to completion! as a fan of the Avalon Universe, I appreciate all who give of their time, talent and provide critical funding to bring the true miracle of Star Trek Fan Films to be publicly streamed on YouTube! You help amplify the voice of Star Trek Fans everywhere, truly allowing Gene Roddenberry’s vision of Infinite Diversity, infinite Combinations come to life, by allowing all people from all walks of life to play a part in depicting the continuing stories of the collective dream of a bright and hopeful future of humanity, where we have mastered spreading out into the universe, a future, where humankind will not be dependent solely on our fragile planet and solar system!

  2. Classily done, sir. In the era in which we’re currently living, it’s absolutely refreshing to have someone just straight-up apologize, with no weasel-wording or casting of blame.

  3. Whoops?

    Seems like CW took it in stride, and (hopefully!) is more than understanding that these things do happen.

      1. You’re welcome. Also I don’t know how long it would take to do, but maybe make a permanent edit for a Final Final version of the vid just in case this video will get put anywhere else in the future (you never know), and thus better to have it done now to prevent this from getting forgotten about should that indeed happen sometime in the future.

        1. CW’s name has been added to the YouTube description, Jack. As for changing the credits “just in case” there is ever another version released, it’s possible but not really necessary. Josh isn’t planning to release a “Final Final” version. Crisis is the way he wants it, and YouTube is the final stop on the train for the fan film. If at some point in the future Crisis ever gets posted somewhere else, I am certain Josh will adjust the credits at that time.

  4. To err is human.

    Making films, fan or licensed, is not easy. And despite the best and most generous time lines, it almost always involves a rush at the end. If professional, studio funded, productions with dozens of people working on the credits crawl alone can make omissions and mistakes, it’s more than excusable when the one man army that is Josh, makes a mistake like that too.

    I’m sure CW didn’t take it personally and likely understood the reasons for it.
    But the public apology was likely welcomed.

    Chin up, chalk it down to experience and keep on trekking!

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